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  • I live in where I live.
  • I was born on November 1
  • My occupation is what my occupation is.
  • I am a crab.
CrabLordBCrab! Crab! Crab! CrabLordB
CrabLordACrab! Crab! Crab! CrabLordA


Why did I make this

I regret nothing

Hi there! If you somehow didn't read my name by looking up or before you clicked on it, my name is Gat235. On Warframe however, it's Xandis. If I don't appear on often, it's most likely because I'm on my Alt.

First thing first, I have nasty connection when hosting, so don't really expect me to do much online play. Because of this, I usually run solo, unless it's a Alert, High-level/Void Defense, Mobile Defense, or Survival mission, Which get pretty boring alone.

If you have any questions, just leave it on my Message wall and I'll try to respond quickly. Alternatively, if you're here to ask about files, please direct requests to my File Management Page.

I should also mention that I ONLY use Excalibur as my Warframe. See below for reasons. (Applies to main only.)


Why Excalibur?

Well, I was always a swords/knights/medieval kinda guy and I also like balanced things, and Excalibur fits both perfectly.

  • oh uh but excalibur iz a starter frame fer noobz who dont no hao to play oter framez lelelelel
  • oh uh but ekskalibur iz 4 draco nub thet spam raydial javlen 25/7 for phree exp and moniez loolool
  • oh uh but excaliburb iz just for ekzalted blad spamers wif namaron focuss EZ mode lulullu

ye ok

  • Will you use any other Warframes?

Yes, but only for the Mastery points, after that, I'll just not use said frame. Also, I'll probably be playing offline when ranking them up.

  • What about Excalibur Prime?

Honestly, I would of purchased Excalibur Prime, but at the time, I wasn't really thinking on spending any money on Warframe. Should it ever become available in the future, I'll take it. (AKA Never)

Wikia Stuff

  • Audio quote stuff.
  • Mod card image stuff.
  • Stance GIF stuff.
  • Market image stuff.
  • Some other stuff.
  • Stuff
  • Became a Rollback for doing stuff.

Warframe Stuff

Mastery Rank: GOLD HUNTER (15)

  • I never really did level up my weapons much anyway.

Random Interesting Stuff

  • Killed Lephantis solo many times with a non-potatoed, non-forma-ed, rank 30 Sicarus only. A very trustworthy weapon.
    • Also beat it with an unmodded Excalibur, an unmodded Braton, an unmodded Lato, and an unmodded Skana because why not.
  • Grineer Milk is better than Corpus Milk.
  • Super Pro-Grineer guy, and extremely Anti-Corpus.
  • Always wears the Grineer Loyalty badge, nothing else.
  • All the color palettes lack the colors I'm looking for. (Teal-turquoise range, lighter/darker range too.)
  • I lack any type of Prime equipment.


Steel Meridian Arbiters Of Hexis Cephalon Suda The Perrin Sequence Red Veil New Loka Conclave
Steel Meridian Arbiters of Hexis Cephalon Suda The Perrin Sequence Red Veil New Loka Conclave flag
General (5) Maxim (5) Genius (5) Write-Off (-2) Assassin (5) Exiled (-2) Typhoon (5)
  • Clan: M A C A B R E (Ghost)
  • Alliance: (None)


Preferred Warframes

  • Excalibur (Duh)

Preferred Primaries

Preferred Secondaries

Preferred Melee







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