Updates are occasional patches and add-ons or removal of information and/or features of a game.

The following updates are for WARFRAME Version 29:

The Heart of Deimos
Update 29
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The Heart of Deimos U29.1H29.1.1

Update 29.1.1

September 18th, 2020 Forum Post

  • Respective Rifle/Shotgun Skins can now be equipped on Primary Kitguns - including Deluxe Shotgun Skins!
    • Tombfinger and Rattleguts are Rifles, and Catchmoon is a Shotgun. (Gaze is neither as it’s classified as a Beam weapon)
  • Optimized initial installs.
  • Fixed a crash in the cache optimizer that would occur if something interfered with updating files.
Fishing Fixes
  • Fixed Fish Bait falling through the water in the cave during ‘Fish For Clues Phase 1 of the Profit-Taker Heist.
  • Fixed a case where Clients might take out the Fishing Spear but not be able to catch Fish.
  • Fixed a script error when Fishing in a Free Roam mission and a Host migration occurred.
  • Fixed a script error when leaving Orb Vallis or Plains of Eidolon when you never took out the Fishing spear.
  • Fixed a script error when equipping the Fishing Spear in a non-Fishing mission.
  • Fixed clipping through the wall when switching between Titania’s Razorwing and Operator.
  • Fixed ability to enter a closed Isolation Vault via Necramech without getting teleported out. Included in this are fixes towards preventing Summoning the Necramech outside valid boundaries.
  • Fixed Helminth ability ‘Perspicacity’ not functioning after using a Cipher or manual Hack. As reported here!
  • Fixed Knockdowns by Deimos Therid leaving you unable to shoot or use abilities for about 5 seconds.
  • Fixed issue that stopped Pressure Point and its derivatives from not applying to Quassus Heavy Attack projectiles.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Excavators disappearing if Loki’s Switch Teleport is cast on them.
  • Fixed inability to swap the 9th Necramech Mod Slot Polarity due to the UI thinking it’s an Aura.
  • Fixed inability to purchase additional Config Slots for Necramech and Arquebex.
  • Fixed Arquebex model not displaying properly when viewed via Look Link or Mod Link.
  • Fixes towards Exalted weapons not being equipped when viewed via Look Link or Mod Link.
  • Fixed the Shedu not using the Heavy Weapon aim poses.
  • Fixed enemies not staying focused on the player when doing Finishers. Enemies won’t attack/shoot while a Finisher is happening, but they also won’t storm off as if nothing is happening.
  • Fixed the Jugulus Mod Set description not explaining the stun mechanic.
    • For example, Jugulus Carapace now reads: Slam attacks manifest Tendrils to lash enemies within 3m stunning them for 3s and dealing 25 Puncture damage. Cooldown 12s".
  • Fixed Xaku’s abilities having old descriptions that did not reflect the recent changes made in Update 29.1.0.
  • Fixed a script error when viewing the Necramech Embellishments without owning a Necramech.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Wukong’s Cloud Walker ability.
  • Fixed a script error when equipping an Infested Companion.

Update 29.1

September 17th, 2020 Forum Post

As we’re now well into post Heart of Deimos launch, Hotfix notes will contain spoilers, such as accurate Entrati member terms, more descriptive Quest phase fixes, etc.


This series is dedicated to the first weapons new Tenno come across as they begin their Warframe journey. You can find all of these in the in-game Market!


Augment your Warframe with this Subtle and sturdy Armor set.


Jump into the future with the high-tech style of the Oscira Collection. Includes the Oscira Armor, Sugatra and Syananda. Plus, Bo, Braton, Kunai, Lato, Paris and Skana Skin.

All of these can be purchased outside of the Bundle/Collection:


*Edit: Corrected the Oscira weapon skin names. Originally they were dedicated to the new player starter weapons, but we then changed them to be universal Staff, Pistol, Thrown Blade, Rifle, Bow, and Longsword Skins.


This distinctive serpentine Sigil adds venomous menace to any Necramech. As a bonus, a Warframe compatible Snake Sigil is included when purchasing the snake Necramech Sigil!


Rusty but trusty. This skin revives the glory of the legendary Old War Necramech, Snake.

*Find both the Snake Necramech Sigil and the Snake Voidrig Skin with the Necraloid Syndicate for Platinum in the Necralisk!


Transform your K-Drive into a Velocipod! You can choose Purple, Green, and White Velocipod variants - you can color customize the bodies to suit your liking of course, the difference between them being their unique eye designs!

*Find the Velocipod K-Drive Skins from Son’s Offerings for Standing in the Necralisk!

The Great Ensmallening - Phase 1

This update is a bit larger than normal (6.9GB) because it contains the first phase of our efforts to save you disk space! We didn’t quite save as much as earlier tests had suggested but it looks like this should save people at least 5GB after everything is finished.

Note that when downloading the update the launcher will do an automatic optimize pass before downloading more (this is necessary to free up space for the new remastered content).

For full in depth details please visit The Great Ensmallening Dev Workshop: [1]

Xaku Changes & Fixes

Keeping within the realm of the “community-created Warframe” project, Xaku has received numerous changes based on your feedback! We welcome your feedback post launch in the official Dev Workshop: [2]

We consider these changes “Round 1” with more to come once players have graciously again provided their feedback!

Xaku’s Passive:
  • Including AOE damage reduction as part of Xaku’s Passive.
    • How it will work: AOE damage will simply take a 25% damage reduction (75% while The Vast Untime is active).
    • Currently, Xaku’s Passive provides a chance that incoming projectiles will fail to hit the warframe at all, instead going right through. But does not include any protection from enemy AOE damage. For example, if a Bombard shot a rocket at Xaku, the projectile itself would have a 25% chance to pass through them and deal no damage (75% with The Vast Untime), but the explosion following would have the full effect. With this change, Xaku’s Passive additionally grants them 25% damage reduction on the following AOE explosion from that rocket. That’s increased to 75% when Xaku is running around bare bones!
Xata’s Whisper:
  • We are making Void damage ‘True Neutral’ by removing the 50% resistance of Void damage on Cloned Flesh and Fossilized enemies - a long desired request for Void damage.
    • Currently, Void damage is relatively ineffective against Cloned Flesh and Fossilized enemies which greatly limits the use of Xata’s Whisper on Grineer and Infested enemies. In an effort to give it (and Void damage in general) more utility across enemy categories, we are removing this resistance so that it aligns with its neutral effectiveness against the other enemy types. It is important to note that Eidolons, Amalgams, and certain bosses will still maintain this resistance.
Grasp of Lohk:
  • Increasing the speed at which enemies are disarmed so that it occurs earlier in the casting animation. Also increasing the casting animation speed overall.
    • Currently, the point of when enemies are disarmed once Grasp of Lohk is cast is far too delayed.
  • Increased Grasp of Lohk’s disarming range from 8m to 15m.
    • Not to be confused with firing range, this increase allows a bigger berth for choosing victims to disarm with Grasp of Lohk.
  • Allowing Grasp of Lohk to be recast.
    • How it will work: Any existing Grasp of Lohk weapons will simply be replaced by the new cast up to the maximum amount of targets.
    • Currently, once Grasp of Lohk is cast, you are locked with the weapons that were grabbed until the end of the ability’s duration. This is obviously limiting if the ability was cast with undesired effect. To counteract this limitation, we are adding the option to recast with the added benefit of resetting the ability’s duration and disarming a new set of enemies where/when desired.
The Lost: Deny
  • Adding synergy between Deny and Grasp of Lohk that increases Deny’s damage output.
    • How it will work: The number of weapons orbiting Xaku from Grasp of Lohk act as a damage multiplier for Deny’s Void beam. For example: If you have 4 weapons orbiting Xaku, Deny’s damage will be granted a 5x multiplier.
  • Increasing the casting speed of Deny.
    • More firepower… faster!
The Vast Untime:
  • Removing the Energy drain and keeping it a duration based ability.
    • Currently, the Energy drain on top of its casting cost and duration is far too restrictive and punishing.
  • Adding Synergy between The Vast Untime and all of Xaku’s other abilities.
    • How it will work: Emphasis on “Untime”, when Xaku is in their skeletal form their other active abilities’ duration will become frozen in time. Once The Vast Untime expires, the duration of those active abilities resume. This was suggested in our feedback readings and we quite enjoyed the play on the ‘untime’ theme and the added benefit to Xaku overall! We feel that since this no longer has an Energy drain, and that it halts the timer on other abilities, the energy demands of Xaku’s kit will be significantly lessened.
      • Note: This will not apply to Helminth abilities and abilities from other Warframes from Helminth subsuming.
Xaku Fixes:
  • Fixed Deny having poor hit detection on ragdolled or suspended enemies.
  • Fixed targets affected by Accuse have inconsistent hit detection based on weapon type (beam, bolt, etc).
  • Fixed a case of dealing self damage via Xaku’s Whisper.

Marked for Death Changes

Before we jump into the nitty gritty, let’s revisit what the ‘Marked for Death’ Helminth Infusion is: Stun an enemy; a portion of the next damage you deal to it will be dealt to all enemies around it.

It’s important to note that the description mentions ‘a portion of the next damage’, which was always our intent, meaning we have some bugs to fix and explanations to make on the next steps here.


