• To-Do-List:
  • Check through armor-related pages
  • Properly Zaw-Links:
    • declare dmg/speed as primary counterweights
    • status/crit secondary
    • centralize crafting cost
    • images
  • Dual-Wielding Mechanic page
  • Slash damage page as mentioned in Thread:1314070:
    • make that all damaging status effects' pages
  • Add redirects for all Arcanes, Exodia, etc. in the form of "Contagion_(Exodia)", because autocomplete and search stuff: done, but needs same thing in other places
  • Fill out critique-list on Category:FANDOM Video: done
  • Correct and explain Status_Effect#Multishot: done
  • move those nightmare category subpages: done
  • Move Finishing Damage to True Damage: done
    • Probably move Finisher stuff to its own page: done
  • I'm collecting quotes:

No, Corrosive is all you ever need in life.
When they have no armor
Go Corrosive
When they have Proto-Shields
Go Corrosive
When they have elemental resistance
Go Corrosive
When they're immune to Corrosive
Go Corrosive
When they have augmented armor that can't be depleted
Go Corrosive
When Corrosive procs crash your game
Go Corrosive
When any other damage type is recommended
Go Corrosive
When Rebecca personally shows up to your house to tell you not to go Corrosive
Go Corrosive
When the enemy has 94532 Ferrite armor
Go Blast

- by USouLz, 29.11.2016

pubbed Lua Spy seems like are very solid challenge

- by Rngd, 9.2.2017

i almost accidently the c vault

- by Kselia, 27.3.2017

I'm not censoring information, I'm giving it context

- by lstalri, 25.7.2017

was just looking for some elemental weapon that isn't borked
but there aren't a lot of options available apparently

- by Rngd, 20.9.2017

the warframe mating call
the sounds of a new weapon requiring argon

- by NuLycan, 12.10.2017

I mean, it's simple
disarming your foe isn't an act of honour
therefore, you only invis

- by Rngd, 4.12.2017

No, Hennils.(edited)

- by USouLz, 14.12.2017

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