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Updates are occasional patches and add-ons or removal of information and/or features of a game.

The following updates are for WARFRAME Version 31:

The New War
Update 31
The New War U31.0H31.0.1H31.0.2H31.0.3H31.0.4H31.0.5H31.0.6H31.0.7H31.0.8H31.0.8.1H31.0.9H31.0.10H31.0.11
Echoes of War U31.1H31.1.1H31.1.2H31.1.3H31.1.4H31.1.5H31.1.6H31.1.7H31.1.8
Nora's Mix Volume 1 U31.2H31.2.0.1H31.2.1
Garuda Prime U31.3H31.3.1
Angels of the Zariman U31.5H31.5.1H31.5.2H31.5.3

Hotfix 31.5.3[]

April 29, 2022 Forum Post

Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix 31.5.3

Happy Friday, Tenno! This hotfix targets fixing some high priority bugs that we wanted to get out before the weekend hits. We will be back next week after reviewing weekend reports to continue the hotfix train. 

Nidus Maggot Prime Script = Complete! 

The Nidus Maggot Prime script has been completed for the Tenno who purchased the Parasitic Link Pack, Ravenous Pack, and Nidus Prime Accessories Pack on PC. Your new best friend will appear in your Decorations inventory if you meet the criteria!  


  • Added the color reset and randomize buttons when customizing Amp appearance. 
  • Re-named ‘Primary Color’ in the Operator Appearance customization menu to ‘Sigil Color’. 
    • Also re-ordered the ‘Sigil Color’ option to appear before ‘Default Properties’. 
  • Updated the Dojo Map Legend UI to support custom themes.


  • Fixed the rarity of the Zariman Bounty reward tiers (Common/Uncommon/Rare pools) not being properly assigned - resulting in unintended drop rates. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1306797-gyre-parts-not-dropping/#comment-12493101
    • This directly affected the Gyre and Weapons Blueprints. The UI was inaccurately stating the rarity for each - Gyre’s Component Blueprints were marked as ‘uncommon’ but only had a 2% drop chance, while the Weapon Blueprints were marked as ‘rare’ but had a whopping 21% drop chance. So we have redistributed the drop rates by increasing the drop chance of Gyre’s Component blueprints within the intended ‘uncommon’ rates and lowering the Weapon Blueprints rate to intended ‘rare’ rates. 
  • Fixed Clients not receiving AABC rewards from Void Armageddon missions after completing one Round onwards. 
  • Fixed the Protovyre Ephemera not tracking Focus gained from Zariman missions. 
  • Follow up fix to getting stuck in the Zariman elevator due to being in a ‘full’ public squad, and the session failing to join the mission. 
  • Fixed enemies not spawning when starting a Zariman mission from the Chrysalith immediately following a Void Armageddon or Flood mission. 
    • This also fixes post-Angels of the Zariman missions having spawn issues due to the last stage of the quest being Void Armageddon. 
  • Fixed only one Brilliant Eidolon Shard being consumed when unbinding both possible Unbound abilities in a tree at once. 
    • The UI would state that two were consumed but truly it was only one in the backend. Those who were affected will keep those unconsumed Shards. 
  • Fixed some matchmaking issues in the Zariman after Host migration. 
  • Fixed Clients not seeing proper scaling of the Void Manifestation orbs.  
  • Fixed the ‘What’s New’ screen on login kicking players out of The New War quest. 
  • Fixed Energy/Shield Drain for a Helminth Ability equipped on Hildryn being extremely high after using Inner Might, making it impossible to cast. 
  • Fixed being able to hover while in decoration mode over existing/permanent decorations/furniture in the Dormizone. 
  • Fixed Amp attaching to elbow when customizing colors on [spoiler character]. 
  • Fixed Dojo Map Legend UI lingering if it was visible when you enter Decoration mode. 
  • More fixes towards being unable to enter extremely large Clan Dojos. 
  • Fixed crash related to Sentient abilities. 
  • Fixed crash related to Kavat Mischief Precept mod. 
  • Fixed script error related to Thrax enemies. 
  • Fixed several script errors in the Void Armageddon mission. 
  • Fixed script error with Nidus’ Parasitic Link ability. 
  • Fixed script error related to Sentinel Regen mod. 
  • Fixed script error related to Thrax enemy spawns in Void Flood/Cascade missions. 
  • Fixed script error related to checking challenge progress for Incarnon Weapons while in mission. 

Missed notes from Hotfix 31.5.2:

  • Fixed infinite loading screen during key certain stages of The New War quest. 
  • Fixed rare Client side crash while joining in progress Infested Salvage missions.
  • Fixed script error related to Void Projection.

Hotfix 31.5.2[]

April 28, 2022 Forum Post

Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix 31.5.2


It’s the day after Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman! We are here with our second hotfix to address some key stability and fixes. Some next-day feedback has been incorporated in this update. 


Eximus Rewards & Palladino Changes:


After reviewing Community feedback to the Eximus Unit reward changes in Update 31.5.0, we’ve made some further changes, specifically to the Credit drop. The amount of Credits dropped for high level Eximus Units due to the scaling amount changes weren’t hitting the mark for veteran players who play at that level. We don’t want to remove Credits altogether as new players will find these useful in their journey. 


As a result, Eximus Units now drop 500-750 Credits that no longer scale with level. Non-Steel Path Eximus Units level 30+ now have a chance to drop a Riven Sliver, granted at a smaller chance than their Steel Path counterpart to not diminish their value. 


As a result of the above changes, Palladino’s Offerings have grown to provide more purchase options for your Riven Slivers, given that you’ll receive more with the above changes.


New to Palladino’s Weekly Offerings: 

  • Additional Veiled Riven 
  • 35K Kuva Bundle
  • 150K Credit bundle
    • For those who appreciated the bigger Credit drop from Eximus Units you can now choose to use your Riven Slivers here.

Please note that the per week reset also applies to these Offerings. 

Additionally, we’ve temporarily removed the “Tax the Taxmen” requirement from the Zariman Bounty rotation due to the prior Eximus Credit drop boon making it possible for a majority of players. We’re looking to change this to a “Kill X Eximus Units” challenge instead in the near future. 


Syndicate Medallions Change: 


We have made a gamewide change to how Syndicate Medallions spawn in missions - this of course also applies to the latest addition of Voidplumes! 

Before: Medallions of all tiers spawn completely at random with no logic attached to it. 

NOW: There is now a guarantee that out of the 8 Medallions that spawn in a mission:

  • 1 will be Rare (aka Voidplume Crest now guaranteed in every mission)! 
  • 2 will be Uncommon
  • The remaining 5 will have a chance to be either Common (75%) or Uncommon (25%).

There is now far more benefit to finding all 8 Medallions, as you are guaranteed 3 higher tier out of the total 8. 



  • Changed Void Armageddon “Collect Argozene Crates” Bounty to be 3/5/7/9 instead of 3/5/10/15.
  • Added a tutorial message to the Angels of the Zariman quest during Void Manifestation fight informing that you can Void Sling through Orbs.
    • This tutorial prompt also appears in the fight outside of the quest when assistance is needed. 
  • Added a UI Marker to the “inactive” Void Manifestation if you are doing a Zariman Bounty that requires you to defeat them. 
  • Turning in Zarium Accolades to Melica Caches will now immediately drop the Void Quill instead of after she finishes her voice lines. 
    • This also fixes the issue of Cephalon Melica’s voice lines getting interrupted when interacting with her. 
  • Turned up the volume of the Zarium Accolades. 
  • Added sound FX variations to Gyre’s Arcsphere and Coil Horizon cast. 
  • Updated a couple animations of the Angels of the Zariman characters in the quest. 
  • Changed the ‘Zariman Classroom Scene’ Captura scene to ‘Zariman Schoolyard Scene’ to more accurately reflect it.  
  • Improved the reload animations of the Laetum.
    • Also fixes the Laetum clipping through Warfarme when not aiming down sight. 
  • Added safeguard for when the install drive is removed (or failing) while the game is running. 



  • Fixed getting stuck in the Zariman elevator due being in a ‘full’ public squad, and the session failing to join the mission. 
    • There is still another case of this issue occurring that we are trying to nail down. 
  • Fixed infinite screen shake when spiked by Void Manifestation. 
  • Fixed complete loss of functionality after being spiked by Void Manifestation. 
  • Fixed Protea’s Temporal Anchor forcing you out of your Operator in transference disabled areas (eg. Void Manifestation arena). 
  • Fixed back to back Void Armageddon Bounties mixing up the displayed objectives in HUD.
  • Fixed downed players not getting teleported to the elevator in Void Armageddon missions on extraction. 
    • They will now be revived and teleported to the elevator when extracting. 
  • Fixed Cascadia Overcharge description incorrectly stating that it’s a Warframe Arcane, when it is a Secondary Weapon Arcane. 
  • Fixed Cascadia Overcharge only being able to be equipped on Secondary Kitguns, instead of all Secondary weapons. 
  • Fixed Subsumed abilities on Lavos being blocked from casting while Inner Might is active. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1306359-new-zenurik-talent-breaks-lavos/?ct=1651150965
  • Fixed crash after Host migration while a Fracture is being closed in Void Flood. 
  • Fixed several issues caused by Host migration in Void Flood missions:
    • Long delays in spawning a new Fracture. 
    • Slowed Corruption meter. 
    • Thrax enemies not spawning. 
  • Fixed matchmaking from Navigation in your Orbiter matching you with Bounty squads  started from the Chrysalith.
    • Matchmaking to Zariman missions from Navigation in your Orbiter will now only match you with players who are doing the non-Bounty version of the selected mission. 
  • Fixed black and white FX persisting everywhere after being killed by the Void Manifestation in the arena. 
  • Fixed a crash related to the Void Manifestation abilities.  
  • Fixed crash related to markers in the Void Flood mission. 
  • Fixed crash that could occur in post-The New War Plains of Eidolon if a pickup was dropped inside the gate. 
  • Fixed rare crash when dealing damage to the Derivator Crewman. 
  • Fixed a crash occurring when Nova Worm Holing into the Zariman elevator and extracting before the Worm Hole disappears. 
  • Fixed crash related to Hound (equipped with the Null Audit Precept mod) casting the Blitz Eximus chain blast attack. 
  • Fixed Warframe abilities (notably Rhino’s Iron Skin with the Iron Shrapnel Augment equipped) being activated while using the 1,2,3,4 keys to select Armament Turrets in Void Armageddon missions. 
  • Fixed being unable to tab through the Challenge Progress screen (from the Pause Menu) using L + R on a controller. 
  • Fixed an inoperable Elevator spawning in the Angels of the Zariman Quest Void Cascade phase. 
  • Fixed Void Manifestation orb explosion FX triggering multiple times. 
  • Fixed FX and sounds not playing when hitting the Void Manifestation orbs. 
  • Fixed players being offset in the Chrysalith map when returning from Dormizone. 
  • Fixed crash related to Focus screen UI. 
  • Fixed ‘TennoCon’ appearing in the Controller Icon Set options. 
  • Fixed [PH] tags appearing in Deimos and Zariman content. 
  • Fixed [PH] tags appearing in Dormizone pop-ups when using the ‘Clear Room Decorations’ option. 
  • Fixed the tutorial UI prompt overlapping with the Void Manifestation’s health bar.
  • Fixed a small number of Clans with big Dojos being unable to access them. 
  • Fixed some Focus Tree node descriptions clipping in certain languages. 
  • Fixed incorrect color customization on Atlas’ Tectonic walls. It will now use your emissives and accent colors.
  • More fixes towards players getting unwarranted Trade bans after playing missions in the Zariman. 
  • Fixed sound being permanently ducked when entering the elevator during Void Cascade mission fail. 
  • Fixed missing "Build Requirements" tab and description in the Market.
  • Fixed missing Thrax Centurion Codex description. 
  • Fixed the Solena and Kyruna Ephemera reverting to have no textures when spiked by a Void Manifestation. 
  • Fixed script error when Mod linking Kubrow/Kavat. 
  • Fixed script error related to the Derivator Crewman. 
  • Fixed script error related to Xaku’s Last Grasp ability. 
  • Fixed script error that could occur in Void Armageddon.
  • Fixed a script error for the Kuva Trokarian if killed while playing leap animation. 
  • Fixed script error related to Inner Might. 
  • Fixed script error related to the Shock Eximus. 
  • Fixed script error in Zariman Mobile Defense mission (The Greenway). 
  • Fixed script error if you had an Incarnon weapon at Rank 5 and completed a mission with an empty rifle/pistol/melee slot.
  • Fixed script error related to Juggernaut. 
  • Fixed crash related to Helminth’s Golden Instinct ability.

Hotfix 31.5.1[]

April 27, 2022 Forum Post

Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix 31.5.1

Angels of the Zariman Quest Changes & Fixes:

  • Reduced enemy levels in the Angels of the Zariman quest from 50-55 to 40-45.
    • We want the missions to be challenging, but not so challenging that you cannot progress through the quest! The missions outside of the quest differ since they are not meant for tutorial purposes as they are in the quest.
  • Improved mouth animations in certain parts of the quest.
  • Fixed placing Armaments turret too quickly near Exodamper in the Void Armageddon stage of the quest, which would disable all turret mounts and keep the objective marker there for the whole mission.
    • This also fixes being able to stack multiple placements on the single spot.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to fast travel (notably to the Arsenal) in the Crysalith during the Angels of the Zariman quest.
    • This fix removes the ability to open Arsenal in the Dormizone during the quest to address the crash. It is re-enabled after quest completion.

Zariman New Mission Modes Changes & Fixes:

  • Changed the Void Armageddon Armaments turrets’ ‘Time Remaining’ percentage indicator to count down instead of up.
  • Updated the open/close sound FX for the Void Armageddon Armaments Turret selection menu.
  • Fixed Void Manifestations becoming invincible (spawning without health bar) after teleporting.
  • Fixed Reliquary marker flashing in Void Armageddon mission when it's not the target after Exodamper has been destroyed.
  • Fixed several issues for remaining player after Host migration in Void Cascade after 1/3 completed Exolizers:
    • Lack of mission UI.
    • Unable to start a new Exolizer.
    • Not forcing transference to Operator when crossing into anti-warframe bubbles.
    • Enemies not spawning/moving.
  • Fixed Void Armageddon Armament Turrets ‘Time Remaining’ UI indicator clipping into the Turrets themselves.
  • Fixed script error in the Void Flood mission.
  • Fixed music queues overlapping in the Zariman missions.
  • Fixed matchmaking issues when starting a mission from the Chrysalith.
  • Fixed Clients who fast travel to the elevator in the Chrysalith before the Host being unable to load into the Bounty mission selected by the Host.
  • Fixed the same challenges appearing when the Zariman Bounties rollover.
  • Fixed lost spirits sometimes getting stuck and losing their way around the Zariman.
  • Fixed orb hitbox from the Void manifestations encounter being unintentionally too small.
    • In both the missions and quest.
  • Fixed players being able to matchmake into different challenges on the same node due to Bounty rollover in the Chrysalith.
  • Fixed Focus points gained from killing Thrax enemies not appearing in the End of Mission screen.


  • Made several improvements to the overall look and garbs of the new Syndicate characters.
  • Polished some facial animation for the Operator and [spoiler character] unarmed idle and talk animations.
  • Improved how Companions are streamed into the Dormizone.
  • Polished Voidplume textures. You could say the birds have pruned their feathers.
  • Updated Clan Advertising options.
  • Changed the Saryn Voidshell Skin default emissive color to match the Rhino Voidshell and Volt Voidshell skins.


  • Fixed certain accounts being unable to login after downloading the Angels of the Zariman update.
  • Fixed the Valkyr Carnivex Skin and Collection giving the default Valkyr animation sets and not the Valkyr Carnivex animation sets.
    • A script will be run to deliver these to the accounts that purchased the Skin before this hotfix. If you did not previously own the default Valkyr animation sets, they are yours to keep!
      • **Script has completed! Please relog if your were affected by this!
  • Fixed the Holokey Blur in the Emergence to Chrysalith Supporter pack missing on purchase.
    • Affected accounts will have this rectified via script!
  • Fixed Host being able to hear the Void Sling / Transference sound FX from Clients across the map.
  • Fixed Operator Somatics Markings not showing up.
  • Fixed the Alternox’s alt-fire sound FX being heard from across the map.
  • Fixed accidental trade bans after launching the Angels of the Zariman update. As originally PSA’d here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1305995-psa-rectifying-accidental-trade-bans-after-aotz/
  • Fixed some cases (notably when a weapon had no customizations) where Loadouts wouldn’t save.
  • Fixed the Voidshell Material Structures not appearing in the Conclave Arsenal and preventing customization in Cooperative mode.
  • Fixed the Alternox missing its Falloff stat: 60% Fall off on alt fire Radial Attack.
    • Also fixes duplicate Falloff stats appearing in the Radial Attack category. It will now correctly indicate separate stats for ‘Falloff’ and ‘Damage/s Falloff’.
      • Note: 0.0% ‘Damage/s Falloff’ is intended for the Radial Attack.
  • Fixed Emblem offset issues with the Valkyr Carnivex Shoulder armor.
  • Fixed Clients being able to lock Host outside of their own Dormizone. ~DORMIZONE SECURED~
  • Fixed unreleased Operator cosmetic showing up in Appearance options. Stay tuned for its actual scheduled release!
  • Fixed Syndicate screen not opening up when speaking to Bounty giver in the Necralisk for the first time after the quest.
  • Fixed crash related to Void Sling.
  • Fixed Void manifestation never reappearing after teleport.
  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Shadow becoming indefinitely invulnerable after being spiked by a Void manifestation.
  • Fixed Melica Cache missing shutdown sound.
  • Fixed being able to get stuck in a school-room area in the Zariman tileset.
  • Fixed some texture issues when moving/scaling decorations in the Dormizone.
  • Fixed lingering FX from Void manifestation arena after exiting it.
  • Fixed Venomous Eximus’ abilities being affected by Limbo’s Rift.
  • Fixed the Shock Orbs from the Shock / Bio-Electric Eximus not zapping if you have a Sentinel.
  • Fixed the Shock Orbs from the Shock / Bio-Electric Eximus getting cut out if enemies are around.
  • Fixed the 3 Day Resource Booster showing a Platinum price indicator in UI when available via Baro Ki’Teer’s offerings.
  • Fixed a [PH] tag appearing in the ‘Insufficient Focus to purchase’ popup message.
  • Fixed minor map holes in certain parts of the Zariman.
  • Fixed script error related to FX on the Javlok.
  • Fixed script error related to Operator Transference.
  • Fixed script error related to Focus Tree UI.
  • Fixed script error that would occur after Host migration in The Greenway Mobile Defense node.
  • Fixed script error when joining a Void Flood mission in progress.
  • Fixed script error when picking up resources in Void Armageddon missions.
  • Fixed script error when using the ‘Sell Items’ button in your Inventory.
  • Fixed script error related to the main menu.
  • Fixed script error related to Rhino’s Rhino Charge ability.
  • Fixed script error when trying to disarm a target with Disarming Sling.
  • Fixed script error related to the Melica Cache sounds.
  • Fixed script error related to the new Challenge progress screen.
  • Fixed script error when previewing items while in your Inventory.
  • Fixed script error related to the Buzlok.
  • Fixed script error related to Temporal Drag.
  • Fixed script error related to Unairu Wisp.
  • Fixed script error related to Void manifestation activation.
  • Fixed script error related to the Operator UI.

Update 31.5[]

April 27, 2022 Forum Post - Angels of the Zariman

Angels of the Zariman

Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman


Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman is abundant with story content, gameplay additions (three new game modes!), reworks, and more! As the direct narrative follow-up to The New War, there is much to be unearthed in this next chapter.

There are over 60 pages of notes below - To jump to a specific section of the notes, use your browser’s search feature to find the following sections:

  • Angels of the Zariman Quest
  • New Tileset: Zariman
  • New Hub: Chrysalith
  • New Syndicate
  • Zariman Bounties
  • New Mission Types
  • Incarnon Weapons + New Arcanes
  • Dormizone
  • Voidshell Skins
  • New Warframe: Gyre
  • New Melee Stance: Heavy Scythe
  • New Melee: Hespar
  • New Rifle: Aeolak
  • Angels of the Zariman Supporter Packs
  • Valkyr Carnivex Collection
  • Focus School System Rework
  • Eximus Reborn
  • New Player Experience: Quality of Life Changes
  • Clan Recruitment Changes
  • Maggot Decorations
  • Audio Reverb Changes
  • And many additions, changes, optimizations, fixes!

The total download size is 2.2 GB.

Spoiler Courtesy

As a follow up to our original PSA, to avoid spoilers we have chosen to use spoiler-free language when describing certain parts of the update.

Please use liberal spoiler tags in your titles/posts/etc. if you wish to talk about content revealed on the Zariman, let's not ruin the experience for others! Content Creators should clearly label spoiler content and use spoiler-free thumbnails and titles.

We have also created a dedicated Angels of the Zariman subforum to house all quest-related discussions, questions, bug reports and more: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1785-spoilers-angels-of-the-zariman/

A dedicated ‘known bugs list’ thread is also available for you to track what the team has on their list to fix: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1305849-spoilers-angels-of-the-zariman-known-bugs-list/

This list is not exhaustive of ALL bugs, but lists the most prominent.



The Zariman Ten Zero cries out into the endless darkness that surrounds it. In a post-New War world, something lingers in the Void-ridden ship once inhabited by the Tenno. Its wailing can be heard from afar. Return to it, find the source of its song, and unearth the memories echoing throughout the vacant corridors.

Quest Prerequisite: You must have The New War quest completed in order to unlock the Angels of the Zariman quest in your Codex. If you have not completed The New War, check out our helpful guide: https://www.warframe.com/news/preparing-for-angels-of-the-zariman-en

Similar to the Saya’s Vigil, Vox Solaris, and Heart of Deimos quests, this is a solo gameplay-focused experience that will introduce you to key characters and Zariman related content.

Completing the quest will reward you with gifts from the Void in your Inbox!

Once you have completed the Angels of the Zariman quest, the following gameplay options will become available for you to start venturing deeper into the ship:

  • Zariman Bounties
  • 3x New Missions Types

*More detailed information on the above is provided in their own sections below.



Go back to where it all began, Tenno. The horrors of the past that took place on the Zariman Ten Zero may be overshadowed by the phantasmic energies that now reside there.

Characterized by its overgrown state and constant flow of Void energy, it has taken a new form. Between the golden figures and trinkets littered around from before the Void-Jump accident, the Void pulses through its veins, twisting and bending the Zariman to its will. The accident left the ship in disarray, with many nooks and crannies that can be discovered and explored.

Explore with caution, Tenno -- even though you may recognize areas from your past, everything is not what it seems.

The Zariman appears in the Star Chart after completing The New War quest, but is only accessible after completing the Angels of the Zariman quest.

Optimization Tip for PC Players:

Be advised that the Zariman tileset is optimized for and looks best with the ‘Enhanced’ Graphics Engine option enabled. We recommend you switch to this under the ‘Video’ tab in Options if your system can handle it to enjoy the finer details of this lush new map!

Zariman Tileset Resources:

Ferrite, Alloy Plate, Voidgel Orb (NEW), Entrati Lanthorns (NEW), and Thrax Plasm are dropped from enemies and can be found in Resource Deposits around the Zariman tileset.

These new resources can also be fed to Helminth.


Voidplumes are tokens shed from Void Manifestations which can be used for many things, including:

  • Turned in for Standing in the Chrysalith for a new Syndicate.
  • Used in certain crafting recipes.
  • Used to purchase Voidplume decorations and Kuva from a new vendor’s supplies in the Chrysalith.

Voidplumes can be earned as Bounty rewards. They can also be found scattered around the Zariman tileset in a similar fashion to Syndicate Medallions. Each mission spawns 8 Voidplumes for keen-eyed Tenno to find! A prompt will appear letting you know how many more Plumes can be found in-mission after picking one up.

Similar to Medallions, there are various tiers with different Standing values: higher tiers of Voidplumes can be earned by killing special Void manifestation enemies or from Melica Caches, while lower tiers can be found in-mission and from Bounty drop tables. Listed below are the tiers from lowest to highest:

  • Voidplume Down
  • Voidplume Vane
  • Voidplume Quill
  • Voidplume Crest
  • Voidplume Pinion


Melica Caches & Zarium Accolades:

Zarium Accolades are required to open new caches locked by Cephalon Melica - whom you may remember from your time in the classroom. Melica Caches are marked for your convenience when you’re nearby. To unlock the Melica Cache, you will need to locate a Zarium Accolade - keep an ear out for their distinct sound, or use Loot Radar! Once you find a Zarium Accolade, you can pick them up and bring them to the Melica Console to unlock a Voidplume Quill within.

Melica Caches appear only once the Angels of the Zariman quest is complete, they cannot be found during the quest.

New Somachord Fragments:

Hunt down and scan Somachord Tones throughout the Zariman tileset to unlock 3 new tracks:

  • On Corroded Wings
  • The Offering
  • Canticle



The Zariman brings with it new threats. Aboard the ship you will go toe to toe with the following fresh-faced foes:

Kuva Trokarian The Worm Queen has bestowed these troopers with a miniature Kuva Trokar to disrupt transference.

Derivator Crewman Using the latest in Corpus weapons technology, this Crewman absorbs damage, until it unleashes it all in a powerful shockwave. The Derivator unit is mounted on the back.

Thrax Centurion Equipped with a deadly Scythe, they emanate an energy unknown to us. These mysterious creatures can be found in Zariman missions.

Thrax Legatus Armed and ready with a Rifle, they emanate an energy unknown to us. These mysterious creatures can be found in Zariman missions.

Codename: Void Manifestations Its true name and nature shall be revealed to you soon, Tenno…



A familiar location that was first ventured during The New War, the Chrysalith is at the heart of the Zariman. A sanctuary whose bridged walk paths and vistas were once enjoyed by its original passengers is now repurposed as a hub for returning visitors and warriors fending off against the Grineer, Corpus, and others that lay waiting in the halls of the Zariman.

During the Angels of the Zariman quest, you will be introduced to a band of new characters and a new Syndicate who call the Chrysalith home. After you have completed the quest, you will be able to visit the Chrysalith with other Tenno, as you would Fortuna or Cetus.

The Chrysalith is also the first social hub of its kind that allows you to seamlessly access procedural missions without load screens. Jump between missions without ever having to return to your Orbiter’s Navigation.

While inside the Chrysalith, opening the map will display what enemy faction is currently active within the Zariman. Grineer and Corpus squads rotate every 2.5 hours.


This is also indicated by the faction ships closing the distance between themselves and the Zariman in the Star Chart.


A new Syndicate is revealed after completing the Angels of the Zariman quest. Band together with Syndicate members stationed in the Chrysalith and gain access to Bounties, Incarnon Weapons, Dormizone & Voidshell goods, and more!

Work your way through the Ranks from Fallen to Angel, and forge bonds to uncover more about the present predicament of the Zariman. This Syndicate can also be accessed from the Syndicate segment in your Orbiter.


Once you have completed the Quest, Bounties become available from within the Chrysalith! These Bounties offer additional challenges for players looking to show their Mastery of the mission types on the Zariman - you will need to bring the best gear for the job! Players can play through the regular versions of these missions from the Star Chart, or opt for the Bounty version for different rewards and Syndicate standing. The Bounty versions are intended to be much more challenging!

Bounties are structured with a distinct objective that must be completed before the player can extract -- or in certain cases can cause a mission failure if the player is unsuccessful. Upon mission completion, players also earn Voidplumes in addition to the Bounty drop table rewards The higher the difficulty, the harder the challenge, the more Plumes are given!

Bounty Rewards:

The following possible rewards can be earned by playing the Bounties:

  • Gyre’s Blueprint and Component Blueprints
  • Alternox Blueprint (New Primary Weapon)
  • Hespar Blueprint (New Heavy Scythe)
  • Aeolak Blueprint (New Primary Rifle)
  • New Resources:
    • Entrati Lanthorn - A ceremonial beacon used to map Void locations onto real space.
    • Voidgel Orb - A sample of ambient Void energy distilled into a neutral state.
    • Thrax Plasm - Found in the remnants of Thrax Void manifestations, this plasm has several surprisingly practical applications.
  • Voidplumes:
    • Voidplume Down
    • Voidplume Vane
    • Voidplume Quill
    • Voidplume Crest
  • Credits, Endo, Greater Focus Lenses, Ayatan Amber Star, and Relics!


The Zariman brings with it three new endless mission types: Void Flood, Void Cascade, and Void Armageddon. These missions offer new enemies and challenges! Accompanying these are Exterminate and Mobile Defense mission nodes set in the new Zariman tileset. After completing the Angels of the Zariman Quest, you can start these missions from the Star Chart, or by entering the elevator in the Chrysalith and interacting with the Zariman Navigation panel.



The enemies you will face aboard the Zariman depends on which faction have staked their claim on the ship. Word of the time-forgotten riches aboard the Zariman has made its way onto both Corpus and Grineer wavelengths. While only one faction will be aboard the Zariman at a time, you can expect to see even rotations of these factions every 2.5 hours as each one fights to claim their time aboard the fabled Zariman.

Base Focus Lenses for each Focus School are in Rotation C of the drop tables for these new endless missions. We wanted to add a new means of earning Lenses in light of all of the Focus changes, while also making later stages of the endless missions worth your while.


Forces born of Void and agony are clawing at the Albrecht membrane, creating Ruptures that saturate areas of the Zariman with Void energy. Introducing Void Flood - a parkour-heavy endless mission focused on maintaining the stability of the Zariman’s Automatic Vitoplast system.

How to play:

The goal is to mend these Ruptures, and in order to do so you must collect essential Vitoplast on-board the Zariman and deliver it to the location of these Void Ruptures. The amount of Vitoplast you collect is indicated by the floating globe accompanying you as you hunt it down. The globe fills with Vitoplast as it is collected, and drains when you are near a Void Rupture. Void Flood will test your refined parkour skills, as the anti-gravity properties of Vitoplast have them scattered high and low across the Zariman.

Be warned, failure to close the Ruptures flood the Zariman with uncontrollable Void Contamination that can enhance your enemy and hinder your strength in various different ways, or even cause the Vitoplast itself to act erratically. The higher levels of Void Contamination present on the Zariman, the greater the challenge. Contamination levels are indicated in a gauge in the HUD, with three levels of randomized effects that will trigger when hit:

  • First level = 40%
  • Second level = 70%
  • Final level = 100%
    • Hitting 100% will start a countdown timer, if the Contamination levels are not lowered by closing Ruptures within that time, players will be forced to extract as the environment has become inhospitable.

Every three Ruptures sealed summons a Thrax Centurion - a strong foe made of both armor and Void energy looking to keep you from sealing up the Ruptures. Your synergy between Warframe and Operator will be required to take down this quick and relentless enemy. Similar to Eximus Units, Thrax Centurions are imbued with Overguard (more on this in the Eximus Reborn section below) which fortifies their stance. Thrax Centurions also directly reward 2,500 Focus Points of the players’ active Focus School for all of those who are within Affinity range once defeated.

You will have the choice to extract after sealing three Ruptures successfully, which also counts as one full round in this endless mission.

The success and length of your mission is fully dependent on your ability to balance consistent damage with elegant parkour. If you can keep up both to the standards of the Zariman Ten Zero, you will be nobly rewarded.


Enemies of the Zariman have caused a great imbalance using the Void energy perforating its walls and manifesting in truly horrifying ways. Introducing Void Cascade - an endless mission mode where you are tasked with cleansing Void-possessed Exolizers to restore the Zariman’s systems.