With Marked for Death now in the wild and being experimented with, it was apparent to not be working as intended by overwhelmingly nuking enemies left, right, and center when combined with certain loadouts and due to certain bugs. We recognize the players who brought this forward with understanding that it needs to be addressed. Let’s get into the meat of it:

  • Fixed Mods applying twice to the Marked for Death Damage portion dealt in the AOE.
  • Fixed base Damage using the Health/Shield Damage dealt and not capped at the Health+Shield the target had prior (e.g. enemy with 5 Health gets hit by 100 damage, and 100 damage is shared in AOE. It should just be the 5).
    • Radial damage was never meant to exceed the target’s Health and this was our bad. The desired strategy we wanted was players prioritizing tank units like Heavy Gunners to do AOE clears since heavy units have more Health than normal, thus the radial AOE would likely be lethal, not just normal units. This issue combined with numerous bugs of Mods stacking meant this was way over powered. A key part of reviewing these changes will be ensuring that players understand the best case scenario we envision for the power is targeting high-Health enemies to do radial damage to weaker enemies.
  • Removed Critical Chance from Marked for Death radial AOE.
  • Capped Damage multiplier stat to 75% and normalized Damage type mults.
    • Here’s an example of normalized Damage type: if the Damage you deal is 0.5 Impact, 0.4 Slash, 0.3 Heat that sums to 1.2x but after normalizing they become 0.42 Impact, 0.33 Slash, 0.25 Heat.
  • Fixed Marked for Death with Arcane Trickery equipped triggering invisibility almost every time, because each enemy hit by the AoE has its own 15% chance to activate Arcane Trickery.
Conservation Changes & Fixes
  • An accumulation of Community and Developer feedback have brought forth a handful of Avichea changes and fixes:
    • Avicheas now correctly fly in circles around the spawn call area once they reach it instead of hovering directly above it, sometimes widely out of range.
      • This brings Avicheas in line with other flying animals like the Sawgaw, where they fly closer to the call point and land near it.
    • Diversified ambient Avichea encounters so that they can either be encountered flying around an area or low down perched on the ground.
      • Previously ambient Avicheas were only found flying high in the sky, which could easily be missed to the busy eyes.
    • Increased the spawn chances of ambient Avichea encounters.
    • Improvements towards Avichea animations.
      • This also fixes cases of ambiently spawned Avichea’s 'slowly ascending to the heavens'.
    • Fixed Avicheas (and Mergoos) not flying away when gunfire is nearby.
      • Birds do as birds do - Warframe ain’t no different! Being stealthy is key for catching these animals.
    • Fixed some Conservation trail start points appearing under the endocrine goo in the Cambion Drift.
    • Fixed inability to move, shoot, switch weapons or use Warframe abilities after hitting a dissolving corpse with the Infested Ebisu or Spari Spear whilst fishing.

Please note that the Conservation team has more planned in terms of quality changes and fixes - stay tuned!

Fishing Changes & Fixes
  • Improved spawn rate of Fish in the Cambion Drift to be closer to past Free Roam behaviour. You should generally have a maximum time between fish of ~15 seconds instead of ~50 seconds.
    • We welcome your feedback if even further changes are needed!
  • Reduced the number of Fish parts required per Daughter Exocrine Assignment from 3 down to 2. This brings Daughters economy in line with Son, where the max number of requested parts is 2.
  • Fixed some various script errors that sometimes resulted in an inability to catch Fish.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Fish spawning in the same spot over and over if you didn’t move.
  • Fixed throwing your Fishing Spear into Mag's Magnetize can lead to temporary or complete loss of functionality.
  • Fixed some jittery hands animations that play throughout the Fishing Spear throw+recall sequence.
Necramech Changes & Fixes
  • Currently there is a 3 minute cooldown on every use of the Necramech Summon Gear item. We’ve changed the cooldown behavior of the Necramech Summon to reflect the following:
    • If the player's Necramech is still active, then the Necramech Summon only has a 10 second cooldown. Summoning it this way will move the Necramech to the player's desired position but NOT restore its Health/Shields/Energy.
    • If the player's Necramech has been destroyed, then the Necramech Summon has a 3 minute cooldown, and will have its Health/Shields/Energy refilled on summon.
  • Reduced the Necramech’s Shocking Iron ability sound loop.
  • Fixed summoned Necramech’s not having their Modded values when summoned again after dying.
    • This was an issue before the cooldown changes.

Fixed summoned Client Necramech’s having 0 Energy when summoned again after dying.

    • This was an issue before the cooldown changes.
  • Fixed rare case of a player's Warframe ceasing to exist after Transferring into a Necramech, resulting in an inability to Transference back into your Warframe.
  • Fixed personal Necramech losing all functionality after Transferring into a fallen Necramech and then summoning your own Necramech.
  • Fixed ability to interrupt the Necramech ground slam attack with another ground slam attack or normal melee attack.
  • Fixed Client Necramech’s appearing to run in place after Transferring out of the Necramech with forward momentum.
  • Fixed the Necramech appearing crushed around an Excalibur when viewed via Look Link or Mod Link.
  • Fixed the Necramech model clipping/overlapping with the Upgrade screen when accessed in a Hub/Town.
  • Fixed Necramech UI and regular weapon crosshair overlapping when attempting to access the Gear wheel via controller while in the Necramech.
  • Fixed Necramech weapon appearing blurry after Transferring into a summoned Necramech before the weapon opening animation finishes.
Sepulcrum Changes & Fixes
  • Decreased the unguided flight time of the Alt Fire on launch from 0.06s to 0.03secs.
  • Decreased the unguided flight time of the Alt Fire smoothing from 1s to 0.4secs.
    • This makes the Alt Fire projectile start to home in on their targets faster and curve more acutely towards them.
  • Decreased Alt Fire re-arming delay from 0.2s to 0.01secs.
    • This decreases the time between being able to lock onto additional targets after the first.
  • Increased max lock distance from 60m to 80m.
  • Increased loose lock distance from 80m to 100m.
    • This increases the distance you can lock onto targets with Alt Fire from 60m to 80m, and lock won't be lost unless the targets move beyond 100m.
  • Fixed cases of the Sepulcrum Alt Fire not properly targeting enemies.
  • Optimized performance of several user interfaces including the Nightwave and Void Relic Refinement screens.
  • Optimized download of some parts of Warframe.
  • Made a large number of small optimizations to the UI system.
  • General polish and cleanup of sounds in the Arsenal to remove unintended sounds.
Helminth Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when hovering over the Roar ability in the Upgrade screen on a Hildryn which had Balefire replaced by Roar via Helminth.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when sitting in the Helminth chair with poor connection quality.
  • Fixed Infested Mobility buff effects never ending when under Rank 3.
  • Fixed Infested Mobility not being affected by Strength like the Arsenal stat screen claims.
  • Fixed Infusing a new ability via the Helminth to Config D, E, or F not showing the ability has been applied until the player loads into a mission.
  • Fixed Titania's Tribute HUD not working if Razorwing was overwritten via Helminth.
  • Fixed rare case of the UI showing that you have the exact Secretion % required but won’t let you perform the action. This was due to rounding values in the back end that aren’t visible in the UI.
  • Fixed missing check mark beside recently earned Helminth Rank until you close and re-open the Helminth interface.
  • Fixed inability to progress through some Corpus/Grineer Invasion missions due to an inability to enter the portal, and just getting put through a never ending loop that goes nowhere.
  • Fixed Carnis Set Mods not functioning for both Host or Client players.
  • Fixed cases where Limbo’s Banish could be cast with 0 Energy.
  • Fixed the Soma Prime's Hata-Satya Mod not respecting Multishot for Clients.
  • Fixed ability to apply Status Effects to the Deimos Saxum before Femurs have been broken. Femurs must be destroyed first before Status Effects will affect the Saxum.
  • Fixed Zymos seeking swarms not being able to critically hit.
  • Fixed Zymos not spitting out the homing spore projectiles after the headshot explosion triggers for Clients.
  • Fixed Garuda’s Dread Mirror Damage Capture Multiplier/Projectile Damage not matching ability screen numbers in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed ability to go under the floor with a combination of Transference and Titania’s Razorwing.
  • Fixed Garv and his Grineer hooligans not de-spawning after doing a Bounty such as Anomaly Retrieval or Core Samples. This results in multiple Garv’s in the Cambion Drift when doing back to back Bounties.
  • Fixed issues with the Purify Deimos Bounty, where the 'samples' UI will decrease from 35-15 when a Host migrates. However, the collected amount doesn't reflect this switch and will be greater than the UI limit indicates.
  • Fixed the Latrox Une ‘upload’ phase skipping if there's a Host migration while collecting samples for Latrox Une.
  • Fixed the Deimos Claw Skin not applying properly to the Keratinos.
  • Fixed inability to quickly select the Secondary Emissive and Energy colors when attempting to customize Warframe/Weapon colour Appearance using the controller d-pad.
  • Fixed the default icons for Mutagen and Antigen samples in the Predasite/Vulpaphyla Revivification menu (Son at Necralisk) being swapped.
  • Fixed a section in the Harindi Crater within the Orb Vallis that resulted in your Warframe turning invisible, the minimap changing, and enemies not attacking you.
  • Fixed inability to spawn Deimos Saxum/Deimos Saxum Rex in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed Tokens appearing in End of Mission screen with common items. Should now appear above regular Resources and Mods.
  • Fixed Khora appearing mangled in the End of Mission screen diorama.
  • Fixed Loki’s Invisibility ability aggressively color grading your surroundings - very noticeable in the Cambion Drift when your Energy color is neon green (lol).
  • Fixed towards the Necralisk door opening animation playing when the door is already open.
  • Fixed Inbox Gift messages not displaying the amount of items Gifted (ie 5 Forma, etc).
  • Fixed inability to exit the Shawzin with a controller if a key binding is changed since Start then becomes unbound.
  • Fixed the Gear Wheel overlapping the Void Fissure End of Mission Reward screen.
  • Fixed Credits Icon appearing slightly larger than intended in the End of Mission screen,
  • Another fix towards missing the Entrati Rank up cutscene if you opened the ESC menu right before the cutscene starts.
  • Fixes towards poor Extraction waypoint pathing in the Grineer Shipyards tileset.
  • Fixed Paris bow 3D draw sound not cutting off when bow is fully drawn.
  • Fixed some spot-loading that would occur when selecting an Infested Companion in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed possible spot-loading when going into a Town/Relay/Hub.
  • Fixed numerous script errors when encountering Latrox Une in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a script error related to having Hildryn’s Balefire active while transitioning from Free Roam to Hub/Town.
  • Fixing a script error with the Railjack Tactical Menu.

