3,360+ hours of gameplay on PS3 and PS4.  Spend Most of my plat on Forma Bundles to experiment with every weapon in the game. I am maybe the reason Grendel is in the game, posted this almost exactly 1 year before he came out:  https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1012532-phat-fat-warframe/

Co-Founder of the PS4 Ghost Clan:  The Disturbance.

  • Small clan of very experienced players who left bigger Clans/Alliances to form our own in Fall/Winter 2018.
  • 100% reserach except Ignis Wraith of course.
  • 100% rooms but 35% finished Deco, on our way to submission soon.
  • Number 14 in leaderboards for:  http://content.ps4.warframe.com/dynamic/hallowedFlame.php

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