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'''Infested Missions'''
'''Infested Missions'''
*[[Electric Crawler]]s
*[[Noxious Crawler]]s
*[[Noxious Crawler]]s
*[[Nauseous Crawler]]s
*[[Nauseous Crawler]]s

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Remote Grineer bases focus on research and development of bio-modification and gene repair.

—In-game description

The Grineer are the controlling faction on this planet.

The vital target of the planet is the Tyl Regor, whom has a chance to drop blueprints for the parts of the Ash Warframe. He also has a higher than average chance to drop Gallium.

Expected Enemies

These lists do not apply to survival missions.

Grineer Missions

Infested Missions




  • Uranus missions are all named after it's moons.
    • The moons in turn are named after characters in the works of Shakespeare and Alexander Pope.
  • Miranda is recommended to gather Plastids quickly.

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