Side Note:
Isolation Vault reward tables have been added to!


September 10th, 2020 Forum Post

  • Deimos Landscape Captura Scene is now an option for Rank 5 Entrati Syndicate Reward.
    • A Fish Trophy is great, but it needed a bit more variety!
  • Blueprints and Entrati Tokens will now appear closer to the top of the End of Mission Reward section when ordered by ‘Importance’, instead of being buried under Mods and Resources.
Necramech Fix
  • Fixed fallen Necramech’s Guard Mode ability not functioning, and instead just draining Energy.
Helminth Fixes
  • Fixed Atlas’ Rumblers no longer Petrifying enemies in radius when casting Rumblers if you replace the Petrify ability via Subsumed ability.
  • Fixes towards failing to match-make while in a Town/Hub.
  • Fixes towards failing to match-make after accepting to replay Saya’s Vigil Quest.
  • Fixed inability to Chat Link Rivens.
  • Fixed changing from Cooperative Loadout to Conclave Loadout in the Simulacrum Arsenal not allowing you to switch back to your Cooperative Loadout.
  • Fixed Garuda’s Talons not being visible on the End of Mission screen.
  • Potential fix towards a script error caused by Sly Vulpaphyla Survival Instinct triggering.

Hotfix 29.0.8

September 10th, 2020 Forum Post

As we’re now 2 weeks post Heart of Deimos launch, Hotfix notes will contain spoilers, such as accurate Entrati member terms, more descriptive Quest phase fixes, etc.

Necramech Changes & Fixes
  • Necramech’s can no longer interact with Ramparts or hack Alarm Towers in the Plains of Eidolon.
    • This fixes a functionality loss when interacting with a Rampart while in a Necramech and hacking issues specifically with the Plains Alarm Tower.
  • We have adjusted the Necramech Drop tables to have a mix of Mods in the Necraloid Syndicate as well as on Necramechs outright.
  • Removed Necramech Vitality, Refuel, Necramech Intensify, and Necramech Pressure Point from Necramech Drops and moved to Loid’s Necraloid Offerings for Standing. has been updated!
  • Fixed becoming stuck mid-Transference when attempting to exit your Necramech while going through Deck 12 in Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed inability to Operator Void Dash after getting nullified by a Necramech during the Isolation Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed ability to bypass the Plains of Eidolon and Cambion Drift perimeters with a Necramech. This also fixes the ability to summon a Necramech when out of bounds.
  • Fixed ability to ignore teleport volumes and walk along lake-beds with the Necramech by keeping constant forward momentum in the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed the Host Necramech UI getting overlapped if a Client squadmate exits their Necramech.
  • Fixes towards blank ‘Mission Progress’ screen when viewed while in a Necramech.
    • Still some issues with going from Warframe > Operator > then to Necramech.
General Weapon Changes
  • Trumna
    • Removed Punch Through on the Trumna Alt Fire projectile.
      • The main feature of the Alt Fire is the radial attack on each bounce, and Punch Through can make it disappear through geometry. Disabling on the projectile only allows Punch Through to be used with the Primary Fire without affecting the Alt Fire.
  • Quassus
    • Increased Heavy Attack projectiles from 35 to 76
      • Also fixed Quassus Heavy Attack projectiles being slowed down to 15% of their original speed after punching through an enemy.
    • Reduced horizontal spread of projectiles
      • Quassus throws 12 projectiles with a pretty wide horizontal spread, spreading the Damage across multiple targets. Individual damage was not where we wanted it. Increasing it over 100%, narrowing the spread and making sure it will hit additional targets after passing through, increases its lethality to intended levels.
  • Zymos
    • Decreased projectile spread of Multishot projectiles
    • Increased projectile speed from 59 to 79
      • Decreasing spread from Multishot and increasing the projectile speed makes landing headshots with all the projectiles a bit easier.
Helminth Fixes
  • Fixed losing weapon functionality when casting Resonator on a Warframe other than Octavia (Subsumed).
  • Fixed getting double prompted to Rush a Subsume if you rejected the first prompt and then went to Feed the Helminth.
  • Fixed being able to fire your weapon during Undertow or Danse Macabre if active while certain abilities inherited from Helminth expire.
  • Improved diagnostics for bugs in the Corpus Researcher Cambion Drift Bounty.
  • Made a few micro-optimizations to HUD Damage indicators.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to HUD rendering.
  • The ‘Awakening’ cinematic now supports translated subtitles.
  • Added Ether Daggers to Simaris’ Offerings for players who might have sold theirs.
  • Updated Deimos Mutagen and Antigen descriptions to indicate which animal they are designated for (Predasite vs Vulpaphyla).
  • Improvements towards Operator eye textures and shading to look less flat. Look, look with your special eyes!
Infested Companion Fixes
  • Fixed many cases where the Sly Vulpaphyla wouldn't respect cooldowns, would fail to trigger, or would result in Client FX not getting cleaned up.
  • Fixed inability to swap Polarities via Forma on Infested Companions.
  • Fixed the name of newly Gilded Infested Companions not appearing in the Arsenal.
Deferred Rendering Fixes
  • Fixes towards volumetric lighting issues when Deferred Rendering is enabled.
  • Fixes towards scenarios where the Operator appears visually blown out in the Orbiter when Deferred Rendering is both enabled or disabled.
  • Fixes towards overly waxy looking skin for the Operator when Deferred Rendering is both enabled or disabled.
  • Fixed Wyrm Residue puddles not scaling in size properly with Dynamic Resolution enabled alongside Deferred Rendering. As reported here!
  • Fixed the Arquebex having an unintended 9th Mod Slot.
    • Any Polarizations done to this now removed 9th Mod Slot have been transferred over to a free universal (blank) Mod Slot upon login of this Hotfix. In the very rare case of having Polarized the 9th Mod Slot to be universal (blank), the Forma is refunded.
  • Fixed a case where Latrox Une wouldn’t spawn if Garv’s encounter happened before it, and Garv was still around.
  • Fixed inability to progress past the first mission of Saya’s Vigil Quest when replaying it.
  • Fixed parts of the HUD breaking after attempting to open the ESC menu during a ‘Mission Complete’ animation (going from Free Roam to Town/Hub). As reported here!
  • Fixed ability to clip through wall meshes via Operator Transference.
  • Fixes towards players unable to launch Archwing after multiple Transference activations.
  • Fixed certain Warframe abilities (Mesa's Shattered Shield, Mag's Magnetize) that create reflecting bullets counting towards hits that increase the Hata-Satya Critical Chance buff. Only hits performed by Soma Prime should increase the Hata-Satya Critical Chance buff.
  • Fixed Smeeta Kavat's Mischief ability, Carnis Mod Set bonus, and Survival Instinct modifying evasion incorrectly, and instead acting as a debuff as opposed to the proper buff.
  • Fixed Clients always hitting a fade-to-black teleport volume when entering the Isolation Vault.
  • Fixed Ash’s Shuriken ability not being affected by Power Strength Mods.
  • Fixed Limbo not gaining Energy from enemies killed in the Rift.
  • Fixed spot-loading when previewing Revivification combinations with Son in the Necralisk.
  • Fixed certain Excavation spawns not scaling in level with the rest of the enemies.
  • Fixed Mining, Fishing or Conservation marking the Free Roam node as completed before the Bounty is done.
  • Fixed Scan Aquatic Lifeforms Mod sometimes not revealing fish on Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon. As reported here!
  • Fixed cases where the Hata-Satya Mod HUD buff may remain on screen, and not resetting if you enter bleedout in the middle of a casting animation.
  • Fixed missing the Entrati Rank up cutscene if you opened the ESC menu right before the cutscene starts.
  • Fixed Parvos Granum appearing visually blown out in some cases.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Relay Captura Scene having too many NPCs.
  • Fixed Nidus’ infestation not applying color properly. As reported here!
  • Fixed Vauban’s coattails missing the PBR treatment. He should match/blend much better now! As reported here!
  • Fixed an issue where you could not release an animal in the Necralisk if you had no Daily Standing left.
  • Fixed erroneous text descriptions telling players things exist in the ‘Derelicts’ and that Vor’s Prize is related to Pluto.
  • Fixed the ESC menu saying ‘Deimos’ where it should have said Necralisk while in the Syndicates menu.
  • Fixed Cortege prompting to install a Gravimag first as opposed to a Catalyst. This weapon comes with a Gravimag pre-installed, it will only ask you for a Catalyst if you wish to add one.
  • Fixed Protea’s Dispensary minimap icon not disappearing if you’re not in the same tile when the ability expires.
  • Fixed missing 'Hide Owned' Toggle for the Necralisk Oddities Offerings.
  • Fixed missing ‘Owned’ icons for the Necralisk Oddities Offerings if you owned only 1 of the item.
  • Fixed artifacting visuals in the Cambion Drift Wyrm debris puddles.
  • Fixes towards Deimos Carnis enemies lingering on the ceiling too long when they should be attacking.
  • Fixed Wisp not reflecting visual customizations in her Abilities diorama screen.
  • Fixed Chat Linked Reflex Guard Mod appearing as its old version (Parry Chance).
  • Fixed a terrain hole in the Orb Vallis. As reported here!
  • Fixed in-game search not supporting some Turkish characters; including store Offerings, Inventory and especially Chat Link.
  • Fixed grammatical errors in Executioner Garesh’s Codex description.
  • Fixed script error if you tried to press the Rank up button on a Syndicate screen right after pressing ESC to back out to the all Syndicate view.
  • Fixed a script error related to Syandanas that open/close in certain situations.
  • Fixed a script error potentially related to Hildryn’s Pillage ability.

