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  • I live in Redgrave city, slowly turning into Qliphoth pollen
  • I was born on February 10
  • I am female

Used to be an admin and bureaucrat on the Devil May Cry wiki, but quite a while ago retired. I don't really do wiki work anymore: my only contributions of note are transcripts for several quests on this very wiki.

royallyTipsy (or just "Tipsy" for short) is how I am usually known on the internet nowadays. If you see that nickname on a Warframe-related place then chances are it's me.


Pages under my username

FliaFlia/Chains of Harrow scriptFlia/New Strange Transcript
Flia/Octavia's Anthem TranscriptFlia/Saya's Vigil scriptFlia/Second Dream script
Flia/The Sacrifice scriptFlia/The War Within script
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