Boar Prime model

Hey guys this is my first guide on the wiki, sorry I don't know how to make templates or quick images of potatoes, forma's etc. I'd love some feedback on how to do these things to make my guides more professional

You will need Edit

Orokin Catalyst (Every good farmer knows he needs a gun with his potatoes)

Forma x1 -V (There's no reason to add more, but if you want to experiment you can, I'd suggest more V's though)

The Boar Prime!? (This usually helps)

Overview Edit

The Boar Prime has good damage (inherent of all shotguns if your pellets hit), fire rate, magazine size, reload speed and looks kind of hot, let's not lie.

The only unfortunate downside is this beast will have lots of passionate sex with your shotgun ammo whilst it's in your hands (don't worry, you'll love this gun even while it makes you ammo deprived)

We are Modding this to take advantage of that high damage without having to touch the fire rate and other extra's so we can really focus on Dat Damage!

This weapon really excels at CQC capable of killing level 100's in a shot or two. Or spraying into a mob of infected with large amounts of satisfaction.


with an added Ravage Crit multiplier will become 3.2

Mods Edit

 Blaze (9 point drain)
Accelerated Blast (9 point drain)
Toxic Barrage (7 point drain)
Hell's Chamber (15 point drain)
                    -V polarity
Point Blank (9 point drain)
Vicious Spread (9 point drain)
       Total: 70

Possibilities: - Since we have 10 points to spare, u really can do whatever makes you feel happy. If you don't have said mods (eg. Blaze..) and you want to switch things in/out. Here are some ideas

Ammo mutation/s (If you like this gun so much you bring it to every mission, a shotgun ammo mutation or scavenger will probably go a long way in keeping you shooting)

Blunderbuss+ Ravage (If you appreciate seeing yellow numbers with every trigger pull maybe you can try this, I usually don't because I feel the crit chance is high enough and modding for damage is gonna go a hell of a lot further than more crits will)

Elemental mods (there's always a lot of talk about rainbow build and stuff as the must do, personally I will only use elemental builds if I have space, usually I don't because of the large 11 point drain. I'll always opt for nightmare mods because of the double buff. A max ranked blaze alone will actually give you a 96% fire damage increase anyway because of the damage bonus)

Ammo capacity mods (Bigger clip sizes, faster fire rates, larger max ammo)

Your last spot can be viable for a lot of change depending on factions.

End Notes Edit

Anyway guys I think that about tops it off, I really enjoyed writing this for you guys because the Boar Prime is hella sexy. Leave me some feedback on what I can do to improve or if you found this build is turning you on adequate amounts. Peace (Ha JUST KIDDING, go kill some grineer or some s#!%)

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