Hotfix 29.0.7

September 3rd, 2020 Forum Post

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!

Deimos Swarm Support Pack Addition

An additional Syandana, called Palla Syandana, has been added to the Deimos Swarm Supporter Pack! Originally the Palla Syandana was going to be put elsewhere, but it’s design was intended to match the Supporter Pack aesthetic, so we’ve shifted plans and put it in the Deimos Swarm Pack.

We’ll be running a script to retroactively give the Palla Syandana to players who have purchased the Deimos Swarm Pack - stay tuned!

All purchases of the Deimos Swarm Pack moving forward will include the Palla Syandana.

Helminth Changes & Fixes
  • Added Helminth Ability videos on hover of the respective abilities.
  • Fixed rare case of getting forced-logged out of Warframe when attempting to Subsume a Warframe to the Helminth under poor Network conditions. As reported here.
  • Fixed losing weapon functionality if Octavia had Shooting Gallery (Mesa Subsume) active and casted one of her other abilities.
  • Fixed getting stuck in an inescapable UI loop when attempting to Rename Helminth from the specific console (just inside the door) if you try to submit an invalid name.
Deimos Bounty Changes

Scintillant in the ‘Common’ tier of a Deimos Bounty now has correct rarity weights within that tier. Previously it was applying it’s ‘Rare’ tier drop chance within the ‘Common’ tier - it is now a ~18% drop chance.

Conservation Change
  • A marker will now appear when spotting Conservation scat through the Trang rifle scope or if a Lure is equipped.
  • Optimizations towards the Deimos Drop Pod spotlight in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed the Sly Vulpaphyla’s Survival Instinct FX causing a performance dip due to its visual distortion. As reported here!
  • Fixed memory leak in UI system that could cause a crash when chilling in the Helminth chair.
  • Reduced drop chance of Pherliac Pods Blueprint for Deimos Juggernaut to 5%.
  • Changed 'Necramech Deflection' Mod name to 'Necramech Redirection' since we use Redirection for Max Shield Mods.
  • Fixed inability to log into Warframe if you didn’t own a Kubrow Companion.
    • This was hotdropped live Tuesday night!
  • Fixed a crash when casting the Necramech’s Storm Shroud ability.
  • Fixed a crash when casting the Necramech’s Necraweb ability.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to return to the Necralisk while a Corpus Survivors encounter activates.
  • Fixed a crash if a Host migration occurred during a K-Drive race.
  • Fixed numerous bugs that could occur after a Host migration, including starting on a Free Roam mission, Host-migrating, returning to Town/Hub, and then returning to the Free Roam landscape.
  • Fixed Client Necramech’s not retaining their gained XP if you left the Necramech before you entered the gate/area to return to Town.
  • Fixed some Client players seeing the same identical Fass symbol on the Isolation Vault doors.
  • Fixed friendly Necramech nullification disabling Warframe Invisibility and Banish abilities.
  • Fixed fallen Necramech’s on Cambion Drift being Rank 0 for Clients.
  • Fixed applying Forma to the Necramech Arquebex not showing the Polarity right away until you relog.
  • Fixed ability to install an Umbra Forma on a Necramech. No need for this as no Umbra Necramech Mods exist!
  • Fixed Necramech Ammo regeneration speed not changing per weapon equipped.
  • Fixed a Revenant functionality loss if Reave is cast on an enemy who is both Enthralled and Blood Altared.
  • Fixed cases of Revenant’s Reave hitting ragdolled enemies multiple times in rapid succession, potentially insta-killing them.
    • Added Developer Note: To get into specifics, once an enemy was ragdolled you actually hit their proxies, and each AI has a dozenish or so proxies, you get healed for each hit, easily making it a full heal and instakill for each ragdolled enemy. So you were getting '12' for the price of '1' enemy, which is clearly unintended.
  • Fixed Heavy Gunners unintentionally having almost triple their Armor since Heart of Deimos. This change accidently occurred when changing Garv’s Armor value as they use the same back end. As reported here!
  • Fixed Wyrm Residue not surviving a Host migration.
  • Fixed inability to Trade "Trapezium Xenorhast" and "Cabochon Embolos".
  • Fixed Xaku's base slow of The Vast Untime being 50% instead of intended 15% at Level 2. As reported here!
  • Fixed ragdolling enemies not taking additional Slash Status from being hit while debuffed by Garuda’s Seeking Talons.
  • Fixed enemies able to apply hostile Status Effects through Mag’s “held” variant of Magnetize despite the projectiles never actually reaching you.
  • Fixed ability to purchase multiple unnecessary copies of the Helminth Segment.
  • Fixed Deimos Carnis and Deimos Carnis Rex not awarding kill Affinity.
  • Fixed the Isolation Bounty objective not properly updating upon the second Vault's completion.
  • Fixed Isolation Vault Esophage waypoint lingering after having left the Vault.
  • Fixed stacking Deimos Saxum FX for Clients - should be easier to see around these boys now!
  • Fixed missing Phaedra Magazine when used as a Heavy Heaven.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Concentrated Arrow Augment not disabling Multishot when used in the Simulacrum or viewed in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed another case of Deimos Bounty Bonus objective UI appearing in a different language. As reported here!
  • Fixed Nora Night Transmission having too much visual noise.
  • Fixed a script error when leaving Cambion Drift while Infested Drop Pod reinforcements encounter activates.

Hotfix 29.0.6

September 1st, 2020 Forum Post

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!

Helminth Changes & Fixes
  • You can now Rush Subsume when hovering over the active Subsume ability with the Helminth.
    • Please note that Rushing a Subsume will not result in a flower until the next time you visit the Orbiter. Please also note we have made this change based on player requests for it, despite it not being in the original design.
  • Fixed all Subsumed Warframes not creating their own flowers. As reported here.
    • We’re working on a script to find the missing flowers and their respective colors! We’ll update this thread when the script has started - don’t worry, your flowers are not lost!
  • Fixed Helminth Subsume flower for the currently Subsuming Warframe having default flower colours (pink petals) if the Warframe being Subsumed had default colours.
  • Fixed game breaking bug of the Helminth choosing to not interact with the Carrion Domestik Drone.
  • Fixed Vauban’s Tesla, Tempest Barrage, Blood Altar and Ivara’s Quiver ability not functioning when used by Hildryn via Helminth Subsume.
  • Fixed several Helminth text lines overlapping when Ranking up.
Zymos Changes
  • Clip size increased from 9 to 17.
  • Ammo pool increased from 27 to 51.
  • Optimized Town, Relay and Dojo server-code.
  • Made a micro-optimization to minimap rendering.
  • Xaku’s Gaze ability has been added to the Railjack Tactical Menu.
  • Xaku will now hide their Syandana and Armor pieces during their The Vast Untime ability to prevent floating objects.
    • Note: we are about 1 week away from a full Community feedback pass on Xaku’s abilities. Sit tight!
  • Conservation Animal Tags and Wounded Animal Tags will now appear in the UI popup banner (similar to Argon Crystal) upon collecting an Animal.
  • You can now Fast Travel to the Necraloid Syndicate in the Necralisk after speaking with them.
  • Improvements towards the Necramech Guard Mode Equip and Unequip flow to be cleaner and use Abilities functions better.
  • Added and tweaked many Entrati member VO Transmissions. These tweaks include ensuring some VO Transmissions don’t repeat endlessly.
  • Increased the aggressiveness of Deimos reinforcements.
  • Tweaked reload sounds of the Trumna.
  • Added descriptions to Helminth Secretions. Yum!
  • Added HUD timers to Vauban’s Minelayer grenades.
Infested Companion Fixes
  • Fixed Predasite and Vulpaphyla Companions not granting Mastery Rank.
    • Upon login of this Hotfix, missing Mastery will be given for your respective Gilded Infested Companion.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when opening the Simulacrum Arsenal in multiplayer Simulacrum with a Vulpaphyla equipped.
  • Fixed Vulpaphyla Companion getting reset to Rank 0 if the Vulpaphyla went into bleedout while you were dying/Reviving.
  • Fixed Sly Vulpaphyla's Survival Instinct not showing FX for Clients.
  • Fixed a script error when dying while your Pharoh Predasite Companion used Anabolic Pollination.
  • Fixed a script error where Panzer Vulpaphyla died before the Viral Quills projectiles landed.
  • Fixed a script error when a Crescent Vulpaphyla used Crescent Charge on a target that died.
  • Fixed Necramech’s not retaining their gained XP if you left the Necramech before you entered the gate/area to return to Town.
  • Fixed Client Necramech’s not retaining their gained XP after mission aborting. We are working on additional edge cases with Client *Affinity retention on Necramechs. More to come!
  • Fixed a crash when joining a Cambion Drift mission where a Client player is dead.
  • Fixed a crash when entering the return to Town/Hub area while an encounter triggers in Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed potential crash when casting Titania’s Lantern ability.
  • Fixed Isolation Vault Necramech Damage resistance not applying to Clients.
  • Fixed second Necramech summon having no weapon and inability to shoot for Clients.
  • Fixed Xaku’s Vast Untime ability not always damaging enemies within radius.
  • Fixed failing to Gild an eligible Infested Companion with the Conservation Entrati member if you have a Predasite that is less than Rank 30.
  • Fixed not gaining weapon XP when shooting from a K-Drive or Velocipod.
  • Fixed ability to contribute pending Keratinos Blueprints for Entrati Rank up without warning, which causes them to disappear in the Foundry.
    • Pending Foundry Blueprints won’t be eligible for Syndicate Rank up.
  • Fixed ability to reach the Isolation Vaults without doing an Insolation Bounty.
  • Fixed being able to walk through the blue force-field wall around the Plains of Eidolon as a Necramech.
  • Fixed ability to collide with allied Necramechs.
  • Fixed Mods on the lower left side of the Necramech Upgrade screen can't be read.
  • Fixed UI callout for the Necramech dodge/charge tutorial being incorrect.
  • Fixed the Necramech moving in a circular motion while boosting when tilting the controller joystick slightly to the left or right.
  • Fixed Cortege doing incorrect Damage type in Heavy Weapon mode.
  • Fixed the Sepulcrums Alt Fire homing projectiles sometimes endlessly circling low profile targets like the Deimos Carnis enemy.
  • Fixed Sepulcrum and Trumna local firing sounds playing for Clients.
  • Fixed Energy Siphon on Hildryn resulting in her Pillage Overshields being reverted.
  • Another fixed towards Wukong Prime's Iron Staff not blocking 100% of Damage as intended.
  • Fixed Phaedra missing its Magazine component.
  • Fixed Pets/Sentinels always targeting Cryptilex.
  • Fixed Velocipods not displaying max Pistol Ammo when riding - they were only showing Magazine.
  • Fixed Khrusos Syandana textures to react to lighting more naturally and appear less flat.
  • Fixed entering the Mod Bench while in the Necramech Upgrade screen resulting in getting the regular Mod Bench selection with all Mods showing.
  • Fixed missing Trumna Alt Fire animations.
  • Fixed some Otak ambient barks overlapping with other dialog.
  • Fixed missing Mother VO if you skipped the Entrati Rank up reward and then choose to select the reward later.
  • Fixed cases of missing Mother VO when taking a Bounty.
  • Fixed missing goodbye VO for the Weapons Entrati member.
  • Fixed "Melee Combos" for Necramechs showing broken Stance Mods and wrong combos.
  • Fixed cases of missing Wyrm Residue FX.
  • Fixed many missing Deimos Codex entries.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if a wild Medjay Predasite was charging towards you while using Paralytic Spores and died, which could cause other enemies to not be vulnerable to finishers.
  • Potential fix for a script error when a Host migrates in a Free Roam mission.
  • Fixed a script error related to Wyrm Residue puddles.
  • Fixed a script error when encountering an Infested Drop Pod.
  • Fixed a script error when selecting a mission from the World State Window.
  • Fixed a script error when a Necramech deactivated their Guard Mode ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Ash’s Shuriken ability.
  • Fixed a script error when using the Broken Specter.
  • Fixed a couple script errors when Feeding Resources to the Helminth.
  • Fixed a script error when being attacked by Deimos Runners.
  • Fixed numerous script errors when being attacked by the Deimos Leaping Thrasher.

