aka Karela2

  • I live in In my Liset ship. xD Metropolis for DCUO Players. ^_^
  • My occupation is In free time, killing thinghys, gather resources for other thinghys, helping NOOBies. xD
  • I am Female in games.
248px-270px Nyx Prime

Hello Tenno Skum,

My name is Karela2 and my in-game nick name is... *I can feel the tension in the air*... can you guess it?

Yep is Karela2. So feel free of any means to add me and chat with me. Sometimes I have a difficult personality but we can work that out!

I`m also Arhitect in the Mountain Clan, Jolly Roger. So if yew feel homeless or if you wanna buy awesome things that aren`t in the Market feel free to PM me so I can add you to my clan!!!

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