How to play:

The goal is to combat the Void using devices known as Exolizers. But even the advanced Zariman tech cannot resist the Void forever. It’s up to you to purge them of the Void, and fight off a complete and total Cascade.

Exolizers possessed by the Void are protected by it. Your Operator is key in cleansing it to allow the Exolizer to begin its purging process. Possessed and purged Exolizers are tracked in the HUD, alongside the gauge that indicates the level at which the ship is reaching a Cascade-level disaster.

Upon cleansing an Exolizer, Tenno must face a Thrax Centurian which has possessed the machine, but they will not give up without a fight. If they are not killed quickly, it will feed the Cascade by re-possessing another Exolizer and accelerate the chaos. The more you cleanse, the more chaotic it can get - it will require great focus and skill to maintain the Exolizers the longer you stay.

If you’d rather flee the battle and bank your rewards, it will require four successful purged Exolizers to unlock extraction, which also counts as one full round in this endless mission.

If players are unable to fend off the Cascade and the gauge reaches 100%, extraction will become available.

Restoring the systems of the Zariman won’t be easy, but is necessary to reclaim the ship. It will require great strength and coordination to quell the Cascade, but those who stay to fight will be compensated for their efforts.


Grineer and Corpus enemies have boarded the Zariman and are targeting its Reliquary for destruction. Exquisitely twisted creations and their minions seek to do the same. Void Armageddon tests your ability to prioritize targets: defend against enemies while protecting the Reliquary aboard the Zariman and the Exodampers that aid you in your objective. Assemble your Arsenal wisely, as this mission is not for the ill-prepared.

How to play:

The goal is to defend the Reliquary from the waves of threats that are looking to destroy it. To aid you in your defense are Exodampers'. These towers will weaken your enemy while they are active, but if destroyed will strengthen them with randomized buffs until the Exodampers respawn. While not essential, without your ' Exodampers, your enemy can focus fire on the Reliquary. If your enemies succeed in destroying it, you will be forced to accept defeat and return back to the Chrysalith. As the chaos grows, Void manifestations will attempt to drain the Reliquary using Void energy. You can track how much of the Reliquary has been drained using the percentage icon above it. If the Reliquary is fully drained, you will have failed your mission. Destroyed or drained, you must fight to prevent the Reliquary from meeting either fates.

Void Armageddon consists of Rounds and Waves:

  • Waves: Enemies will try to destroy Exodampers in waves. To complete a wave, you must eliminate the squad of enemies sent to the Exodamper. After each wave, your enemies will begin to attack from a different angle - follow the instructions on your HUD and move swiftly to the next Exodamper to defend.
  • Rounds: A full round consists of three waves.

If you fail to protect your Exodampers, they will remain destroyed until the next round.

  • For clarity - if an Exodamper is destroyed in Wave 1 in Round 1, it will respawn at the start of Round 2, or the 4th Wave in total.

Grineer and Corpus will be the least of your worries the longer you defend, as Void manifestations appear every three waves and will stand in your way between completing rounds. Traditional combat will be necessary to make a dent, but your skills as your Operator are crucial to defeating this foe. If you succeed in this fight, you and your squad (those within Affinity range of the enemy when defeated) will be rewarded with Focus Points as well as a high-tier Voidplume which must be picked up.

Completing one round of Void Armageddon will unlock extraction, but enemies will continue to attack until you can fight no longer.

You aren’t alone in your efforts. By taking advantage of the Zariman’s built-in defenses, you can utilize strategically placed Armaments - specialized turrets. They can be used to hold off the onslaught of enemies at all angles, but must be constructed first. To build these turrets, locate and capture Argozene Drops, which will provide the Argozene to construct them. To unlock a Drop, you must stand within the indicated zone around it and wait until the box is fully enveloped with energy - at which point it will open and shower you with the crafting material. Argozene is also dropped from fallen enemies. Collected Argozene is shared amongst your squad, so coordinating with them will be required to optimize your strategy.

As long as you have the required Argozene, you can choose from a variety of Armaments to craft:

  • Mazuka - Minigun turret that focuses on one target at a time.
  • Faradon - Arc lightning turret that can strike multiple targets at once.
  • Corralizer - Trap turret that grabs enemies and pulls them in.
  • Giottica - A laser targeted missile launcher.

While they don’t last forever, they can be the difference between losing and keeping your Exodampers and the Reliquary alive. Turret types can quickly be selected by using the default ability cast bindings (1-2-3-4 on PC, and RB+ABXY on controller) while in the selection screen. Custom bindings for abilities will also work!


In addition to these new mission types, Exterminate and Mobile Defense nodes are also available on the Zariman!

In Exterminate, you are tasked with destroying the Corpus or Grineer crews that are rummaging around where they shouldn’t be. Take on the classic mission type while navigating the Void-infested Zariman ship. Not all is the same though, as every 30 enemies killed will spawn a Thrax enemy-type.

In Mobile Defense, you must restore the Zariman’s systems that were overcome by the Jump Incident, and defend them while your allies purge out the Void. For the Corpus and Grineer, it is key that the Zariman stay where it is. They will do everything in their power to prevent the Tenno from getting the Zariman’s full power back online. Alongside Corpus and Grineer enemies, a multiple Thrax enemy-types will come to assist in the fight.

General Zariman Mission Notes:

  • All of the Zariman missions are available on the Steel Path and reward ‘The Steel Path - The Zariman’ Trophy and Emote!
    • We will be adding a Steel Path toggle to the Zariman Mission Select in the Chrysalith in a hotfix. For now, to turn on/off Steel Path for Zariman missions you will need to do so in the Navigation from your Orbiter first.
  • In addition to aborting the mission through the pause menu, you can re-enter the elevator and interact with the panel inside to ‘Abort Mission’.
    • Keep in mind that this option acts exactly the same as aborting a mission from the pause menu in terms of rewards and bonuses.
  • Both the Exterminate and Mobile Defense missions have an extraction portal that will spawn once you have completed the objective. The extraction waypoint will mark its location after completing the mission objective. Walking into it will send you back to the elevator for extraction.


A collection of Weapons originally used for ceremonial purposes have become deadly machines after being affected by the Void. They evolve, as does most of what the Void touches.

In the Chrysalith, you’ll meet a character who will teach you the ways of these Incarnon Weapons and how to evolve them based on challenges you complete in-game. With each Evolution you unlock, you can pick your weapon’s upgrades from a variety of options, or re-spec as you wish!

Incarnon Weapons 101:

1. Acquire an Incarnon Weapon:

Blueprints for the following Incarnon Weapons are available from a vendor in the Chrysalith’s Offerings:



Orokin elites admired farmers in conquered regions, because they had learned to fight with modified farming tools despite being forbidden to own weapons. For their voyage, the Zariman were presented with Praedos in recognition of Zariman tenacity. The Void reinforces the strength of the spirited individual by fortifying the Praedos.



Zariman colonists originally intended to use the Phenmor in burial rights. In Orokin society, the higher the rank, the greater number of volleys for the deceased. Its stock is carved from Phenaureus Pine, a tree designed to release seedlings only onto scorched earth. In the hands of the Void, the Phenmor becomes darkly aggressive.



During parades and victory marches, the Laetum fired pigmented airburst rounds that rained onto festive crowds. The Orokin sent Laetum with the Zariman so they could properly celebrate a successful maiden voyage to Tau. There would be no such celebration, but the Void imbued the Laetum with a much more explosive capacity.

2. Unlock Evolutions by Completing Challenges:

Once you have crafted and equipped an Incarnon Weapon in your Arsenal, its Evolution slots and the challenges associated with unlocking become visible while viewing it in the Arsenal.

Completing the required challenge unlocks that slot, which can then be modified by returning to the vendor in the Chrysalith to select the attributes you’d like to apply.

3. Apply Upgrades to your Incarnon Weapon:

Visit the vendor in the Chrysalith and select the ‘Evolve Incarnon Weapons’ option. You must have the Incarnon Weapon equipped for you to Evolve it. If you have multiple Incarnon Weapons, a selection window will pop up for you to choose the weapon you wish to Evolve. If you do not have any equipped, you can open the pause menu and select ‘Arsenal’ while in the Chrysalith to equip them from there without having to go back to your Orbiter.

Once you have selected an Incarnon Weapon to evolve, you will be presented with this screen:


There are a total of 5 Evolutions for any Incarnon Weapon. Each other these Evolution Slots offer their own set of upgrades to unlock.

Evolution I: Incarnon Transmutation

The first Evolution unlocks the Weapon’s Incarnon Transmutation! Which completely alters the look and mechanics of the weapon:

Praedos: https://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/dc3b3423a4310de3b1cf937125122990.jpg

Phenmor: https://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/1a4cc35fef04e54b7b8f79cf046a981d.jpg

Laetum: https://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/321389b4e393ec41ae53f3cc8bbe0163.jpg

Incarnon Transmutation is achieved by building up charge in-mission based on completion of the weapon’s specified task:

  • Phenmor - Headshots charge Incarnon Transmutation; Alt Fire transmutes.
  • Laetum - Headshot charge Incarnon Transmutation; Alt Fire transmutes.
  • Praedos - Reach 10x Combo and then Heavy Attack to activate Incarnon Transmutation.

The task can be viewed by hovering over the Incarnon Transmutation slot while viewing the weapon in the Arsenal or in the ‘Evolve Incarnon Weapons’ option.

When there is any amount of charge (indicated by the meter in the reticle for the Phenmor and Laetum, and a FX pulse on the Praedos), Incarnon Transmutation can be activated by using alt fire (Phenmor and Laetum) or Heavy Attack (Praedos). That same meter will drain as you use the weapon in its Incarnon Transmutation.


When fully drained it will automatically revert back to its default mode. Incarnon Transmutation can also be manually reverted at any time by using alt fire again while active. Reverting a weapon back from its Incarnon Transmutation will expend its remaining charge.

Evolution II - V: Upgrades

After unlocking Incarnon Transmutation, the Evolutions that follow offer 3 upgrades per slot that are interchangeable and can be swapped at any time at the vendor in the Chrysalith.


You can view your Incarnon Weapons selected upgrades and challenges in your Arsenal.


4. Build Around Your Evolution Upgrades:

Incarnon Weapons can be modded like any other weapon in the Arsenal, so build your loadouts around your Evolution upgrades and try new combinations for maximum output!

*Note: Stat comparisons for Incarnon Weapons when swapping upgrades in the ‘Evolve Incarnon Weapons’ Screen in the Chrysalith will be coming in a hotfix. And Incarnon Weapons are intentionally skinnable only in their non-Incarnon Transmutation form. A fix will be coming for this in the future.


The Incarnon Weapon vendor in the Chrysalith also offers 10 new Arcanes in their Offerings! They also have a chance of dropping from defeated Thrax and Void Manifestation enemies.

*Stats shown are Rank 5

Molt Efficiency (Warframe) While Shields Are Active: Gain 6% Ability Duration per second, up to a maximum of 36%.

Molt Vigor (Warframe) On Operator Ability: 45% Ability Strength on next Warframe Ability cast.

Cascadia Overcharge (Warframe) While Overshields Active: +300% Critical Chance.

Emergence Renewed (Operator) On Energy Depleted: Increase Energy Regeneration by 300% over 5s. Cooldown: 30s

Emergence Savior (Operator) On Lethal Damage: Become invulnerable for 5s and recover 60% Health. Cooldown: 90s.

Eternal Eradicate (Operator) On Operator Ability: +60% Damage for Amps for 8s.

Emergence Dissipate (Operator) On Void Sling: Press the fire input during Void Sling to dissipate the endpoint in a 10m radius. Enemies hit have a 100% chance to create a short lived Void Mote that replenishes 10 Energy on pick up.

Fractalized Reset (Primary) On Ability cast: +240% Reload Speed for 5s.

Cascadia Accuracy (Secondary) On Roll: +300% Critical Chance on Headshots for 4s.

Cascadia Empowered (Secondary) On Status Effect: Deals an extra +750 damage matching the damage type of the Status Effect.



Rebuild a home within the Zariman with your very own Dormizone! Located in the lower levels of the Chrysalith, your humble abode awaits. All players who have completed the Angels of the Zariman quest will have their very own Dormizone set up with a dining area, tons of shelf space and a spacious lounge to hang out in. This new accommodation can be accessed from the elevator in the Chrysalith or directly from navigation on the Star Chart.

You may recognize the entrance of your apartment from a pivotal moment in The New War quest. The Dormizone is similar to the Orbiter in that it is your own personal space to customize how you see fit. You can bring your favorite decorations from your Orbiter and outfit this space and give it your own touch.

* Please note that the Orbiter and Dormizone do share your decorations inventory so placing an item in one location means you cannot also place it in the other unless you have more than one of that item.

If you are looking for some new things to adorn your abode with then you will want to talk to a vendor in the Chrysalith near the elevator taking you down to your Dormizone. This vendor provides a plethora of Zariman-themed decorations that you can get in exchange for Standing. In addition to decorations, this Chrysalith vendor carries 15 new Captura scenes featuring various areas across the Zariman. The Zariman’s resident gardener, ‘Vegetation and Environment Regulation Drone - Independent Element’ or ‘VERD-IE’ for short, is available as an adorable Skin, Mask, Tail, and Wings for your Sentinels.

For those who want the maximum amount of real estate, the Chrysalith vendor can give you the key for your own observatory-like penthouse called the Vista Suite. All you need to do is attain the Rank of Angel with the new Syndicate and provide the necessary Standing.

Dormizones add four new spaces to showcase your trophies, displays, and more! In addition to the three rooms of the Dormizone, you are also free to decorate the landing area from where you exit the elevator leading up to and around the entrance of your apartment. Similar to your Orbiter, Dormizones do have a decoration capacity limit based on the size of each space. Did we mention that your Companions can freely roam around as well? Bring them with you since they have their own place within the Dormizone area and we are sure they would enjoy the change in scenery.


Unique to the Vista Suite is a window outlook that provides exceptional views of space and void energy, but can also be customized using interchangeable views called Vistagraphs. These picturesque scenes can also be further enhanced by selecting an Audioscape to accompany them with. Will you be lost among the sounds of the Sands of Mars, or will the tranquility of Oasis provide a quiet respite from your battles? Both Vistagraphs and Audioscapes can be purchased for Platinum. At launch there will be four Vistagraphs and ten Audioscapes to choose from.


  • The Path Imponderable
  • The Vallis Breathes
  • Impossibility Dawn
  • Silent Blue


  • Eidolon Rain
  • Forests of Terra
  • Rock Pillars
  • Sands of Mars
  • Systems Edge
  • Jungle Spaceport
  • Mountain Lake
  • Oasis
  • Temple Gates
  • Treacherous Marsh

With all this new space to showcase your creativity don’t forget to invite your squad over to check out your pad. Players in your squad can visit your Dormizone as long as you are the Host and they have also completed the Angels of the Zariman quest. Dormizones are Host respective, which means that traveling to a Dormizone in a squad will land you in the Host’s. When you are ready to return to missions or decide to leave the Dormizone, then the Host needs to leave to bring the entire squad back to the main floor of the Chrysalith or back to your Orbiters. So bring your friends, Tenno, and unwind in your new home.

*Unlike the [spoiler] Camp or your Orbiter, the Navigation menu is not available in the Dormizone. However, you can still use the Equipment menu options to access your Arsenal, customize your Operator, or even check your Inventory. This is truly a place where you want to unwind away from the pressures of the Origin System! This is only the beginning of your interactions with the Dormizone, Tenno, more will come in the future.


The Void Jump transmogrified lifeforms and materials alike. In the Void’s clutches, even threads were imbued with adaptive properties. Suddenly, Zariman uniforms seemed to change from cloth, to stone, to metal, to liquid and back again as if of their own free will. The colonists realized materials had manifested new chemical structures, and a character you have yet to meet soon learned to control the transformations. Voidshell imbues cosmetics with the morphic material created in the Void Jump.

Introducing a brand new customization system that allows you to change the Material Structures on Voidshell Skins. There are Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Accent slots that can be swapped to materials of your choosing. They can also be color customized for the ultimate tailored look! https://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/54ec02d08b095199ca3d4e476c7c2ae9.jpg

In this update, we are debuting the first round of Voidshell Skins featuring Saryn, Volt, and Rhino! Each of these following skins are available in the in-game Market and come with their own Material Structure:

Saryn Voidshell Collection

Adorn Saryn in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Saryn Voidshell Skin and Spore Print, a material structure for exclusive use on Voidshell skins.


Volt Voidshell Collection Adorn Volt in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Volt Voidshell Skin and Crimzian Opulence, a material structure for exclusive use on Voidshell skins.


Rhino Voidshell Collection Adorn Rhino in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Rhino Voidshell Skin and Titanium Sheen, a material structure for exclusive use on Voidshell skins.


Voidshell Skin Material Structures: These textiles are imbued with the Zariman spirit of discovery, innovation, and comradery. They are the reification of nostalgia for a bygone era. Material Structures can be used across all of your Voidshell Skins and offer a plethora of new customization looks! The following Material Structures are automatically available in your Arsenal for all of your Voidshell Skins:

  • Lavar Solid
  • Homestead Twill
  • Rail Stripes
  • Subtle Scintillant
  • Junction Mode
  • Battleworn Steel
  • Asterite Luster
  • Flat Noctrul
  • Oxium Gloss
  • Sleek Ticor Plate

If you wish to grow your Material Structures collection, they can be earned by using Standing to purchase the following options at a vendor in the Chrysalith:

  • Tarnished Morphics
  • Ayatan Elegance
  • White Sun Veneer
  • Gallium Glaze
  • Cephalon Adornment

Additional Material Structures can also be purchased with the Hombask’s Voidshell Bundle in the in-game Market. Don morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. The collection includes fifteen Material Structures:

  • Zetki Quality
  • Packed Debris
  • Polished Devar
  • Orokin Porcelain
  • Tellurium Layers
  • Gleaming Alloy
  • Submerged Stone
  • Jade Esteem
  • Faux Mergoo
  • Thousand-Year Scales
  • Tough Vestan Moss
  • Lua Darkside
  • Smooth Salvage
  • Threshcone Fresh
  • Holokey Blur

*These Material Structures can also be purchased separately in the in-game Market or directly from your Arsenal while customizing your Voidshell skin.

These Voidshell Material Structures can only be used on the specialized Voidshell cosmetics. Tenno will not be able to use these materials on other Skins they own.

Focus School themed Material Structures are also available for purchase using Focus Points in the Represent option once you have fully maxed a school. More on this in the Focus changes section below!


NEW WARFRAME: GYRE Gyre embodies elegant theory. Annihilate enemies with the conductivity of coils and transmitters. She also has her very own custom dodge animation!

PASSIVE Gyre's abilities have a 10% chance to deal critical damage for each Electrical status that affects the enemy.

ARCSPHERE Launch a Gyratory Sphere that will deal high damage on impact and periodically deal electrical shocks to nearby enemies. Hit multiple enemies at once with the initial launch to enhance damage.

COIL HORIZON Throw forward a Gyratory Sphere that will implode after a few seconds or can be manually triggered.

*Coil Horizon is Gyre’s Helminth Ability!

CATHODE GRACE Gain a brief burst of increased Critical Chance and Energy Regen, with each kill extending duration. Casting is on a cooldown.

ROTORSWELL Gyre’s mechanisms spin at incredible speeds, generating an Electric Field that shocks nearby enemies. When Gyre gets a critical hit, a large electrical discharge will chain from the enemy that was hit to nearby enemies.

*Gyre’s ability crit buffs only apply to her own abilities, they do not apply to Helminth abilities.

Gyre is available for purchase in the in-game Market or earn her components from the Zariman Bounty rewards.


GYRE’S SIGNATURE WEAPON: ALTERNOX Gyre’s signature weapon has two fire modes. Primary fire shocks enemies with electrical orbs. Alternate fire is a large ball of electricity that sticks to any surface and pulses Electricity before it explodes. In Gyre's hands, the weapon has a small amount of multishot.

The Alternox is available for purchase via the in-game Market or earn its Blueprint through the Zariman Bounty rewards.


GYRE AUTOMATION HELMET Complete the circuit with this alternate helmet for Gyre!

Purchase the Gyre Automaton Helmet from the in-game Market! The Blueprint will be added to the Nightwave Cred Offerings Store in a future update.

TRIODIC SYANDANA Amplify your look with Gyre’s signature Syandana.

The Triodic Syandana is available for purchase via the in-game Market.


GYRE COLLECTION The conductive path to Gyre’s core. This collection includes the Gyre Warframe, Gyre Automaton Helmet, Alternox Rifle, Triodic Syandana, and Gyratory Sphere Decoration.

The Gyre Collection is available for purchase via the in-game Market.

Gyre’s default Glyphs are also available for purchase via Main Menu > Profile > Glyph.


Weave, cleave, and reap with a brand new Heavy Scythe Stance and weapon.

Galeforce Dawn can be earned in Zariman missions and can be dropped from Kuva Trokarian and Derivator Crewman enemies. Visit the public drop tables for full details.


This Heavy Scythe echoes battles of another time. It is far more a weapon of sheer force than one of finesse.

The Hespar can be purchased via the in-game Market or earn its Blueprint through the Zariman Bounty rewards and its Component Blueprints in the endless Zariman mission rewards.


This unusual automatic rifle feels strangely familiar and has two fire modes. Primary fire packs radiation damage. Alternate fire charges up to launch an explosive projectile.

The Aeolak can be purchased via the in-game Market or earn its Blueprint through the Zariman Bounty rewards and its Component Blueprints in the endless Zariman mission rewards.


Venture into the dark Void of the Zariman with a fully reinforced Arsenal! Unleash electric fury as the newest Warframe, Gyre; unlock a bounty of new Customizations with Voidshell Warframe Skins; and master brand-new Weapons as you bring light to the dark and deadly Zariman.


Angels of the Zariman Emergence Pack Includes:

  • Vasero Sekhara
  • Hespar Heavy Scythe
  • Galeforce Dawn Stance Mod
  • Zariman Glyph*
  • Zariman Sigil*
  • 7-Day Resource Booster
  • 7-Day Resource Drop Chance Booster


Angels of the Zariman Chrysalith Pack Includes:

  • Vasero Sekhara
  • Hespar Heavy Scythe
  • Galeforce Dawn Stance Mod
  • Zariman Glyph*
  • Zariman Sigil*
  • 7-Day Resource Booster
  • 7-Day Resource Drop Chance Booster
  • 500 Platinum
  • Gyre Warframe
  • Gyre Automaton Helmet
  • Gyratory Sphere Decoration
  • Triodic Syandana
  • Alternox Rifle
  • Saryn Voidshell Skin
  • Volt Voidshell Skin
  • Rhino Voidshell Skin
  • 18 Material Structures

Items marked with a * are exclusive to this pack for a limited time. In an effort to continue to make Supporter packs more player-friendly, everything else listed can either be purchased separately from the in-game Market for Platinum or can be earned (Gyre, Weapons, Vasero Sekhara & the Galeforce Dawn Stance Mod).



Ferocity meets dangerous elegance with this Valkyr Deluxe Collection. Paralyze enemies with a brutal mix of metal and muscle with a new Valkyr Deluxe Skin created by concept artist Liger. Rip and tear in high-fashion with a complimentary Deluxe Fist Melee Skin, Armor Set, and Valkyr Deluxe Animation Sets all available from the in-game Market.

DREYRIC FIST MELEE SKIN This beautifully brutal design will compliment any blood on your knuckles.

ALASTORN ARMOR Unleash your fury in armor that befits the most dedicated berserker.


This instrument belonged to a much-loved member of the Zariman, who would often cheer up her companions with it. With its mysterious synthesizer tones from the edge of the Void, it's sure to give you the tools to relive those days.

Kira’s Shawzin is available for purchase via the in-game Market.


Cephalon Ordis has always delighted in talking with the Operator. Now he can delight in accompanying the Operator in any situation.

The Ordis Sentinel Skin is available for purchase via the in-game Market if you have completed The New War quest.


Focus School is in session! The Focus System is getting an extensive rework to refresh the gameplay potential of Operators, movement, School identity and balance.


Focus has been a lot of things over the years. What started in 2015 as a pivotal decision moment in Warframe’s story has continually evolved into its own form of gameplay: Convergence was introduced alongside Focus Lenses to give players an added boost to collecting Focus, Update 22: Plains of Eidolon shook the system up to add new Focus School nodes and Way-Bound abilities, and Update 22.6 attempted to bring the 5 schools’ power levels closer together with numerous abilities reworked.

At its core, Focus aimed to be an exciting new path to enjoy Warframe from the lens of another character. What we’ve come to realize over the many years is that there was a lack of true synergy between Operator and Warframe. We hope to change that while also bringing something fresh to the table!


The Operator Gameplay and Focus School reworks aim to improve the flow between Warframe gameplay and Operator gameplay, with the goal of encouraging players to swap more frequently between their Operator and Warframe to maximize the benefits received from both gameplay systems.

As with all our major system overhauls, we encourage you to give it some time in your own hands before delivering your constructive feedback!

For Operator Gameplay specifically, these changes come in three major ways: first, the introduction of Void Sling; secondly, re-engineering Operators to be Client-authoritative to reduce jank caused by latency issues related to the mission host; thirdly, removal of Void Blast to allow Melee inputs to cause automatic Transference from Operator to Warframe.

Void Sling is the intended replacement of Void Dashes as a more fun and controllable system. In full transparency, the current state of sustained Void Dash movement has a spam-centric loop that we want to refine. We are very much approaching this like how we added Bullet Jump to Parkour: we want movement to be king, but better controlled. Current Void Dash does not provide easily controlled movement in the typical gameplay spaces. We are aiming to strike a balance to ensure good distance can still be covered, but some re-mastery will be required of this new movement system (much like having to learn Bullet Jumping)!

Additionally, Operator Transference has been re-engineered to be Client-authoritative to alleviate the common scenario of latency. Previously, Transference was Host-authoritative, meaning when Clients used Transference the responsiveness was determined by the round trip network latency. In order for the new Void Sling functionality to be more responsive, the switch was made to be Client-authoritative.

Void Dash to Void Sling

The Operator sends a Void Sling of themselves and then Void Slings to it. It is the Operator’s ‘Double Jump’. *After its debut on Devstream #160 and following further playtesting, the team has since increased the overall speed of the Operator’s Void Sling thanks to feedback.

  • Tap or hold jump while in the air to send out your Sling. A tap will travel a minimum distance before the Void Sling.
  • Void Sling can also be activated using the old Void Dash input, by holding jump while in crouched Void Mode.
  • Holding jump sends out the Void Sling further, up to the Sling's maximum distance, which upon being reached, will automatically Void Sling the player to that space.
  • Letting go of jump before hitting the maximum distance is reached will initiate a Void Sling.
  • The Void Sling is sent out in the direction the camera is facing once fully charged, or upon release.

Void Blast to Warframe Melee Transfer Melee input while using your Operator will now instantly Transfer to your Warframe and perform a Melee attack.

  • Having no Melee weapon equipped will result in Transferring to your Warframe holding your Primary/Secondary instead.
  • Warframe Melee Finishers can be triggered as Operator with ‘Use’ input near an unaware or stunned enemy, automatically insta-Transferring to Warframe to perform them.
  • So what about Void Blast? It’s been retired and replaced with the above. For scenarios where Void Blast is requested (disarming Kuva Guardians, etc) using the new Void Projection mechanic (or Amps in some cases) will do the trick.
    • "On Void Blast" Arcanes now trigger on Void Sling.


The Focus School rework aims to boost the lesser used Schools by a) giving them more interesting and useful abilities, b) defining a clear role and gameplay style for each school, and c) incentivizing Warframe-Operator Transference as part of the core gameplay loop.

General Notes:

  • Ability Inputs while in Operator are now used to perform brand new Focus School abilities! Each School is launching with 2 Abilities, meaning that what you use to cast your Warframe’s First and Second Abilities (i.e 1 & 2 keys on PC) now have a use while in Operator!
  • The Pool has been removed! Any Focus points you’ve spent on upgrading your Pool capacity will be returned to you in the form of Radiant Eidolon shards, which you can convert into Focus points for a School of your choosing. The original intention of the Pool was to allow you to select the active nodes within your chosen Focus School, but as time went on the Pool only added unnecessary complexity for no real gameplay benefit.
  • Removed passive draining abilities because players would typically have deactivated these abilities to avoid the passive Energy drain. Any abilities that spend Energy are manually triggered as opposed to passively draining.
    • As a result, we’ve removed the toggling functionality to have nodes on or off as Pool capacity and passive draining abilities are no longer a factor.
  • The Focus School UI has been updated! Not only does the UI now apply your chosen UI Theme, but each School screen displays a legend of all Way-Bound abilities to easily reference the ones you have unlocked. This legend also allows you to quickly switch between schools with the click of a button.
  • Fully maxing all the nodes of a Focus School will grant you access to Represent. Rep your School with all new cosmetics (purchased with Focus points) via the Represent button in the respective Focus School’s screen.
  • As an additional way to earn Focus, Enemies that require using the Operator to kill them now have a chance to grant Focus towards your active School!
    • Please note that this Focus gained from new enemies aboard the Zariman does not currently show in the End of Mission screen. This fix will come with our next Mainline build.
  • Transference Static (dying while the Operator) has been reworked as well. The Transference Static when dying as the Operator now has increasing consequences. A majority of the Focus Rework is to bring synergy between Operator and Warframe that ideally allows for less Transference Static overall. The consequences are as follows:
    • First Operator death - 20% Warframe Health reduction
    • Second Operator death - 50% Warframe Health reduction
    • Third Operator death - 80% Warframe Health reduction
    • Fourth Operator death - straight into Warframe pre-death state
  • Several new animations for Operator abilities have been added to fit the changes.
  • All Amps are now not silent by default (except for Mote Amp, Shwaak Prism, Rahn Prism, Cantic Prism and the Sirocco).
  • Increased the amount of Affinity converted to Focus from Convergence Orbs from 8x to 10x.
  • The War Within tutorial stages have been updated to accommodate these changes.

*All the values below for Focus School nodes are shown at max rank.


The Madurai way follows the path of Engage the Enemy. Speed and savagery characterized the Madurai school.

Madurai’s abilities focus on granting that offensive edge in combat with a combination of Damage increases, weapon efficiency, and Speed enhancements to recklessly attack your foes.

  • 6 new Focus abilities.
    • POWER TRANSFER (Passive)
      • 100% Amp Critical Damage for 20s on switching to Operator. 50% Casting Speed on switching to Warframe.
      • 40% Weapon Efficiency for Operator and Warframe while Void Strike is active.
      • 50% Energy Efficiency on Consecutive Void Slings.
      • Switching to Warframe after a Chained Sling adds 40% Ability Strength for 20s.
    • CONTAMINATION WAVE (Second Ability input)
      • Second Ability emits a Void wave lasting 2s that drenches enemies with Void Contamination making them 50% more vulnerable to Operator Damage for 20s.
        • Added a mark FX similar to Ash's Bladestorm for Contamination Wave. Each contamination level will display its own marker above enemies.
      • Killing an enemy affected by Contamination Wave makes all affected enemies 25% more vulnerable, while also making the effect last 10s longer. Maximum 4 stacks.
  • Eternal Gaze and Inner Gaze remain unchanged.
  • Reworked Void Strike:
    • It is now the First Ability input.
    • First Ability consumes all Operator energy to increase damage for 8s. Deal 10% additional damage for every percentage of Operator energy consumed. 40s cooldown.
      • eg. 100% of Energy consumed is 1000% damage.
      • Why: Old Void Strike’s long charge up time didn’t provide an ideal gameplay experience within the fast paced environment. Players found themselves sitting in Void Mode waiting for the Damage bonus to build up. Now Void Strike no longer needs Void Mode and has instant damage on input. Additionally, Void Strike is Duration based now instead of per shot, meaning damage gets applied to all pellets of a shotgun for instance.
  • Tweaked Phoenix Talons:
    • Physical Damage and Operator Damage increased by 30%.
    • Why: Adding the additional Operator Damage allows for benefits for both Warframe and Operator in the name of synergy.