Hotfix 29.0.5

August 28th, 2020 Forum Post

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!

  • Damaged Necramech parts and Weapon Parts are now tradable!
  • Enabled proper Necraloid items to be a free Reward for hitting Rank 3.
  • Improved alignments of the expand arrow on the EOM screen.
  • Improved FX on the ‘Heart’ in a certain quest stage.
  • Increased the rarity on the Botanist Mod to Rare.
  • Added proximity markers to the mollusks so it’s easier to spot them and gather samples during the relevant Bounty.
  • Fixed a potential Quest progression stopper related to the Esophage usage.
  • Fixed a bonus objective being impossible to achieve with 3-4 players in the squad for Deimos survivor bounty. Also, objective count will update correctly whenever the squad size changes.
  • Fixed Necramech drops falling through the floor when dropped.
  • Fixed Summoning Necramechs losing affinity gained in previous Necramechs.
  • Potential permanent fix to Void Dash being disabled by Vault Mechs, more work will be needed on this, but we have made some progress here.
  • Fixed Chroma Immortal skin missing his tail. Pin the Tail on the Dragon.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to donate un-Gilded Modular pets.
  • Fixed Race markers from the surface of the Cambion Drift appearing on the map while underground.
  • Fixed issues with Necralisk doors appearing invisible or unlit.
  • Fixed ‘Œ’ not working in certain languages.
  • Fixed Ally Necramechs not always spawning during Vome Cycle.
  • Fixed Ally Necramechs interfering with Operator Void Dashing and Transference.
  • Fixed a couple cases of missing Icons for Weapons in the EOM screen.
  • Fixed an issue where a named Kitgun would display the default name instead when transitioning from Free Roam missions to a Hub.
  • Fixed an issue where the Currency bar could get stuck hidden when returning from a mission
  • Fixed the EOM diorama preview not hiding Squad overlay and Currency bar
  • Fixed a script error related to Kubrow’s Marking an enemy with the Mecha Mod set, the Kubrow dying, then somebody else killing the enemy while they are still marked.
  • Fixed Deimos spots where players could break through the level.
  • Fixed Father 5 Token Tasks allowing multiple purchases.
  • Fixed Carnis set bonus not functioning.
  • Fixed a case where after cutting all fish you had for a vendor, could then go back into the empty cut screen, until reloading the area.
  • Fixed Necramech statue not being placeable in deco mode.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur from the squad overlay.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Deimos Leaping Thrasher.
  • Fixed a localization issue with Iron Staff.
  • Fixed missing information on Deimos Fish decorations in the Codex.

Hotfix 29.0.4

August 27th, 2020 Forum Post

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!

Token Rank Balancing + Conservation Token Balancing

Ranking up in the Entrati Syndicate will now require a maximum of 1 Entrati Token type per rank (i.e 1x Conservation + 1x Fishing). Anyone who has already ranked up will receive a refund script within the next few days.

We have also done a significant rebalance pass of Conservation’s role in the Entrati Economy based on feedback.

  • Reduced the Animal Tags required to complete a 1 Token Task by 50%.
  • Reduced the average number of Animal Tags required for ‘Capture Deimos Wildlife’ Tasks which give 3, 4, and 5 Tokens.
  • Fixed some ‘Capture Deimos Wildlife’ Tasks appearing as doubles, giving twice the intended Tokens without costing twice as much.
  • Added a ‘Daily Special’ for Conservation to match the Daily Special for Fishing design by request.
Isolation Vault Bounty Changes & Fixes
  • Increased the Bait Defense time from 60s to 90s and increased enemy reinforcements.
  • Lowered drop rate of the Infested anti-toxin during the Toxin Level phase to increase difficulty - it’s too easy!
  • Toxin Level will now greatly increase if players leave the designated area in an effort to increase team coordination and difficulty.
  • Replaced the Volatile Runner with a Deimos Runner in the Toxin Level phase.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the Host migrated during an Isolation Vault Bounty.
    • This also fixes having to repeat Isolation Vault stages if a Host migration occurred.
  • Fixed a ‘worst case scenario’ procedural generation where some Isolation Vaults would not have the Reactive Crystal intact, which occurred in a 1 hour window last night.
Scintillant Changes

General note re: Scintillant! We discussed it yesterday, and realized the Scintillant description was too vague in terms of other methods to acquire it and updated its description in the last Hotfix. Overnight, we ran stats and the amount collected was too low, which is widely accepted from the community to be the case. While we all start with baseline ‘0’ for new Updates, this Resource is an outlier in how slowly it’s being accrued, which is to say current pacing not our intention. They should feel like a revised Cetus Wisp, but when we compared the two overnight, and considering more people are playing Heart of Deimos and how many Scintillant are needed, they were lower to a degree that doesn’t make sense with their hookup. Here is how we are fixing that today:

