Visons of an Ancestry is an unofficial Gaiden game that takes place years before the beginning of the Orokin Era. It is an RPG-like Visual Novel created by Ohgun and a preview version will be eventually be released before the end of 2016 exclusively on PC. Although updates on it's website were intentionally scheduled for every Thursday and Friday, they are taking longer to make.

History Edit

Previously known as "The War Within" before Digital Extremes conceived of release the War Within quest. The creator has always envisioned what was the world like before the Orokin created an empire that spread across the Origin System, but with the origins of almost every faction in the Warframe universe being threatened by a familiar Sentient. Due to life constraints of the developer, development of the game has been slowed to a near crawl, yet he is intent on continuing work for the game despite of the events that has occurred in his personal life.

Upcoming Versions Edit

Preview Version Edit

Release Date: Unknown

The preview version will provide the Introduction and part of the Prologue of Visions of An Ancestry. The decisions you made in this version will be compatible in the later versions of the game

Version Alpha 0 Edit

Release Date: Unknown

This version will introduce more characters, research and development, weapon and character upgrades, estate exploration, romantic options, training events and an expansion of the story's Prologue.

Version Alpha 1 Edit

Release Date: Unknown

Alpha 1 will release Chapter 0, expanded exploration, city missions, new stores and character customization, and more major decisions that will affect the later versions of the game. There will be a context triggered side story centered around Ohgun and one of the Legendary Warframes, Excalibur Ohgana.

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