The Unairu push themselves to Outlast The Enemy. Those who mastered the Unairu school are granted enhanced damage resistance and damage reflection.

Unairu’s main pillar aims to make Unairu a proper tank Focus School with increased Armor, and opportunities for increased immunity and survivability.

  • 8 new Focus Abilities.
    • POISE
      • Gain immunity to slow, stagger, and knockdown effects for 40s after Transferring between Operator or Warframe.
    • LAST GASP (Passive, Way-Bound)
      • Revive your Warframe by Transferring to Operator and killing enemies before the Revive Meter drains, 15s. Each kill filles the Revive Meter by 30%.
    • VENGEANCE (Passive, Way-Bound)
      • During Last Gasp, Operator Damage is increased by 100% plus an additional 25% per second.
    • MAGNETIC FLARE (First Ability input)
      • Use First Ability to create a 8m radius field that lasts for 30s and disables the shields of any enemy that enters it.
    • CAUSTIC STRIKE (Second Ability input)
      • Second Ability launches an energy bomb that explodes with a 8m radius, stripping 100% of enemy armor. Tap Second Ability again to detonate in-flight.
      • Void Sling out of a Magnetic Flare to refresh its duration and increase its radius by 100%.
      • Warframe is invulnerable for 4s after Operator is downed. Tap X as Operator falls to bring the Warframe to the Operator’s location.
      • 100% chance to clear Transference Static on kill while Reinforced Return is active.
  • Reworked Unairu Wisp:
    • 100% chance to summon an Unairu Wisp for each enemy hit by Sundering Dissipation that will seek out the nearest ally within Affinity Range and increase their Operator damage by 100% for 20 secs.
      • Why: Its new coexistence alongside another Focus ability unifies the 2 together to add another layer that benefits both Warframe and Operator. It also removes having to pick up the Unairu Wisp manually, and will instead find you within Affinity Range.
  • Tweaked Stone Skin:
    • Increases Armor for Warframe and Operator by 200.
      • Why: Adding the additional Operator Armor allows for benefits for both Warframe and Operator in the name of synergy.


The Zenurik believed the clearest path to victory was to Dominate the Enemy. Those who master the Zenurik school believe that sheer strength could erase any resistance.

Rest assured the core of Energizing Dash remains as-is with some slight updates. Our goal is to bring other Focus Schools up to the level of Zenurik while still maintaining the School’s tactical benefits.

  • 6 new Focus Abilities:
    • HARDENED WELLSPRING (First Ability input)
      • Tap First Ability inside a Wellspring to increase its size, boost its duration by 20s, and grant 20% Ability Strength to those inside.
      • Wellspring is the new name for (the relatively unchanged) Energizing Dash, which you can read about further below.
    • TEMPORAL DRAG (Second Ability input)
      • Second Ability emits a radial burst slowing any enemy it touches by 80% for 10s.
    • TEMPORAL SHOT (Passive)
      • Precision head shot damage increased by 100% on enemies afflicted with Temporal Drag.
      • Slinging through enemies has a 50% chance to disarm them.
      • Killing a disarmed enemy increases Operator energy regen rate by 10% for 10s. 4 Max Stacks.
    • INNER MIGHT (Passive)
      • Allows Abilities to be cast without using Energy or Shields but requires 60s to recharge.
  • Void Flow, Void Siphon, and Energy Pulse remain unchanged.
  • Energizing Dash is now Wellspring with the slight change of being a direct input Ability (First Ability input) as opposed to a Void Dash.
    • This also affects Necramechs.


The Naramon discipline focuses on Knowing The Enemy. They believed that to truly understand a foe would confer the greatest advantage upon a warrior.

True to its focus in the art of assault, Naramon continues to heavily lean towards a Melee support role with speed and distance enhancements.

  • 7 new Focus Abilities.
    • Performing a Slam as Operator switches to Warframe and grants double Combo gain for 20s.
      • Transfer to Operator with 8x Combo Multiplier to increase Amp Damage by 100% for 40s.
    • VOID LEVITATION (First Ability input)
      • First Ability creates a 6m wide shockwave lasting 4s, that inflicts Lift Status on all enemies it touches.
      • Additional 50% Damage per Lifted enemy attacked by Operator. Lasts for 60s, stacks up to 4x.
    • SLING STUN (Second Ability input)
      • Second Ability increases the width of the next Void Sling by 100% and enemies hit are vulnerable to Finishers, taking 30% more finisher damage.
      • Initiating a finisher as Operator switches to Warframe, increasing melee Critical chance by 50% for 40s.
    • FAR SLING (Passive)
      • Increases maximum Void Sling distance by 30%.
  • Mind Step remains unchanged.
  • Power Spike and Affinity Spike have switched places so that Power Spike is now the starting node.
    • Slight increase to Melee Affinity gained from Affinity Spike.


The Vazarin are trained to Counter The Enemy. Those who mastered the Vazarin school maintain constant awareness in order to defend against all aggression.

The Vazarin Focus School aims to now be a proper support School in both life and death.

  • 6 new Focus Abilities:
      • Void Mode starts healing at +10 Health per second, increasingly by 10 per second up to a maximum of 50.
      • When Void Regen reaches its maximum, it is applied to Operators within the Affinity Range for 40s.
    • VOID SNARE (Second Ability input)
      • Second Ability launches a projectile that spins up a vortex trap on impact, or tap Second Ability again to detonate in-flight. Trap lasts 8s. Void Sling through trapped enemies to grant yourself and allies within Affinity Range 100 Health.
      • Allies touched by Void Sling are granted immunity from damage for 5s and healed 60% over 5s for 10 energy cost.
    • GUARDIAN SHELL (First Ability input)
      • Use First Ability to manifest a barrier on the Operator and allies in Affinity Range. It is invulnerable for 4s when first created and damage inflicted while its invulnerable will be added to its base health of 500.
      • When Guardian Shell breaks, Warframe Shield Regeneration rate is increased by 150% and Regeneration Delay is reduced by 90%, for 8s.
  • Enduring Tides and Mending Unity remain unchanged.
  • Tweaked Rejuvenating Tides:
    • Effect is doubled while controlling your Warframe.
      • Why: Additional benefit between using both Warframe and Operator.
  • Tweaked Mending Soul:
    • The first 4 Revives are instantaneous. Additional Revives are 100% faster.
      • Why: Players would often remark that the ability eventually became useless in longer missions. Mending Soul retains its immediate strengths, but once used up, now offers a more permanent benefit!

Focus Refund & Re-spec

Upon login, all Focus points will need to be re-spec’d. You will be met with 2 types of Focus Refunds in order to execute this:

  1. All your Focus points will be returned to their respective School.
    • I.e. my 5,000,000 Focus points I put into Madurai will be returned to that School for me to freely re-spec how I want.
  2. Any Focus points you’ve spent on upgrading your Pool capacity will be returned to you in the form of Radiant Eidolon shards via Inbox, which you can convert into Focus points for a School of your choosing.

While re-investing your Focus into the updated Focus Nodes, you might see a difference in Node costs and School costs depending on which Way you follow. Overall, the total Focus required should be very similar (if not slightly cheaper) than the old system, but costs are now standardized across Schools and Nodes. When re-spec’ing, make sure you use your old Pool investment that was refunded via Radiant Shards, as the previous Pool cost has been rolled into the new Node values.

If you had maxed out a School before this update, you should be able to now as well using the re-spec’d Focus points and refunded Radiant Shards -- or at least very close to it, as some Schools (ex: Vazarin and Naramon) used to be cheaper than others.

To recap, if you have invested in the Focus system, upon login you will receive an inbox message with the following:

  • Focus points from every Focus node you invested in.
  • Refunded Brilliant Eidolon Shards
    • Based on the number of Way-Bound nodes unlocked.
  • Refunded Radiant Eidolon Shards
    • Based on the amount of points invested in Pool upgrades.
  • (BONUS) 5x Lua Focus Lenses:
    • 1x Lua Unairu Lens
    • 1x Lua Naramon Lens
    • 1x Lua Zenurik Lens
    • 1x Lua Vazarin Lens
    • 1x Lua Madurai Lens

Operator UI Changes


  • The Operator menus now use your custom UI themes.
  • Item descriptions now appear on hover on all Menus.
  • Selecting 'Equipment' and 'Appearance' now link to dedicated sections.
  • Added Tips to the Focus Menu.
  • Added Focus School upgrade notification to the World State Window when one becomes available.


Equipment menu

  • Amp appearance, Arcane, Focus Lens selection conditionally available upon unlocking an Amp.
  • Equipping a Focus Lens on an Amp is now indicated as an icon in its description.
  • Hovering over Amps now lists their components and their stats.
  • Gilded Amps now have a dedicated icon.


Appearance menu

  • Added menu icon previews to customization menu.
  • Added ability to customize Operator Animation Set regardless of Focus school selection.
  • Added ability to randomize colors while customizing Operator appearance.


Focus menu

  • Added labels to indicate which abilities affect Warframe and Operator.
  • Added visible Waybound menu on each Focus School selection screen once unlocked.
  • Added School icon to specific nodes that are Waybound.
  • Increased visibility of Focus node selection and Focus node rank up.
  • Removed the “hold to unlock” functionality on Focus nodes. Players only need to click on the Node to Upgrade it. This change also removes the ability to partially contribute Focus to a Node as a result.


We have reworked one of our oldest foes in the game: Eximus units! Introduced in Update 12, Eximus units were added as ‘Enemy Leaders,’ meant to bolster their allies with improved stats and support abilities. While that core design intention still rings true, we felt it was time they were given a refresh to bring them up to speed both in terms of their gameplay and their appearance in-game. Dress for success, especially when you’re a top enemy in the field.

We’ve also put together a handy Dev Workshop video that provides a broad overview of the changes listed here:


The main objective of this Eximus Rework is to make them stand out more in battle, both in how they function and in how formidable they are to face against. We aim to achieve this in 2 ways:

  1. Amplify their threat with increased time-to-kill - accompanied with justifying rewards!
  2. Enhancing their visual and mechanical functions to be more identifiable in combat.

These two shifts for Eximus units should make them more challenging to kill, but also make their specific threats easier to identify, giving players a more tactical way to evade them.

To amplify the Eximus threat and increase the time-to-kill we’ve made tweaks to their:

  • Warframe power resistances - which we are calling Overguard
  • Health, Shield, & Armor scaling

Currently, the different Eximus types have slightly different resistances and combat advantages. For instance, Arson Eximus will reduce Fire Damage taken; Leech Eximus will add extra Puncture Damage to its damage dealt. These stat changes are invisible to a player and don’t really have any noticeable impact on gameplay. Instead of keeping unique but forgettable specific resistances to Eximus units, we’re adding a new universal type of Eximus resistance and tweaking the way their Health, Shields & Armor scale across the board to turn them into more formidable adversaries.

Warframe Power Resistance: Introducing Overguard

Eximus units now have a new kind of defense called Overguard, which is a new Health pool on top of their regular stats that a) must be removed before players can take down their Health/Shields, and b) offers additional immunities to the Eximus, making them a priority target in-missions.

While Overguard is active, it will keep Eximus units immune to Warframe crowd control abilities and anything that will stagger, knockdown, stun, mind control, ragdoll, and blind. Additionally, Overguarded enemies will be unaffected by Radiation Status Effects and will be susceptible to a maximum of 4 Cold Status Effects at one time. However, Overguard is particularly susceptible to Void damage (including Xaku’s Xata’s Whisper), which will overall improve the flow and synergy between Warframe and Operator combat flow when engaging with Eximus units. This will encourage you to engage with them more interactively as opposed to easily overpowering them with abilities alone. It should shift the focus of fighting Eximus units to using a mixture of weapons and teamwork, and make Eximus units feel like more of a true threat to Warframes.

Overguard is an additive amount independent of Enemies Health/Shield scaling, and is indicated with a bar overtop of their existing Health/Shields. With the goal of making Eximus units more consistent in terms of difficulty, Overguard will scale by level but will be the same amount across all Eximus enemy types.


Once an Eximus has their Overguard taken out, they will be fully susceptible to crowd control abilities. Once taken out, Overguard does not regenerate! An important note for Hound Companions Null Audit functionality: Hounds will now copy Eximus Auras, as opposed to stealing. If an Eximus with active Overguard is struck by a Hound wielding a copied Eximus ability, they will strip the Eximus’ Overguard by 50%.

Overguard was introduced as a means to make Eximus units feel more formidable, while also providing Tenno a way to crush their defenses with some solid teamwork and concentrated firepower.

With the addition of Overguard, we’ve updated the scope of which abilities are considered to be crowd control. Note that these abilities will still do their intended damage -- it is only the crowd-control effect of the abilities that won’t apply while Overguard is present.

  • Sevagoth’s Gloom
  • Chroma’s Effigy: Sentry
  • Xaku’s The Lost
    • Gaze
    • Deny
      • If Overguard is active, enemies will not be put into aerial Stasis
    • Accuse
      • No longer changes faction of enemies if immune to Mind Control, such as when Overguard is active
    • Note: These changes to The Lost also apply to other Crowd Control Immune enemies
  • Garuda’s Seeking Talons
  • Mirage’s Sleight of Hand
  • Mirage’s Prism
  • Khora’s Ensnare
  • Volt’s Discharge
  • Baruuk’s Lull
  • Harrow’s Condemn
  • Excalibur’s Radial Blind
  • Ivara’s Quiver: Sleep arrow
  • Revenant’s Reave
  • Revenant’s Mesmer Skin
  • Inaros’ Desiccation
  • Yareli’s Sea Snares
  • Limbo's Banish
    • Eximus ignore the knockdown effect of Banish while Overguard is active, however they can still be sent to the Rift plane regardless of Overguard
  • Limbo’s Stasis

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive to all Warframe abilities that Overguard is resistant to, simply ones that we are now considering Crowd Control as of this update.

Limbo’s Rift & Eximus Limbo can still send Eximus to the Rift plane where their damage will be avoided, but Eximus Abilities will now ignore the Rift plane.

  • Originally the Workshop listed ‘Limbo's Rift & Cataclysm’ to now be considered CC, but this was not an accurate description. Limbo can still send Eximus to the Rift plane while Overguard is active.

Overguard: Banshee's Silence Banshee's Silence will now negate any active Eximus abilities and prevent any Eximus abilities from being cast while it is active. Guardian Eximus Shields (and their AOE resistance), Toxin Clouds from Venomous Eximus, or the Arctic Dome from the Arctic Eximus will all be disabled.

  • Note: the friendly 90% damage reduction Aura from Guardian Eximus, and the Arctic Eximus slow aura will not be disabled by Silence (This may be subject to change!)

Overguard: Ancient Healers Currently, Ancient Healers provide a 90% damage reduction to their allies in range and increased resistance to crowd control abilities. Visually, this is only indicated by a pulsing glow on buffed enemies in range. This is often confusing if you don’t already know that the crowd control resistance and damage reduction is being applied from Ancient Healers.

We have changed Ancient Healers to provide allies in range with Overguard that is applied at 9x their overall Health. This value simply matches the current level of damage reduction and crowd control resistance provided by Ancient Healers, but with Overguard it will now provide a clear visual indicator that the enemies are being boosted by their Ancient ally!

Overguard can be taken out on enemies bolstered by Ancient Healers through a few different ways:

  • Dealing damage to Overguard
  • Killing the Ancient Healer providing Overguard
  • Drawing them out of range from the Ancient Healer
    • Currently, any enemy that receives an Overguard buff from an Ancient Healer is one time only, they cannot receive Overguard again when back in range or from a new enemy Healer.

Unlike Ancient Healer Eximus, non-Eximus Ancient Healers provide Overguard to allies in range but do not have it themselves. Overguard from Ancient Healers will not apply and stack with innate Eximus Overguard. Also, friendly Ancient Healers (such as Specters) will not be providing Overguard on players in this rework, but this functionality may come in a future update!

Health, Shield & Armor scaling Health, Shields, and Armor for Eximus now all scale faster at higher levels up to a point, where it eventually flattens out and doesn’t scale exponentially, giving them a boost to their overall tankiness. Our intent here is to give a slight boost to enemies like Butchers more than Heavy Gunners, and to make difficulty more consistent across enemy types. A Heavy Gunner will still be tougher than a Butcher might be, but the gap between the two will be much closer than if it was affected by a traditional flat multiplier. Across the board, this should make the difficulty of any given Eximus more consistent regardless of enemy type. Note these changes are only for Eximus units, their regular counterparts will retain the same scaling tech.

Armor will also have a similar method of scaling, by boosting low-armored enemies more than high-armored enemies it will help close that difficulty gap between enemy types. For enemies without Armor, they will get additional Health and Shields outside of the regular Eximus scaling to compensate.

As a result, Eximus overall should feel beefier, scale faster at a higher level, and be more consistent across different enemy types.

Visual & Mechanical Enhancements: We also want to make Eximus stand out more, so we gave unique visual identifiers for each type of Eximus! They now each have their own blend of distinct audio and visual FX that will help you identify them more easily in combat, and also give you a better way to recognize their Eximus type and tactically evade their abilities. As a general note for Eximus, they will only spawn their Eximus effect once they’ve been alerted to combat. For those Tenno that prefer stealth gameplay, this is a great opportunity to get a stealth finisher on an unalerted Eximus to take them out before they pose a threat.

Supported Eximus Type per Faction: We’ve made changes to widen the eligibility pool of certain Eximus types - all with supporting casting animations:

General Pool for all Factions: Arctic, Blitz, Energy Leech, Leech, and Shock Corpus Specific: Guardian Grineer Specific: Arson Infested Specific: Venomous

Corrupted versions will use the same pools as their original faction (so Corrupted Ancients could use Venomous, and Corrupted Lancer could use Arson). Additionally, Roller Eximus will now be available as only Energy Leech or Health Leech Eximus due to gameplay functionality.

Archwing Eximus Archwing Eximus units will not receive Overguard. It is mainly being excluded because Archwing combat is more limited in the ways that you’d be able to take out Overguard. Archwing gear itself does slightly less damage than its ground counterpart and has a smaller pool of crowd control abilities. Overall, we believe it to be a better fit to simply update the Eximus abilities and effects, but leave Overguard for the ground Eximus.

New Eximus Mercy Functionality As a part of the Eximus Rework, we have also updated the condition to Mercy Kill certain Eximus that did not have this in the past!

Here is a list of the new Eximus types that can be finished with Mercy Kills:

  • Mutalist MOA’s
  • Amalgam MOA’s
  • Deimos Carnis
  • Crawlers
  • Nox
  • Embattor MOA’s
  • Amalgam Heqit
  • Amalgam Machinist

In addition, we have fixed all Crawler Eximus units so they can now cast their respective Eximus abilities! Watch out for your toes, Tenno.

Below is a list of each Eximus type and a comparison of their current vs reworked versions:


Was A Seismic Shockwave knockdown with short range.

NEW Blitz Eximus units now summon a frontal chain Blast attack by slamming their fist into the ground, applying a knockdown and Blast Status Effect. This Blast attack is signaled by an audio cue and FX of the oncoming Blast erupting from below.

Visual Changes Blitz Eximus units are now covered in crackling energy, with the addition of small staggered explosions coming from their limbs.


Was An invisible aura that drains Energy over time.

NEW Energy Leech and Parasitic Eximus units now periodically spawn an Energy Leech Zone near the player. The Energy Leech Zone is detonated within seconds, draining a large amount of Energy if not tactically avoided. This Zone is identified by an expanding energy zone and audible cue on placement & detonation.

Visual Changes Energy Leech and Parasitic Eximus units now appear shrouded in Void-like energy, manifesting in short tendrils swirling from their body. The Energy Leech Zone spawns with a matching energy style and appearance before imploding in a burst.


Was A concussive Fire Blast attack that knockdowns and damages enemies caught in its wake.

NEW Arson Eximus units maintain a Fire Blast attack, but you can now counter the Fire Blast by simply rolling through it to negate its oncoming effect. However, Damage is now higher along with a forced Heat Status Effect when struck.

Visual Changes Arson Eximus units are now completely engulfed in roaring flames. They occasionally send out these deadly flames in all directions as a slow rolling burst. The Fire Blast attack has been visually refreshed to not only match the fire FX engulfing the Eximus unit, but also to represent a “roaring wave” of fire as opposed to a blinding wall.


Was A radial shield charge pulse for allied enemies in range.

NEW Guardian Eximus now provide significant damage reduction to its allies (your enemies!), which is indicated by a collection of smaller shields circling around them.The Guardian Eximus units have 3 rotating shields that fully block incoming damage on themselves, and also create a similar visual effect on nearby allies that applies a Damage Reduction buff on them. This damage reduction does not affect VIP enemies such as Demolysts, Capture targets, or Bosses, and does not stack with other friendly Guardian Eximus. However, it will affect other Eximus units within a range! Additionally, Guardian Eximus will only spawn their Shields when alerted. For the stealthy Tenno, sneak up on them and use a finisher before their defenses are up!

Important Note on Guardian Eximus related to AOE attacks: Guardian eximus shields are immune to punch through, and Guardians have very high resistance to AOE damage for themself. Units protected by the Guardian's aura are not immune to punch through nor do they have any special resistance to AOE, just the generic 90% resistance to everything.

Visual Changes Guardian Eximus units now exhibit 3 large blue rotating shields. These shields have visible gaps between them, offering multiple opportunity windows to shoot your foe. Allies with Overguard applied now display a simpler version of the shields with similar rendering but with a different shape to avoid confusion. The smaller shields on buffed allies do not physically block damage like their Eximus counterpart, but act as a visual indicator that Damage reduction is being applied.

Corpus Guardian Eximus exclusion: Ospreys We are omitting Corpus Ospreys from Guardian Eximus eligibility for a couple reasons. With their impenetrable rotating shields, Guardian Eximus are more susceptible to melee attacks - which are far trickier to land on flying Ospreys. Similarly, Mercy attacks are one of the best ways to take down an Eximus, which can’t be executed on Ospreys. Simply put, we felt having Ospreys as Guardian Eximus felt too challenging without the familiar takedown tactics available.


Was A large protective globe of ice.

NEW No changes.

Visual Changes The globe does the job already!


Was Life steal from player on damage, but this is negligible due to the scale of Player vs enemy Health.

NEW Similar to their Energy counterparts, Leech Eximus now spawn Health Leech Zones which tick away at your Health shortly after spawning, healing nearby enemies. Players need to avoid the Zones to avoid the effect!

Visual Changes Leech Eximus units glow red with a pulsing vortex of energy generated from its core. The Eximus sends out a small zone of the same energy which quickly pulses as it drains a portion of your Health. Killing the Eximus or downing it into a Mercy state will disrupt any active health leech zones.


We have added a new Eximus variant by allowing Infested enemies to now become imbued with electric energy! Introducing: Bio-Electric Eximus, the newest Infested Eximus threatens to shock any Tenno to their senses if they fail to evade the Infested Eximus or their lethal homing electric orbs.

Was A small electrical Damage Over Time area. This is difficult to notice until hit with an Electric Status Effect.

NEW Shock Eximus/Bio-Electric Eximus spawn 3 electrical orbs that will hover in place for a few seconds, dealing increasing electrical damage around the Eximus before being released and homing in on the Player. The damage from these electrical orbs scale with level and deal sustained electric damage when chained to you, but no longer deal an Electric Status Effect. Killing the Eximus or putting it into a Mercy state will destroy any active Orbs.

Visual Changes Shock Eximus have mini versions of the electrical orbs orbiting around them, while they also appear to be covered and crackling with electricity.


Was A small Toxin area. Similar to shock Eximus, but Toxin damage is more lethal since it lingers on players.

NEW Venomous Eximus units become surrounded by a swirling volume of Toxic gas upon being alerted. Coming into contact with the gas will inflict a Toxin Status Effect. Now, only enemy melee units can become venomous Eximus units. Stay clear of their impending noxious fumes!

Visual Changes Venomous Eximus are tightly shrouded in toxic fumes. Upon being alerted, these fumes expand into a zone surrounding the Eximus in a deadly haze.


To accompany the increased threat from Eximus units, we’ve further boosted the Affinity gained from killing them by +200%. Additionally, Eximus units now drop Credits and Endo at an increased rate. This will consistently scale as well for their Steel Path counterparts on top of the usual rare chance of a Riven Sliver!


  • Considering Eximus enemies are now more formidable, that strength is amplified when encountering Eximus units in a pack. To help counter that in different parts of Warframe we’ve made the following changes:
    • There will be 50% less Eximus on ‘Eximus Stronghold’ Sortie conditions
    • Syndicate Death Squad/Platoon sizes have been reduced:
      • -1 of disfavor Squads reduced from 5-10 to 3-5
      • -2 of disfavor Platoons reduced from 10-15 to 5-7
        • We have increased the drop chance of Eximus Specter blueprints dropping from Syndicate Death Squads in light of the size reduction.
    • Additionally, we have greatly reduced the additional Health and Shields these Units receive
  • Syndicate Exmus Specters have also had their respective Eximus type updated: Here are the following Eximus Specters and Type:
    • Ancient Healer Eximus: Volatile
    • Charger Eximus: Venomous
    • MOA Eximus: Arctic
    • Corruper Lancer: Arson
    • Roller Eximus: Energy Leech
    • Shield Osprey Eximus: Shock
  • Warden Eximus units in Rescue missions have not received these new Eximus upgrades, to ensure they are just as easy to stealthily remove as before.

Caution Tenno, there’s a heavy unit approaching...

New Player Experience: Quality Of Life Changes

  • Completing the Heart of Deimos quest will now reward you with the Voidrig Blueprint, Voidrig Weapon Blueprint, Voidrig Capsule Blueprint, Voidrig Engine Blueprint, and Voidrig Casing Blueprint in the post-quest Inbox.
    • As a follow up to our Necramech Drop Rate & Crafting Cost Changes from Update 30.9.0, we wanted to add another way to set up players for success as they continue their journey to The New War and other content that requires a Necramech to participate.
    • For those who have already completed the Heart of Deimos quest prior to this update, these Blueprints will also be retroactively sent via Inbox. We will also be running an Alert on all platforms that rewards 4 Orokin Animus Matrices. More information on that here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1305860-orokin-animus-matrices-alert/
  • Junction Changes:
    • Removed the ‘Craft a Warframe Specter’ from the Europa Junction Task list.
      • In an effort to help players move through the Star Chart, we removed the 8 hour Specter-crafting time gate that this task created.
    • Reduced the ‘Open Meso Void Relics’ Uranus Junction task from 3 to 1 in the Uranus Junction.
    • Reduced the ‘Scan Cephalon Fragments on Mars’ Phobos Junction task from 3 to 1.

Clan Recruitment Changes

Do you hear that Tenno? Maroo is calling. She’s got some great intel on where to find new Clan members. We have added some new features to Clan recruitment to supplement finding Clans and attracting new members.


Clans can now post ads by visiting Maroo in her Bazaar or accessing their Clan Menu and paying Maroo an administrative fee using resources from your Clan Vault. Each week, Maroo will be in need of a different resource for her own ‘endeavors’ and in exchange she will put the word out for you. These ads will appear in the updated Clan Menu under ‘Search for Clan’.


Clans can leave a brief description about their Clan’s interests and also add flags to help prospective members filter ads. These flags include:

  • Beginner Friendly
  • High MR Requirement
  • Regular Login Requirement
  • Max Research Complete
  • Decorated Dojo
  • Competitive Event Focus
  • Endurance Run Squads
  • Fashion Frame
  • Multiple Languages

Clan ads are displayed for 8 hours and then expire. During this time, prospective members can apply for a Clan and send a message to anyone with the new ‘Advertiser’ role for review and approval. If your Clan reaches maximum member capacity while your ad is live then your ad will be hidden until it expires or if you are no longer at capacity. If you apply to multiple Clans, then the first Clan to accept you will be your new family and all other applications will be immediately withdrawn.

Like many other areas where you are able to provide a custom message, players can report a Clan ad if it violates any of our Terms of Service, Code of Conduct, or leads to any form of discrimination or harassment of other players. Recruit to your heart’s content, Tenno, but as always we ask that you keep Warframe a welcoming space for all.

This new feature is not meant to replace the ways that Tenno connect, but rather add a streamlined avenue to find and connect with others. For more on this feature, please read our post here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1305861-additional-clan-recruitment-tools/


Maggot Decorations

A new Decoration has arrived and we are crawling with excitement. Nidus’ Maggot is now available in the Market as a Decoration for your Orbiter. You can adopt this adorable Infested creeper today and watch as it scuttles around. When we released Nidus Prime Access back on September 8th, 2021 we had originally hoped to include the prime versions of his Infested creepers as an additional ship Decoration.

For those Tenno who purchased the Parasitic Link Pack, Ravenous Pack, and Nidus Prime Accessories Pack on PC, we will be delivering by script the Prime version of Nidus’ Maggot. Due to how Prime Access & Prime Accessories are offered on consoles, to ensure parity those who purchased the Parasitic Link or Prime Accessories will receive 1 Prime Maggot and those who purchased the Ravenous Pack will receive 2 Prime Maggots via this script. These packs will also be updated for future purchases to include the Prime Maggot Decoration.

Audio Reverb Changes:

Our sound team has made several changes to reverb across the game thanks to a new system! This nifty new tech automatically places reverb in level zones instead of the hand placing that used to happen in every tile. This allows us to get better results because it takes into account area size and area materials. It also includes preset reverb containers that can have more types of reverb that are better suited to each area.

For example: A small, narrow vent space that opens to a small room that then opens to a larger room can each have their own custom reverb based on the size and material type of each room. Instead of hand placing each of the three reverbs, the engine is now smart enough to take into account each of the rooms automatically. This allows for greater specificity because it measures the size of each room.

This also has a performance benefit, as it enables only the required reverb sample to be loaded as needed, instead of loading all of them when a level first loads. This ultimately saves memory and allows the levels to load a bit faster!


  • Added ‘Hair Z’ customization for a Spoiler character from The New War quest.
  • Added the ability to preview UI themes, backgrounds, and sounds in the in-game Market whenever they are sold in a bundle.
    • Selecting them will apply the theme/background/sound to the Market diorama while it is active to get a preview of it.
  • Added ‘The New War Firepower Pack’ to the in-game Market!
    • This pack includes everything a Tenno needs to enter the fray in The New War. Instantly bolster your arsenal with the firepower of a Railjack and a Voidrig Necramech.

UI Changes:

  • The Options icons have a new look!


  • The Resource Extractor selection pop up has a new look and now takes on themes:


  • Item descriptions are now always visible in the top right corner of the Arsenal when previewing/selecting.