  • Isolation Bounty Necramech’s now have a chance to drop Scintillant.
  • Fixed issues with being able to pick up Scintillant within the Vault environments.
  • Increased the spawn chance and spawn radius size of Scintillant within Vault environments.
  • Removed Scintillant as one of the Weapons Entrati members ‘Parts Requisition’ Tasks.
  • Added a slight glow effect to the Scintillant to increase visibility.
  • Increased the audio loop sound effect when a Scintillant is nearby.
  • Player-usable Necramechs that you can Transference into on the Cambion Drift no longer drop rewards.
    • Transferring into a Necramech and then standing around waiting for it to die to drop rewards is far from the intentions of the Necramech system. We understand this is a frustrating oversight. Additionally, this was often bugged that only 1 person got the drop at all. Enemy Necramechs in the Isolation Vaults will still drop rewards, and now they’ll drop more of them (Scintillant).
  • You can now enjoy Deimos from afar as a new planet backdrop when back in your Orbiter!
  • Appearance improvements towards Maggot and Crawler death FX.
  • Optimized mining visibility more by preventing certain ‘pulsing’ aspects of the world overlapping nodes.
  • Optimized locations of Esophage exit ports.
  • Reduced camera shake on the second stage of the Heart of Deimos quest.
  • Hydroid Rakkam Kraken will now be the deluxe version when casting Undertow.
  • Tweaked the holstered idle pose of the Keratinos to avoid clipping.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in the Heart of Deimos Quest if enemies spawn behind doors.
  • Fixed ghost channel members lingering behind in Relays and Towns causing confusion and server-strain.
  • Fixed a Heart of Deimos progression stop if you used Transference when in the Necramech cutscene.
  • Fixed certain icons being reversed for repaired Cortege Receiver / Stocks.
  • Failed failed purchases at Fishing/Conservation Entrati members showing empty quotes instead of the item name.
  • Fixed Fish part quantities not displaying properly when Cut with the Fishing Entrati member in the Necralisk. This should now equally match when you see when Providing/Cutting Fish in Fortuna/Cetus.
    • Note that this is a fix to the user interface: Despite the “Cut fish” summary previously not showing a number of some parts when you cut multiple fish at once, you did actually get those parts.
  • Fixed an Obelisk exploit with certain AI combinations.
  • Fixed an issue where starting a multiplayer mission just as the Wyrm’s were rotating could cause level issues.
  • Fixed an issue with the truly ‘dead’ Mechs not looking deader-than-dead, meaning no Transference allowed.
  • Fixed Mod Link configs from Configuration B not showing Subsumed abilities.
  • Fixed issues with the Ashen Mod sets not functioning properly.
  • Fixed Esophage fast travel not working as intended on Clients.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when in a Necramech when someone disconnects.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when starting certain Cambion Drift Bounties.
  • Fixed issues with proper attachment/detachment of enemy Necramech arms for Clients. In some cases Clients saw Necramechs dying with both arms attached when in fact they were shoot off and weakspot exposed.
  • Fixed some Conservation Lures failing to find a path and possibly creating script errors once activated.
  • Fixed an issue with loading screens for Earth and Mars looking incorrect.
  • Fixed enemies not targeting the Operator after dying in a Necramech.
  • Fixed missing sounds for the Predasite and Vulpaphyla Precepts.
  • Fixed the Kymaeros having a description for Alloy Plate and other erroneous descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where Operators could be used to bypass a part of the Heart of Deimos quest.
  • Fixed inability to shot for the entire hover duration when in a Necramech.
  • Fixed Xaku’s ‘Vast Untime’ damaging Teralysts and Variants. As mentioned at TennoCon, this is not intended.
  • Fixed script error when Vizier Predasite dies when attempting to heal.
  • Fixed a script error when Inaros’ Devour was cast.
  • Fixed a script error on certain item menus appearing during a load state.
  • Fixed a crash caused by fishing and catching a fish at the same time a squad member captures an animal.
  • Fixed a script error that can occur in the Free Roam mission overlay map after a Host migration.
  • Fixed an issue where Operators and Mechs may not work after transference.
  • Fixed script error when a Conservation fails.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur when killing an enemy, but also reviving an ally when certain Challenges are active.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when the new Deimos enemies did a special attack.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur when exiting an Open World mission while your Vasca Kavat was approaching a target for Draining Bite.
  • Fixed a K-Drive related Crash.

Hotfix 29.0.3

August 26th, 2020 Forum Post

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!

Isolation Vault Bounty Changes & Fixes
  • Updated the Cambion Drift Isolation Vault Bounty description to hint at clearing multiple Vaults in the same session for better rewards.
    • IsolationVaultFix
  • Moved 2 Scintillant spawn points within the Isolation Vaults to be in more trafficked areas.
  • Reduced the amount of spawned Residue per Wyrm puddle from 5 to 3, and also lowered the amount of Residue needed for the first stage of the Isolation Vault Bounty:
    • 6 Residue for 1 or 2 player teams
    • 12 Residue for 3 or 4 player teams
  • Fixed cases of the Esophage losing its waypoint in the Isolation Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed looping Otak/Loid Transmission when picking up 50% of the required Residue for the Isolation Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed a script error related to the Isolation Vault.
  • Fixed numerous script errors when encountering an enemy Necramech.
  • Missed note: Fixed various Matchmaking issues for players.
  • The Deimos Bounty Credit Cache rewards have been replaced with an Ayatan Amber Star.
  • Added descriptive text to the Scintillant to expose its secondary acquisition path:
    • ScintillantFix
  • Added invulnerability period when Transferring into Necramechs found out in Cambion Drift.
  • Reduced Vulpaphyla Revive precepts from 5 ranks to 3 ranks, as the extra 2 served no purpose. Refunded Credits and Endo will follow in a script later this week or next for early adopters.
  • Added more sound effects for the Vulpaphyla.
  • End of Mission screen music will now properly duck sound FX.
  • Performance improvements towards Cambion Drift terrain textures.
  • Fixed cases of players unable to start Vor’s Prize after completing the tutorial.
    • This also unblurs the ‘Vor’s Prize’ Quest entry for those who skipped it way back in the day.
  • Fixed missing context actions when investigating Solaris bodies in the Vox Solaris Quest.
  • Fixed a crash when a Client player has a Vulpaphyla Pet and it dies.
  • Fixed a crash during the Garv Bounty mission.
  • Fixed script errors when player quits before/during death in "Confront Umbra" stage of The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Bounties failing if the Client player loads in too far away from the objective area.
  • Fixed inability to pick up Fass Residue on a K-Drive during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed not having to collect Infested Samples for Latrox Une when doing multiple Bounties in succession in the same Cambion Drift session.
  • Fixed incorrect Eximus enemy title on the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed some missing FX on Deimos enemies when they pop out of their sacs.
  • Fixed color grading style color corrections ignoring the Color Correction video setting. As reported here:
  • Fixed alignment issues with the Paradiso Armor on numerous Warframes.
  • Fixed script error that can occur when trying to use the Scanner when returning to a Town.
  • Fixed a script error if Garv dies.
  • Fixed a script error related to the Profit-Taker.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when using Transference.
  • Fixed a script error when using the Necramechs’ Guard Mode ability.
  • Fixed a script error when entering an enemy camp in the Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed a script error when the Drop Pods in the Cambion Drift drop down enemies.
  • Fixed a script error when a Sly Vulpaphyla deactivates a Precept.
  • Fixed a script error when a Panzer Vulpaphyla attempted to attack but ran out of targets.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred when a Necramech died.

Hotfix 29.0.2

August 26th, 2020 Forum Post

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!

  • Infested Fish within the Cambion Drift are now always guaranteed to provide their respective Fish parts when cut! Descriptions of Fish parts now also include exact Fish source information.
    • The RNG behind Fish parts did not sit right based on player feedback, and we agree. Our intentions didn’t outweigh the value in this case.
  • The Conservation Entrati member now sells a Tranq Rifle for those who have not yet acquired one from Fortuna.
  • Add a ‘View Cinematic’ button for Awakening in the Quest Codex section! This allows you to view the opening cinematic without going into the full tutorial.
  • Added Xaku Blueprint to Cephalon Simaris Offerings for those who have completed the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Reduced the Necramech Storm Shroud ability damage immunity from 1 to .8. This ability now functions similar to Iron Skin.
  • Increased the Necramech Reach Mod base Melee Range from +0.17 to +0.25.
  • Improvements towards the Necralisk to Cambion Drift hallway trigger placement, so players may walk up to the door without leaving the loading trigger.
    • This also fixes misleading size of extraction zone radius on minimap.
  • Mining veins now have a UI marker present when the Cutter/Drill is equipped and you’re close to it.
  • Improvements to Mining FX/materials in the Cambion Drift to improve visibility.
  • Improvements towards different Matchmaking scenarios within Deimos (join-in-progress, join from a Necralisk, join from Cambion Drift, etc).
  • Slight FX tweaks to the Deimos node in the Shar Chart.
  • Fixes towards Town, Relay, and Dojo server stability and performance.
  • Fixed a Heart of Deimos Quest progression stop due to an inability to swap back to the Omni repair tool when it’s required.
  • Fixed a crash if you died during mission 3 of the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a crash when joining a Cambion Drift mission in progress and the player is in a Wyrm Residue area.
  • Fixed a crash when Transferring into a Necramech out on the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a crash when inspecting the Quassus’ stats in the Mission Progress screen while in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you were in a Necramech after a Host migration.
  • Fixed a crash when fighting a Necramech in the Isolation Bounty.
  • Fixed numerous crashes related to interacting with Reactive Crystals.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to open the Gear Wheel after mounting a K-Drive.
  • More fixes towards a tunnel door not opening in the Necramech training mission of the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a rampant script error that prevented Conservation from triggering in certain spots in Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed Jahu Reactive Crystals spitting out Resources every time you Transfer in/out of Operator mode
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Isolation Vault Bounties giving a reward of any rarity for all 3 difficulty tiers. Now they correctly give Common at tier 1, Uncommon at tier 2, and Rare at tier 3.
  • Fixed Necramech’s not picking up things like Energy and Mods.
  • More fixes towards dying in a Necramech resulting in your Operator being invisible and invincible.
  • Fixed the Fishing Spear not being given back if you died during the Fishing mission of the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed Wyrm Residue spawning inside of inaccessible locations during the 'Collect Worm Bait' phase of a Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed objective waypoints not updating properly during the Necramech training mission of the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed inability to use your Vome Residue/Fass Residue to craft Mutagen/Antigen Blueprints.
  • Fixed Refined Bapholite Blueprint requiring Adramalium instead of raw Bapholite.
  • Fixed being able to Transference into an invisible Warframe during the "Confront Umbra" stage of The Sacrifice.
  • More fixes towards ability to start Bounties during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed Vome Residue areas Reviving players (not intended!).
  • Fixed cases of the Relay/Town Chat channel not disappearing upon leaving said Relay/Town.
  • Fixed missing Vulpaphyla and Predasite Precept Mods from the Codex.
  • Fixed Clients sometimes not seeing the Purifier aura FX.
  • Fixed all squadmates getting the UI tips for the Necramech’s Necraweb ability when one player is using it.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Excavator objective not updating based on the number of players after a Host migration occurred.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Excavator UI disappearing after a Host migration.
  • Fixed a momentary black screen when loading into the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed players receiving progress towards Orb Vallis "Bounty Hunter" Challenge when finishing Cambion Drift Bounties.
  • Fixed Maturing a Pet through the Arsenal not refreshing the Arsenal, allowing for a 2nd failed Mature attempt.
  • Fixed some Deimos enemies having the wrong Health and Armor types.
  • Fixed inability to Chat link the Mausolon.
  • Fixed Otak not spinning around when Loid is talking when speaking to him at his Mining spot.
  • Fixed music ducking Loid/Otak switch sounds completely.
  • More fixes towards missing Conservation Transmissions.
  • Fixed missing VO line when interacting with the Fishing Entrati member with no Fish in your Inventory.
  • Fixed two cases of Cambion Drift Bounty bonus objective UI appearing incorrectly. As reported here.
  • Fixed ability to use Emote Hotkeys when in situations that Gear Hotkeys are disabled.
  • Fixed getting a blank screen when attempting to Cut/Provide Fish to a vendor but you don’t have any eligible Fish for that node (ie Fortuna Fish at the Cetus Fish vendor, etc).
  • Fixed Hydroid Rakkam Kraken not having its deluxe Skin applied during Undertow.
  • Fixed The Steel Path Deimos Trophy not matching the FX of the actual Deimos node.
  • Fixed incorrect Fishing Trophy diorama in Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed some Blueprint component text overlapping.
  • Fixed a Host migration triggering a script error when encountering a puzzle in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred at the beginning of the Necramech training mission of the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a script error during the Corpus survivor Bounty in Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a script error when activating an Eidolon Hunt after a Host migration has occurred.
  • Fixed a script error when a Host migration occurs during Cambion Drift 'Lure the Assassination Target' Bounty.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if you immediately took out a Fishing Spear upon entering Cambion Drift from Necralisk.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when a Fish died while you were successfully catching a different one.
  • Fixed a script error when a Fish survived damage after you died and Revived.
  • Fixed a script error when initiating a K-Drive Race in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed script errors that could occur if you died during the Fass/Vome fight sequence.
  • Fixed a script error when a Jugulus dies.
  • Fixed a script error when a Leaping Thrasher dies.
  • Fixed a script error related to Venari.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Xaku’s Accuse ability.
  • Fixed crazy decimals on the Survival Instinct and Sly Devolution Mod descriptions.

