aka Regis / Reg

  • I live in The Sol System
  • I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is The Cleaner - Prodigal Ammunition User
  • I am Your Impending Doom / Your Great Light

Welcome TennoEdit

Welcome to my profile fellow Tenno. May my profile enlighten your visit and show you great profit.

Upon visiting here you may find my Affiliations, My Own Personal Armory and a wide variety of other information. Also, you may view my current projects I'm working on in the Wiki below here.
Feel free to ask about them or request.

About MeEdit

This highly trained ancient Tenno was one of the first Tennos sent by the Orokin. After awakening from his long slumber, he strives for knowledge for his Codex as does Cephalon Simaris did for his library and imprints. Knowledge is power.
3 Year Warframe Veteran - Wikia Veteran - Knowledgeable Coder

Admiral (formerly General) Regis first begin WARFRAME about a few weeks before it was officially released on Steam. First starting around Open Beta, Mid Update 7, however, did not immensely participate largely until late Update 9. Before this time, he achieved minimum progress on a friend's account.

Previously, Regis decided to lay off his Wikia account and as an editor. However, with a later resolution to spread information everywhere, he decided to join the Wikia Community once again at the WARFRAME Wikia.

Some of his major applications vary and spread across many aspects and corners. Armed with the knowledge of basic coding and website creation skills, he already has the necessary ability to adapt quickly and learn even more. Over the course of time, he has improved almost zero thanks to his beloved Wikian friends (Punt intended).

In Warframe and just about anywhere else, Regis has a serious illness of being very competitive (Doesn't everyone? Except USoul). Of course, not over every single thing, but his collection is massive and ever expanding.



IGN: GeneralRegis

Alliance: NONE

Clan: Chaos Reapers



Grineer Faded Logo
Corpus 3D Render Logo

Grineer - Unfavored over Corpus ---- REJECT GRINEER MILK
Favorite Characters: Councilor Vay Hek (Happy Grineer), Tyl Regor, Captain Vor

Corpus - Favored over Grineer --- ACCEPT GREEDY CORPUS MILK
Favorite Characters: Darvo, Alad V (aka Salty Salad), Nef Anyo, Raptors (Noises sound so unique)


Steel Meridian Arbiters Of Hexis Cephalon Suda The Perrin Sequence Red Veil New Loka Conclave
Steel Meridian Arbiters of Hexis Cephalon Suda The Perrin Sequence Red Veil New Loka Conclave flag
General (5) Maxim (5) Genius (5) Write-Off (-2) Corrupt (-2) Neutral (0) Initiation (0)

Regis trades for any Syndicate Augments & Archwing Parts that he is missing.

At the moment, almost all of them. He would be pleased if you gave him some.

Warframe Outfits:

(Unknown) Excalibur:

(Unknown) Oberon:

Stealth Volt:

  • Primary: Vectis
  • Secondary: Dex Furis
  • Melee: Dragon Nikana

(Unknown) Ash:


Weapons U1.0 - 3/1/15


Weapon Rank OrokinCatalyst64 Forma2 Obtained? Weapon Rank OrokinCatalyst64 Forma2 Obtained?
Amprex Unranked No None Crafted Latron 30 No None Crafted
Attica 30 Yes None Crafted Latron Prime 30 No None Crafted
Boar ----- ----- ----- ----- Latron Wraith 30 Yes None Event
Boar Prime ----- ----- ----- Blueprint & Parts only Miter Unranked No None Crafted
Boltor 30 No None Crafted MK1-Braton 30 Yes None Starter
Boltor Prime ----- ----- ----- Blueprint & Parts only MK1-Paris Unranked No None Purchased w/ Credits
Braton 30 Yes None Purchased w/ Credits MK1-Strun Unranked No None Purchased w/ Credits
Braton Prime ----- ----- ----- Blueprint & Parts only Mutalist Quanta Unranked No None Crafted
Burston 30 No None Crafted Ogris Unranked No None Crafted
Burston Prime ----- ----- ----- Blueprint & Parts only Paris 11 No None Crafted
Cernos 30 Yes None Crafted Paris Prime 6 No None Crafted
Dera Unranked No None Crafted Penta 30 Yes x 2 Crafted
Drakgoon 13 No None Crafted Phage Unranked No None Crafted
Dread Unranked Yes None Crafted Quanta Unranked No None Crafted
Flux Rifle Unranked No None Crafted Sobek Unranked No None Crafted
Glaxion 30 No None Crafted Soma 30 Yes x 5 Crafted
Gorgon 30 No None Crafted Strun 3 No None Purchased w/ Credits
Gorgon Wraith ----- ----- ----- ----- Supra 30 No None Crafted
Grakata Unranked No None Crafted Sybaris Unranked No None Crafted
Grinlok Unranked No None Crafted Synapse Unranked No None Crafted
Hek Unranked No None Crafted Tetra 30 No None Crafted
Hind Unranked No None Crafted Tigris 25 No None Crafted
Ignis 30 Yes x 3 Crafted Torid Unranked No None Crafted
Karak 30 No None Crafted Vectis 25 No None Crafted
Lanka Unranked No None Crafted Vulkar 30 No None Crafted

Personal Records:Edit

!Updated as of 10/12/2016!

