New ability set to rework and replace Minelayer to a specialized turret, which can be changed into different roles either before hand or after it is deployed. Enemies killed while being affected by any of vauban's abilities will have a chance to drop scrap, a resource only visible to that player and used to create the Fortify turret or change it's mode. Each enemy has a 40% chance to drop 1 scrap regardless of how they were killed, as long as they were held up by bastille or vortex.

Panel Panel
Utilizing Scrap, creates a stationary defense platform with four distinct modes for defense, crowd control, resupply, or offense.
Strength:65 damage (defense and resupply mode)
20 damage/sec (crowd control mode)
80 damage (offense mode)
Duration:30 seconds (all mode but resupply)
40 seconds (resupply mode)
Range:10m (buff radius)
Misc:10 (scrap count to create or change modes)
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