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  • I live in Bikini Bottom
  • My occupation is Restaurant Critic (Retired)

I'm a former restaurant critic from Bikini Bottom.

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I solemnly swear not to be overprotective of mainspace pages.


  • Remove generalized Notes section headers. There are almost always better section headers to think of, in order to create more cohesive presentations.
  • Eliminate the overusage of bullet points on this wiki.
    • Because, really, there are a TON of bullet points everywhere.
  • Wikify as much as possible.
  • Make sure pages look attractive and professional and not gaudy at all.


WARFRAME Wiki Contribution Plan
Articles Complete
Write a page on Reload.
Write a page on Death/Bleedout.
Write a section on about Ammo Efficiency on the Ammo page.
Write a section on about Magazine Size on the Ammo page.
Write a page on Projectile Speed.
Write a page on Health. Effective health goes inside too.
Rewrite Armor's intro so that people can understand it simply before the charts happen.
Write a page on Stamina.
Write a page on Energy.
Write a page on Power Duration.
Write a page on Power Range.
Write a page on Power Strength.
Write a page on Power Efficiency
Write a page on Movement Speed.
Write a section about Coptering on Maneuvers. Use this forum post as source.
Standardize all Damage 2.0 damage type pages.
Put Ducat values of prime parts on each prime weapon/warframe page.
Put Conclave at unranked and at 30 on each warframe page.
All instances of "Finisher Damage" must be changed to "Finishing Damage".
Create dedicated pages for all sections on Warframe Attributes, then delete that page in favor of maybe Template:AttributeNav and Category:Warframe Attributes.
Categories Complete
Add all ability pages into either Category:One-Handed Abilities or Category:Two-Handed Abilities.
Fix warframe page transclusions ruining categories. Use <noinclude>[[Category:Example_Name]]</noinclude> for this stuff.
Category:Healing should have covered abilities, mods, and gear.
Templates Complete
Template:MathText will be a standard formatting for equations.
Make Template:Rat for fraction bars in MathText. It will use two parameters, one for the numerator and one for the denominator.
➥ Due to the implicit linebreak from tables, this is near impossible. Make workaround tables on all pages.
Mods need to list their stat increases and drain costs in a way that preserves formatting and space.
➥ Make the formatting colored and pretty.
Make a less crappy AbilityCard system so all those damage pages aren't static copypasta.
Guides Complete
Finish User:Grunni/Little Nekkry.

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