Kevlar5 the Retired 360 Noscoper

aka Sad Boi

  • I live in swamp
  • My occupation is memefriend
  • I am my gender is japanese

Hey, since I have a Shrek profile picture and the worst name in history, I might as well go full troll. What happened? Well, I was banned for 3 months. I forgot to tell you all about how Shrek died back in 2015. It was around the Second Dream Update. The memes were getting contaminated by LeafyisQueer and there was literally nothing I could do, except finger myself to Blood on the Dance Floor and Black Veil Brides.

Shrek's sacrifice may have been in vain, and he was just a disposable hero, despite how strong he was, and how immortal and noble he was as well. He was alone with his swamp shotgun, and he shot Damn Daniel down, then somebody said "What are those?" to him, and he killed the person on camera, preventing the meme from spreading like the cancer it is. He then ran towards many more people with their memes with an onion grenade in his hand, and it blown up, and so did he and the other memes. His name is frowned upon in 2016, but once he comes back, he'll be better than ever.

RIP Shrek

He sacrificed himself to make memes good again, just like Donald Trump did with America. Both failed, honestly. Hillary Clinton wins, because we need a girl president for some reason. (America's now doomed, unless Donald Trump collects all 7 Golden Obama Bin Ladens.

Update - July 3rd, 2018:

So, yeah, this is my page. I don't think many more people are going to stumble upon it, but whatever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Trump won the election, and is making peace with the North Koreans and doing other things, so yay, I guess.

Now, what really happened to Shrek? Well, it turns out that he has ascended into the ether, and may return one day, embodied in his purest form. I'm not sure what he's going to do with his powers, and I don't think he's sure either, but the future looks so bright, I gotta wear shades.

The least serious on the wiki

I am the source of cringe

Shrek is Love

Shreknado (Low quality foreign video)

Here are some random quotes:

"USA is dominate, I am crying tears!" -Russian Leader from Duty Calls, 2011

"Don't quote me boi" -Eazy E, 1987

"Vor's legs look nice" -Me, 2015

"Kevlar5 is dominate, I am crying tears" -Stalker, 2015

"Your legs look nice, too, Kevlar" -Captain Vor after coming back to life, 2015

"Kill over and die" -Michael Rosen, 2008

"It's 2016 and Warframe's even moar cancerous!" -Me, 2016

Something I said on Blade Storm page that was nonsense Edit

This is too silly, but I will put it here, anyways, simply because it's interesting. This is took from what I said on July 26, 2015. It has been replaced by something that made sense.

^ What if your Miasma didn't kill them and Bladestorm's bleeding could?

What if Bladestorm was powerful enough to kill them without bleeding?

What if u got gud skrub m8 insted of gitting shrekt on 1v1 nuktoun? XDDDDDD

"Hasta la vista, baby!" -Shrekanator, 2015 while murdering saltframes

"I'm back" -Shrekanator, 2015 (Yes, you haven't seen him for the last time in 2003)

If you were offended, remember that saltframes will die saltier than ever. (Probably a good thing, I'm not sure)


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