  • Moved mission countdown timer to always be in front of voting buttons to avoid accidentally leaving squad.
  • Updated icons for ‘Limited Time’ and ‘New’.
    • Added banners behind these icons as well.
  • Made improvements to performance for anything that uses tags (labels on grid items).
  • The Events tab icon in Navigation will now rotate between the icons of all live Events.
  • Updated remaining areas in-game to use capitalization.
  • Reduced the width of the Captura menu.
    • This is a continuation of broader efforts for on-going improvements to the captura menu
  • Improved legibility in Landing Craft customization screen when using a lighter UI theme or the Lunar Renewal theme.
  • Dojo Decoration Screen changes:
    • Added 3D preview to Decoration elements selection screen.
    • Dojo Decoration info now displays the number of unfunded decos of the same type currently placed.
    • Changed “Add Decoration” label to “Move Decoration” when selecting an already placed Decoration.
  • Chat linking currently Vaulted Relics will now state that they are Vaulted the way they are in the Codex.
    • It will now say “This Relic is in the Prime Vault” when chat-linked.
    • Vaulted Relics will also now be described as such in the ‘Drop Sources’ description when hovering over a Relic in the Relic management screen.

Plains of Eidolon Thumper Changes & Fixes:

  • Made improvements to Plains Thumper movement.
  • Changed post-New War quest Plains of Eidolon Thumpers to have quest-specific detailing during specific bounties.
  • Added a burn projector on the Thumper’s legs once the weak point is destroyed.
  • Plains Thumpers now turn more slowly when adjusting to face their target.
  • Plains Thumper ground thump attack now has more time spacing between shockwaves.
  • Changed Plains Thumper cannon attack to better select enemies at range.
  • Fixed Plains Thumper random speed increase.
  • Fixed issue with Plains Thumper that would leave it suspended in the air after performing a charge attack.
  • Fixed Plains Thumper cannon and shotgun turret attack consistency.

DirectX 12 Performance and Optimizations:

Ongoing work continues on our DirectX12 render mode!

In this update, DirectX 12 runs up to 25% faster than it used to for high performance PCs. Most modern systems will run the game in DirectX 12 mode significantly faster than DirectX 11!

Comparing the same scene across different versions of the game to compare how the rendering modes compare:

  • New War DX11: 110 fps
  • New War DX12: 141 fps
  • Angels of Zariman DX12: 177 fps


The system that was used for the above testing results: Ryzen 5600X, Radeon 6900XT; 1080p Enhanced renderer with all details at maximum.

A significant memory optimization was also made, and DX12 now uses up to 200 megabytes less memory than it did previously (especially relevant for players on laptops where the memory is shared).

Be sure to make sure you've got the most recent drivers before trying it out!

General Optimizations:

  • Made several optimizations to the Infested Ship tileset.
  • Made several matchmaking improvements that addressed some rare cases where you'd try to join a full session, only to fail while connecting. In some others, it would fail to join a session that didn't have 4 players yet.
  • Made micro-optimizations to light rendering.
  • Optimized moving over Energy colors in palettes.
  • Made optimizations to dynamic lighting that might occur in rare cases.
  • Made micro-optimizations to memory usage on all platforms.
  • Made small optimizations to texture streaming for DirectX12 on PC that may help with rare crashes.
  • Made systemic optimizations to memory footprint.
  • Made performance improvements to cloaking/invisibility FX.
  • Optimized textures by decreasing unnecessarily large ones.
  • Slightly improved ship performance for players who have a lot of Noggles.
  • Optimized spot-load detector to not cause further spot-loading.
  • Optimized script testing.
  • Reduced memory requirements for our largest levels.
  • Made micro-optimizations to the Mini-map.
  • Made memory optimizations on all platforms.
  • Optimized Protovyre Apex Ephemera FX script.
  • Made optimizations to deleting and saving Warframe loadouts.
  • Improved lighting performance on Gauss’ Thermal Sunder.
  • Made small optimizations to Void Relic management screens.
  • Made general micro-optimization.
  • Fixed heavy spot loading at end of mission when owning a Necramech without the Necramech Summon equipped in gear wheel.
  • Fixed a noticeable hitch when casting Ash’s Bladestorm with the Ash Shroud Skin equipped.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading the game or certain levels while using the Enhanced graphics engine with DirectX 12.
  • Fixed driver crashes that could occur in DirectX 12 on PC.
  • Fixed significant GPU performance hits when Malice uses Magnetize on a player.
  • Fixed noticeable spot loading when previewing/selecting different Companions in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed significant spot loading issue with the Null Audit mod when equipped on Hound companion.
  • Fixed crash when toggling Enhanced Graphics on/off with Dx12 enabled.


  • You can now zoom in and out of your Warframe while customizing their Appearance in the Arsenal!
    • For Keyboard & Mouse users: Scroll with mouse wheel, click and drag to move up/down.
    • For Controller users:
      • R stick up/down = zoom
      • R stick left/right = spin
      • Wherever your cursor is height wise on the screen is where it will zoom into, you can move up and down using cursor and right stick in up position.
  • Here by popular request, we have added a confirmation prompt to the ‘Randomize’ button when randomizing in the Arsenal! https://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/bb1a8931f6a5c17a6905e40488415637.png
  • Nova's Null Star will no longer launch projectiles at enemies which are dead or downed (ex: disabled Bursas, downed Hounds/Thralls). This is to prevent wasting charges.
  • Challenges have been moved to a new button in the pause menu that is accessible while in mission. Selecting that button will open a screen that shows the state of your currently available challenges, including Nightwave, Evolution (Protovyre, etc.), Riven, and Account. There is also a tab for completed challenges! https://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/9ca37fa92fa2369f9cbc2c7628dd6a18.jpg
  • Added a cap of 200 for Companion Imprints. Imprints can also be sold from Inventory for Credits.
    • The cap was added to prevent the game from crashing due to having a large amount of Imprints. If you have over 200 Imprints, you will be required to sell Imprints through your Inventory before creating new Imprints.
  • Players who are over their Riven Capacity can now offer a Riven mod for Trade.
    • Previously, you were unable to offer any Rivens for Trade if you were over capacity. Now, you can offer a Riven mod when at capacity, but will continue to not be able to receive a Riven via trade when at capacity as it cannot be exceeded.
  • Grenade changes:
    • Grenade AOEs are now telegraphed! Once they have made contact with a surface, their detonation radius is now indicated.
    • Grenades will no longer ignore cover, meaning it will no longer deal punchthrough damage if you are behind cover.
    • Reduced damage radius of Grenades.
  • Arcane descriptions now include what they can be equipped on. https://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/f8fbdb0408fd884d608ef7c52b06a00a.jpg
  • Mastery Rank 30 test changes:
    • Increased the Life Support pickups from 10% to 20% in the Master Rank 30 test.
    • Lowered the levels of the Eximus units that spawn in the test due to the Eximus changes making them a more formidable opponent.
  • Changed the ‘Mad Lab’ Nightwave challenge description to clarify how to complete it. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1305299-mad-lab-nightwave-challenge/comment-12484248?ct=1650926232
  • Operator Heads and Hair Styles now have names!
  • The in-game Market will now dynamically change to show you recommended items. This is still in its experimental phase - more to potentially come!
  • Claiming a Glyph via the in-game Market using a code will now show a preview of it in the confirmation popup.
  • Enemies that are not affected by CC can now be armor stripped by Banshee’s Sonic Boom, Xaku’s Gaze, and Ember’s Fire Blast.
  • Converted the materials on Moas to PBR.
  • Updated icons for the ‘Limited Time’ and ‘New’ items in the in-game Market.
  • Smoothed out the cloth movement sounds on a certain important character in The New War quest that starts with the letter “D”.
  • Updated the Cambion Drift weather spores to rotate in a bit more of an interesting motion.
  • Twitch Drop inbox messages are now sent by the Primed vendor Varzia - a task for another noble Dax!
  • We have updated certain Warframe abilities to now affect allied NPCs! In the past, these abilities used to work to varying degrees of effectiveness, we now fixed some lingering issues with each of the abilities and they should be far more effective at assisting these allies in mission.
  • Changed the following Warframe Abilities to work on friendly NPCSs (Kavor Defectors,
  • Cetus & Orb Vallis Drones, Specters, Companions, & Rescue Targets):
    • Nova’s Portal
    • Wisp’s Reservoirs
    • Volt’s Speed
    • Zephyr’s Jet Stream Augment
  • Reduced arm and hand animation movement when using secondaries.
  • Made adjustments to the proximity volume for Conservation targets.
  • Improved Friendly NPCs ability to shoot at targets slightly behind cover.
  • Slightly adjusted lighting exposure in Dojos and added more fog.
  • Made adjustments to 'press x to Hack' overlay in Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Added sounds to Arcane selection in the Mod Screen.
  • Made Sentient red crystal ambient audio in the Murex exclusive to The New War Quest.
  • Changed Operator Heterochromia Eye color options to be default opt-in.
  • Adjusted fog in Sentient tilesets.
  • Updated dialogue timing during Dinner Scene in The New War.
  • Fixed some areas in the Grineer Sealab tileset to prevent out of bounds issues.
  • Updated statues onboard a Ship during The New War Quest.
  • Updated line of Vay Hek dialogue that was missing an effect.
  • Improved audio syncing in a cinematic in The New War Quest.
  • Made updates to Murex floor FX in the New War Quest.
  • Updated Plague Star Icon and Icon colors to be more legible when the event is running (no plans currently).
  • Added ambient FX to Sentient Murex tileset.
  • Made slight tweaks to beam length FX.
  • Made many lighting updates in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Updated lighting in Tyl Regor Assasination mission extraction.
  • Added animation functionality for Caliban’s Sentient Wrath while using Razor Gyre.
  • Made visual improvements to enhance blowing & falling sand in Mars missions.
  • Reworked Excavator landing FX.
  • Updated materials for Metal textures found in Grineer Tilesets.
  • Reworked Orokin Death Orb visual FX.
  • Added sleep reaction animations to Infested Crawlers.
  • Made improvements to Lens flare visibility.
  • Added missing icon to Maharliqa Syandana on Steam.
  • Updated Arcane buff FX.
  • Improved visibility of the Peach Blossom Ephemera when equipped with darker colors.
  • Made lighting updates to the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Updated textures to increase brightness of the top section of the Laprosys Syandana, as per artist request.
  • Converted certain attachments on Grineer enemies to PBR.
  • Changed tubes in the Kuva Fortress to be more transparent.
  • Made it impossible for enemies to be able to detonate/shoot down player explosive projectiles (Ogris for example).
    • Prior to this change, while rare, it was possible for enemies to shoot down explosives and cause damage to players/objectives. Given that this was essentially unpredictable and unavoidable, we have removed the ability for enemies to do so.
  • Elemental FX will now update while rolling over colors in the Arsenal.
  • Mission faction and type are now always capitalized in the Navigation panel.
  • Changed Grendel’s Nian Skin icon to match the positioning of the other Grendel skins.
  • Improved removal of projectile FX if it does not hit anything.
  • Made improvements to Beam FX rendering.
  • Updated and tweaked Grineer model materials and improved their visibility in darker areas.
  • Changed intervals for pain grunts when taking damage on Spoiler character in the New War.
  • Removed a pain grunt that is triggered in Operator form when taking fall damage.
  • Added Laser animation to Dethcube Swift Deth Precept Mod.
  • Updated lighting in Uranus tileset.
  • Made improvements to the FX of Weapon trails.
  • Made improvements to how shiny the Grineer eyes are.
  • Made adjustments to the interior of a Colony Ship in the New War Quest for consistency.
  • Inaros’ Sand Shadows base lifespan are now affected by Duration mods.
  • Updated the lighting on materials for a Spoiler Character/Operators.
  • Updated and improved the look of the icon that appears when hovering over a certain Camp node in Navigation.


  • Fixed transference range for Operator into Necramech not being limited by distance.
  • Fixed Nightwave Menu creating unintended endless mission in Rathuum.
  • Fixed resources spawning out of reach under the downed Condrix in the post-New War Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed Bounty Drone spawning under terrain in post-New War Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed banner projectile collision during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed last gem not displaying correct color during ‘On Praghasa’ in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed Veso’s allied Corpus Units appearing in the Codex as they cannot be scanned.
  • Fixed flames appearing too far off the ground during Khal’s mission in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed previewing new skin on a spoiler character after The New War Quest not swapping to previous selection when using controller.
  • Fixed broken spawn trigger when first using Teshin’s Glaive and traversing gaps during ‘For My Brothers’ in the New War quest.
  • Fixed Kahl & Veso being able to parry with their melee weapons.
  • Fixed unnecessary window flickering in Veso boss arena during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed bad visual VFX when using the Protovyre Ephemera with a spoiler character in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed lingering screenshake if you failed to remove the mask during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed Boss teleport ability using incorrect FX in the New War Quest.
  • Fixed error with script during a quest fight in The New War that caused issues with Railjack Missions.
  • Fixed Landing Craft teleporter not transporting when rolling in Post-New War Quest area.
  • Fixed Clients being locked out of Lephantis boss fight if host migration occurs pre-fight.
  • Fixed a hole in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed the lack of collision on a few rocks in the Earth interception tileset.
  • Fixed enemies ragdolling prematurely on Skana stealth finishers.
  • Fixed Mirage Oneiro Animation Set not displaying correct idle bow position.
  • Fixed Yareli not being able to activate Infested Salvage vaporizer while riding Merulina.
  • Fixed Friendly NPCs not having line of sight consistent with their eye direction while taking cover.
  • Fixed lighting issue on Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed Nova’s jets flickering upon changing loadout.
  • Fixed Grineer Sealab doorway entrance showing skybox.
  • Fixed Bloodshed sigil fully appearing when entering Operator mode while using Excalibur Umbra.
  • Fixed Client crash related to Post-New War cosmetics when launching a mission in a squad.
  • Fixed Caliban’s Sentient Wrath ability not being audible while using Razor Gyre.
  • Fixed Test tubes not breaking for host & client in Alad V’s secret lab.
  • Fixed Slash damage slowing over time when the Host isn’t looking at enemies.
  • Fixed Crash occurring from script error while viewing the Tactical Menu in Railjack and attempting to close the game.
  • Fixed Kuva Liches throwing players out of the level with the Leash ability.
  • Fixed improper visual movement speeds when NPCs have a speed buff.
  • Fixed Emblem placement on many Warframes to prevent floating or clipping.
  • Fixed stuttering in floating Scintillant animation.
  • Fixed rare issue of Breach Surge’s teleportation not being available after being revived.
  • Fixed Korumm using Vaykor Sydon VFX and HUD icons when blocking.
  • Fixed Juno Comba Codex scans appearing as their Eximus counterparts.
  • Fixed Mission voting text appearing off screen when in a full squad.
  • Fixed Alad V transmission appearing as Mutalist Alad V during Second Dream quest.
  • Fixed being unable to do tricks on K-Drive after holding aim and not indicating direction at the start of a jump.
  • Fixed Operator head flipping in animation during double jump. As reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/s60nej/come_on_de_i_just_wanted_a_sweet_black_widow
  • Fixed camera offset issues on K-Drive if no secondary was equipped in your loadout.
  • Fixed rendering on Corposant Prime Ephemera to look better when equipped on Operators.
  • Fixed K-Drives not doing tricks when using a secondary.
  • Fixed option to equip the Sirocco Amp skin on the Sirocco Amp.
  • Fixed issue where boarding K-Drive or toggling secondary will force the aim button.
  • Fixed script error caused by a NPC not spawning properly when a client joins a mission in progress.
  • Fixed Blodgard Heavy Blade Skin secondary energy colors appearing black.
  • Fixed Sirocco Amp detaching from the Operator arm on Codex scanner equip.
  • Fixed Script error related to Vauban’s Tether Coil.
  • Fixed Blodgard Heavy Blade skin staying in your hand when switching weapons in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed rare FX issue.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Tidal Impunity Augment Energy cost reduction not applying on the second and following casts.
  • Fixed the ‘Bloodthirsty’ Nighwave Act not tracking progress for Clients.
  • Fixed melee ground slams for the ‘Death From Above’ Nightwave Act tracking inconsistently across weapons.
  • Fixed the ‘Rise of the Machine’ Nightwave Act not resetting when Necramech is destroyed.
  • Fixed the ‘Loyalty’ Nightwave Act not rewarding 4,500 Standing when completed.
  • Fixed Client not getting Nightwave Act complete popup after completing the ‘Topping off the Tank’ Act.
  • Fixed only 1 player being able to complete the ‘Mad Lab’ Nightwave Act in a squad.
    • Also fixed this for other Acts that require items to be collected.
  • Fixed not being rewarded Nightwave Standing after completing an Act until you complete a mission afterwards.
  • Fixed progress not saving for the Nightwave ‘Antiquarian’ Act if you complete missions solo where there are no reward select screens (Capture, Rescue, etc.).
  • Fixed the Nightwave progress UI not disappearing for Clients after making progress or completing the ‘Night and Day’ Act.
  • Fixed the Surging Blades Augment allowing the use of regular weapons during Hildryn’s Aegis Storm when used on a Helminth-infused Hildryn.
    • Also fixed with the following abilities when they were deactivated normally (e.g. when duration runs out):
      • Nezha's Fire Walker
      • Nyx's Mind Control
      • Xaku's Xata's Whisper
      • Yareli's Aquablades
      • Helminth Energized Munitions
      • Helminth Marked for Death
      • Helminth Parasitic Armor
  • Fixed being unable to change Sigils and Ephemeras in the Arsenal during the New War quest replay, leading to problems.
    • We have re-enabled this option, but Sigils and Ephemeras may be hidden in certain cinematics to avoid issues.
  • Fixed weapons being unreachable after being disarmed by a Drahk Master upon casting Yareli’s Riptide while being disarmed.
  • Fixed the Blodgard Heavy Blade skin clipping into left hand.
  • Fixed various default transmissions playing while The New War quest is active while back on the Orbiter.
  • Fixed inbox messages being sent by Lotus showing as a post-New War character instead.
  • Fixed the innate damage bonus of Kuva/Tenet projectile weapons not applying the bonus damage from Galvanized Aptitude.
  • Fixed crash related to the Necramech Summon Gear.
  • Fixed the following weapon icons not being angled the same as others:
    • Gorgon Towsun Skin
    • Opticor Elixis Skin
    • Paracyst Zebra Skin
    • And many more
  • Fixed getting weapon stuck to hand if you equip a skin on a melee that has an opposite grip type (for ex: Greatsword skin on an axe or vice versa).
  • Fixed clones spawned by Shadows of the Dead not teleporting back to Nekros when they are too far.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when loading between levels.
  • Fixed the Dark Split Sword (Dual Blades weapon type) being able to equip holster styles from various other weapon types.
  • Fixed being able to see your standing Operator during landing cinematic when loading into a mission.
  • Fixed auto pickups (Energy pickups, Mods, and anything you only need to move into to pick up) not being picked up while in midair.
  • Fixed Clan Rank box going blank when it's time for your Clan’s Ascension ceremony. ‘Ascension available’ will now appear.
  • Fixed script error when entering custom obstacle Dojo course as Client when a player has the Protovyre Armor equipped.
  • Fixed the input icons and labels being hard to read in the Silver Grove quest diorama.
  • Fixed the Lumis and Zenoriu Earpieces not aligning on a post-New War character's ear.
  • Fixed the Magus Destruct Arcane increasing enemy resistance to Puncture damage, not decreasing like intended.
  • Fixed Nef Anyo’s transmission model in the final mission of the Vox Solaris quest having a purple hue and white eyes.
  • Fixed incorrect icon sizing for the following icons:
    • Dual Cestra Shock-Camo Skin
    • Grakata Day of the Dead Skin
    • All Towsun Skins
    • Galatine
    • Ignis
    • Tonkor
  • Fixed crash upon joining an Excavation stage in the Orb Vallis Bounties before the last Excavator is destroyed or completed.
  • Fixed the Ability Banner on-cast showing Teshin’s “Orvius Reach” as “Rip Line” in the New War quest.
  • Fixed broken UI in the Operator Menu when accessed via the pause menu in Cetus.
  • Fixed crash when loading into a mission that has no Warframe and only an Operator (i.e. certain quests).
  • Fixed collision issues in the Corpus Gascity tileset that could allow you to jump out of the map.
  • Fixed Quick Thinking damage ejecting players from Yareli’s Merulina.
    • This also fixes getting kicked off other vehicles when you are at 2hp and take any damage (even shield only) despite having Quick Thinking equipped.
  • Fixed opening the progress screen for a Decoration in the Dojo resetting the timer countdown instead of ticking away in the background.
  • Fixed red and blue outlines appearing on certain textures, especially in the Orbiter, Reactor Room in the Dojo, and some rooms in the Vesper Relay.
  • Fixed Zephyr Jet Stream not applying its movement and attack speed buffs when using Turbulence.
  • Fixed script error related to Zephyr’s Turbulence.
  • Fixed all 4 squad members seeing inconsistent end of mission achievements (opened x lockers, hacked x consoles, etc.).
  • Fixed the Corvas Prime gain being too loud.
  • Fixed script error related to Railjack’s Command Link intrinsic Fast Travel.
  • Fixed players being able to get out of bounds in one of the Orokin Moon tileset’s spawn rooms.
  • Fixed getting stuck forever in The War Within quest after falling off the side of the mountain pass cliff.
  • Fixed a script error related to the Maw in the War Within quest.
  • Fixed floating Operator hair and projection VFX in the final stage of The War Within quest.
  • Fixed white explosions in Ambulas and Grineer Dropships debris FX.
  • Fixed Garuda/Garuda Prime’s Talon colors not being saved in other Appearance Slots other than A.
  • Fixed Warframe Health stats not updating in the Arsenal when equipping the Physique Aura Mod.
  • Fixed being able to benefit endlessly from Inaros’ Sandstorm without spinning by emoting while active.
  • Fixed Railjack mission countdown not proceeding if player leaves squad when all other votes are in.
    • When a player leaves the Railjack mission during this countdown, votes now will be reset.
  • Fixed Reservoirs not changing to Dex Wisp’s default colors when equipped.
  • Fixed script error related to Atlas’ Rumblers.
  • Fixed Garuda/Garuda Prime’s passive damage boost values in HUD alternating between other squad members also playing as her, resulting in incorrect values.
  • More fixes towards the ‘Don’t Be Afraid Poster’ showing up backwards in the diorama.
  • Fixed the Combat Reload Mod buffs not working for Clients.
  • Fixed Lull not refreshing on normal kills when Client activates Baruuk's Lull ability with the Endless Lullaby equipped.
  • Fixed Clients becoming completely invulnerable when transferring to Necramech.
  • Fixed the Range Advantage Mod buffs not working for Clients.
  • Fixed inconsistent naming of the Lua Rock Dojo decorations.
    • Any previously named ‘moon’ decorations are now correctly named ‘Lua’.
  • Fixed the ‘Damaged Trim’ Dojo decorations having the same descriptions.
  • Fixed the ‘Throne Room Stairs’ (straight and curved) having swapped descriptions.
  • Fixed sprint (when toggle sprint is enabled) getting canceled after using the following Warframe abilities:
    • Grendel’s Pulverize
    • Hildryn’s Aegis Storm
    • Hydroid’s Undertow
    • Inaros’s Sandstorm
    • Lavos’ Vial Rush
    • Ivara’s Prowl
    • Revenant’s Reave
    • Wisp’s Sol Gate
    • Yareli’s Merulina
    • Revenant’s Danse Macabre
  • Fixed ‘Wall (Left Side Damaged, 2m)’ Dojo decoration’s pivot point changing orientation after being picked up after being placed.
  • Fixed strange Operator animations after dismounting a vehicle in a certain stage of The New War quest.
  • Fixed the Redeemer’s final shot not firing in the same direction as the rest of the melee attack combo.
  • Fixed Requiem Ultimatums not appearing in the End of Mission screen when rewarded.
  • Fixed Operator hood staying closed when going to customize Features (specifically face/secondary face).
  • Fixed Combat Reload not always triggering when head-shotting enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes bypass quest requirements by starting a quest and then immediately attempting to start another quest you aren't supposed to start.
  • Fixed the Tenet Diplos’ lock-on ability not damaging Osprey enemies.
  • Fixed Corrupted Lancers using the wrong hitbox. As reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/t7zys4/i_have_a_suspicion_corrupted_lancer_is_using/
    • They were using the Grineer Lancer hitbox, which was causing it to be impossible to land headshots from the side and behind.
    • The look of Corrupted Lancers has also been updated with this fix and they now carry Arca Plasmors instead of Boars.
  • Fixed the Kuva Elite Lancer using the wrong material roughness.
  • Fixed Inaros’ Resurrection meter being half a pixel too far to the left.
  • Fixed the Dojo Obstacle Course ‘Allow Operator’ option not working.
  • Fixed Atlas’ Titanic Rumbler Augment Mod not multiplying the Rumbler damage by 400% as described.
  • Fixed crash related to the ‘Browse Genetic Imprints’ screen.
  • Fixed bugged materials on doors in Corpus Sabotage missions.
  • Fixed some inconsistent Archwing out-of-bounds areas during the ‘Pursue Teshin into the Asteroid Field’ stage in The War Within quest.
  • Fixed a hole in the map in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed underground map peeking out of the ground near Mount Nang in the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed becoming perpetually invisible as Client after jumping into water as Operator.
  • Fixed spawning out of the map after transferring to Operator when exiting water volumes in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed transferring to Operator while jumping into water letting you fall in as Operator.
  • Fixed becoming perpetually invisible after entering a cutscene as Operator shortly after hacking a terminal with the Untraceable mod equipped on their Parazon.
  • Fixed flashing textures on the floor near water in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed Client crashing in Simulacrum when transferring to Operator.
  • Fixed Garuda Prime’s Dread Mirror losing all its Prime details if it expires while still having the projectile active.
  • Fixed Wukong Clone holding the Kuva Bramma arrow incorrectly.
  • Fixed Operator in the initial customization screen in the Second Dream quest sitting off camera.
  • Fixed decals appearing in Harrow’s Condemn FX.
  • Fixed several script errors related to Lunaro.
  • Fixed various Grineer Fortress Dojo decorations missing capitals in the word ‘Fortress’.
    • Also fixed issues with certain decorations missing mention of ‘Fortress’ in their descriptions.
  • Fixed Sigils appearing on the Wisp Dex skin’s helmet flaps.
  • Fixed loss of functionality for several seconds after being knocked off Yareli’s Merulina by an enemy grab or knockdown ability.
  • Fixed walking through the snow in The War Within not leaving trail behind Operator.
  • Fixed being unable to swap certain spoiler characters in the Arsenal in the Dojo.
    • We removed this option in non-Arsenal areas.
  • Fixed using the ‘Detach Camera’ option in Captura causing a loss of input functionality.
  • Fixed the context action on the Void Key in the ‘Follow the Stalker’ stage in the Second Dream quest being far too small.
  • Fixed the Nagantaka Prime not applying custom colors to the crossbow string.
  • Fixed other players' blue dots in the mini map not appearing in the Dojo.
    • Note: If a player is invited to squad in the dojo, the icon will be that of the Warframes. If a player is just 'in' the dojo with you but not in your squad they will appear as a blue dot.
  • Fixed Emblems not attaching properly to the Ember Pyraxis Shoulder Pads when being previewed.
  • Fixed the cursor being visible during ‘The Maker’ cutscene while using a controller.
  • Fixed Revive UI components being slightly off center.
  • Fixed selecting Operator Arcane being unreliable/unresponsive on first interaction.
    • Also fixes the UI getting confused between Operator Arcane and Amp Arcane in follow up interactions.
  • Fixed some idle animations causing Warframes to step backwards and bend their legs awkwardly.
  • Fixed a rare bug in matchmaking that would sometimes result in not being able to find a session with slots still available.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would sometimes ignore input on the Daily Tribute screen.
  • Fixed the ‘MID’ in the ‘Pillar Debris’ Dojo decoration description being capitalized.
  • Fixed some zoning issues in the Mantle, Earth Capture mission.
  • Fixed some lighting issues in the Mantle, Earth Capture mission.
  • Fixed the ‘Dragon’s Tooth Weapon System’ Dojo decoration missing a hyphen in the description on ‘anti personnel’.
  • Fixed Sniper Rifles with multishot projectiles (Lanka, Komorex) behaving differently than hitscan Sniper Rifles and only counting bullets that cause damage for combo counting.
    • Essentially, fixed projectile-based rifles counting every bullet individually for shot-combo mechanics when it comes to hits and misses. They now use the same rules as hitscan rifles which give you a combo stack for every bullet in your shot regardless of whether that bullet causes damage or not.
  • Fixed certain decal FX missing custom Energy colors (summoning Khora’s Venari for example).
  • Fixed Saryn with Xata’s Whisper infused onto her getting the benefits of the ability after casting Toxic Lash.
    • Also fixed both of the abilities having infinite duration.
  • Conclave: Fixed Weapons (notably particular shotguns & AoE guns) minimum falloff damage not properly respecting the correct Conclave specific values.
    • From a community standpoint this was considered a significant exploit/bug for Conclave, it was not fair play or intended.
  • Fixed Nova’s Null Star making her invincible with Helminth Invigarations.
  • Fixed Nightwave Challenge Standing appearing to incorrectly doubled in UI on End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed script error resulting in a crash after tranquilizing a conservation target multiple times.
  • Fixed Nightwave Night and Day challenge from not counting residue that was collected and used mid-mission.
  • Fixed Nightwave challenges from not saving mid-mission, sometimes resulting in losing progress on Mission extraction.
  • Fixed two places in the HUD that weren’t properly capitalizing.
  • Fixed cases of Roman numerals not capitalizing.
  • Fixed animation breaking in the War Within during the Mountain Pass if pressing sprint after dying.
  • Removed potential rare specific scenarios where Status Effects could potentially do unintended critical damage.
  • Fixed crash that would occur from a missing transmission during the second Spy Mission in the Stolen Dreams quest.
  • Updated Mars Grineer face materials.
  • Fixed slight green tinge that appeared on some Grineer faces.
  • Fixed default energy colors on Gara’s being displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed script error that occurred when damaging a Coildrive in the Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed animation in The New War quest during unmasking in Cetus.
  • Fixed the FX on some Amp beams not triggering on impact.
  • Fixed beam rotation FX depending on end point.
  • Fixed an obscure bug with matchmaking between Host and Client.
  • Fixed the Corpus Proxima Crewship's shield drone explosion FX having color issues.
  • Fixed Garuda’s Ability description appearing outside text box when viewing in German.
  • Fixed Nightwave Challenge Rise of the Machine visually resetting itself on Necramech death after completion.
  • Removed unnecessary in-game text.
  • Fixed localization tag on the Lotus Helmet.
  • Fixed Yareli not getting XP for ability casts when riding Merulina.
  • Fixed inventory not updating quickly when playing Warframe on the Epic Games Launcher.
  • Fixed inconsistent use of capitalization for Disruption Void Fissure missions.
  • Fixed slight orange FX and irregularities on the Health pick-up orb.
  • Fixed scale button in Orbiter Decorating menu being misaligned when using Spanish.
  • Fixed script error related to Gauss’ Thermal Sunder on Extraction.
  • Fixed lighting in Dojo to fix brightness issue when decorating.
  • Fixed areas in the Orokin Tower Chamber Dojo Room that make it too difficult to place decorations.
  • Fixed a very rare case that might make the Player unable to move.
  • Fixed Enemy pathing in Post-New War Plains of Eidolon to avoid enemies wading through water instead of walking around the water.
  • Fixed script error related to using the Archwing launcher.
  • Fixed flickering on warp tunnel in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed standing not being rewarded on completion for the Venus Bounty Hunter Nightwave challenge.
  • Updated custom Dojo lighting to affect reflections.
  • Fixed localization mentioning Landing Craft instead of Orbiter.
  • Fixed flickering effect in the Spoiler Camp on the teleporter while in the Orbiter.
  • Fixed some issues with minimap navigation on Lua.
  • Fixed lower level Drone bounties from spawning tons of reinforcements in The Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed script error related to Glaive FX.
  • Made some adjustments to the Kuva Fortress tileset.
  • Fixed issue of Client having no functionality when loading into Captura if the Host is in Free Roam.
  • Fixed crashing that may occur if using an older version of Steam.
  • Fixed rare crash related to Wisps’ Reservoirs.
  • Fixed black walls appearing on rocks in the Mars Settlement tileset.
  • Fixed a certain spoiler character’s face appearing distorted while replaying The Sacrifice quest.
  • Fixed being able to clip through the wall and get out of bounds in the Orokin tileset spawn room.
  • Fixed stalactites and other stone protrusions in the Silver Grove Captura scene not being properly lit.
  • Fixed being able to interact with intractable Dojo decorations before they are built.
  • Fixed buttons for contributing/rushing to donated personal decorations appearing in the Dojo menus. This also fixed a script error as you cannot contribute/rush to a personal decoration.
  • Fixed camera at times facing the wrong way when transferring in and out from Warframe to Operator.
  • Fixed the Crimson Nose Pattern’s nose being far too bright - Rudolf didn’t appreciate the competition.
  • Fixed script error in the Mariana Exterminate node on Earth related to enemy spawns.
  • Fixed script error when spawning enemies that have shockwave abilities in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed an issue where your Warframe could get stuck kneeling if you transferred back to Operator while playing being knocked back or performing a kneel emote animation.
  • Fixed Titania appearing invisible in a cinematic during a key moment in The Second Dream quest.
  • Fixed being unable to transfer back to your Warframe after transferring while riding K-Drive. Also fixed becoming invulnerable after dying as Operator afterwards.
  • Fixed being unable to chat link the Caliban Helmet.
  • Fixed being unable to chat link Glyphs you just recently purchased.
  • Fixed a hard line in the water in a certain spoiler Camp.
  • Fixed teleporting issues when attempting to enter the gates to Cetus on a K-Drive.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera was too zoomed in when using a certain spoiler character in Cetus, Fortuna, and Necralisk.
  • Fixed script error related to spawning Specters.
  • Fixed Warframe clipping through the Arsenal when installing it during the Awakening quest.
  • Fixed Titania in Razorwing causing issues in the Second Dream quest cinematic sequences.
  • Fixed script error related to Convergence Orbs.
  • Fixed a hole in the Grineer Forest tileset.
  • Fixed material issues on Ballas and Lotus. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1293380-skin-color-ballas-and-lotus/?ct=1650924413
  • Fixed Saryn’s Molt not taking damage from melee attacks.
  • Fixed being able to create copies of your Warframe in Railjack missions using transference.
  • Fixed being unable to ‘switch’ (spoiler) when editing Focus in Cetus, Fortuna, or Necralisk.
  • Fixed black triangle appearing on the star chart.
  • Fixed bug with Operator footstep sounds not playing while running on textile materials.
  • Fixed loading indefinitely when loading the table stage in The New War quest.
  • Fixed being stuck on the loading screen when logging into the table stage in The New War quest.
  • Fixed camera pointing away from Leverian items in the Codex dioramas.
  • Fixed world state window pointing to Mars automatically during the Archon hunt in The New War, even after defeating Amar.
  • Fixed the ‘New’ screen in the in-game Market kicking players out of The New War quest.
  • Fixed Odonata’s Ability icons being hard to read.
    • The thickness has been increased to improve visibility of the icons.
  • Fixed script error related to an FX.
  • Fixed Anomaly Shards still being rewarded after Railjack mission fails.
  • Fixed hair shaders not respecting dissolves while Deferred Rendering is enabled.
  • Fixed script error related to Garuda’s Seeking Talons.
  • Fixed script error related to Infested Pods.
  • Fixed being able to get out of the map in the Strata Relay.
  • Fixed Operator being unable to open a door causing a progstop while replaying The War Within quest.
  • Fixed the Torid and Pox missing their ‘Embed Damage Radius’ and ‘Embed Time’ stats.
  • Fixed the Orokin Tower Chamber Dojo Room preview icon not being accurate to what's actually seen in the room.
  • Fixed Orbiter Stencils being too bright.
  • Fixed the Sari Syandana overlapping on top of menus making it hard to read.
  • Fixed Warframe being invisible in one of the end cutscenes in the Second Dream quest.
  • Fixed the opening cinematic in The War Within quest showing the snow path FX going in front of the Operator instead of behind as they walk.
  • Fixed the Imperator Vandal preview not showing up in the Codex if you do not own it.
  • Fixed script error related to Sevagoth’s Shadow attempting to attack a decoration.
  • Fixed not receiving Duplicate Protection after earning the Chitoid sentinel bundle in Nightwave if you already own it.
  • Fixed transferring to Operator as Excalibur Umbra counting towards the exterminate enemy counter in the Mastery Rank 30 test.

