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  • I live in a sphere world named Alphius.
  • I was born on September 4
  • My occupation is being a Psychotic, Grammar Nutso.
  • I am ... anything or anyone you like me to be.  :3
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Castle Cracker

This is Helix. (Drawing by Protonus since 2010.)


Protonus loves to show indifference, difference and also psychotic disbehavior in order to take advantage or get mowed over like a push-over, but then what is not to like about Protonus by the time he leaves a foot in your intestines.

And this foot isn't his. :3

Protonus also drew his profile picture. So, ask him not.

Protonus is the pie, by the way.

Majorly Contributed pagesEdit

Knowing about ProtonusEdit

He is Xen C. Protonus (not my real world name, but real online name. :3) who is also known as Freelancer27, in some of the video games you play in. Those who find Freelancer27's and Protonus' who makes erratic and non-atrocious grammars without proper capitalizations is not Freelancer27 and Protonus as these players want to steal the name of Protonus every time he adds an account.

Sadly, Protonus (as an account name) in Warframe is stolen by a thief player. Protonus (this Protonus) wants to take his name back and destroy this Protonus before he destroys Protonus. Protonus (this Protonus) is also a Grineer Translator (sort of), but he needs your 'helpies' to fix errors in hearing and give proper translations afterwards. (Click the Grineer Language on the Majorly Contrinbuted pages to contribute. :3)

Protonus has 5 daughters and 1 son (in RL? Not really. It's a roleplay. :P). One of them is playing Nova, who also speaks in third-person, like Protonus, but Nova as her name. You do not want to know her real name until it is said to be so. If Nova is angry, try not to troll, or SHE WILL TROLL YOU. :3

Protonus' age is 20 years old. Do not ask about how he got children. :3

Technically, Protonus does not work with Digital Extremes, though he knows some of the knowings of Warframe. Like the Ignis, the Napalm and (somewhat) Grineer Language. He also thinks that General Sargas Ruk has a mouth (but not throat) of a third grade elementary student. :D

About Protonus' drawing skillsEdit

Frantically unlikely at the moment, but he did drew a 19 year-old bucket-headed man for his liking. :3


This is Mag. One of my quickie sketches. :3

For some of you who might actually find out that I had a DeviantArt account, I actually wanted to remain it untouched until I wanted to go burst drawings soon again.

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