• I live in Tula
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is editor, ideagenerator
  • I am male

About meEdit

en-2 babel, using googllaught. 610hour in game, 26million credits, 14rang

  • Other profiles:Участник:HedgegУчастник:Hedgeg

Interest hereEdit

  • to adopt the existing self-organization

who is doing it? User:ChickenBar / User:Twilight053  where? Board:Warframe_Wiki_Discussion...продолжить, спросить чикена о его методе организации FAQ + blog to ask questions (convenient thing)

  • links color

Где нужна помощьТема:181040

Тема со схожим явлением


  • blog list
  • articles list/tree or manual
  • pictures list/rule
  • templates list

warframe.wikia politicls, guides and usefull blogsEdit

Politic discussionsEdit

  • need find existing

Guides(about wiki)Edit


No exist?! Only simple explanation "how use hammer and nailing" 


WARFRAME_Wiki:Styling_Guide#Page_Styling - same = "Table Of Contents" without advices

  • blow with base information about editing and "rules of behaviour"

Beginners_Guide (wooords)

Current blog structureEdit

(Plus) *Diffrent categories


  • Full blog list - no exist
  • Recent blog list - no exist (they all unseeing after few days)
  • Mirror news from other wiki/sites - no organized ===Gameplay guides and FAQ===

Other usefull informationEdit

  • full blog/forim list with explanation better
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