Hannibal Cross

aka Lone tenno operative

  • I live in America
  • My occupation is Polymath, Writer, and the tenno who gets all that useless junk from survival missions.
  • I am Male

I'm a lone tenno operative looking for much needed supplies. At least, that's what I tell the Lotus. Usually I just sit on a space couch and play video games and grab random junk every 5 minutes to make it look like I'm being productive.

I write a lot. I find that the written word is one of the most powerful aspects of humanity that we sometimes take for granted.

I build a lot of walls of text. I did create the first Tigris build page for this wiki, before I found out there was a Warframe Builder website. Oh well.

I'm very opinionated, and have a wide range of interests. These include, but are not limited to finance and economics, politics, history, medicine, gardening, architecture, as well as other forms of art.

I consider Ash to be my favorite frame, like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes. My favorite weapons include the Sybaris, Tigris, Vectis, Orthos Prime, Venka, Akvasto, Lex Prime, Detron, Akbronco Prime, and the Karyst. Lately I find the Tipedo to be an extremely fun weapon, since I really enjoy the Orthos Prime but I also have a lot of fun with the Bo Prime. It's nice to have blades on a staff finally!

I am currently Rank 18.

I also enjoy Valkyr quite a bit, and while I do love Zephyr, the fact her tornados sends loot flying often annoys my team so I do not play her as much as I want.

I think Warframe is unlike any game I have encountered before, and consider the Warframe community one of the best I have participated in. The Warframe wiki is the only wiki I have cared enough about to involve myself in, which says a lot about how much I care about it, as well as the game. The main thing about Warframe I enjoy is the lore behind it. It is unique. For every question answered, ten more crop up. I love it.

I once worked my way into becoming one of the Assassins of the Red Veil. However, I became disenfranchised with their ways and was lured by another calling. They showed me a new truth, and their rigid discipline and devotion to their ways was something I had always yearned for, and perhaps wanted to ignore for the

I take my fall from grace with great pride. It is important to always remember your roots and remember what it is you fight for. New Loka brings that passion out in me. However, it is also important to remember that you must break the rules and walls you set up around yourself to achieve clarity and truth. A day where you do not doubt your convictions and beliefs is a day wasted. Thus, the Arbiters of Hexis is my second calling.

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