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DogManDan Official Glyph

I am the founder of The Night Owls Gaming Community and the NOG Army clan. I play solo, with friends, with clan mates, with the community, & with my subscribers as often as I can.

I enjoy making gameplay videos, guides, game overviews, mod reviews, first looks, and much more while enjoying it along the way.

I am a proud Grand Master Founder in Warframe and have been playing since Feb 2013 almost non-stop. I am proud to be one of the first 7 creators invited to be an official fan channel/partner channel for Warframe when the program started in June 2014. I do indeed have a partner glyph and you can simply contact me via through social media on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Warframe forums to request a glyph for FREE anytime if you do not have one.

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