aka Superbot34

  • I live in Northern Minnesota, USA
  • I was born on January 29
  • I am Vauban Prime

For Wikia-specific assistance (weapons templates, formatting, page problems, forum badge requests, etc) please refer to another Admin instead, as i have little knowledge in that sort of thing. Grineer DGrineer AGrineer RGrineer TGrineer HGrineer MGrineer UGrineer FGrineer IGrineer N


Note: the following info is almost always at least a month out of date due to laziness

Mastery Level: 26 [Gold Dragon] with 1,712,079 Mastery Points

Founder Level: Master

Play Time: 3,857 Hours

Grineer Kills: 1,785,050

Infestation Kills: 792,514

Corpus Kills: 300,337

Corrupted Kills: 332,117

Sentient Kills: 1,603

Other Kills: 2,871

Favorite Warframes: Nova Prime, Nyx Prime, Mag Prime, Vauban Prime

Favorite Primary: Gorgon Wraith, Arca Plasmor

Favorite Secondary: Kraken, Rattleguts (Krikit)

Favorite Melee: Tatsu

Stuff I've Never Used

  • Weapons

Lato Prime*, Nami Skyla Prime, most Zaw weapons, Kronen Prime, Kreska, Gram Prime, Galvacord, Akvasto Prime, Rubico Prime, Tazicor, Vulcax, Larkspur

  • Companions

Sunikia Kubrow

  • Vehicles

Imperator Vandal, Bad Baby, Flatbelly, Needlenose, Runway

* denotes weapon i will never be able to obtain

Anything not on this list or the list below i have used and got to max rank but sold or have it currently. 

Stuff I Used But Never Reached Max Rank Most common reason for selling before reaching max rank was due to not having slots for other weapons and no platinum (for the first 4 or 5 months of playing). Another reason is i disliked the weapon too much and it bored me to the point where it wasn't worth keeping. Orthos(29), Prova (26)

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