REMINDER: Spoiler Courtesy

As a follow up to our original PSA, to avoid spoilers we have chosen to use spoiler-free language when describing certain parts of the update.

Please use liberal spoiler tags in your titles/posts/etc. if you wish to talk about content revealed on the Zariman, let's not ruin the experience for others! Content Creators should clearly label spoiler content and use spoiler-free thumbnails and titles.

We have also created a dedicated Angels of the Zariman subforum to house all quest-related discussions, questions, bug reports and more: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1785-spoilers-angels-of-the-zariman/

A dedicated ‘known bugs list’ thread is also available for you to track what the team has on their list to fix: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1305849-spoilers-angels-of-the-zariman-known-bugs-list/

Hotfix 31.3.1[]

March 29, 2022 Forum Post

Garuda Prime: Hotfix 31.3.1


  • Fixed inability to use Garuda’s Talons if a Host migration occurred.
  • Fixed being able to hit 100% invulnerability when combining Nova’s Null Stars and Helminth’s +100% Duration Invigoration.
    • The usual modding limit for maximum Duration on Null Star would allow a maximum of 90% damage reduction. But with the addition of the Nira’s Hatred mod and Helminth’s +100% Duration Invigoration, it pushed over that limit to reach 95% and even 100% damage resistance, which would make you invincible until you had lost a few stars. This was not intended and has been fixed to return it back to maintain the 90% max damage reduction.
  • Fixed Corvas Prime missing its localized descriptions.
  • Fixed Garuda Talons moving when hovering on/off color swatches in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Garuda Prime’s rear skirt cloth clipping through some Syandanas.
  • Fixed the Nagantaka Prime missing its own Riven Disposition number.
    • It was using the Nagantaka Disposition instead of starting at 0.5 like all new weapons. Learn more about the Riven Disposition Guidelines here.

Update 31.3[]

March 28, 2022 Forum Post - Garuda Prime

Garuda Prime

Garuda Prime: Update 31.3



Awash in crimson and shimmering gold, Garuda Prime has emerged! Add Garuda Prime, exclusive Prime Accessories, Weapons, Boosters and more with Prime Access, or earn Relics in-game to craft Garuda Prime, Nagantaka Prime and Corvas Prime in your Foundry.

Garuda Prime and her signature Prime gear tear through the battlefield with razor-sharp talons and sanguine bloodletting. Experience Garuda’s reworked abilities and witness the queen of gore get deadlier the more blood is spilled.


Garuda Prime White, gold and deepest scarlet, the queen of gore in full regalia. She also has increased Energy and Armor stats, along with an additional Madurai slot.

Her Talons also have increased base damage and Critical Chance stats.

Nagantaka Prime A golden version of Garuda’s versatile crossbow, as fashioned by the Orokin’s finest weaponsmiths. Alt-fire to let loose a barrage of bolts. All bolts have a chance to cause Bleeding, and Headshots have a chance to increase Reload Speed. When wielded by Garuda the Nagantaka gains a slight Punch Through effect.

Corvas Prime Flaunting ceremonial beauty, this arch-gun flak-cannon is even more devastating than its standard issue counterpart.

Exclusive Garuda Prime Glyphs


Garuda Prime Accessories includes:

  • Kukri Prime Armor
  • Sanguinax Prime Ephemera
  • 90-Day Affinity Booster
  • 90-Day Resource Booster

When Garuda Prime enters Prime Access, the following items will be added to the Prime Vault. If you have Relics that contain these items they will remain in your Inventory.

  • Titania Prime
  • Corinth Prime
  • Pangolin Prime

With this Vaulting comes the shift of the following Syndicate Sacrifices:

  • Replaced Arbiters of Hexis Sacrifice of Corinth Prime Barrel to Astilla Prime Barrel
  • Replaced Arbiters of Hexis Sacrifice of Titania Prime Neuroptics to Gara Prime Chassis
  • Replaced New Loka Sacrifice of Titania Prime Systems to Nezha Prime Chassis
  • Replaced Steel Meridian Sacrifice of Pangolin Prime Handle to Zakti Prime Receiver

Note on Garuda Prime Relics: We have skipped Neo N19 in Relic naming convention and went straight to Neo N20 due to chat linking issues we encountered in testing.

If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

Garuda Prime Access begins March 28 on all platforms. Don’t miss out on adding the queen of gore’s full regalia to your Arsenal! Find the Prime Access packs here: https://www.warframe.com/prime-access

Riven Disposition Changes: As with each round of Prime Access come updated Riven Disposition numbers. See the full Disposition changes here:

And read about our Riven Disposition Guidelines here:

9 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Log in now for a free Wisp Dex Skin - and more!


It’s been nine monumental years since the awakening of the Tenno! In celebration, we invite you to peer into the Void and reflect on the evolution of the Origin System - from humble beginnings to the current post-New War era, and the astonishing possibilities of the future.

Log in today and join the festivities with a free Wisp Dex Skin.

Earn Dex Weapons, Customizations from previous Anniversaries, as well as Weapon Slots by completing weekly Alerts, plus earn extra Credits and Affinity with weekend Boosters!

Week #1 Alert: March 28 at 11 a.m. ET to April 4 at 10:59 a.m. ET Rewards: Dex Nouchali Syandana, Dex Sybaris and Weapon Slot

Credit Booster Weekend: April 1 at 2 p.m. ET to April 4 at 1:59 p.m. ET

Week #2 Alert: April 4 at 11 a.m. ET to April 11 at 10:59 a.m. ET Rewards: Excalibur Dex Skin, Dex Furis and Weapon Slot

Affinity Booster Weekend: April 8 at 2 p.m. ET to April 11 at 1:59 p.m. ET

Week #3 Alert: April 11 at 11 a.m. ET to April 18 at 10:59 a.m. ET Rewards: Dex Raksaka Armor, Dex Dakra and Weapon Slot

Credit Booster Weekend: April 15 at 2 p.m. ET to April 18 at 1:59 p.m. ET

Week #4 Alert: April 18 at 11 a.m. ET to April 25 at 10:59 a.m. ET Rewards: Liset Dex Skin, Excalibur Dex Noggle

Affinity Booster Weekend: April 22 at 2 p.m. ET to April 25 at 1:59 p.m. ET

Week #5 Alert: April 25 at 11 a.m. ET to May 2 at 10:59 a.m. ET Rewards: Rhino Dex Skin, Excalibur Dex in Action Glyph

Credit/Affinity Booster Weekend: April 29 at 2 p.m. ET to May 2 at 1:59 p.m. ET

Check out our official website for full details on the 9 Year Anniversary Merch, Steadfast Excalibur Anniversary Contest, and more! https://www.warframe.com/anniversary



Embarking on a new path through the Origin System? Give your Arsenal a boost with the recently-updated Initiate Pack II! These carefully-selected items are sure to kickstart your journey and help you Rank up to realize your ultimate potential.

The Initiate Pack II includes:

  • Nova Warframe
  • Vectis Sniper Rifle
  • Essential Critical Chance Mod Bundle
  • Vital Sense Mod
  • Nova Atomica Skin
  • Radia Syandana
  • Alamos Sniper Skin
  • Classic Saturated Color Palette
  • 2000 Endo
  • 7-Day Affinity Booster
  • 275 Platinum


  • Made small optimizations to memory.
  • Made optimizations to dynamic lighting that might occur in rare cases.
  • Optimized peak memory usage while loading with DirectX 12.
  • Fixed possibly rare and unlikely crash in Dx12.
  • Made micro-optimizations to Dx12 threaded rendering.
  • Made micro-optimizations to DirectX 12.


  • Fixed Garuda Talons not retaining skin details/textures in Arsenal preview.
  • Fixed Garuda's Seeking Talons UI getting stuck on screen after falling into a teleport volume while casting it.
  • Fixed case where you could lose Act progress in Nightwave due to it clearing before getting uploaded to the server.
  • More fixes towards Nightwave Standing appearing doubled in the UI.
  • Fixed textures flickering in the warp tunnels in the ‘Approach Praghasa’ stage of The New War quest.
  • Fixed textures flickering in the teleport volume in the camp in The New War quest.
  • Fixed more cases of incorrect capitalization for:
    • Certain missions in the World State Window (Disruption Void Missions, Kuva Survival, and Sanctuary Onslaught).
  • Fixed potentially crashing when streaming between levels in Railjack if you left some enemies active on a POI.
  • Fixed certain Ephemeras applying to Operator faces, creating some very unsettling sleep paralysis looking Tenno.
  • Fixed the Pakal Chest Plate floating when equipped on Railjack Crew members.
  • Fixed the scale button being misaligned when placing an object using the Orbiter decoration menu in Spanish.
  • Fixed issue with Epic launcher where items purchased in the in-game Market would only show as ‘owned’ after relogging. It will now show that you own the item immediately after purchase.
    • This also fixes not seeing an item displaying as ‘owned’ in the detailed view.
  • Fixed crash when leaving the Orb Valis after free roaming.
  • Fixed the Gara Prime, Nidus Prime, and Harrow Prime Light and Dark Glyphs having the same name.
  • Fixed crash related to spawning Archwing using Archwing Launcher.
  • Fixed script error with Gauss’ Thermal Sunder.
  • Fixed the Rise of the Machine Nightwave Act showing as incomplete even after completed when your Necramech is destroyed.

Hotfix 31.2.1[]

March 18, 2022 Forum Post

Nora's Mix Volume 1: Hotfix 31.2.1


  • Added a ‘New!’ page under the ‘Featured’ category to the in-game Market that will display recently added items to the game.
  • Added a new icon for ‘New’ label in the in-game Market.



  • Fixed Nightwave Standing not being rewarded when completing the ‘Venus Bounty Hunter’ Act.
    • We are investigating other Acts that may be affected and looking into ways we can track the lost Standing to be recouped via script.
  • Fixed a UI bug where double the amount of Nightwave Standing earned was shown if you ran a mission with a Syndicate Sigil equipped and completed a Nightwave Act. Upon relog the correct value would be properly shown.
  • Fixed the Simulor missing its Critical Chance/Damage and Status Chance stats in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Garuda’s new passive HUD icon losing its damage buff status while active after Transferring to Operator and back.
  • Fixed an overwhelming amount of enemies spawning in a low level (5-15) Escort the Drone Plains of Eidolon Bounty.
  • Fixed Client functionality loss when loading into a Captura and the Host is in Free Roam Camera.
  • Fixed file path showing in the Madurai Focus tree. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1302882-madurai-school-bio-is-shown-incorrectly-and-the-code-written-for-it-is-showing/
  • Fixed issues for ‘Wall (Damaged, 8m, Left)’ Decoration not having the same scaling as its right side counterpart.
  • Fixed being unable to pick up and move the Orokin Public Information Screen Decoration after placing it in the Dojo.
  • Fixed a couple mentions of Landing Craft instead of Orbiter.


March 16, 2022 Forum Post

Nora's Mix Volume 1: Hotfix

Necessary one fix wonder hotfix to nuke a bad crash.


  • Fixed nasty crash related to Wisp’s Reservoirs.

Update 31.2[]

March 16, 2022 Forum Post - Nora's Mix Volume 1

Nora's Mix Volume 1

Nora's Mix Volume 1: Update 31.2.0



**NOTE: Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol.1 will officially begin later today, so that we can synchronize the start time across all platforms!

***Nightwave: Nora's Mix Vol. 1 will launch tomorrow on all platforms. Full info here:

We have entered the era of Nora's Mix. Aptly named, Nora has brought with her a mix of unique rewards spanning the old and new. With a fresh selection of Acts, both new and experienced Tenno can earn the new Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 Cred in style.

For this edition of Nora’s Mix, a total of 22 new Daily, Weekly, and Elite Weekly Acts have been added to give you new ways to earn Cred! Complete them to earn never-before-seen Customizations including the new Glacia Syandana, Liset Domestik Drone, and more listed below.


Daily Acts:

Liquidation Sell any item in your Inventory for Credits.

Two for One Pierce and kill 2 or more enemies in a single Bow shot.

Death from Above Kill 10 enemies with ground slams.

Swatter Kill 3 Drones or Ospreys with your Melee Weapon.

Topping Off the Tank Successfully defend an Excavator without allowing it to run out of power.

The Personal Touch Place 1 decoration in your Orbiter.

Augmentation Install an Augment Mod on your Warframe.

A Firm Shake Shake the hand of a fellow Tenno using the Handshake Emote.

Builder’s Touch Claim an item from your Foundry.

Medic Revive a fellow Tenno or a Companion.

Stay on top Kill 20 enemies using a Necramech while hovering.

Weekly Acts:

Night and Day Collect 15 Vome or Fass Residue in the Cambion Drift.

Loyalty Gain 5,000 Standing with any one Syndicate faction.

Mad Lab Plunder one of Alad V's secret laboratories on Jupiter.

The Old Ways Complete 1 mission with only a single pistol and a glaive equipped.

Bloodthirsty Kill 20 enemies in 5 seconds.

Elite Weekly Acts:

Antiquarian Open one of each era/tier of Relic (Lith, Meso, Neo, Axi).

The Price of Freedom Free one Captured Solaris using a Granum Crown.

The Many Made Whole Convert 10 Riven Slivers into a Riven Mod.

Terminated Destroy 3 Necramech Isolation Vault guardians.

  • Every member of the squad will get progress towards this Act for defeating a Necramech Vault Guardian.

Rise of the Machine Kill 300 enemies using a Necramech without getting destroyed.


Dual Swords Stavika Skin One of the very first dual swords designed exclusively for Tenno use, thought to be commissioned by the House of Stavika.

Ivara In Action Glyph Show off your stealth look with this Glyph for your profile!

Glacia Syandana Jagged, crystalline spikes crown a shroud of snowy mist in this ice theme syandana.

‘Combat Reload’ Augment Mod for Tigris On headshot kill, or if 5+ pellets hit the head, increase reload speed by +120% for 3s (at max).

‘Range Advantage’ Augment Mod for Akjagara +300% damage if no enemies are within 10m (at max).

Liset Domestik Drone A Tenno engineered cleaning drone designed in the elegant style of the Liset.

Plus a hand-picked selection of rewards from previous Nightwave acts!

  • Wolf Howl Emote
  • Nora Stencil
  • Naberus Ephemera
  • Wolf K-Drive Scrawl
  • Paracyst Zebra Skin
  • Orokin Tea Set
  • Chitoid Sentinel Bundle

And evergreen rewards you know and love:

  • Arcane Grace
  • Weapon + Warframe Slots
  • Kuva
  • Forma Bundles
  • Orokin Catalysts
  • Melee Riven Mod
  • Exilus Weapon Adapter
  • Exilus Warframe Adapter
  • Umbra Forma

Caliban’s Cranion Helmet Blueprint will also appear in the first Cred Offerings rotation once live.

For patrons of Nora’s previous Acts, duplicate protection will be maintained for rewards that you’ve already unlocked. Identical to Nora’s Choice, Tenno can expect to be compensated with Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 Creds instead of the previous unlocked reward!

Read the original Dev Workshop here!

General Nightwave Changes & Fixes:

  • Changed the ‘Sharing is Caring’ Act name to be more accurate to the challenge. It is now ‘Go Viral’.
  • More fixes towards Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis specific Acts not tracking properly in their post-New War form.
  • Fixes towards Act progress pop ups overlapping in the UI.



The crimson maiden of death has been streamlined for more satisfying butchery! With a focus on adding more maneuverability and deadliness to the queen of gore, the following changes have been made:

Passive Killing enemies (including assists) now increases damage by 5% up to 100% and drains by 1% every 2 seconds. Kills stall the drain for 5 seconds. This is reflected in a new UI icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen.


Dread Mirror

  • Dread Mirror’s projectile will now auto-throw when Energy drains completely from charging.
  • Added new Dread Mirror’s projectile directional animations while charging mid-air before releasing.
  • Dread Mirror’s projectile can now be charged while sprinting.
    • New floating animations have been added to support the full sprint blood casting fantasy!
  • Garuda will now be invulnerable while traveling to the target.
  • Doubled the damage scaling of the projectile while throwing.
  • Adjusted the position of the projectile damage numbers to be lower on the mirror so that it doesn’t go offscreen as often.
  • Increased the turn speed of Dread Mirror when not aiming. Dread Mirror turn speed is also now instant while aiming.

Blood Altar

  • Garuda will now be invulnerable while traveling to the target.


  • Bloodletting now clears Status procs when cast.
  • Slightly increased Energy gain from 35% to 40% of Garuda’s Energy pool.

Seeking Talons

  • Doubled base damage from 150 to 300 at max.
  • Seeking Talons can now be charged without holding the cast binding for the entire duration. Either tap for a hands free charging that will auto release, or hold for manual charging.
  • Slightly reduced max charge time.
  • Added new Seeking Talons directional animations while being charged mid-air before releasing.
  • Seeking Talons can now be charged while sprinting.
    • New floating animations have been added to support the ultimate blade summoning ability.
  • Garuda is now invulnerable while casting Seeking Talons until it is fully charged.

Garuda Fixes:

WARFRAME AUGMENT BUFFS As mentioned in our last Devstream, we set out to buff a selection of Augments that were underused according to our statistics. Our goal is to bring these Augments up to speed, and align them with our more popular Augments. The buffs below are merely additions onto what already exists in the game. This won’t be our only batch, so expect to see more Augment changes in the future!

Ash: Smoke Shadow: Before: Conceals allies within 15m for 8s. New: Added +150% Critical Hit Chance buff while the player is in stealth.

Atlas: Titanic Rumbler Before: Create a single rumbler with 300% health and 300% damage. New: Rumbler now has 300% health and 400% damage, with 300% more range to hit multiple enemies with its melee attack.

Baruuk: Endless Lullaby Before: Performing a finisher on a sleeping enemy would retrigger Lull for 100% of the remaining duration. New: In addition to finishers, Lull’s refill duration now triggers when a sleeping enemy is directly killed (does not trigger on assists). Can now only be triggered once per 3 seconds.

Excalibur: Furious Javelin Before: Each enemy hit would increase Excalibur’s Melee Damage by 10% for 16s New: Melee damage is now increased to 15% at maximum Rank.

Excalibur: Surging Dash Before: Each enemy hit during Slash Dash further increases your melee counter by 4. New: Doubled Melee Combo gained from Surging Dash.

Gara: Mending Splinters Before: For each target affected, Splinter Storm heals 3 Health per second. New: Heal rate has been increased to 15 Health per second per target affected.

Garuda: Dread Ward Before: Become unkillable for 5 seconds when Dread Mirror kills a target by ripping its life force. New: The invulnerability duration has been increased to 8 seconds. Dread Ward also has new visual feedback when casted.

Harrow: Warding Thurible Before: Allies in range take 40% less damage while channeling Thurible, and grant 0.5 additional energy charge whenever damaged. New: Allies will now take 50% less damage, and are granted 1 Energy when damaged.

Harrow: Tribunal Before: Other players will proc 50% of the effects of Penance and Thurible when attacking chained enemies. New: Allies now proc 100% of the effects.

Chroma: Guided Effigy Before: Cast and hold to make Effigy move to your aim point. Deals 2000 damage per second to enemies in its path and roars on arrival stunning nearby enemies. New: Now deals double the damage and restores 5 Energy for each enemy in its path. Also improved the responsiveness of Effigy when turning/moving.

Hydroid: Corroding Barrage Before: Each projectile has a 100% chance of inflicting a Corrosive status effect. New: Tempest Barrage gains 100% Ability Strength.

Hydroid: Curative Undertow Before: Allies can stand in the pool to regain 30% health every 1.5 seconds, increasing the energy drain on Hydroid per ally. New: The energy drain to heal allies has been removed, and the Augment’s description has been updated to indicate that Hydroid will restore 10% Health (this was always an effect, it was just not indicated in the description).

Hydroid: Tidal Impunity Before: Clears Status Effects and grants 12 seconds of Status Immunity for yourself and allies that come in contact with Tidal Surge. New: Reduced Tidal Surge’s Energy cost from 25 to 15.

Inaros: Desiccation's Curse Before: Killing a blinded enemy with a finisher has a 75% chance of summoning a Sand Shadow.

  • New: Killing a blinded enemy with a finisher now has a 100% chance of summoning a Sand Shadow. Increased Sand Shadows damage by double.

Inaros: Elemental Sandstorm Before: Sandstorm has a 50% chance of inflicting Status Effects based on the damage types and mods on equipped melee weapon. New: Sandstorm now has a 100% chance of inflicting Status Effects. As well, Sandstorm receives a 50% increase to range.

Limbo: Rift Haven Before: Allies banished to the rift will have 25% of their Maximum Health restored. New: Allies banished to the rift will have 25% of their Maximum Health restored every second.


Calling all Dojo crafters! We have added two new rooms and new Dojo Decorations inspired by the Grineer Kuva Fortress and Orokin Tower tilesets for you to let your creativity fly.



  • Reduced Chroma’s Effigy radial knockback intensity. It will still send enemies flying, but no longer to the moon.
  • Explosive Barrels will now knock down enemies; if they are within 0-2m they will be knocked down by the blast, at 2-6m they will suffer a heavy stagger, and at 6-10m they will suffer a light stagger and take 800 damage. For the Large Corpus Exploding Barrels, these values are 0-3m, 3-8m, and 8-12m with 1200 damage. If they die from the blast, they will ragdoll instead.
    • When Blast damage was reworked in Update 27.2, enemies stopped getting knocked over by Explosive Barrels.
  • Increased Drone health and decreased the number of reinforcements in level 10-30 Bounties in the Plains of Eidolon.

Hydroid Tidal Surge Changes:

  • Hydroid’s Tidal surge can now be canceled early by jumping (similar to Lavos’ Vial Rush).
  • Reduced the cost of a second Tidal Surge cast by 50% while in Tidal Surge.
  • Recasting the ability to change directions will now do so seamlessly while in Tidal Surge form (Hydroid will no longer pop his head out in between casts).
  • Fixed spamming Hydroid's Tidal Surge causing the wave FX to stick to Hydroid permanently.


  • Made micro-optimizations to light rendering.
  • Made a micro-optimization to DirectX 12 rendering.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to rendering on all platforms.
  • Made DirectX 12 robust against content that could crash the driver.
  • Made numerous optimizations to level loading and texture streaming when using DirectX 12 on PC
    • On a fast PC with an NVME SSD we saw an improvement of over 10% when loading into large levels.
  • Fixed a number of crashes when using DirectX 12.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading the game or certain levels while using the Enhanced graphics engine with DirectX 12.


  • Fixed the innate damage bonus of Kuva/Tenet projectile weapons not applying to the bonus damage from Galvanized Aptitude.
  • Fixed Requiem Ultimatums dropped from converted or vanquished Adversaries not being added to your inventory. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1294251-requiem-ultimatum-not-being-added-to-inventory/
    • Also fixed there being no indicators for the Requiem Ultimatum drops in the in-mission UI or the end of mission screen.
    • We are looking into the possible options of rewarding those missing Requiem Ultimatums into inventories - we will share more information as we get closer to a solution whether in the form of script or otherwise.
  • Fixed Nira's Mod Set bonus also applying to normal melee damage instead of just Slam Attacks.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when loading between levels.
  • Fixes towards Orb Vallis Bounties with the Case Retrieval, Coildrive Ambush, Credit Collection, Spy, or Exterminate stages automatically failing.
  • Fixed some cave ponds in the Cambion Drift not spawning fish.
  • Fixed a crash in The New War quest if you don’t own a Paracesis.
  • Fixed Revenant’s Thralls breaking spawns in Exterminate missions. As reported here:
  • Fixed ranged enemies disarmed by Loki also losing their Melee weapons on recast.
  • Fixed being unable to place The New War Decorations in a Dojo room.
  • Fixed incorrect Operator Idle Stance animations after a certain quest stage in Cetus in The New War quest.
  • Fixed Inaros’ Elemental Sandstorm Augment mod not using bonus damage type from Kuva/Tenet weapons.
    • Also fixed this for Melee abilities (Atlas’ Landslide for example) that were not inheriting from Kuva/Tenet Melee weapons.
  • Fixed cases where the Lotus was replaced in her usual inbox messages by a spoiler character in The New War while playing the quest.
  • More fixes towards filepaths showing up in TennoCon item names.
  • Fixed cases where Excalibur Umbra might lose his Health increase after using Transference. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1299812-excalibur-umbra-loses-health-after-using-transference-investigating/
  • Fixed a Gear duplication bug that could occur on consumables after receiving some in an open landscape mission.
  • Fixed Railjack mission countdown not proceeding if a player leaves the squad when all other votes are in.
  • Fixed being able to stay in endless Inaros Sandstorm after using an Emote (like the Shawzin) on a keybind.
  • Fixed more text case issues across the game.
  • Fixed destroyed Dojo rooms not actually being fully destroyed (they would not show in-game, but a new room could not be placed at their location).
  • Fixed Domestik Drones sitting around idle in the front end of the Orbiter.
  • Fixed Protea's default helmet using the Telema Helmet icon in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed more inconsistent use of capitalization throughout the game, notably in the following areas:
    • ‘Favorites’ colors section in the Arsenal.
    • Squad overlay loadouts.
    • World State Window.
    • Pop-up message when you leave a Clan.
  • Fixes towards Kela De Thaym sometimes not taking damage from Clients.
  • Fixed Dojo decoration icons appearing distorted and stretched in the ‘Rush’ menu.
  • Fixed Vault C being impossible to complete after breaking control panels in Pago, Kuva Fortress Spy mission. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1300573-alt-route-in-pago-no-longer-working/
  • Fixed the Grendel Helmet clipping through the Grendel Nian skin.
  • Fixed some clipping issues with the upper corner of Grendel Nian’s tummy lip.
  • Fixed losing Archwing in a specific underwater area in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed spamming the Gear Wheel causing Lotus transmission audio to repeat and change.
  • Fixed issues with converting German ß to upper or lower case:
    • Now all ß to SS will be in upper conversions.
  • Fixed issues with the ‘Don’t be Afraid’ Poster diorama.
  • Fixed script error related to Chroma’s Effigy.
  • Fixed script error related to Zephyr’s Airburst.
  • Fixed script error related to Melee ground slam kills.
  • Fixed an error that caused Atlas Rumblers to use incorrect values for their punch damage which was disregarding your Power Strength bonus (and the Titanic Rumbler bonus if you had it equipped)
  • Fixed script error related to Atlas’ Rumblers.

Hotfix 31.1.8[]

February 24, 2022 Forum Post

Echoes of War: Banshee & Mirage Prime Vault: Hotfix 31.1.8


  • Fixed crashes when starting the game in DirectX 12 on Windows 10 systems that have managed to avoid Windows Update for since 2016.
    • We strongly encourage you to run Windows Update when you can, to avoid strange problems and security vulnerabilities on your PC!


