Cephalon Suda Portal

You are curious. So am I. Cephalon Suda could help you unfold this strange map of existance.

Suda is a community namespace for educational content. Under this namespace, users may contribute various guides, builds and researches with the aim to maximize players' efficiency on the battlefield. This namespace is named after the militant Cephalon Syndicate CephalonIconBlackCephalon Suda.


Primary Categories:Category:User Builds, Category:User Guides, Category:Mechanics Research, search all Suda pages


Before proceeding, users must acknowledge and follow the policies listed below:

  • Author credits are allowed.
  • Third-party external links are allowed.
  • Articles should be professionally written.
  • Make sure the content are relevant to this namespace.
  • Remember to categorize your articles.



Knowledge is the path to the singularity.

Simaris is a community namespace for speculative content. Under this namespace, users may compose lore-related articles that are yet to be officially defined in the game. This namespace is named after the knowledge oriented, neutral Cephalon Syndicate Simaris Sigil blackCephalon Simaris.



Given the number of Tenno seeking answers far exceeds my allotment of physical space, I was forced to organize a new system.

Cordylon is a community namespace for general fan content. Under this namespace, user may introduce WARFRAME related fan-sites and material, and other non-canon content such as Easter Eggs, bugs or fan culture. This namespace is named after the community oriented Cephalon Cordylon, which is currently only mentioned in the official website.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.