Total Kills: Around ~200,000

Fastest Obstacle Course Time: 2 min 19.28 sec

Happy Zephyr: 1
Wrymius: 430

Misc Achievements: 141 / 165 Completed

Warframe Wikia Misc:Edit

"More is Better"

Ranked #15 in Special:Leaderboard - 2,330 Achievement points

"7" Lucky Edit Badges: 324 - 330 - 335 - 340 - 353 - 361 - 459

(Not Proud of these - But they're Nice :)


"Quality Over Quantity"

Ex: My favorite Warframe is Limbo

Ex: My favorite weapon is Soma


Plants of Warframe
Warframe Quests
Mods Project

Plants of Warframe Project

With the introduction of new plants, plants in Warframe. Plants will be getting a revamp on the Wikia.
An independent infobox, navigation bar, articles revamps, and a few additions as such.

{{Nature}} - Plant Infobox
{{PlantNav}} - Plant Navigation
Category:Plants - Plant Category Page

Template for Plant Pages: Sunlight Dragonlily

2 / 13 Pages Completed On-Going
(Dragonlily (Sunlight / Moonlight) • Dusklight Sarracenia • Frostleaf • Jadeleaf (Sunlight / Moonlight) Threshcone (Sunlight / Moonlight) • Lunar Pitcher • Ruk's Claw • Threshcone (Sunlight / Moonlight) Vestan Moss)

Warframe Quests Project

Quest writing guidelines aren't up to what they used to be anymore. Some need a bit of rewriting while others need a minor fix + additional information and tending to.

{{QuestNav}} - Updated

Quest Guideline Page - On-Going

0 / 16 Quests Checked On-Going
Vor's Prize • Once Awake • Natah • The Second Dream • The War Within

Howl of the Kubrow (Kubrow) • The Archwing (Archwing) • A Man of Few Words

Hidden Messages (Mirage) • The Limbo Theorem (Limbo) • Stolen Dreams The New Strange (Chroma)
Patient Zero (Mesa) • The Jordas Precept (Atlas) Sands of Inaros (Inaros) • The Silver Grove (Titania)

Mod Projects


Phase 1: Navboxes for Basic Mods. Needs to be Updated.

Due to my absence, I haven't been able to finish these nor completed finish looking over all mods. This is deemed halted, but I will occasionally return to this section.

Much of my work will be diverted into this area for the movement.

(About 40% of my entire focus  - 20% Devstreams, 20% Other Projects - 10% Comments across many Articles & Wiki Forums)

Note to self:

  • Use Tabber for Polarity Types
  • Mod Images need to be updated. Get Sonya and friends pictures for to update them.


Phases: 1 - 2 - 3

  1. Mod Types - Warframe, Rifle, etc.
  2. Other Types - Nightmare, Stamina, etc.
  3. Polarity - Madurai, Vazarin, etc.
  • Templates: 2/13 - Planned 20/20
  • Categories: 2/14 - Planned 25/25

How it works?

  • POLARITY - Used for Mod Types such as Warframe or Rifle Mods
  • Host pages for Polarity for Tabber


Phase 1:

Phase 2: Paused

Phase 3: Delayed


Mods 2.0 - Misc. Items for Mods

Polarity - Add Chart of Polarity Mod Types to page similar to Mods 2.0 page


Phase 1:

Phase 2: Paused

Phase 3: Delayed

To be Deleted:

Warframe To-Do ListEdit

Warframe Wiki Projects - A few projects, I'm currently working on.

+User Profile Customization Plans

Articles Accomplished
Create a General Styling and Formatting page for Warframe for Guidelines to creating good articles. Use link in here.
Create a Styling Sheet for editing Warframe pages using the link in here.
Add "Previous" &"Next" button functions leading to Previous & Next Helmets for Alternative Helmets pages.
Finish & Add Pictures to Devstream 46. Revise Devstream 45 to newer style - Devstream 47
Warframe Abilites Accomplished
Check Coding of All Warframe Abilities and Grammar Issues.
Add Augment Information + Tables correctly into Augment Tab - Update 15.16.2 Augments
Templates Accomplished
Rework Template:HelmetNav to make table shorter and more appealing.
Rework Template:EnemyAbilityU10.7 using this CB Sandbox and Template:AbilityU10.3
Categories Accomplished
Look and sort though Categories for Unneeded Cats.

Organize Stance Mods + Revise Category pages.              Replace "Old" Images of Stance Mods with "New" Images.

Weapons Accomplished
Create a Styling Sheet for editing Weapon pages using the link in here.
Use Template:Top for all weapons with their respective Boxes.
Mods need to list their stat increases and drain costs in a way that preserves formatting and space.

Warframe AbilitiesEdit

Ash - Update 4.0
Banshee - Update 4.0
Ember - Update 2.0, Code Revision
Excalibur - Update 2.0, Code Revision
Frost -
Hydroid - Update 3.0, Code Revision
Limbo - Update 3.0, Code Revision

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