  • Fixed more icons appearing stretched after the great icon “squarification” treatment:
    • Plains of Eidolon Conversation Emblem icon.
    • ‘Unidentified Item’ icon in the end of mission screen.
  • Fixed Ordis’ glitch dialogue subtitles missing during the Jordas Precept quest.
  • Fixed TennoCon 2019, 2020, and 2021 Emote names appearing as file paths.
  • Fixed a Ventkid in Fortuna still wearing a Veil post-New War.
  • Fixed Zephyr’s Airburst Rounds Augment Mod no longer functioning if you change Loadouts in the Simulacrum, after having activated it at least once.

Hotfix 31.1.7[]

February 23, 2022 Forum Post

Echoes of War: Banshee & Mirage Prime Vault: Hotfix 31.1.7


  • Added ability to preview the Lunar Renewal Theme and Background.
    • This was player feedback since the Market bundles do not show the theme/background in full. Now you can go to Options > Interface > Customize UI Theme > Select Lunar Renewal Theme/Background to preview before purchasing the bundle.
  • Set maximum purchase quantity in the in-game Market to 9,999,999.
    • You will only ever see this limit if you have the requirements to purchase whatever you are buying 10 million times. You big spender you.


  • Made systemic micro-optimization to load times and improved frame-rate while streaming on Xbox or on PC when using DirectX12.
  • Continued to add diagnostics to try to isolate random DirectX 12 crashes.


  • Fixed an issue where innate damage bonus of Kuva weapons did not apply to the bonus damage from Galvanized Aptitude.
  • Fixed a Sister of Parvos candidate not showing what weapon is offered if the Treasurer is also alive.
  • Fixed text issues with pickups that originated from the capitalization changes, as mentioned in hotfix 31.1.6.
    • Pickup notifications in HUD will now be capitalized for things that do not have custom formatting applied, such as the messages used for who killed who in Conclave.
  • Fixed some mixed case text issues in the end of mission progression box.
  • Fixed Spore Ephemera appearing like gray mush - restored it to its original nastiness we all know and love but also improved it.
  • Fixed issue where Epic Store Platinum bundles would no longer show coupons applied and did not apply discounts to purchases of the same.
    • This also fixes a related issue where the pricing was not accounting for coupon discount and was charging full price while also consuming coupon. The coupon discount will now appear on hover. If you were affected by this issue please create a ticket at support.warframe.com
  • Fixed the Sniper Ammo Mutation mod not mutating Rifle ammo at the described rate.
    • For example, at Rank 0 you should receive 1 Sniper ammo per Rifle pickup and it was giving 0.
  • Fixed the following issues with the Protovyre Armor Set:
    • Fixed completing the Protovyre Sentient killing challenge not awarding players with the evolved Protovyre Chest piece.
      • This was caused by exiting Railjack from the menu, which would fail to deliver Protovyre inbox message if challenge was completed.
      • For those affected, we will be running a script that will deliver the inbox message with the evolved Protovyre Chest piece. We will update this thread once we have started and finished the script. Edit: The script has been run!
    • Fixed Requiem Relics dropped from Thralls or Hounds not counting towards the Protovyre Syandana challenge progression.
  • Fixed Sister of Pavos Hounds becoming permanent allies (and blocking progression) if affected by abilities like Nyx’s Mind Control or Revenant’s Enthrall.
  • Fixed Amp appearing in town hubs on a post-New War character.
  • Fixed clipping issues with the Nidus Kuvael Scrounger helmet open/closed states.
  • Fixed Nidus Kuvael Scrounger helmet’s fleshy meat pieces not hiding properly in its closed non-mutated state.
  • Fixed turrets not taking damage from bullets in Wyrmius, as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1229467-wyrmius-cant-kill-the-turret/
  • Fixed Wyrmius turret projectiles firing from the wrong position.
  • Fixed more icons appearing stretched after the great icon “squarification” treatment:
    • Vallis Beast and Bird Emblem
  • Fixed incorrect lighting in some cases when ‘Shadow Quality’ is set to ‘Low’.
  • Fixed ‘CORRUPTED’ prefix appearing in all caps in corrupted enemies name UI.
  • Fixed possible map hole near power structures in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed some punctuation issues in the Lotus’ transmission and Vox Solaris quest.
  • Fixed the Vitrica’s sound FX building up when turning many enemies to glass at the same time.

Hotfix 31.1.6[]

February 17, 2022 Forum Post


  • Fixed a crash when loading into Plains of Eidolon and a squadmate leaves.
  • Fixed a script error when scanning an Oculyst in the Sealab Mobile Defense tileset.
  • Fixed loss of camera control in the War Within Quest if you entered Void Mode just as you were being devoured by something golden.
  • Fixed weapons with Multishot (especially innate multishot like on shotguns or beam weapons) having a higher damage increase from Galvanized Aptitude/Shot per Status type as intended.
    • Essentially, the total damage bonus was being added to each individual projectile, resulting in damage numbers far beyond the intended amount.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if an ally Kuva Lich was present while returning to town.

Missed Change: Re-capitalized active Warframe, Pet, and Weapon names, meaning anything that you renamed in full CAPS would be restored. We’re looking into why this has caused some text issues with pickups.

Edited February 18 by [DE]Danielle Added clarification on Multishot fix

Hotfix 31.1.5[]

February 17, 2022 Forum Post

Echoes of War: Banshee & Mirage Prime Vault: Hotfix 31.1.5

The compensation script for bad Lich/Sister rewards was completed yesterday on all platforms! Full detailed post here.


  • Made several armor placement adjustments for the Grendel Nian skin.
  • Kuva will now always have its Item Label enabled in the in-game Market so that you can see how much you are buying if Kuva is included in a bundle.
  • Re-organized unnamed Inventory items (Operator hairstyles for example) to display at the bottom of the list, since they cannot be interacted with.
  • Updated the description of a set mod from the post-New War Bounties to from “Increase damage from Slam Attacks by +100%” to “100% Slam Attack Damage”.


  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur when using DirectX 12 and a corrupt texture was found in the cache.


  • Fixed the Zato Facial Accessory not appearing when customizing the Operator.
  • Fixed Baruuk’s Reactive Storm Augment doing astronomical amounts of damage that ripped through time and space, and would eventually cause him to stop doing damage altogether, as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1300588-baruuks-over-damage
  • Fixed misleading prompt when attempting to swap an Exilus slot’s polarity: “Exilus slot must be unlocked before assigning a polarity to it.”
    • Misleading due to the fact that you cannot swap an Exilus slot’s polarity. It will now correctly indicate this in the error prompt.
  • Fixed several text case issues originating from the change in Hotfix 31.1.3.
  • Our work continues to find and fix odd case issues.
  • Fixed more icons appearing stretched after the great icon “squarification” treatment:
  • Resource icons on the ‘cancel build’ popup screen when canceling a building foundry item.
  • All Specter icons in the Codex.
  • Fixed ‘test’ suffix appearing at the end of some text in the World State Window.
  • Fixed script error related to the Star Days booth waypoint in Fortuna.
  • Fixed the ‘g’ in ‘Strength’ getting cut off in the Arsenal stats UI.
  • Fixed remaining issues caused object looping behaviors Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed some ‘Limited Time’ items not appearing when searching ‘Limited Time’ in the in-game Market.
  • Fixed Wukong’s Celestial Stomp Augment clone not working for Clients.
  • Fixed the Narmer Banner (Long) Dojo Decoration resizing to a new default smaller size that couldn’t be scaled up.
  • Fixed the ‘Limited Time’ icon background being too small causing UI clipping issues.
  • Fixed updated Augment mod descriptions slipping through the cracks (to come at a later date!).

Hotfix 31.1.4[]

February 15, 2022 Forum Post

Echoes of War: Banshee & Mirage Prime Vault: Hotfix 31.1.4

Quick turnaround/small hotfix to address crashes related to Octavia.


The New War Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Sigils on a character in the quest were twice as big as they are post-quest.

Hotfix 31.1.3[]

February 15, 2022 Forum Post - Banshee & Mirage Prime Vault

Banshee & Mirage Prime Vault

Echoes of War: Banshee & Mirage Prime Vault: Hotfix 31.1.3


Unleash lethal acrobatics or a cacophony of chaos! Get the prismatic Mirage Prime and bombastic Banshee Prime along with their Prime Weapons and exclusive Accessories from the Prime Vault.

This is the first Vault to follow the experimental run of Prime Resurgence as to not disrupt player accessibility to Vaulted content. More information on next steps for Prime Resurgence can be found in our end-of-event announcement.



  • 1200 Platinum
  • Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime
  • Euphona Prime
  • Kogake Prime
  • Akbolto Prime
  • Helios Prime
  • Deconstructor Prime
  • Capella Prime Syandana
  • Abbera Prime Syandana
  • Atavist Prime Armor
  • Ictus Prime Sentinel Accessories
  • Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime Glyphs



  • 400 Platinum
  • Banshee Prime Warframe
  • Euphona Prime
  • Helios Prime
  • Deconstructor Prime
  • Capella Prime Syandana
  • Ictus Prime Sentinel Accessories
  • Banshee Prime Glyphs



  • 400 Platinum
  • Mirage Prime Warframe
  • Kogake Prime
  • Akbolto Prime
  • Abbera Prime Syandana
  • Atavist Prime Armor
  • Mirage Prime Glyphs



  • 200 Platinum
  • Capella Prime Syandana
  • Ictus Prime Sentinel Accessories



  • 200 Platinum
  • Abbera Prime Syandana
  • Atavist Prime Armor

Find their Relics in the Void or Bounty rewards today!

Banshee Prime, Mirage Prime, Euphona Prime, Kogake Prime, Akbolto Prime, Helios Prime, and Deconstructor Prime Relics have been added to the drop tables! These Relics have replaced the Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime, Relics in the Void drop tables, Bounties, and Relic Packs.

  • Nyx Prime’s Relics are however still available through Corpus Railjack missions.

*If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.



Included in this second and final batch of designs from Round 21, you’ll find spectacular Skins and Customizations for your Warframes, Weapons, and more! Check them out now via Steam launcher and support hard-working Tenno designers from the Warframe Community.








Embody the fearsome and ferocious tiger with Lunar New Year bundles! Give your companion or Warframe a new look with brand-new Kubrow Armor, a beast-inspired Grendel Skin, Weapon Skins and many more items to decorate your Orbiter or customize your loadout with.

All of the Lunar Renewal items in the bundles are also available for individual purchase in the in-game Market!

*With the exception of the Lunar Renewal Prowl Sigil, Lunar Renewal Theme, and Lunar Renewal Background in the Spring Festival 2022 Pack.

The Lunar Renewal items and Bundles are available via in-game Market for Platinum until March 7th @ 2 PM ET. With the exception of the Grendel Nian Skin, which is remaining in the Market as a permanent addition! Grendel’s first official DE-created skin, Grendel takes the form of the beast from below and comes out to stuff his greedy belly.

These Lunar Renewal time-limited items will be making a seasonal re-appearance in the future.


Lunar Renewal Celebration Pack

  • Lunar Renewal Theme
  • Lunar Renewal Background
  • Lunar Renewal Prowl Sigil


Shining Lunar Renewal Collection

  • Clavatus Greatsword Skin
  • Brave Tiger Floof
  • 7 Day Affinity Booster
  • 200,000 Credits
  • 20,000 Kuva


Luminous Lunar Renewal Collection

  • Clavatus Ignis Skin
  • Lunar Renewal Carp Sugatra
  • Lunar Renewal Prowl Sigil
  • Lunar Renewal Background
  • Lunar Renewal Theme
  • Kitgun Riven Mod
  • Zaw Riven Mod
  • 7 Day Resource Booster
  • 7 Day Credit Booster
  • 300,000 Credits
  • 30,000 Kuva


Radiant Lunar Renewal Collection

  • Grendel Nian Skin
  • Zarr Lunaeus Skin
  • Moondance Kubrow Armor
  • Peach Blossom Ephemera
  • Melee Riven Mod
  • Pistol Riven Mod
  • Rifle Riven Mod
  • 7 Day Affinity Booster
  • 7 Day Credit Booster
  • 7 Day Resource Booster
  • 500,000 Credits
  • 50,000 Kuva

The Feasting Hamster Glyph and Lunar Renewal Calligraphy Poster are also available in the in-game Market for 1 Credit!

Happy Lunar New Year, Tenno!


  • Added Steel Path weekly leaderboards.
    • To view, open pause menu > Profile > Leaderboards and select from the weekly missions list to now view both the ‘Origin System (Normal)’ and ‘The Steel Path’ Leaderboards.


  • Made several case text changes across the game to unify capitalization across the board. For example:
    • “HILDRYN CHASSIS” is now “Hildryn Chassis”.
    • Since this touched text across the game, if you come across any issues please report them! Some text may still be intentionally fully capitalized, but if you see any “HaRrOw PriMe sysTEms” please let us know.
  • Turned down the volume of the Void Storm’s Void Sinks in Railjack missions.
  • Defeated Infested Ancients’ corpses will now dissolve quicker.


  • Improved handling of corrupt shader caches in DirectX 12.
  • Made extremely minor micro-optimizations to resource management.
  • Made extremely minor micro-optimization to Dx11 rendering.
  • Fixed handling of a rare form of cache corruption.
  • Fixed a rare type of cache corruption where only certain files were deleted from the install.
  • Fixed a small memory leak that would occur when corrupt sound resources were detected.
  • Fixed a rare and harmless crash on shutdown that could occur if you hit Alt-F4 while loading in DirectX 12.

The New War Fixes:

  • Fixed being unable to move your Warframe if you’re knocked down by the big baddie in the final stage of the quest.
  • Fixed mismatching character suits between two core characters in ‘The Aftermath’ and later stages of the quest.


  • Fixed damage bonus % provided by Condition Overload not being numerically consistent across Melee weapons.
    • Condition Overload was not accounting for Melee weapons that deal different amounts of damage with different swings via combos. We will continue to watch for any issues related to the above.
  • Fixed several functionality issues with Yareli while riding Merulina in the Mastery Rank 14 test, notably being unable to shoot or ride Merulina anymore.
  • Fixed several issues with the Isolation Vaults & underground tunnels below Cambion Drift generating incorrectly causing players to be unable to progress, as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/sq81ug/are_the_iso_vaults_breaking_for_anyone_else/
  • Fixed several icons appearing stretched after the great icon “squarification” treatment :
    • Extractor icons in the Select window when deploying an Extractor via Navigation.
    • Archwing Weapon ‘action’ icons.
    • Dojo room building resources icons (except for Credits and Thermal Sludge).
    • Orb Vallis Conservation Emblem icon.
    • Harrow Chassis in the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed being able to exceed the Mandachord’s allotted notes per section.
  • Fixed Wisp’s movement audio loop being too quiet.
  • Fixed equipped Requiem Mods appearing as a blank square slot icon when stabbing an Adversary.
  • Fixed ‘Depth of Field’ settings in Captura resetting each time you toggle between menus.
  • Fixed multiple crashes caused by objects in the Corpus Outpost, Corpus Ship, and Kuva Fortress tileset looping behaviors.
  • Fixed crash related to the Anku Blueprint in the Tenno Lab.
  • Fixed script errors when attempting to change the enemy type while customizing an Articula.
  • Fixed extremely rare case of the screen fading when in Railjack dorsal/ventral turrets.
  • Fixed being unable to search for Clan members in the Clan menu if typed using uppercase.
  • Fixed Warframe lingering in the background of the in-game Market and Nightwave windows.
  • Fixed the De Nas Pistol Skin missing reload sound.
  • Fixed Wukong and Nezha’s Animation sets having the wrong description in the in-game Market.
  • Fixed the Augur Seeker and Augur Secrets mods both sharing the same picture. The Augur Secrets mod has been updated with its intended image.
  • Fixed chat linked Railjack mods dioramas having unnecessary description text next to the mod.

Hotfix 31.1.2[]

February 10, 2022 Forum Post

Echoes of War: Hotfix 31.1.2

Hotdropped yesterday: Fixed incorrect Adversary rewards (weapon % bonus, Ephemera, Hound) being given after Vanquishing a Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos. Full PSA here.

  • We are working on next steps for those who were affected - more information to come as we lock something in.


  • Fixed DirectX 11 detection issues for systems that have managed to avoid an Update for Windows 7 released on February 26, 2013.
    • We strongly encourage you to run Windows Update when you can, to avoid strange problems and security vulnerabilities on your PC!


  • Updated Yareli’s Surging Blades Augment description for clarity:
    • Was: Press 3 to hurl a single Aquablade, which gains 10% damage per enemy hit by your Aquablades. No cost to throw while riding Merulina.
    • Now: Activate Aquablades while in use or during cooldown to hurl a single blade. Thrown blades gain 10% damage when any Aquablade hits an enemy. No cost to throw while riding Merulina.
  • Reduced the background size of the Captura Advanced Menu panel to improve visibility of your masterpiece.
    • We’re looking at more improvements as well - stay tuned.


  • Fixed Lavos and Hildryn infused with Aquablades being unable to throw the disk with the Surging Blades Augment equipped because they don’t use Energy.
  • Lavos can now throw the projectile on a cooldown and Hildryn using her Shields.
  • Fixed multiple holstered weapons (specifically Staff, Tonfa, and Sword and Shield holsters) clipping through Hildryn’s Einheri Skin.
  • More fixes towards Adversary transmissions not showing your Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos.
  • Fixed Transferring to Operator while using Vauban canceling the count in the UI for Tesla Nervos.
  • Fixed Relics and Arcanes appearing far too large within the confines of the boxes in the Codex.
  • Fixed the rounding of the Growing Power Mod % display incorrectly at 25% in the Mod screen and 26% in the HUD. They now both correctly show 25%.
  • Fixed the Solunar Glyph disappearing from the in-game Market and player inventories, as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1299640-solunar-glyph-gone/
  • Fixed rare crashes that could occur when the engine attempted to repair cache corruption.
  • Fixed script error after throwing a Specter ball, dying and then respawning before it spawns.

Hotfix 31.1.1[]

February 9, 2022 Forum Post

Echoes of War: Hotfix 31.1.1


  • Fixed crashes and excessive performance hitches when Grendel consumed an exorbitant amount of enemies and proceeded to vomit them out (90+ enemies). In the name of performance, we’ve added a limit of 40 enemies that can be eaten by Grendel at any given time, and spread out the vomiting of large numbers of enemies.
    • Test Cluster crash report/fix.
    • This was noted in the Update 31.1.0 notes but didn’t actually make the build.
  • Fixed memory leak related to Harrow’s Condemn with Enhanced Graphics enabled.

The New War Fixes:

  • Fixed Teshin spinning around in circles before loading into the Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed Teshin freezing in cutscene after taking care of some big baddies.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to change the appearance of an end-of-quest character.


  • Fixed an issue where changing Operator features (eye color, hair color, etc) would only apply to the active Clothing config and not all 3 A/B/C as is intended.
  • Fixed a duplicate entry for the Sirocco in the Primary Profile category.
  • Fixed the Tenet Cycron having force feedback rumble when reloading while using controller.
  • Fixed Credit icon missing from the End of Mission screen on mission nodes with an active Sister of Parvos.
  • Fixes towards Client Adversary transmissions appearing with no Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos.
  • Fixed the Terralyst getting stuck on rocks after spawning from Gara Toht Lake in The Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed Corpus Reinforcement Beacons in the Orb Vallis taking friendly fire damage.
  • Fixed Arcane icons appearing stretched in Chat linked loadouts.
  • Fixed crash when missions (with the exception of Railjack) switch task to Exterminate.
  • Fixed holographic FX mesh on the Blodgard Heavy Blade Skin so that the animated textures flow better.
  • Fixed getting stuck on the Mission Failed screen with no way to exit after dying during the Call of the Tempestarii Quest ‘Infiltrate the Corpus Spy Vaults’ mission.
  • Fixed incorrect RU and DE description of the Hildryn Einheri Collection in the in-game Market.
  • Fixes towards a script error related to Sister of Parvos Hounds.
  • Fixed Helminth Subsuming slots at Rank 10 showing as 100K+ instead of ‘Unlimited’.
  • Fixed script error when attempting to Alt+F4 during a Transmission.
  • Fixed script error when attempting to view Quests in the Codex.
  • Fixed a script error related to Hildryn’s Passive.
  • Fixed script error related to Gauss' Thermal Sunder.

Update 31.1[]

February 9, 2022 Forum Post - Echoes of War

Echoes of War
AladVPortrait d.png
“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”
The following article/section contains spoilers.

Update 31.1.0: Echoes of War

The year is 2022, and Digital Extremes is back with the first Mainline of the year - we’ve got roughly 4GB of content changes!

Less than 2 months ago The New War Quest was launched on all platforms. Our ambitions to have Replay on launch didn’t make it in time, but we made it our top priority to have it ready for our first Update of 2022. There’s still no accurate words to describe our appreciation for all the support and reactions to The New War, and we hope you enjoy replaying it as many times as you wish!

There’s lots more in the Warframe oven for 2022 - thank you for coming along the ride!

In addition, you may notice nods to the Public Test Cluster in some sections. Thank you to everybody that participated in our weekend test! We’ve made some changes in response that you’ll find throughout the patch notes.



Experience The New War Quest once more, Tenno! Access The New War Quest in the Codex to Replay. Please note with this implementation the Replay is a full time commitment and you will be locked into the Quest as you were in the first run, so plan accordingly.


This quest has significant Spoilers for Warframe and its future. While The New War has been out since December 15th, there are still Tenno out there who have yet to experience it for the first time. Please let all Tenno experience it at their own pace, and be kind. Use liberal spoiler tags if you wish to talk about it, and do not ruin the experience for someone else. Content Creators should clearly label spoiler content and use spoiler-free thumbnails.

The Quest can be discussed in our temporary Sub Forum: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1782-the-new-war/

Please note on Replay (heavy spoilers):

During the “end choice” moment, you’ll be able to select the other choices for strictly experience purposes. The choice you made in your original playthrough will override it each time once complete.

Additionally, 3 ‘The New War’ Somachord Tones have been added to the post-New War Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. Based on player feedback, we have made these Somachord Tones stationary, meaning they will always be in the same spot (different from the original Orb Vallis Somachord Tones) and require 1 scan each. They’ll remain in their spots after Scanned for helpful Tenno who waypoint them for others!

Keep a look out for the following Somachord Tones:

  • For Narmer
  • Hybrid Abominations
  • Sunkiller



Included in this first batch of designs from Round 21, you’ll find exciting Skins and Customizations for your Warframes, Weapons, and more! Check them out now via Steam launcher and support hard-working Tenno designers from the Warframe Community.





TENNOGEN ROUND 21: PART 2 will follow shortly! Check out which Skins will be coming here.



Descend from on high as the legend that Hildryn truly is. A skin that ensures her legend will echo down the ages. Strength and glory!

Hildryn arises anew, re-forged in the fires of finest smith-craft. Add splendor to her saga with this collection of deluxe items.The Einheri skin includes a new look for Hildryn’s Balefire Charger. The Deluxe Bundle includes the Hildryn Einheri Skin, Blodgard Heavy Blade Skin and the Brising Syandana.


A master-crafted weapon, forged in fire for the hands of heroes - yet worthy of a goddess. Bestow this skin upon any Axe.


The sun rises on the victor and sets upon the vanquished. This is how your legend is made. Adorn yourself with this exquisite syandana, worthy of the sun herself.


Frost: Biting Frost: Passive

Frost gains 200% Critical Chance and 200% Critical Damage against frozen enemies.

*Acquire from the Cephalon Suda and Steel Meridian Syndicate Offerings.

Gauss: Thermal Transfer: Thermal Sunder

Allies in range gain 75% bonus Elemental Damage for 30s.

*Acquire from the Arbiters of Hexis and Perrin Sequence Syndicate Offerings.

Grendel: Gourmand: Feast

Instead of Energy, consumes 200 Health on cast and 30 Health Drain.

*Acquire from the Red Veil and Steel Meridian Syndicate Offerings.

Yareli: Surging Blades: '' Aquablades

Press 3 to hurl a single Aquablade, which gains 10% damage per enemy hit by your Aquablades. No cost to throw while riding Merulina.

  • Test Cluster change: Yareli’s Surging Blades Augment can now build its damage bonus from hits made by throwing the blade, instead of only hits made by the ones that circle around her. It now costs extra energy to throw the Aquablade as a ranged attack, but this is negated if you are riding Merulina.

*Acquire from the Cephalon Suda and New Loka Syndicate Offerings.


As the pool of Adversary weapons grows and your checklist fills out, the natural chance of finding a Progenitor (Larvling or Candidate) with the exact weapon you desire shrinks. This Adversary Weapon Generation Quality of Life change is meant to reduce randomness over time of what weapon a Progenitor Candidate (Sister) or Larvling (Kuva Lich) can spawn with.

How it works:

By skipping a Progenitor (choosing not to Mercy them) the spawned weapon is then put into a ‘reject’ pile for that round of Adversary generation, meaning that it will not appear again and ultimately reducing the weapon pool each time you ‘reject’.

The list of rejected weapons is cleared once you accept an Adversary and the process would start again from a clean slate for both Sister or Kuva Lich the next time you go looking for an Adversary. This list clearing applies to both Sister and Kuva Lich, meaning once the chosen Adversary is Converted or Vanquished, the list clears for both factions.

Test Cluster change: Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos weapon reject list will now reset if you reject every possible weapon.



Begins at 2pm ET today!


It’s Star Days, Stardust! Love is in the air, Ticker has made sure of that. Visit her in Fortuna at her special festive booth to claim Rewards by exchanging Debt-Bonds from 2pm ET today until February 23, 2022 @ 2pm.


The majestic Eros Ephemera has returned, along with the Neon Eros Wings decoration and Eros Arrow Skin, and don’t miss out on three brand-new seasonal Glyphs; Star Days Ordis, Yareli, and Grineer Glyph.


Plus, find a home in your Orbiter for the ultra-special Ticker Floof - which can now be interacted with when placed to hear Ticker speak some words of wisdom!

If you already own the Ticker Floof from last year’s Star Days, the interactive component has been retroactively added to them as well!


The following have also been added to the in-game Market for the season of love - find them in the ‘featured’ section:

  • Valentine Color Picker - 1 Credit!
  • Donwyn Glyph Bundle I
  • Donwyn Glyph Bundle II

Tennobaum items can be acquired from Ticker’s Star Days Offerings!

  • Solstice Acceltra Skin
  • Solstice Skiajati Skin
  • Solstice Kuva Cloak
  • Frostfall Ephemera

Our TennoBaum celebrations look a little different this year! Due to factors including The New War’s December launch, we have opted to merge this year’s TennoBaum & Star Days together in the month of February.

Festive accessories from TennoBaum 2020 will return as part of Ticker’s Star Days offerings, and the TennoBaum tradition of donating will continue with a donation to a charity (to be announced on February 9) on behalf of the Warframe community. While no in-game gifting event and online tracker will occur this year, we’ll also be taking the spirit of gift-giving into a special TennoBaum x Star Days livestream on February 10th, which will be our Prime Time gifting spectacular!

*As shown on Devstream #159, we have Lunar New Year celebrations coming soon! Stay tuned!


Dojo Architects are you ready?? We have a handful of new Dojo Decorations and some new Rooms as well! We cannot wait to see your continually amazing creations.

New Rooms

Earth Forest Chamber

Uranus Chamber


New Decorations

100 Grineer Forest and Ocean themed Decorations have been added! We’ve got water pumps, turbine blades, cloning machinery and much more!


  • The Legendary Rank 2 Test is now available to eligible Tenno! We appreciate your patience as we worked on getting it ready.
  • Added the ability to individually color customize each of your Operator’s eyes for the full Heterochromia effect.
  • Added 20 new Operator skin colors options!
  • Added a new Grendel ability tip:
    • "Feast's damage-over-time on vomited enemies, damage on Regurgitated enemies, and Nourish’s self heal on cast all scale based on the level of enemies Grendel devours."
  • Added a tooltip to the Vox Solaris Quest to indicate that you can use your Secondary weapon on the K-Drive.
  • New Thumper variants have been added to the Post-New War Plains of Eidolon! By selecting the Narmer Bounty you’ll find these Thumpers ambiently patrolling the Plains.
    • Their drop table matches that of its counterpart.


  • Upgraded our compiler and have seen small optimizations across the entire codebase for a faster Warframe experience. We anticipate this to have no noticeable stability changes but we request Tenno report any oddities they encounter.
  • Made a small tweak to Dx12 startup to try to improve support for systems without the latest Windows Updates.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the Codex.
  • Made several general optimizations.
  • Made general performance improvements to Dx12.
  • Made numerous optimizations towards the Infested Corpus Ship tileset.
  • Fixed crash when aborting Dx12 startup.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to PC rendering.
  • Optimized away a few single-frame hitches and potentially fixed a rare crash.
  • Made numerous optimizations towards the Defense arena in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
  • Fixed a minor hitch every time a player jumped into K-Drive, Necramech, or Operator.
  • Made micro-optimizations to Navigation startup.
  • Made small optimizations to level streaming and loading and fixed an ultra-rare crash that could occur for hosts.
  • Made a micro-optimization to loading in Dx12 and the classic engine.
  • Fixed crashes and excessive performance hitches when Grendel consumed an exorbitant amount of enemies and proceeded to vomit them out (90+ enemies). In the name of performance, we’ve added a limit of 40 enemies that can be eaten by Grendel at any given time, and spread out the vomiting of large numbers of enemies.
    • Test Cluster crash report/fix.
    • This fix didn't make the build and will be coming in a Hotfix.


We rebuilt reflections across the entire game when Enhanced Graphics Engine is enabled to use modern high quality texture format which improves the quality and punch of gold, bronze, chrome, and other metallics. This change reduces the noise, makes them more vibrant, and ultimately more balanced overall. A lot to visually enjoy during your replay (or first playthrough!) of The New War!



  • Hold onto your seats: we’ve converted all Arsenal Screen rectangle icons to squares. This applies to places like the Arsenal, Operator, and Codex which previously used rectangular icons.
    • To provide some Dev insight: At the moment, we have literally thousands of duplicated icons. Each item had to support both displaying as a rectangle and as a square, but now that everything has been converted to squares, all the rectangle icons are soon to be deleted. Which will reduce the game file size once we hit the big delete button - stay tuned on that! In the meantime, if you see anything funky with icons (squished/stretched/cropped etc) please let us know.
  • The Options menu has been reworked to bring some new and reorganize the old! This is the beginning of our broader Options menu rework efforts that will continue in a near future Update, stay tuned!


  • NEW: Accessibility options now have their own tab! You’ll find respective VIDEO and INTERFACE accessibility options now live here.
  • GAMEPLAY has been renamed to SYSTEM, and CHAT has been renamed to SOCIAL.
    • Moved all networking related options to System under a Network header
    • Moved all friend/gift/party request options to Social under a Privacy header
    • Moved all chat channel options to Social under a Chat header
    • Moved all chat appearance options to Social under a Chat Appearance header
  • DISPLAY has been renamed to VIDEO.
    • Added 3 new headers: Display, Graphics, and Advanced. Respective options have been moved within the headers.
  • Added 3 new headers to the AUDIO tab: Sound, Sound Mixer, and Voice. Respective options have been moved within the headers.
  • Added 1 new header to the INTERFACE tab: User Interface (alongside HUD). Respective options have been moved within the headers.
    • Moved "Item Labels" into the "Customize UI Theme" screen.