Hotfix 29.0.1

August 25th, 2020 Forum Post

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!

  • Removed the 2 Entrati Character Token sacrifice required to earn the first Entrati Rank up as there were issues with accessibility as commented on here (SPOILERS):
    • If you have made this Entrati Rank up sacrifice please contact to get your Tokens back.
  • Removed the Helminth ‘Interact’ context action until you have installed the Helminth Segment. But is it a cat or dog person?! Did you find out?!
  • Cambion Drift is now always shown in the Star Chart if you have not completed the Heart of Deimos Quest. Upon hover it will be locked with the tooltip to complete Heart of Deimos to gain access.
  • Reduced overall sounds of the Necramech, including very loud death sounds.
  • Sound tweaks to the platform ascent/descent moment during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Slight tweaks towards crafting sounds in the Necralisk.
  • Potential fix for a tunnel door not opening during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a script error when opening the Star Chart with the Once Awake Quest active resulting in broken Navigation.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during one of the cinematics in the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a progression stop in the New Player Experience (Awakening) if an enemy gets stuck outside the first room.
  • Fixed dying in a Necramech resulting in your Operator being invisible and invincible.
  • Fixed dying in mission 3 of the Heart of Deimos Quest causing a progression stop.
  • Fixed missing temporary invulnerability when Transferring into a Necramech.
  • Fixed wrong waypoint being given when following someone back to the Necralisk during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a script crash during the ‘be stealthy’ part of the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a case of Fishing not working for Clients in Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift being unlocked when playing Steel Path without having finished the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed Entrati Weapon Syndicate member missing the Trumna Stock Blueprint.
  • Fixed ability to start a Bounty from Mother during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed Necramech Fury and Necramech Pressure Point Mods not functioning for either Host or Client.
  • Fixed objective markers not updating during the Heart of Deimos Quest while in Operator mode.
  • Fixed ability to launch Cambion Drift in Steel Path mode if you clicked Necralisk from the Star Chart and then went into Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed staying in a squad when playing the Awakening tutorial.
  • Fixed low image quality on new TennoGen Prex cards.
  • Fixed some missing Conservation Transmissions.
  • Fixed inability to turn in 1 Syndicate Medallion when at your Daily cap.
  • Fixed visual hair discrepancies with the Conservation Entrati Syndicate member.
  • Fixed a slight flash of UI when loading into the Heart of Deimos Quest opening cutscene.
  • Fixed Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Suda playing the wrong Rank Up VO.
  • Fixed misspelling of ‘Warframe’ in a certain characters dialogue during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed harmless Fishing script error when going to the Necralisk from Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if you were Scanning something as you were leaving a Free Roam landscape.
  • Fixed a script crash that could be caused by Conservation targets in certain places on the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a script error related to Loid hovering.
  • Fixed a script error related to Infested Pods spawning.
  • Fixed a script error related to the Deimos Jugulus attacking you.
  • Fixed a script error occurring when a Moa Companion uses Shockwave Actuators.
  • Fixed a script error in the Railjack Navigation screen.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Xaku’s Grasp of Lohk ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Protea’s Blaze Artillery ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Mag’s Magnetize ability.
  • Fixed a script error when previewing a Mod Link.

Update 29

August 25th, 2020 Forum Post - The Heart of Deimos

The Heart of Deimos

Heart of Deimos: Update 29


Much awaits you in Update 29: Heart of Deimos. Unveil the secrets of Deimos, Mars' second moon. Discover what has been shrouded in mystery, hidden from the Origin System, and why this Infested moon has revealed itself only now. You may begin your search in the 'Heart of Deimos' Quest, eligible for players who have completed the Earth to Mars Junction.

Tenno beginning their journey in Warframe will now awake to a new cinematic introduction and revised tutorial with the New Player Experience: Tutorial 3.0. If you've already awoken, you too can enjoy the refresh by visiting the Codex in your Orbiter.

Xaku – The community-designed Warframe is here! Meet an amalgam of three fallen Warframes from an age past whose pieces were assembled of the Void and reborn as one: Xaku. They call out to you.

The Helminth has arrived, Warframe's deepest customization system yet. Feed the Helminth to replace your Warframes' Abilities! To begin the feast, you must earn the Helminth Segment from the Entrati Syndicate within the Heart of Deimos.

As with all Mainlines, we cast a huge web of changes. You may find some placeholder and unfinished features as you explore all that Heart of Deimos has to offer - please let us know if you see anything amiss! Within the Entrati Syndicate there of course exists its own economy, of which we welcome your constructive feedback once you’ve delved into its features.

Enjoy the Heart of Deimos, Tenno!


Deimos emerges in Martian orbit, completely overrun by the Infestation… yet among the writhing mass, a distress call comes over a most ancient carrier wave.

A new Quest is available in your Codex, Tenno! The Prerequisite for ‘Heart of Deimos’ is completing the Earth to Mars Junction.

The “Heart of Deimos” Quest will introduce you to the newest Open World. Learn all about the denizens of THE CAMBION DRIFT, and the souls lurking in THE NECRALISK HUB!

If you buy Xaku with Platinum, you will receive a Riven Mod as a quest Reward in addition to the Xaku Blueprint.



The Cambion Drift is a dense open world on Mars’ infested moon of DEIMOS that connects to the Necralisk, a new Hub (detailed below). Below this Open World you will find an Underground, the second layer. You can find puzzles and mysteries below, as well as Necramech encounters! The Cambion Drift will be made accessible in the Star Chart once you’ve completed the Heart of Deimos quest.



The Infested moon of Deimos is under a constant war between VOME and FASS. As you play, you’ll watch the feuding siblings reclaim dominance over Deimos and its denizens.

Vome - with her gentle watch. Fass - with his spiteful anger.

When Vome wins the sibling battle and watches over the Cambion Drift, formidable Infested enemies will lay dormant and you may come across friendly Necramechs on your travels. When Fass wins the sibling battle and watches over the Cambion Drift, those formidable Infested enemies will rise, and ruined Necramechs will lay silent throughout Cambion Drift. The more you play, the more you’ll discover about their watchful effects!

Beware, Tenno!

NEW HUB: NECRALISK The Necralisk is a Void Research Facility home to the ENTRATI - who you will learn much more about as you play the ‘Heart of Deimos’ Quest. To keep these notes spoiler free, we will simply provide the types of NPC vendors available within the Necralisk! Full services and details can be discovered in game after completing the Heart of Deimos Quest.



The Entrati are the main Syndicate for the new Open World. Within The Entrati, you will be able to ascend the ranks with Entrati Tokens to earn rewards and the respect of this ancient Orokin bloodline.


The Necraloid are the Operator Syndicate within The Necralisk. The War Within is required to access this Syndicate. Within the Necraloid, you will be able to ascend the ranks with Orokin Matrices and earn your very own Necramech and more! You will learn the true nature of THE VOID within the walls of the Necraloid as you progress. (See NECRAMECH section to learn more about the Necraloid Syndicate)


A key part of Heart of Deimos are the Tokens representing each of the Entrati members. These will be your key to progress throughout the ENTRATI Syndicate in order to gain Standing, and by talking to each Vendor and playing Bounties you can discover all there is to earn!

An important distinction from this Open World vs. others is that, due to the nature of the Entrati’s relationships to one another, we are using a symbolic Token system for all Syndicate Standing. As an example, this means by completing Bounties you will earn ‘Mother Tokens’, that you can redeem for Entrati Standing at any time within your Daily Limits. You can always earn more Mother Tokens than your Daily Standing Cap allows, meaning you can accrue and redeem at times convenient for you! (Read on below to see Daily Standing Cap changes!)

