Food for Thought

  • Shoutout to User:WarpFactor for writing the most eloquent Warframe descriptions.
  • I don't like Wikia's code editor.
  • Still waiting for Volt's skirt to have cloth physics. He now has cloth physics as of Update 25.7! Rejoice! (8.30.19)
  • Why can't you embed videos in Wikia by default?
  • Funny how the name of the picture for Euphona Prime misspelled Euphona.
  • Why did they jump from Hotfix 14.2.4 to Update 14.5?
  • "Corrupted Heavy Caliber mod now works with Acrid." Update 10.5 Lol what?
  • 2018: The Year of QoL
  • TIL that Damage/Corrosive Damage ignores a % of Ferrite Armor and Damage/Radiation Damage ignores a % of Alloy Armor. (3.10.19)
  • TIL that Specters turn on you in Nightmare Mode missions. (3.25.19)
  • TIL that there are different versions of mods offered exclusively through Steam Pinnacle Packs (4.3.19)
  • TIL that not all new weapons start out with disposition 3/5 (4.6.19)
  • What irks me is the usage of the terms 'components' and 'resources' on this wiki, like they are basically the same thing, why have two categories for them? I guess because Template:Resource is a legacy template. (5.29.19)
  • Do Specter's aura mods apply to you and your squad? (5.29.19)
  • Corpus TCorpus HCorpus ICorpus S   Corpus ICorpus S   Corpus CCorpus OCorpus OCorpus L (6.25.19)
  • TIL Mod TT 20pxEagle Eye will increase multipliers when aiming down a sniper rifle's scope. This could potentially be a game-changer. (6.29.19)
  • Until this day, I thought Mod TT 20pxTerritorial Aggression worked on non-wild enemies too. (7.12.19)
  • When were Powerfists and Flameblades introduced? Update 8.0? (7.17.19)
  • Yay, someone actually put in resource icons in Template:ResourceNav (8.17.19)
  • TIL Pluto drops five different types of resources. (8.20.19)
  • TIL that damage resistance and damage reduction are different mechanics. So in theory, Mod TT 20pxAdaptation + Mod TT 20pxAviator means total invulnerability to all damage while in midair. (8.24.19)
  • TIL that clicking on the 'i' on the header generated by Template:SkinGallery takes me to its template page. (2.15.20)
  • Praise RegEx and find + replace (2.19.20)
  • TIL that some Tenno weapons look like letters in the Orokin alphabet. (2.26.20)
  • Lots of people misuse the term spaghetti code when they really meant 'reusing code results in unintended consequences'. (3.6.20)

Warframe Trivia

No real proper place to put these content on the wiki.

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