aka Superbot34

  • I live in Northern Minnesota, USA
  • I was born on January 29
  • I am Vauban Prime

For Wikia-specific assistance (weapons templates, formatting, page problems, forum badge requests, etc) please refer to another Admin instead, as i'm not experienced in that sort of thingGrineer DGrineer AGrineer RGrineer TGrineer HGrineer MGrineer UGrineer FGrineer IGrineer N

Welcome! I provide opinions and commentary on one of my favorite games, Warframe, and assist with providing information about it to the best of my ability. I occasionally make video content as well, although not so much anymore do to computer problems forcing me to use an older machine. While i may not be always up to date with the latest in Warframe content, i will be happy to help in any way that i can.

Other Games i play lately include (but may not be limited to): Starbound, Terraria, Minecraft, Odd Realm, Fallout New Vegas (if it would stop crashing every 5 minutes).

Testing N Stuff: User:Darthmufin/Promotional Stuff,User:Darthmufin/Sandbox,User:Darthmufin/Testpage,User:Darthmufin/Sandbox2

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