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Sentient Heart is an Aura mod that grants the user +1000% Ability Strength, Ability Range, Ability Duration at the cost of -200% Ability Efficiency , -95.5% Health , -100% Shields



  • While wearing this mod , the user will have an aura similar to an enraged Eidolon Vomvalyst around him glowing in the Warframe's energy color .
  • When a player using this mod is downed he will emit a pulse similar to the Eidolon Teralyst killing all enemies in the Tileset , removing 100% Shields and 75% Health from his allies , deduct 1000 Endo from the user's inventory , and prevent him from reviving .


  • Can be used in conjunction with Quick Thinking and Gladiator Finesse to prevent the user from dieing using the energy pool , while adding a layer of survivability to the warframe , those mods will however prevent the pulse effect to kill all enemies on the Tileset , effectively only affecting your allies negatively.


  • This mod has never been proven to exist in warframe and is probably only a playermade theory.

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