1. Pressure Point Rank 5
  2. Berserker Rank 5
  3. True Steel Rank 5
  4. Organ Shatter Rank 5
  5. Life Strike Rank 3
  6. Shocking Touch Rank 5
  7. Fever Strike Rank 5
  8. Sundering Strike Rank 5 / Auger Strike Rank 5 / Molten Impact Rank 5 / North Wind Rank 5

Elemental Combination 6 and 7 should vary depending on faction as follows :

  • Grineer- Molten Impact + Shocking Touch [Radiation]
  • Corpus- North Wind + Shocking Touch [Magnetic]
  • Void- Fever Strike + Shocking Touch [Corrosive]

These elemental changes are not necessarily required but the weapons performance in more challenging content will be stronger. With that said, a basic corrosive+fire/cold combination will be the most consistent across the board if you don't want to switch configs regularly.

This build requires the Anku to have an Orokin Catalyst installed, Also the Stalking Fan stance and 1 forma, 2 forma may be used to change the stance polarity if stalking fan is not available. The Stalking Fan stance significantly increases the damage output of the Anku, with several large multipliers and 3 combinations which can actually be used in the heat of combat consistently.

Once completed this weapon can be one of the most impressive melee weapons in the game for both its style and speed, although the single strike damage is lower than many other melee weapons, the fluency and speed of the combinations allow for an extremely high number of hits in a short space of time. The weapon is most effectively used by Warframes with a reasonable movement speed, using the Dying Light combination while holding shift to move quickly between targets and mitigate the fairly short range of the Anku.

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