  • In addition to the already existing Conservation method of Trail & Tranq, all species of animal on Orb Vallis can now be found ambiently in the wild! (Bolarola, Sawgaw, Kubrodon, Horrasque, Stover, Pobber, Vermink). Due to the endangered nature of the species, the rarest subspecies will still need to be tracked down by following their trails.


  • New Sky/Atmospheric technology brings a physically-plausible simulation based on time of day. Enhancing the atmospheric experience to feel more immersive and accurate when a time of day is represented.
  • Improved visuals within the Cambion Drift landscape by comprehensive efforts to have less competing emissive values on foliage. This can be attributed to reduced spore particles and reduction in the overall red color the
  • Enemy reinforcements will now spawn more frequently during the Drone Hijack mission in the Plains of Eidolon Bounty to reduce down-time and increase density of enemies to defend from while running alongside the Drone.
    • Simple reasoning here is to bring a bit more intensity to this Bounty to have your escorting efforts feel valued.
  • Enemy reinforcements will now spawn more frequently in Exterminate and Assassinate missions in Plains of Eidolon Bounties.
    • Additionally, reinforcements that spawn in caves will now be more inclined to chase the player, instead of just patrolling idly without a care in the world.
  • Unified the drop rate of each house’s MK II and MK III weapons dropped from Corpus Crewships in Pluto Proxima and Corpus Veil Proxima regions to Uncommon (12.50%).
    • Previously the Talyn and Vort MK III were Legendary drops with a 0.65% chance, while the others were Uncommon at a 24.35% drop chance. Vort and Talyn MK II were Rare with a 5.64% chance, while the others were Uncommon with 19.36%. Instead of having certain weapons in the same tier level weighing more than others in terms of rarity, there is now a far more equal drop chance across each weapon.
  • Railjack Crew Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos can now Revive players and Crew!
  • Lavos’ Vial Rush has been slightly changed in the name of performance. When casting Vial Rush zones from previous Vial Rush are removed but deal a one time damage proportional to their remaining duration.
  • You can now replace an existing Arrival Gate with another Gate located elsewhere in your Dojo should you choose to. Previously you had to destroy the original Arrival Gate in order to place a new one.
  • Amped up Nechramech summon FX and added summon animations.
  • Improved Bow animation movement to better match sprint turn speed.
  • Made some lighting updates to the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Updated the Orbiter Arsenal floor to make collision more accurate.
  • Improved frequency of rare tiles that almost never appear in some Grineer Shipyard tileset mission types.
  • Softened the look of hair/fur while using the Enhanced Graphics Engine option (Temporal AA remains unchanged). Refined look to the shading.
  • Adjusted the Ogris and Kuva Ogris Nightwatch Napalm FX to be cleaner and use energy color consistently.
  • Added Zarr alt-fire FX.
  • Improved the colors in the waterfall FX in the Grineer Forest tileset.
  • Changed Oberon's Passive description from ‘buff’ to ‘link’ since allied companions stats are calculated based on Oberon’s.
  • Made improvements and fixes to out-of-bounds & AI pathing in the Grineer Shipyards tileset.
  • Increased the variety and randomization of the Cambion Drift underground tunnels to give the space a more lively feel.
  • The Amalgam Furax Body Count Mod now applies a Blast proc and Stagger on Melee kills.
    • The original Mod description stated that “Melee kills knockdown enemies within 15m” but that functionality has been missing in-mission since Blast Status was changed in Update 27.2 to no longer knockdown enemies . In addition to the Blast Status, we have also added the stagger to restore its original function pre-Status overhaul. We have also updated the description to be more accurate to the Mod’s function.
  • Added locations for Gems, Ores, and their derived types to their descriptions.
  • Enemies will no longer throw grenades at adjacent walls when trying to hit an out-of-sight target.
  • Toned down the brightness of Revenant’s Mesmer Skin FX. It will also now be hidden while in Archwing.
  • Removed Parazon Finisher prompt on flying enemies, since they have to be grounded to become eligible for said Finisher.
  • Added animations when performing Parazon Finishers on Crawlers.
  • Converted the following weapons when used by enemies to PBR:
    • Glaxion
    • Jat Kittag
    • Vulkar
    • Supra
  • Improved how Pobbers and Kuakas handle sloped terrain.
  • Gas City door scanners are now more lenient and their trigger has been narrowed.
  • Using the Arsenal will now mute background dialog from NPCs and Pets.


  • Scaled down the Captura controls list to cover less screen space.
  • Fixed not being able to fine-tune the exposure setting in the Plains of Eidolon Captura Scene.
  • Fixed your Warframe’s orientation quickly changing whenever the Captura Lighting Colour settings are changed.
  • Fixed some text overlap in longer languages in Captura screens.


Thanks to everyone who participated in our Public Test Weekend for New War replay functionality (and possibly first-time Quest runs)! Over 200 testers shared their reports spanning the entire New War quest. We’ve done our best to focus on the larger issues, and those that affected replay functionality, in time for this mainline release. We have you to thank for the following issues being resolved:

  • Fixed misaligned Railjack when entering from Archwing during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed your Companion appearing in a cutscene in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed holding a light incorrectly during certain parts of The New War Quest.
  • Fixed being in your default customizations in certain moments during the final mission of The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a group of Brachiolysts missing some of their Health in the first mission of The New War Quest.
  • Fixed an infinite loading screen during a pivotal transition moment during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a certain character’s Orvius toss being titled ‘Rip Line’. It is now titled ‘Orvius Reach’.

We still have a number of reports that are being investigated, so expect more improvements to trickle in during future Hotfixes!


  • Fixed receiving all the Protovyre Armor evolved forms (Emergent and Apex) if you only purchased one of the Protovyre Armor parts. Full PSA here.
    • The Protovyre correction script has been run! The following has been implemented:
    • Players who have evolved Protovyre parts in their account but did not purchase the base version of the part, have had the evolved versions removed.
      • Challenge progress related to unlocking the evolving armor has not been affected.
  • Fixed Galvanized Mod "bonus Damage per Status" not functioning for numerous projectile weapons.
    • A previous change had them operate relative to "base damage" but the code was incorrectly getting base damage from the impact behavior rather than the projectile. This problem was pervasive and there are hundreds of weapons in our game! Please be patient and send updated reports if something slipped through our net.
  • Fixed crash with Dx12 enabled and skipping cinematics in The New War.
  • Fixed an improbable crash that could occur in ultra-rare cases while Hosting.
  • Fixed functionality loss during the final mission in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed functionality loss when using Shawzin and Transference at the same time.
  • Fixed functionality loss when using Shawzin and Navigation at the same time.
  • Fixed ability to start a Narmer Bounty in a pre-New War Plains session. This resulted in a handful of progression stoppers.
  • Fixed a crash when returning to Cetus/Fortuna while your Scanner was equipped.
  • Fixed a rare Dx12 crash during The New War Quest related to a Transmission.
  • Fixed a permanent white screen during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in the Sister of Parvos Showdown fight where Client enemy Hounds remained indefinitely after Mercying.
  • Fixed a softlock when attempting to customize a character in The New War Quest for the first time.
  • Fixed missing Sentient Anomaly objective if the Public mission was started from the Liset.
  • Fixed a lack of enemy spawns in the Gas City Sabotage tileset, most noticeable when the tileset is selected for Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed Plains of Eidolon Capture stage Bounty bonus failing if you kill enemies in the window of time after successfully capturing the target before rewards are given.
  • Fixed a Cache being buried in the terrain in the post-New War Plains.
  • Fixed Escort Drone attempting to path under a fallen tree in the post-New War Plains.
  • Fixed getting a black screen when a Client enters the Railjack Slingshot of the Host player.
  • Fixed Profit-Taker leg Health regenerating at times it shouldn't. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1228077-profit-taker-leg-regen-legs-revive-when-they-shouldnt/
  • Fixed inability to hit ragdolling enemies with Yareli’s Aquablades.
  • Fixed large amount of spot-loading when spawning an On Call Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed heavy spot-loading on opening Contracts menu in Ticker's shop.
  • Fixed spot-loading any cosmetic you try to preview.
  • Fixed spot-loading unpurchased Stances when you tried to preview them.
  • Fixed spot-loading all the Colour Palettes when customizing a colour, and then spot-loading it again when selecting a Colour Palette.
  • Fixed spot-loading when viewing Crew members with customization attachments in the Contracts menu.
  • Fixed spot-loading when entering a Town Hub (Cetus, Fortuna and Necralisk).
  • Fixed a spot-load when viewing Profile in Liset or Hub (possibly other places as well).
  • Fixed a noticeable hitch when activating the ‘On Call’ Gear item that could result in Host Migrations and disconnections.
  • Fixes towards Dojo hitches, mostly when coming back from Railjack mission and the Liset.
  • Fixed a black screen during the Apostasy Prologue Quest.
  • Fixed The Maker Quest ending on a white screen.
  • Fixed inability to block with your Exalted Melee weapon if your normal Melee weapon has a Melee Combo built up and you’re in exclusively Melee mode (no other weapons).
  • Fixed ability to unequip your Heavy Weapon with the weapon swap key after death and Revive while holding it.
  • Fixed the vaulted Neo P2 Relic still dropping in Pluto Proxima Fenton’s Field mission instead of the intended Harrow Prime Relics.
  • Fixed various cases of Transference allowing you to clip through the level.
  • Fixed inability to fire your Amp when picking up a mission object (Datamass, Power Cell etc) as the Operator.
  • Fixed missing animations when carrying Datamass while using the Sirocco.
  • Fixed ability to block the Raptor inside of the Gravity Conveyor.
  • Fixed Guardian Eximus’ (and potentially other enemies) getting stuck in certain stairways in the Jupiter Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed Preparation Mod not setting your max Energy after entering a Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit.
  • Fixed Ventkids Syndicate indicating that you can Rank up when you’re not actually eligible yet.
  • Fixed Void Dashing and rolling in quick succession as a post-New War character resulting in becoming stuck in a broken animation.
  • Fixed a post-New War character being shown when replaying the cinematics of certain Quests.
  • Fixed rare case of “normal” enemies spawning in Mastery Rank tests that would then attack the fake enemies.
  • Fixed inability to spawn Deimos Saxum Eximus, Battalyst, Brachiolyst, Choralyst, Conculyst, Oculyst, and Symbilyst in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed Sortie Disruption missions never choosing to be on a lower level node in the Star Chart.
  • Fixed Narmer enemies spawning too close to the gates of Cetus/Fortuna.
  • Fixed a UI error in the Arsenal when equipping the Flux Overdrive Mod on the Tenet Flux Rifle.
  • Fixed overly bright reflections when viewing the Railjack Star Chart.
  • Fixed seeing a PH name for a squadmates Hound if you joined the mission in progress.
  • Fixed missing Lotus VO when replaying The War Within Quest after completing The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a few Venus Proxima Corpus enemy types having incorrect names (Shield Drone & Vapos Railgun Moa instead of Taro Shield Drone and Taro Railgun Moa).
  • Fixed wrong Kuva Lich transmission triggering which could also result in spot-loading.
  • Fixed overly bright metallics on the Saita Prime Operator Sleeves compared to the rest of the Suits design.
  • Fixed an unavoidable teleport volume spawning inside a Spy Vault on the Corpus Ship tileset.
  • Fixed rare issue where an underground tunnel conflicted with geometry on the surface of Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed Operator not playing the chosen Animation Set when viewing a new one.
  • Fixed Javlok projectiles flying side-on to the direction of travel when the Renuntio Speargun Skin is equipped. Also fixes the same scenario for the Scourge/Scourge Prime with the Carcinus Speargun Skin equipped.
  • Fixed Grineer Exo Skold Crewships being manned by Kosma troops instead of Exo troops.
  • Fixed lingering lighting/FX in the Plains of Eidolon after completing The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a distorted FX on the Teralysts footsteps.
  • Fixed the Verv Ephemera appearing huge while in Archwing mode/Archwing dioramas in the Market.
  • Fixed Wisp missing her custom walk animation during certain moments in the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a vehicle in Cetus having no collision.
  • Fixed some places where players could get stuck/hung up on geometry in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed missing door frame on Sands of Inaros Quest.
  • Fixed seeing water texture outside of its boundaries in the Mariana Earth tileset.
  • Fixed some overly bright reflections in the Jupiter gas City tileset.
  • Potential fix for hearing a high pitched sound when entering Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed a typo in a Daily Tribute message from Teshin.
  • Fixed seeing double Helminth chair materials.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift animals showing an empty gender stat in the Capture UI. The Infested animals do not have gender variants.
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue where being downed while only carrying Melee weapons would leave them looking holstered when somebody revived you.
  • Fixed Clients seeing Armored Vault health bar grayed out in the ‘Weaken the Grineer Foothold’ Plains of Eidolon Bounty.
  • Fixed inability to use the same binding to open/close the Tactical menu while piloting Railjack.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Cloak Arrow not attaching to your own Companions.
  • Fixed case of escaping the Grineer Settlement tileset bounds.
  • Fixed waypoints in Volatile and Orphix missions appearing out of place when entering Railjack Slingshot.
  • Fixed Hijack Rover health drain being displayed as -10s instead of -10.
  • Fixed the frontal part of the Left Templar Prime Sleeves appearing darker than the right.
  • Fixed dying as Operator in the Mastery Rank 24 test respawning you as a mini Excalibur.
  • Fixed being unable to cycle Grendel’s Nourish options if you don't have Energy to cast it.
  • Fixed the Voidrig Necramech missing its corn cob bodice in the in-game Market diorama.
  • Fixed audio reverb position being attached to player eye position instead of camera position.
  • Fixed Railjack hologram staying the default blue color after returning to your Obiter from a Relay or Town Hub (if you had changed the color).
  • Fixed enemies held by Xaku’s Gaze attempting to attack friendly units (Specters, Crewmates, or other players' companions).
  • Fixed the Protovyre Syandana not attaching correctly to the Volt Electrolyst Skin.
  • Fixes towards Warframes having weird head movement during Vor's Prize Quest.
  • Fixed FX missing on Staff ends when using the Samadhi Staff Skin while Wukong’s Primal Fury is active.
  • Fixed misaligned UI animations in the themed Arcane Manager screen.
  • Fixed Glass Shard in the Galleon being able to be scanned before you complete the Spy Vault in Saya’s Vigil quest.
  • Fixed NPCs in their idle patrol behavior sometimes being unable to path correctly.
  • Fixed Warframe clipping into the Codex table when installing the Communication segment during Vor’s Prize.
  • Fixed the Grineer pod launcher cannon not working in Grineer-to-Corpus ship Invasion / Crossfire missions.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior between K-Drive grinding with/without the Velocipod skin.
    • Also fixed some inconsistency with K-Drive speed with/without the skin.
  • Fixed light flickering issues near one of the windows in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed Yareli's bubbles’ FX being overly bright.
  • Fixed broken loc tag on the Mark of the Beast Mod.
  • Fixed broken camera angle obscuring puzzle elements in the Lua Music Puzzle room. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1280985-lua-music-room-resets-the-camera-view-making-one-automatically-miss-seeing-the-start-of-the-note-sequence/
  • Fixed enemy teleporting while performing a stealth kill with a Two-Handed Nikana (Tatsu, Pennant, etc.).
  • Fixed rain VFX being so thick that it makes it hard to see in the Awakening Quest.
  • Fixed being able to hit negative Modding capacity after hitting the cap and then upgrading an equipped Mod beyond capacity as a Mastery Rank Legendary 1 player.
  • Fixed seeing a “honey i shrunk the kids” Operator when attempting to customize while standing in front of Onkko’s table.
  • Fixed sometimes seeing jittery Wisp Motes.
  • Fixed losing the HUD when equipping Shawzin at the same time as K-Drive.
  • Fixed equipped Kavat or Kubrow lifting us its forelimb when swapping between Pets.
  • Fixed some colored emissive materials rendering as pure white in the Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed Clients seeing both Wyrm active when in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed some funky looking water in the Orokin tilesets.
  • Fixed a sound build up when using Mirage’s Eclipse with Hall of Mirrors.
  • Fixed ‘Iron Wake’ Star Chart text overlapping with ‘Mantle’ for numerous languages.
  • Fixed blinding teleport light in the Corpus Railjack ‘Seven Sirens’ mission.
  • Fixed the Tenno Lab in the Dojo having incorrect glass textures.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Grendel’s Feast ability.
  • Fixed Foliage Decoration having a visible name tag when looking at it in Dojo.
  • Fixed numerous UI screens (Syndicate Rank, Dojo Room Construction, Helminth feeding, etc) being illegible when a lighter UI Theme is equipped.
  • Fixed ‘Prelude to War’ not appearing when searching it in the Codex.
  • Fixed a Fortuna Fragment spawning inside geometry after completing The New War Quest.
  • Fixed an erroneous space in the Helminth UI which could result in misaligned cursor selection zone.
  • Fixed dimmed/black screen if you skipped a cutscene at a certain moment during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed some foliage clipping during a cinematic in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed Orphix not despawning during the first mission of The New War Quest.
  • Fixed certain characters having something on their face after completing The New War Quest and attempting to play the Vox Solaris Quest.
  • Fixed odd movement animation when entering Void mode and rolling at the same time.
  • Fixed all players seeing a fade in/out FX each time sometime enters or exits the Railjack.

Edited February 10 by [DE]Danielle Script

Hotfix 31.0.11[]

January 25, 2022 Forum Post

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.11

Prime Resurgence has concluded!

Regal Aya is no longer purchasable from Varzia and Aya has been removed from the drop tables and replaced with Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime Relics.

Varzia still resides in Maroo’s Bazaar with a selection of wares. If you choose, any remaining Aya/Regal Aya can be used in Varzia’s post-event shop or can be held onto for potential future Prime Vault efforts. While the future of Prime Resurgence is still being determined, priority in any instance will be to provide options that appropriately meets player expectations for premium purchases.

A full Post-Event and Next Steps breakdown is available here!

  • Nova's Worm Hole can now act as a one-way teleport for ally NPCs.
    • One of our key motivations behind this change came from discussing the Escort Drone Bounty, and how the momentum at which the Drone paths to reach its objective can feel sluggish for those who’ve repeatedly completed the Bounty. This change to Worm Hole may encourage players to strategically bring Nova to aid in guiding the NPC along its path if they choose to.
      • Sorry, Tenno! Got a little over-eager and shipped this work-in-progress change too soon. We have more in the pipe for this - stay tuned.
  • Vaulted the Neo P2 Relic and replaced it with the Neo P4 Relic in the drop tables.
    • The Neo P2 Relic was missed being Vaulted with Harrow Prime’s release.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into either Orb Vallis or Plains of Eidolon with a squad that contained players who had completed The New War Quest and some that had not.
  • Fixed a Dx12 crash that could occur when lingering in the Pause Menu.
  • Fixed inability to Public matchmake into the Cambion Drift if the squad contained players who had completed The New War Quest and some that had not.
  • Fixed Grineer Outrider kills sometimes not being attributed correctly in Railjack which could result in not getting the drops you would expect.
  • Fixed Railjack Crew members targeting the Grineer Missile Platform Turrets when Piloting instead of the Radiator mission objectives, which when playing Solo understandably caused frustration. As reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/s8p418/this_is_how_an_elite_crew_member_pilot_ai_looks/
  • Fixed Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos Railjack Crew members Health value in mission not matching the values displayed in the Dry Dock. Your Adversary Crew will now reflect the Dry Dock value!
  • Fixed inability to use the Emote wheel in Captura.
  • Fixed Cinematic Mode not toggling when using a controller in Captura Advanced Camera Controls.
  • Fixed volume levels for Caliban’s Abilities.
  • Fixed a script error that could sometimes result in a crash while attempting to kill the last enemy in the Mastery Rank 25 Test.
  • Fixed UI overlap when opening the Pause Menu while using the Polychrome.

Hotfix 31.0.10[]

January 20, 2022 Forum Post

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.10

  • Reskinned the Captura Settings UI screen to provide an updated look!
    • A continuation of the ongoing UI Reskin efforts noted in Updated 30.9.0.
  • Fixed a Dx12 crash when switching between Fullscreen and Windowed.
  • Fixed a Dx12 crash that could occur in The War Within Quest if Enhanced Rendering was enabled.
  • Fixed multiple spots where the Drone could get stuck during its escort in the post-New War Plains of Eidolon.
    • Please let us know if the Drone continues to get stuck post-Hotfix. Screenshots are much appreciated!
  • Fixed a Companion weapon not applying all equipped Upgrades if they are valid for the weapon's current configuration but the weapon has a capacity upgrade and the Companion does not.
  • Fixed Corpus Outpost tilesets with snow having black snow falling in their outdoor segments.
  • Fixed incorrectly sized ‘X’ button callout in the Dojo Room Options screen.
  • Fixed camera not panning out when attempting to view different Orbiter Appearances.
  • Fixed a script error after purchasing the Orbiter Captura Scene and then attempting to use it.

Hotfix 31.0.9[]

January 20, 2022 Forum Post

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.9


  • Improved CPU performance on Dx12 by improving CPU core utilization, most significantly noticeable in Railjack missions or Free Roam levels.
  • Made the launcher's cache optimize feature also clean up crash reports that might have failed to submit in the past (for some extreme cases this might be hundreds of MB of wasted space).
  • Optimized away a few single-frame hitches and potentially fixed a rare crash.
  • Optimized game startup, particularly when a Quest is active.
  • Fixed crashes when failing to launch the game.
  • Elite Outriders now drop the same Mods as regular Outriders in Railjack missions (in addition to the Wreckage they already drop).
  • Added a ‘Narmer’ category to the Simulacrum Spawner screen.
  • Fixed Orb Vallis Jailers sometimes spawning hundreds of meters away and not commuting to the objective.
  • Fixed Grineer pod launcher cannon not working in Grineer-to-Corpus ship Invasion / Crossfire missions.
  • Fixed Invasion Events (Fomorian or Razorback Armada) not triggering when eligible to.
  • Fixed a Fortuna Fragment spawning inside geometry after completing The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a post-NW Captura Scene not respecting placed Decorations.
  • Fixed rare case of Mod Capacity going into a negative state when Upgrading Mods when you are over MR 30.
  • Fixed lingering muzzle FX on the Tenet Cycron
  • Fixed excessive force feedback during Caliban’s Razor Gyre ability.
  • Fixed missing lip sync animations during the Second Dream Quest.
  • Fixed a script error when an Adversary fails to spawn after a Host migration.


January 12, 2022 Forum Post

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.8


  • Added GPU preference setting to launcher to override Windows defaults and defaulted it to High Performance.
  • If you were running on battery when you launched Warframe it may have selected your laptop's IGP instead of your discrete GPU but since we don't switch GPU selection while running, reconnecting your laptop's power wouldn't actually switch to your discrete GPU so you'd suffer terrible performance until you restarted.
  • If you run into problems with the High Performance default you can get the old behaviour by changing GPU Preference to "Let Windows Decide".
  • Smoothed out hitches on while loading or streaming levels on PC running DirectX 11.
  • Optimized peak memory when using DirectX 12 on PC and eliminated small hitches that would occur during level and texture streaming.
  • Made many systemic micro-optimizations that saved approximately 15MB of RAM.
  • Made SIMD optimizations to core math routines to improve performance for all platforms.
  • Made a micro-optimization to DirectX 12 prefetching on PC.
  • Improved cache-density of some frequently used data to improve performance.
  • Upgraded some internal compression code to improve performance.
  • Improved overall performance in Dojos that have many Transporters.
  • Made performance improvements to Caliban’s Fusion Strike.
  • Added additional Ranks (max Rank 180) to the current Nightwave Intermission.
  • Made improvements to lip sync animations and eyeball materials for the Operator.
  • Reduced the volume of electricity Status Effect sounds.
  • Reduced jump exertion sound interval for a post-NW character.
  • Caliban’s Cranion Helmet has been added for future Nightwave Cred Offerings rotations - keep an eye out for it!
  • Fixed a crash if the Panzer Devolution Mod respawn triggered with specific timing during player death & respawn.
  • Fixed another case of Data Keys not dropping from Orb Vallis Jailers, if a previous Drone Defense or Case Capture Bounty stage occurred approximately near the location you searched the body.
  • Fixed inability to "activate" a certain objective during The New War Quest if the timer runs out and you’re near said activation area.
  • Fixed Caliban's Passive not working in certain situations.
  • Fixed post-NW ‘Anguish’ Set Mods having only 1 effect applied as opposed to the 2 listed.
  • Fixed a post-NW Set Mod bonus of "reduced damage while airborne" not being applied.
  • Fixed missing Kela De Thaym VO when entering the Rathuum arena.
  • Fixed rising through the floor when entering the Rathuum arena.
  • Fixed flicking FX on Plains of Eidolon Bounty Caches after completing The New war Quest.
  • Fixed numerous issues when playing Komi during The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed Void Shadow causing Client Operator to blink and Ephemera to appear when they are hidden.
  • Fixed Nightwave screen no longer auto-scrolling the Ranks to your current Rank spot.
  • Fixed the Kerulyst Sentinel Attachments not mounting properly to Taxon.
  • Fixed inability to Chat Link the Mark of the Beast Mod.
  • Fixed numerous misaligned Sugatras when equipped on the Ravurex Gunblade Skin.
  • Fixed Throwing type weapons using the reload animation of a Bow.
  • Fixed swapping weapons while the Verdilac is mid-animation resulting in it becoming improperly offset from your Warframe.
  • Fixed numerous Ostron NPCs having incorrect facial features.
  • Fixed Euphona Prime reload sound when using the gun as Secondary without a Glaive.
  • Fixed instructions appearing prematurely during a moment in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a script error when selling a weapon that a Railjack Crew Mate has equipped.
  • Fixed a script error when customizing a post-New War character.

The New War: Hotfix


  • Fixed issue with volumes across the game that was causing multiple crashes to occur (notably during Eidolon hunting).
  • This was part of a not-ready-to-be-released feature that snuck into the last Hotfix without thorough enough testing.

Hotfix 31.0.7[]

January 7, 2022 Forum Post

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.7

  • Another post-New War Quest item is available in Simaris’ Offerings for those who sell theirs.


  • Made micro-optimizations to reduce hitches in DirectX 12 on PC.
  • Made micro-optimizations to load times on PC when using DirectX 12 .
  • Made micro-optimizations to game startups.
  • Made minor bug fixes to DirectX 12 shutdown.
  • Fixed Ember and Frost (individual) Prime Resurgence Packs not giving the Titan Extractor Prime Blueprint.
    • We’ll be running a script to fix accounts that didn’t receive the Titan Extractor Prime Blueprint. This thread will be updated when it has finished.
      • Script is complete!
  • Fixed flickering shadows in Open Zones when certain Transmission played and you had Enhanced Rendering enabled.
  • Fixed Exterminate enemies spawning too deep into the Plains of Eidolon caves where they couldn’t maneuver to the front of the cave.
  • Fixed occasional crash when rapidly opening and closing an Inbox message from Lotus.
  • Fixed viewing your Operator Equipment in a Relay preventing Transference from working once you leave the configuration screen.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Excavators being destroyed after a Host migration, resulting in having to abandon the Bounty.
  • Fixed Dropships attempting to fly into caves in the post-NW Open Zones.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Defense Bounties counting friendly NPCs as enemies (Pets, Necramechs, etc) which negatively affected the mission.
  • Fixed Vaykor Sydon's Radial Blind special attack not functioning.
    • Please note that due to changes in the way the Melee system works since this weapon was originally designed, you must be in "Exclusive melee mode" to use the Blind special attack. You can engage exclusive melee mode by holding down your Switch Weapons button. In this mode, your Aim button blocks with melee rather than instantly switching you back to a ranged weapon.
  • Fixed Void Blast and reloading not functioning if you have a post-New War Amp and Vazarin’s Guardian Shell enabled.
  • Fixed a post-New War Amp not staying in your hand when performing a Void Blast.
  • Fixed Grineer NPCs in Cambion Drift Bounties not disappearing after the Bounty was failed.
  • Fixed broken elevator moment during The New War Quest if you died after completing a certain objective.
  • Fixed issues with Ash's Bladestorm pausing if you ran far away from the targets during the stabbing.
  • Fixed Coildrive mesh lingering after completing the Ambush Bounty stage in high level Bounties in Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed ability to put Sydon Rivens on the Korumm.
  • Fixed inability to select Bloodshed Sigil Bundles after backing out.
  • Fixed not seeing your equipped post-New War character in your Profile.
    • We’re looking into other players not seeing it.
  • Fixed ability to carry Data Masses and your Primary weapon at the same time - you should switch to your Secondary as intended now.
  • Fixed certain Tenet weapon FX appearing when Skins are equipped.
  • Fixed wrong Inbox icon for a certain sender after completing The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a wonky character mesh during the "Hey Kiddo" moment.
  • Fixed Operator teeth being stained pink. Show me them pearly whites!
  • Fixed sometimes spinning uncontrollably when completing certain Mastery Tests. This also fixes the same scenario happening to the Warframes Displayed in the Personal Quarters when visiting an Orbiter.
  • Fixed join-in-progress players sometimes seeing Hounds with the default name and/or no body parts.
  • Fixed join-in-progress players sometimes seeing a Hound belonging to a different Sister than what everyone else sees.
  • Fixed a spot-load when the Hound of a player that joined in progress spawns.

Hotfix 31.0.6[]

January 4, 2022 Forum Post

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.6

  • Another post-New War Quest item is available in Simaris’ Offerings for those who sell theirs.
  • Fixed the Saita Prime Suit from Varzia’s Wares (Prime Resurgence) not giving the base Suit, and instead giving 2 Hoods.
    • We ran a script this morning to fix accounts that didn’t receive the Saita Prime Suit and will run it again now that this Hotfix is live to catch any accounts that need resolving. Original PSA can be found here.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur on the login screen if the previously logged in account was at a different The New War Quest stage.
  • Fixed Virtuous Arcanes not functioning for a post-The New War character.
  • Fixed inability to complete/progress Challenges in the Plains of Eidolon after you’ve completed The New War Quest.
  • Fixed incorrect Rescue Target Transmission name if you’ve completed The New War Quest.
  • Fixed Orb Vallis Jailers not dropping Data Keys or being marked the second time you had the Rescue Bounty stage at the same location in one session.
    • This fix did not fully take. We've reopened the issue and will investigate for a fix.'
  • Fixed Excavation Cell Carrier spawning issues in Open Zones after completing The New War Quest.
  • Fixed the Knells unlimited ammo not functioning after you've Transferred to the Operator.
  • Fixed Unstable Lunaro shots no longer entering the goal.
  • Fixed a T-pose moment during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed overly bright FX on a post-New War acquired weapon.
  • Fixed missing glow FX on the Dual Kamas Prime.
  • Fixed missing ceiling in The New War Quest if you skipped a certain cutscene.
  • Fixed weapons not functioning after rapidly casting the Dispensary ability via Helminth Subsume.
  • Fixed deactivating Caliban’s Razor Gyre while in the middle of a dash resulting in your altitude becoming stuck.
  • Fixed seeing a ghost of the Star Chart on certain PCs.
  • Fixed seeing a LOC string when trying to create a Mod Link to a modular weapon and that item does not have a Catalyst applied to it.
  • Fixed Invite and Gift name entry box having an excessive character limit.
  • Fixed some Resources displaying a purchase quantity when in reality you can’t purchase it.
  • Fixed seeing white explosion FX when a Crewship explodes in Railjack.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur related to Caliban's Passive.

