New ability set to rework and replace Minelayer to a specialized turret, which can be changed into different roles either before hand or after it is deployed. Enemies killed while being affected by any of vauban's abilities will have a chance to drop scrap, a resource only visible to that player and used to create the Fortify turret or change it's mode. Each enemy has a 40% chance to drop 1 scrap regardless of how they were killed, as long as they were held up by bastille or vortex.

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Utilizing Scrap, creates a stationary defense platform with four distinct modes for defense, crowd control, resupply, or offense.
Strength:65 damage (defense and resupply mode)
20 damage/sec (crowd control mode)
80 damage (offense mode)
Duration:30 seconds (all mode but resupply)
40 seconds (resupply mode)
Range:10m (buff radius)
Misc:10 (scrap count to create or change modes)


Vauban throws down a small orb which expands over the span of 3 seconds, forming various other effects depending on the mode chosen, but each will have a Large rotary turret mounted in the center which can rotate to attack the nearest enemy. Regardless of mode, the Turret will have 1,000/2,000/3,000/4,000 shield, 50/100/150/200 Armor and 30/40/50/60 Health, affected by power strength. In all mode but Crowd Control the turret shoots hitscan bullets with decreased accuracy at range, dealing equal IPS damage with a very slight leaning toward Puncture damage. In Crowd Control Mode, the turret shoots a beam of electricity damage that links to up to 3 additional enemies. Each mode has a 5% chance to critically hit, and a 1.5x damage multiplier and is unaffected by mods.

Defense Mode emites a ring of energy around the turret spanning 10m from the center, giving all allies within the circle 100% bonus base armor, and provides shield regeneration links to speed up shield recharge by 10/15/20/25% and reduces shield recharge delay by 50%

  • Radius of buff around turret is affected by power range, while shield recharge buffs and armor buffs are affected by strength. Shield recharge delay bonus is NOT affected by mods.

Crowd Control Mode the floor around the turret emites an energy field that launches all enemies into the air with a ragdoll effect once every 3 seconds, after a 2 second delay when an enemy reaches the affected area. For players, using the energized floor to jump will provide a 5 second buff where bullet jump gravity is eliminated, allowing vertical travel to halt and allow for easy sniping as long as the player stays within the radius.

Resupply Mode Several compartments open up on the side during deployment, offering supply bonuses to players, with recharging timers similar to Grineer ammo resupply objects in the plains of eidolon. A green button will eject a random assortment of ammo once every 20 seconds. A red button will dispense a small pile of health orbs every '20 seconds, a blue button will dispense a pile of energy orbs (between 100-125 energy total) every 30 seconds and a yellow button that will give the player 10% bonus reload to all weapons for 10 seconds.

  • Ammo drops, health drops, and energy orbs drops are instance based, and all players will get to use the drops regardless of who activates them.
  • The recharge delay of the supply is not affected by mods, but the bonus reload duration is affected by duration.
  • The reload bonus applied to players is affected by power strength.

Offense Mode Enhances the offensive capabilities of the turret, not only increasing the base damage of turret, but also enhancing it's defenses. Fire rate is doubled to 16 shots per second, accuracy is slightly increased, and shields are doubled. This comes at the cost of no team buffs or supplies.

  • fire rate increase and shield increase are not affected by mods.


Efficient Engineering

Scrap costs are reduced by 50%, resupply bonus timers are reduced by 30%, and turrets slowly repair health loss.

As implied, the cost to make or modify a turret is reduced to 5 scrap instead of 10, the recharge delay of using resupply buffs are slashed by 30%, and all turret modes heal for 5 health a second. Only the health regeneration per second is affected by mods, power strength.

Tips & Tricks
  • Each turret mode can be used to specialize in other offense or defense. Crowd Control mode can be great for keeping enemies away from objectives, defense is great for fortifying positions, and offense is good for placing in long, thin hallways to mow down groups of enemies. Resupply is also good for solo players or players out on Open World areas to gain ammunition and other bonuses, especially for Fortuna since there are no ammo resupply caches besides enemies and crates.
  • Turret damage is affected by Vaubans passive, as enemies incapacitated by Bastille or Vortex will receive 25% additional damage. This makes the Offensive Mode ideal to be paired with Vortex, allowing enemies to be sucked up into a small area where the high damage of this mode can shred them more easily.


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