Hotfix 31.0.5[]

December 21, 2021 Forum Post

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.5

  • Polished numerous animations in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in the finale of The New War Quest.
    • To resolve this we had to backout a previous fix (will revisit for a proper fix):
      • Fixed ability to carry Data Masses and your Primary weapon at the same time - you should switch to your Secondary as intended now.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when mission loading goes bad in Open Worlds.
  • Fixed inability to complete the Mastery Rank 24 Test if you had a certain post-New War thing equipped.
  • Fixed some black screens occurring during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed inability to cycle the Profit Taker's current Shield vulnerability with the Sirocco.
  • Fixed Harrow Prime not giving weapon passive bonus (additional shot in the magazine) to the Knell/Knell Prime.
  • Fixed Knell Prime not displaying correctly when Dual Wielding.
  • Fixed a New War Captura Scene doing unintentional damage to the Operator.
  • Fixed a "table" clipping issue when skipping a cinematic in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed for missing atmospheric FX in the Orb Vallis during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a floating texture in the post-New War Plains.
  • Fixed a script error when using a Specter.

Hotfix 31.0.4[]

December 21, 2021 Forum Post

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.4

  • Added an option to the launcher to disallow the use of network caches (these are allowed by default because they can greatly accelerate updates but on some networks these caches can be misconfigured and cause lengthy stalls in the launcher). The launcher will now restart the update process when changing allowed network caches.
  • Added a workaround for Network Not Responding warnings at the Navigation console when stuck on misconfigured networks.
  • Removed and lowered the volume of some character exertion sounds in The New War Quest.
  • Cinematic polish towards a scene in The New War Quest.
  • Little Duck has a new Offering (Captura Scene related to the Quest) for those who have completed The New War Quest!
  • Gyre Elite Outrider now correctly drops Zekti MK II weapons again.
  • Removed Trading eligibility for the Korumm.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when fighting a miniboss in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a rare soft-lock during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed the Teralyst getting stuck on the terrain if you’ve completed The New War Quest.
  • Fixed getting stuck on a black screen when skipping a certain cinematic during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a progression stopper during The New War Quest if you escaped out a tileset hole.
  • Fixed a giant hitch when opening the "Nightwave Acts" screen due to spot-loading all the reward items.
  • Fixed a rare scenario where a certain mini-boss in The New War Quest could move to unreachable places.
  • Fixed enemies spawning behind locked doors during a mini-boss fight in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed matchmaking errors when attempting to join a pre-New War Open Zone from a post-New War Open Zone.
  • Fixed a post-New War ‘Cache Recover’ Bounty mission starting inside the base with objectives outside the base.
  • Fixed a momentary pop of gameplay before a cinematic triggered during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed an error at the end of The New War Quest that could result in visual discrepancies.
  • Fixed inability to drop power cells into the gravity conveyors in the Raptor boss-fight.
  • Fixed for latency when playing Narmer Shawzin notes quickly - trimmed samples, added a longer decay time to envelopes and also lowered gain to match other Shawzins.
  • Fixed ability to carry Data Masses and your Primary weapon at the same time - you should switch to your Secondary as intended now.
  • Fixed Sentient kills in the Simulacrum counting towards Protovyre Armor Challenge progress.
  • Fixed some Dojo Decorations having their description tag linger in the HUD. Also fixes Helios thinking the Decorations are a valid scan target.
  • Fixed some missing Lotus VO/subtitles when replaying The War Within after completing The New War Quest.
  • Fixes towards Drone pathing issues in the Plains post New War completion.
  • Fixed flickering visuals at the mouth of a large vessel in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed some floating objects in the Plains after completing The New War Quest.
  • Fixed Dojo room 'Default' colour option appearing locked, and cannot be selected.
  • Fixed Chains of Harrow Red Veil Fanatics bow targeting displaying square FX.
  • Fixed a script error when switching Personal Quarter Vignettes.

Hotfix 31.0.3[]

December 17, 2021 Forum Post

Known Issues Not Fixed: Tenno, we want to outline some other issues we are in the process of fixing (this is not an exhaustive list, just some highlights):

  • Issues with Rivens and Spoiler Content.
  • Issues with a certain Beam Struggle in The New War near the end of the quest, and a request for players experiencing this issue on PC:

If you open a ticket, cite Hotfix 31.0.3 + this thread in the subject, and attach your EE.cfg AND Settings (\%localappdata%\Warframe), it'd be appreciated.

  • We know this bug is related to a custom keybind, we just don’t know which yet.
  • Clarified the Protovyre Apex Syandana challenge description to read “An evolving Syandana that draws upon Sentient technology. Collect Relics or Aya with this Syandana equipped to unlock two additional looks."
  • Polished up some FX during The New War Quest.
  • Polished up some FX on a post-New War weapon.
  • Removed Dojo Decorations that weren’t meant to be live just yet!
    • If you already Built/placed these Decorations they will stay! They’ve just been removed from the Architect menu until they’re ready to go live.
  • Renamed the Harrow Prime Lith N9 Relic to Lith N10, as N9 already exists.
  • Updated descriptions for Inbox items received when completing The New War Quest to make it less ambiguous as to what type of items they are.
  • Renamed "Tusk Supplies Cache" to "Grineer Supplies Cache" in the Codex.
  • Added workarounds to the launcher for misconfigured networks.
  • Removed Parazon functionality from a certain character that shouldn't be able to do it.
  • Moved one of the Thousand-Year Fish’s to be more visible for those who have completed The New War Quest.
  • Added a glow to Ammo stations in the beginning of The New War Quest for better visibility.
  • In the event that a Hotfix/Update deploys at the very end moment of The New War Quest, you’ll be asked to retry your input.

Caliban Changes & Fixes:

  • Increased Caliban’s max base Energy from 100 to 125.
  • Slightly increased the radius of Fusion Strike.
  • Caliban’s Fusion Strike now implodes as opposed to exploding upon full convergence.
  • Fixed Caliban’s Razor Gyre at max rank (3) increasing by 10 damage-per-second when charging it (holding down the fire key) when it should be 100 damage-per-second.
  • Fixed Caliban's Fusion Strike not stripping as much Armor as it claims.
  • Fixed Caliban’s Conculyst comrades dropping Sentient Cores after Caliban Revives. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1291487-calibans-sentient-summons-drops-sentient-core/%0A
  • Fixed issues with matchmaking in relation to pre-New War and post-New War.
  • Fixed getting stuck on a black screen during a specific mission in The New War.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in The New War Quest after being Revived.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in The New War Quest when players were put into a wrong state.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur aboard a Murex.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Shadow Stalker appears to fight you.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to Transference to Umbra at the moment he died.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Sentinel Mod ‘Spare Parts’.
  • Fixed various crashes during a certain phase of The New War Quest related to checkpoints.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in The New War Quest due to Yareli riding Merulina during a certain mission.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in The New War Quest related to an objective not triggering if you were too quick.
  • Fixed a cutscene not triggering in The New War Quest if you had a certain Ability active.
  • Fixed a script error (that could cause drones in Orb Vallis Bounties to stop moving) that occured when the drone spawned at some locations - could also happen if you killed off all the enemies currently spawned in the encounter.
  • Fixed getting stuck in a continual knockdown during a moment in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a moment during The New War Quest where you were not able to respawn after a certain checkpoint was met.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in The New War Quest if you completed a certain objective too fast.
  • Fixed some enemies getting stuck out of bounds during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed Button prompts to use Abilities are showing the most recent binding, not one for the current input filter in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed Harrow Prime to be compatible with Helminths Invigoration system. Please note that this will only affect new Invigoration offerings. If you already had a current offering for the original Harrow then it will remain invalid for the Prime. We are making changes to the way we introduce Prime Warframes to Helminth to try and prevent this problem from happening in the future.
  • Fixed one rotation of Bounty rewards awarding the incorrect amount of Endo in its Rare rewards (50 Endo is now 1200 Endo).
  • Fixed Power Cell carriers never spawning in Cambion Drift Purify and Excavation Bounties. This also fixes the Deimos Saxum Rex not spawning.
  • Fixed a post-New War Bounty enemy staying invincible which resulted in a progression stopper.
  • Fixed the Protovyre Syandana not tracking Challenge progress for Clients/some mission types.
  • Fixed running out of energy in Razorwing while in Operator results in Titania being permanently small and breaks movement.
  • Fixed wielding the wrong weapon during the first mission of The New War Quest.
  • Fixed enemies spawning in areas you’ve previously cleared during a certain mission in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a ‘Skip Cinematic’ popup appearing but not functioning if you button mashed on a controller during a specific part during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed enemies not making tactically viable choices during certain missions in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed callouts for the "Ascend" phase being incorrect in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed moments where Focus/Arcane attributes were being applied to the Operator when they shouldn't during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed seeing overlapping weapons in the end scene of The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a post-New War weapon being in the wrong Mastery Profile category.
  • Fixed scenario where Kuva Guardians can’t be disarmed via Void Dash.
  • Fixed a boss Health bar appearing above a character during the Second Dream.
  • Fixed some Operator hair attachments.
  • Fixed white explosions and wrong sounds on Grineer Hellion swarm missiles
  • Fixed certain Decoration dioramas having the item in the ground.
  • Fixed the Helminth Ability ‘Golden Instinct’ not functioning for Somachords and Frame Fighter fragments.
  • Fixed incorrect Operator animations post-New War.
  • Fixed broken textures on the Vasca Kavat fur.
  • Fixed the Athodai having the wrong firing sound. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1290701-athodai-has-the-wrong-sound-after-update/
  • Fixed a script error that occurred if you equip any of a certain Set Mod but had no Melee weapon equipped.
  • Fixed a script error related to playing Umbra in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed incorrect skybox in a post-New War area.
  • Fixed a script error in a post-New War Bounty.
  • Fixed numerous script errors when a Client was attempting to join the Host who was in a Town/Relay.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when playing Orphix missions.
  • Fixed a rare script error when fighting Profit Taker.

Hotfix 31.0.2[]

December 15, 2021 Forum Post

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.2

  • Added some helpful hints during a boss fight phase in The New War Quest.
  • Updated muzzle FX and Alt Fire rotation for the Corinth Prime.
  • Removed Harrow Prime and Venato from Conclave eligibility.
  • A post-New War Quest item is available in Simaris’ Offerings for those who sell theirs.
  • Fixed a crash during The New War Quest related to dying and checkpoint respawns.
  • Fixed a crash during The New War Quest related to having a bad connection while a level transition was happening.
  • Fixed a crash during The New War Quest related to respawning during a certain stage.
  • Fixed a crash during The New War Quest related to dying right when a certain enemy uses an ability.
  • Fixed a crash during The New War Quest related to doing a finisher and dying right after.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when throwing the bait in the monster door in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a crash related to returning to Cetus after a Quest mission in the Plains.
  • Fixed being unable to 'ascend' in a certain part of The New War Quest when using a Controller, as PSA'd here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1290705-mild-spoilers-psa-console-the-new-war-controller-issue-workaround/
  • Fixed a progression stopper in The New War Quest related to an enemy disappearing.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in The New War Quest related to key characters being affected by Magus Anomaly.
  • Fixed being able to down yourself by pressing the Delete button during certain moments in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed Mastery Rank Up not being available from Orbiter Pause Menu.
  • Fixed an important enemy’s shield in The New War Quest not properly blocking damage.
  • Fixed certain enemies potentially disappearing mid fight.
  • Fixed some visual overlaps with faces during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed ability to see a post-New War weapon in your Codex before you’ve completed The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a post-New War weapon showing Exilus in the Catalyst upgrade slot and missing Exilus Mod slot.
  • Fixed Matchmaking/Invite options being available at certain moments during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed an area in The New War Quest where you could reach to see outside of the level.
  • Fixed "Erra" chapter of Prelude to War not activating properly if you started it previously but relogged before completing.
  • Fixed Judicial Coils, Zato Facial Accessory, Revenant Mephisto Mask, and a hair style being missing from Operator customization options.
  • Fixed mismatching skin tones for certain characters in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed Operator hair clipping for certain styles.
  • Fixes towards from facial animations in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a script error related to pulling up the Railjack Tactical Map.
  • Fixed some script errors during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a script error when Maturing a Companion.

Hotfix 31.0.1[]

December 15, 2021 Forum Post

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.1

  • Players who purchased a Railjack but haven't installed their Reliquary Key are now eligible to play The New War Quests.
    • This fixes players who had yet to install the Reliquary Key being locked out of The New War until they did so.
  • Fixed a crash after login during The New War Quest.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to waypoint an Ayatan Sculpture.
  • Fixes towards The New War Quest that are too spoilery to denote at this moment.
  • Fixed players who may have been in a UI-locked state and unable to place other Decorations after placing The New War Community Displays.
  • Fixed harmless script error when migrating on the Fish catch screen.
  • Fixed a script error when a Crew Member Transmission attempted to trigger.
  • Fixed a handful of script errors when casting Abilities.
  • Fixed missing Localization.

Update 31.0[]

December 15, 2021 Forum Post - The New War

AladVPortrait d.png
“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”
The following article/section contains spoilers.

Update 31: The New War



Open Letter From the Developers:

The New War has arrived. This Cinematic quest has come together from all of our team working from our homes across the world, and we’re bringing it to yours. Perhaps for some the wait has been long, years for some veteran Tenno, but it ends today.

A lot has happened following the initial anticipation for ‘The New War’ in 2018 with our first teaser trailer. Over the course of the years, we’ve had events to move the story along (with some cryptic hints)… and then lockdown happened, which truly set us back a year. This is not an exaggeration or an excuse, it is a fact that bears mentioning. We intended to ship the cinematic quest experience much earlier, our own delays and then the world’s delays got in the way of that, but it’s finally here.

Despite the wait, what hasn’t changed is our unquenchable desire to surprise our players and tell your story. The story of the Tenno.

The New War represents the biggest undertaking in the history of Digital Extremes, as well as a new progression point for our Tenno. It has been many years since there was a clear story point that a Tenno could reach. From ‘just get to the Second Dream’ to ‘make sure you’re done the Sacrifice’, we now have that firm goal: wage The New War. This journey will take you several hours, and is one you will not be able to turn back on once you've started, so make sure you are prepared!

The New War is here. The stage is set for the future. Once you’ve finished, join us in 2022 for what comes next for Warframe in a post New-War world…

Thank you for your patience and kindness, Tenno.


This quest has significant Spoilers for Warframe and its future. Please let all Tenno experience it at their own pace, and be kind. Use liberal spoiler tags if you wish to talk about it, and do not ruin the experience for someone else. Content Creators should clearly label spoiler content and use spoiler-free thumbnails.

The Quest can be discussed in our temporary Sub Forum: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1782-the-new-war/


We are seasons, all of us.

Growing in the light, fading in the dark.

At once the same, yet… ever changed.

Prepare yourself, Tenno. The New War is here and no one is safe. Old enemies have returned to the Origin System… will the factions unite against Ballas, Erra, and the advancing Sentients, or will they buckle under the weight of a full-scale invasion?

Players can prepare for The New War quest in the following ways:


  • Have “Prelude to War” complete
    • We have renamed the former “The New War’ Codex section to “Prelude to War”, players must have this complete to participate in The New War Quest.
  • Own a Necramech
    • Necramechs can be earned by playing Deimos content or bought in the Market for Platinum.
  • Own a Railjack
    • A Railjack can be earned by completing the Rising Tide quest or bought in the Market for Platinum.

The New War will take several hours to complete and will prevent normal Warframe activities from taking place for the duration of the quest. Plan accordingly!

Access to your loadouts will be limited. We encourage you to not only prep your Warframe, Necramech, Operator and Railjack Loadouts but also your Fashion Frame. And as always: CRANK THAT AUDIO!!

You may notice your Operator sounds a bit different while playing The New War Quest. We hope you enjoy the updated Operator voices. Pre and Post-New War Operator voices will be the familiar ones you’re accustomed to.

Additionally, a new Accessibility setting has been added titled 'Hold Button for Struggle Action'. This allows you to choose either 'Hold' or 'Tap' when confronted with a struggle context action, where typically mashing of a button would be requested. We recommend that you put this setting to your preference before initiating The New War Quest to ensure you have the best experience. Players can turn this on in the Controls options menu at any time in the quest, just above the Archwing section.

A significant amount of effort has gone into leveraging new graphics technologies for the levels seen in The New War. For PC players we recommend that you set your Graphics Mode to Enhanced for the full experience, if your computer can handle it! (Display tab under Options). The Playstation 5 and XBOX Series X already use this setting.

***You cannot Replay The New War Quest once it has been completed in this Update. It is a potential 2022 addition. Take your time and we hope you enjoy it!

NOTE: There are 5 New Weapons Available after The New War. We will not be denoting them here for spoilers, but seek them out once you’ve done the Quest! Additionally, some Booster top ups occur at the end of The New War.



This is Caliban, the survivor, the adaptor, and heir to the twin kingdoms of biological and Sentient life. Free him from the aberrant path he was consigned to by his creator: Erra.

*Caliban's base Blueprint can be found in the Market with his Component Blueprints acquired via new Bounty missions unlocked after the completion of the New War Quest. Caliban’s Prex Card can also be found after completion of The New War Quest at a new location.


Allies within Affinity range gain up to 50% resistance to the types of damage they are currently taking.

  • Note that this does not stack additively with the Adaptation mod


Become a spinning vortex of death. Hold the Attack button (left mouse default) to accelerate the maelstrom, increasing damage or target an enemy by tapping the Attack button (left mouse default) to dash toward them. Hitting enemies inflicted with Sentient Wrath creates a destructive blast.


Smash the ground sending out a radial wave of destruction. Those not killed by the initial blast are helplessly lifted into the air, where they take amplified damage for a short time.

*Sentient Wrath is Caliban’s Helminth Subsume ability.


Call on Caliban's Sentient aspect to produce up to three Conculyst comrades to fight by his side, and repair his shields.


Converge three streams of raw energy upon a single point, causing a massive reactive blast. The fallout from the blast will strip the armor and shields from all enemies that touch it.

**Don’t miss Caliban’s Noble & Agile Animations! Featuring our first male-presenting Warframe with a floating animation!


Caliban’s signature scythe, forged from a limb wrenched off a fallen Eidolon centuries ago. 50% increased Melee Combo Counter Chance when wielded by Caliban.



A Sentient spinal symbiote that functions as Caliban’s signature Syandana.


A docile Sentient entity that can be used as a weapon decoration.


A fearsome alternative helmet to give Caliban a look he has not worn since the Old War.

POST-NEW WAR VAGUE SPOILERS: Review after completing Quest.

  • A new Resource, New Set Mods, a new Amp, and Weapon Blueprints are available in Bounties to those who have completed The New War Quest. This new Resource can also be redeemed for Standing where applicable.
  • As noted already, Caliban’s Component Blueprints are also available in these Bounties.
  • Once you have finished the New War Quest, a new post-quest setting is available on the 'Earth' Region in the Star Chart directly. Don't miss it!
  • Post New-War, new options are available in the Personal Quarters of your Orbiter.




The inquisitor eternal arises, hallowed by the Void, preaching a gospel of iron and flame.


Smite the unrighteous with Harrow Prime’s signature speargun.


Ring a funeral toll upon enemy skulls with Harrow Prime's signature pistol.


Invest Harrow Prime with this golden Syandana of holy office.


The dress uniform worn with pride by Harrow’s faithful legions.

PLUS! As an added Harrow QoL change, we’ve made some tweaks to his kit.


Harrow and Harrow Prime now have the ‘Preparation’ style Mod behaviour as a Passive, meaning Harrow now has +100% Maximum Energy is filled on Spawn.


  • Radius growth now scales with Range.
  • Added a (non scaling) area-of-effect around Harrow that gets hit by it, similar to Proteas Blaze Artillery, to address hitting enemies that are right on top of you.


  • Added an initial burst of healing based on sacrificed Shields.


  • Increased Charge Rate.

Ivara Prime, Baza Prime, and Aksomati Prime have entered the Prime Vault!

With the Prime Resurgence Event currently running, these Prime items will not be added to this run of the Resurgence schedule as we are not including 2021 Vaulted items in the event.

Prime Resurgence is our first stab at a larger scale Event to the Vaulting program in lieu of The New War. We’ll have lots to review during and after Prime Resurgence ends to dictate how we move forward! If you’re unfamiliar with the Prime Resurgence Event, you can learn more about it in our official Dev Workshop.

With this Vaulting comes the shift of the following Syndicate Sacrifices:

  • Replaced Perrin Sequence Sacrifice of Baza Prime Stock with Panthera Prime Receiver
  • Replaced Perrin Sequence Sacrifice of Ivara Prime Systems with Octavia Prime Chassis
  • Replaced Red Veil Sacrifice of Ivara Prime Chassis with Nezha Prime Chassis

Riven Disposition Changes:

As with each round of Prime Access come updated Riven Disposition numbers. See the full Disposition changes on the official Warframe Forums.


If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

Legendary Rank 2 Notice:

  • While we have enough content to achieve Legendary Rank 2 in this Update, we are postponing the ability to perform the Test until 2022. This decision was not made lightly, we simply did not feel we could perform necessary testing to release it in this build.


Available in the in-game Market for Platinum! Featuring a new evolving cosmetic set, the Protovyre. A first-of-its-kind cosmetic that permanently evolves as you complete the required tasks.


An evolving armor set that draws upon Sentient technology. Defeat Sentient enemies with this Armor equipped to unlock two additional looks.


An evolving Syandana that draws upon Sentient technology. Collect Relics and Aya with this Syandana equipped to unlock two additional looks.


An evolving Ephemera that draws upon Sentient technology. Earn Focus with this Ephemera to unlock two additional looks.

How the Protovyre Cosmetics work:

Each cosmetic tier is permanently unlocked and available in your Arsenal as its own unique attachment once the required task is complete. Starting at the Protovyre tier, followed by the Protovyre Emergent tier and the final Protovyre Apex tier. Progress towards each tier is saved and can be returned to at any point. Progress can be tracked through the Arsenal description of the cosmetic, and in-mission UI pop-ups.



Mesa reimaged as the Sentients would have designed her.


Volt as he would have been, had the Sentients created him.


Give your Sentinel the appearance of a Kerulyst, diminutive Sentients that evolved to become robust laborers in the Tau System.




11 New Dojo Decorations and 13 New Orbiter Decorations have been added! These new Decorations are all based on The New War Quest - check them out once you’ve finished the Quest!

3 new Community-made Displays have been added! These Displays can be found and purchased with Platinum individually or as part of the The New War Community Art Pack in the Market! The pieces will also be available via Twitch Drops Campaign from December 14th at 2 p.m. ET - December 21st 2 p.m. ET.



In a continued effort to increase the accessibility of main Quest related items (Amp, etc) we’ve reduced Vox Solaris Sacrifice requirements. Those starting out on their Vox Solaris journey should find this allows them to progress through the Syndicate faster to reach the higher tier Offerings:

  • Rank 5 (Shadow)
    • Crisma Toroid from 5 to 3
    • Repeller Systems from 5 to 3
  • Rank 4 (Instrument)
    • Sola Toroid from 10 to 5
    • Repeller Systems from 5 to 3
  • Rank 3 (Hand)
    • Calda Toroid 10 to 5
    • Atmo Systems from 10 to 5
  • Rank 2 (Agent)
    • Vega Toroid from 10 to 5
    • Gyromag Systems from 15 to 8
  • Rank 1 (Operative)
    • Calda Toroid from 2 to 1
    • Vega Toroid from 2 to 1
    • Sola Toroid from 2 to 1


  • Made micro-optimizations to reduce hitches in DirectX 12 when using the Enhanced Graphics Engine.
  • Optimized severe stutters that could occur in DirectX 12 on PC in some situations.
  • Optimized the Railjack HUD.
  • Optimized performance related to Noggles.
  • Made multiple micro-optimizations to the memory footprint.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to level loading.
  • Optimized several aspects of Transmission updating.
  • Made system micro-optimizations for PC, Xbox, and Playstation.
  • Optimized small stutters that could occur in DirectX 12 on PCs with fast SSDs.


  • We’ve changed the "SKIP CINEMATIC" confirmation when playing Quests to a "HOLD TO CONFIRM" instead of clicking OK. This is aimed to save players (like myself) who accidentally skip cinematics from button mashing, which could heavily hinder the Quest storyline experience.
    • This change does not affect regular gameplay cinematic skipping (mission fly-in / drop-down, etc).
  • Companions will now receive 100% of the Affinity from kills you make. This matches shared Affinity functionality (you receive 100%, Companion receives 100%).
  • Moved the Ghoul Bounty Aya drop to the Final phase as opposed to being in a majority of the Phases. As indicated here.
  • Updated the Operator Voice icons to better reflect their titles.
  • You may have already noticed this upon login, but emails displayed on the Login screen will now always be censored, regardless of having Creator Mode enabled or not. Your email will display only the first and last two letters before the domain, with the letters in between censored as asterisks. Additionally, we have updated the login email lock icon hover text to read ‘Unlock and clear Email’ to clarify its function.
    • Creator Mode still censors your email to be all asterisk.
    • The email domain is not censored by default, so if you wish to hide your entire email, please use the Creator Mode toggle in your Gameplay settings.
  • Moved the K-Drive Race objective markers down closer to the actual K-Drive instead of floating many metres above.
  • Increased back away distance for Grineer Lancers finding cover, so that they can shoot for longer.
  • Enemies are now more likely to throw grenades at a target in cover.
  • Removed Tenet Livia, Primary Kitgun beam-based weapons, Cadus, and Volnus Prime from the Conclave.
    • These new weapons slipped into the Conclave without a proper balance pass.
  • Set max instances on Mirage’s Eclipse loops so they don't multiply out of control when Hall of Mirrors is used.
  • Adjusted the Grineer Rampart context action offset to prevent clipping with the mesh.
  • AI cover positions have been tweaked to be more consistent.
  • Brachiolysts will now take damage when disarmed instead of equipping electroprods.
  • Decals on Harrow’s Condemn now uses Deferred Rendering for better performance.
  • Made slight adjustments to the Spritsail Prime Chest Plate when equipped on Nidus.
  • Rescue Targets are now far more unlikely to go after an AFK player over an active player.
  • Juno Geminex Moas' projectiles' AOE damage now respects line-of-sight and won't deal damage through cover.
  • Changed the Dojo Orokin Lab description to "Void focused research" to remove outdated Solar Rails indication.
  • The Quest Codex section is now ordered based roughly on intended order of progression! The Quests you have yet to complete will remain at the top of the list for ease of access.
  • Shading improvements have been made to older hair materials to add more depth!
  • Fixed Companions not receiving shared Affinity from other players when you are in Necramech or Operator.
  • Fixed a script crash in The War Within Quest when Transferring to Operator.
  • Fixed inability to proceed in the Junction Specter fight if you died at the exact moment the Specter also perished.
  • Fixed a spot-load that could occur shortly after an enemy Kuva Lich spawned.
  • Fixed Steel Path Hijack escort object having normal level Health.
  • Fixed enemies struggling to target the Hijack escort target.
  • Fixed Junction Specter being of normal level when attempting to complete it in Steel Path.
  • Fixed Client players seeing "Mission Failed" screen after leaving Railjack between missions.
  • Fixed Transferring between Operator and Warframe in The Index would duplicate the Financial Stress debuff.
  • Fixed an issue with spot-loading Archwing, K-Drive, Necramech, etc. when returning to the Orbiter (i.e. loading screen when returning to ship would "freeze" while fading out).
  • Fixed being able to ragdoll yourself through Cambion Drift doors using the K-Drive.
  • Fixed Titania’s Solstice skin missing the ‘Prime Details’ toggle.
  • Fixed the hit effect missing from the Hek and Sobek.
  • Fixed Aya dropped in Open Zone Bounties having stretched icon images.
  • Fixed players not taking damage over time outside a Purifier bubble if Armor is 0% in Infested Salvage missions (Oestrus, Eris).
  • Fixed Yareli being able to enter Orphix fields by riding into it on Merulina.
  • Fixed the Operator energy circle in the bottom right of the screen being greyed out.
  • Fixed being unable to install the Forma you purchase from the Arsenal Warframe upgrade screen.
  • Fixed locked Nightwave Acts showing how-to instructions for completing the Act. Only unlocked Acts will show how-to instructions to avoid spoilers.
  • Fixed script error when opening Prime Resurgence schedule from Varzia’s wares.
  • Fixed Mind Controlling a Thrall as Nyx preventing it from being killed by a melee finisher.
  • Fixed missing button callouts to move mouse/joystick left/right while rotating a decoration.
    • When the left button rotates a decoration, you now get a hint to move the right stick left/right, similar to when scaling, you get a hint to move the stick up/down.
  • Fixed Clients joining Host missions not seeing pickup resources after a Host Migration.
  • Fixed Gauss’s gauge in Redline having a puffy smoke effect around it.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the plus icon in the squad panel while in Solo mode would give two error popups.
  • Fixed the Vacuum-type mods (either Sentinel or Companion based) not working all the time if Clients playing Yareli are riding Merulina.
  • Fixed being ejected from K-Drive and falling through when driving into the map border of the Plains of Eidolon when over water.
  • Fixed script error with the Teralyst.
  • Fixed issue with Transmissions sometimes being inaudible.
  • Fixed script error with the Aerolyst’s projectiles.
  • Fixed issue where boss fights can be triggered while the player is out of room as Operator, locking them out of the fight.
  • Fixed animation issues where enemies would switch back and forth if you shot at the ground near them.
  • Fixed being able to dodge Trading zone restrictions in Maroo’s Bazaar around Varzia by jumping.
  • Fixed spot-loading from generating Kuva Lich weapons from Larvlings in-mission.
  • Fixed Dojo Decorate Mode HUD legend only showing two options if opened through the Dojo console rather than the menu.
  • Fixed missing Tenno Guide prompts after some Quest stage completions.
  • Fixed script error when duplicating Decorations.
  • Fixed several Armor attachments clipping through Nidus’ Kuvael Scrounger Skin.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur when fighting the Exploiter Orb.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if you caught a Fish soon after a Host migration.
  • Fixed Deimos Claws Skin appearing incorrectly in mission when equipped to Keratinos.
  • Fixed the Archwing loadout preview not functioning after changing your Necramech weapon.
  • Fixed Juggernaut's stomp attacks no longer spawning new enemies.
  • Fixed inability to place Decorations properly on the Codex table in the Orbiter.
  • Fixed a flickering glass texture in one of the Corpus Outpost Spy windows of the central tower when viewed from the doorway into the room.
  • Fixed Chains of Harrow Quest mission on the Corpus Ship tileset being overly dark.
  • Fixed inability to view the Railjack Mods Worm's Torment and Granum's Nemesis in the Codex.
  • Fixed Stalker spawning in a Junction and pushing you outside of the level.
  • Fixed Disarming an enemy who is held by Xaku Gaze, Loki Radial Disarm, Baruuk Desolate Hands & Serene Storm, Naramon Disarming Blast, Mag Magnetized Discharge Augment, or Kubrow Neutralize results in them counting as a required kill for mission progress.
  • Fixed multiple issues when rapidly clicking Quests in the Codex.
  • Fixed Syndicate Relic Pack incorrectly stating a "guaranteed Rare", as it was pulling the description from the Market Relic Pack.
  • Fixed Nightwave Act description for Day Trader claiming only 1 win is required when in fact it’s 3.
  • Fixed Titania’s Razorwing kills in normal ground missions counting toward the ‘From On High’ Challenge progress.