Bounties / Entrati Syndicate Leader: Mother

  • All your Entrati Syndicate progress and management needs can be found with Mother!
  • All your Bounty access needs can be found with Mother!
Weapons & More
  • All your Entrati weaponry needs can be found with this Entrati member you will meet upon completion of the ‘Heart of Deimos’ Quest!
  • Find new Prime Weapon Mods within this Entrati members offerings! See ‘NEW PRIME WEAPON MODS’ section below.

*Infested Kitguns will be offered by this Entrati member in a later Update to Heart of Deimos.

  • All your Entrati Fishing needs can be found with this Entrati member you will meet upon completion of the ‘Heart of Deimos’ Quest!
  • Here you will be able to cut Deimos Fish for fish parts to use towards this members Token system, crafting, and more.
  • All your Entrati Conservation needs can be found with this Entrati member you will meet upon completion of the ‘Heart of Deimos’ Quest!
  • Here you will experiment with Revivification (see Revivification section of notes below), and other Experimental Procedures, obtaining Floofs, and more!

Mining: Otak

  • All your Entrati Mining needs can be found with Otak, who you met at TennoCon!
  • Here you will be able to exchange Gems and Alloys, and more!
Oddities & Token Exchange
  • All your Entrati Oddities and Token Exchanging needs can be found with this Entrati member you will meet upon completion of the ‘Heart of Deimos’ Quest!
  • This Vendor also has some K-Drive Races for you out in the Cambion Drift!
  • Here you can acquire Deimos Decorations and all new Deimos Captura Scenes.

The Entrati are prepared to give a variety of new Bounty types to worthy Tenno - play them to earn new Rewards (including Xaku’s Components)!

Try out the new Endless Bounty to dig up Deimos rewards to your heart's content! Simply look for (ENDLESS) in the Bounty Description Title! Isolation Vaults await you as a part of these Bounties, tread with caution!


Some high-level Bounties will allow you to explore THE UNDERGROUND - a region underneath Deimos with mystery, enemies, and new rewards! Engage with mysterious objects with your Operator, study memory puzzles, and more! The Isolation Vaults are filled with rot and reward!



Within the NECRALOID Syndicate, you will access everything you need to get started on building your very own NECRAMECH! You must have completed The War Within Quest to access this content.

In HEART OF DEIMOS, we are launching 1 NECRAMECH, found in the NECRALOID Syndicate! It is fully colour customizable, has 4 Unique Abilities (like a Warframe) and can be summoned for Transference via the NECRAMECH SUMMON Gear Item for use in ANY Open World! The Necramech Summon Gear Item is awarded upon crafting your first Necramech!

*An additional Mech will be offered by this Entrati member in a later Update to Heart of Deimos.

Meet the Necramech:

NECRAMECH - as seen at TennoCon! Play the Heart of Deimos Quest to learn more about these machines.

*Find the Necramech Blueprint as well as its Components from the Necraloid Syndicate.

Ability 1: Necraweb
Hurl a canister of graviton fluids to create a wide mire that will significantly slow enemies travelling across it. Alternatively, the canister can be shot in mid-air to create a fiery conflagration.

Ability 2: Storm Shroud
Swathe the Necramech in a powerful electrical field that greatly enhances survivability in close combat. Enemies that strike the shroud will suffer for their impudence.

Ability 3: Gravemines
Launch a pattern of charged mines all around you. Each mine detonates in a violent blast when touched, damaging enemies in a three-meter radius.

Ability 4: Guard Mode
Take a stationary stance to deploy maximum firepower and gain increased structural integrity for a time.

Necramech is compatible with Arch Guns with Gravimags installed!


You will be able to Mod your very own Necramech using the 16 new Mods, obtained as drops from slain Necramechs.

Visit for all your drop inquiries!

These 16 Necramech Mods are a mix of familiar Warframe Mods (Necramech Stretch, Necramech Intensify, Necramech Vitality, etc) as well as new Mod types specifically for the Necramech (Necramech Thrusters, Necramech Blitz, Necramech Refuel, etc).

Both the Cortege and Mausolon can also be used as Arch Guns!


An ancient weapon designed by the Entrati for use by their Necramechs. Primary fire siphons life essence from the target to fuel a devastating Alt Fire. A heavy flamethrower with surprising range. Alt fire launches three projectiles in a fan pattern that explode, leaving a damaging area of effect for a short duration.

*Find the Cortege Blueprint as well as its Components from the Necraloid Syndicate.

MAUSOLON (given with first built Necramech)

An ancient weapon designed by the Entrati for use by their Necramechs. Primary fire siphons life essence from the target to fuel a devastating Alt Fire. Punishing automatic primary fire and an alt more that charges up to unleash a destructive beam of energy with a large explosion at point of impact.

*As outlined in a recent Dev Workshop, all new weapons in the update are starting with a minimum Riven disposition of 0.5. This includes the new Archgun weapons, Mausolon and Cortege. Archgun Riven dispositions have not been rebalanced in the past, but they will be included in our quarterly changes going forward, starting with the next Prime Access!


Scattered around the Cambion Drift are new passive creatures known as Velocipods. While they are flighty, if you manage to catch one and mount it you can pilot one like a temporary, organic K-Drive! You will be able to shoot from the back of a Velocipod, just like any other K-Drive! You can also choose to Conserve these creatures with the Tranq Rifle you acquired on your journey through Fortuna!


These Solitary predators return to the same partners each mating season, meeting up in the Swamp. Other times of the year, they disperse across the Cambion Drift. There are three subspecies of Predasites you can encounter in the wild. These subspecies, when captured, can be “Revivificated” into companions at the Conservation Vendor in the Necralisk. Learn more about Predasite companion creation in the “New Infested Companions” section below.


These scavengers roam in small packs, picking at the remains that larger predators have left behind. There are three subspecies of Vulpaphyla you can encounter in the wild. These subspecies, when captured, can be “Revivificated” into companions at the Conservation Vendor in the Necralisk. Learn more about Vulpaphyla companion creation in the “New Infested Companions” section below.


This winged Cambion Drift creature can be found clinging to the walls in groups, or seen flying overhead. A patient approach is best, as they are quick to flee if startled. There are three subspecies of Avichaea you can encounter in the wild.


These burrowing critters can occasionally be found near the Infested plants that grow from the fleshy landscape of the Cambion Drift. There are three subspecies of Cryptilex you can encounter in the wild.

*Each of these species have unique variants - find them all!


Fishing on an Infested planet has some new challenges! Fish can be found flying (yes, flying) around the Cambion Drift, and come in a variety of flavors. Some fish will only be present during the Fass and Vome cycles and have various rarities!

Bait: Each time Fass and Vome duel in the Cambion Drift, the losing Wyrm’s body will scatter the landscape with its own Residue. Both the Fass Residue and Vome Residue can be picked up and used as Bait for the Infested Fish, using the Fishing Menu! Like with previous fishing systems, drop the Reside into the “water” and wait for the Fish to appear.

See the list of Fish below to learn more about each of the Infested Fish of Deimos and how some Fish only react to certain Residue. Visit the Entrati Syndicate Fishing member within the Necralisk to master the art of Infested Fishing!

Once you have completed the Heart of Deimos Quest, a new vendor will be able to provide you with the Spari Spear, as well as provide a location to turn in Fish for fish parts. The Fish on Deimos are unique creatures, so make sure you have the right equipment!

  • Duroid - A living fossil hearkening back to the Orokin era, this elusive fish hides below the surface of Exocrine pools in the deepest caverns it can find.
  • Aquapulmo - These fish were purposefully contaminated with the Infestation as an Entrati 'experiment'. They feed off the organic deposits in cave systems.
  • Kymaeros - The Infestation has suborned these fish to its own purposes, using them as antibodies in the Exocrine to repel the non-Infested. They swim through the cavernous arteries of Deimos.
  • Chondricord - A triumph of Orokin bio-engineering, these hardy fish have adapted to the Deimos environment and seem oddly resistant to Infestation. They thrive in cave environments.
  • Vitreospina - Whatever higher functions this fish once had have been consumed, leaving it a mere automaton of metal and flesh. It ekes out a primitive existence in cave systems.
  • Barbisteo - As ravenous as the Infestation itself, this fish feeds on the remains of others. It shuns the light, preferring an enclosed cave environment.
  • Myxostomata - This exceptionally rare breed of fish is almost extinct, as its gilded Orokin flesh has a special savor for predators. It warily conceals itself in caves.
  • Ostimyr - Crammed with redundant, mutated internal organs, this pungent fish is highly sought after. It only emerges from surface pools in the light of the Wyrm Vome.
  • Cryptosuctus - Formerly Orokin scavengers, these fish succumbed to the Infestation long ago and now greedily feast on floating spores. They are found all over the surface of Deimos.
  • Glutinox - These hefty fish are cannibalistic. They rise by Vome's light to absorb rare gases, retreating when Fass ascends to devour their smaller kin in their lairs.
  • Amniophysi - These fish hatch out of translucent pods formed in the Infested landscape itself. The radiance of Fass stirs them into activity.


The Cambion Drift has a whole collection of new Resources to earn as you explore and delve into the Heart of Deimos. Unlike the more “natural” Resources of the Plains of Eidolon or the Orb Vallis, the Cambion Drift is a living, breathing landscape with a whole collection of Infested goodies to gather! Visit the Mining Entrati Syndicate member to learn more!

  • Faceted Tiametrite - Common
  • Purged Dagonic - Common
  • Purified Heciphron - Uncommon
  • Stellated Necrathene - Rare
  • Trapezium Xenorhast - Legendary
  • Cabochon Embolos - Legendary
  • Adramal Alloy - Common
  • Tempered Bapholite - Common
  • Devolved Namalon - Uncommon
  • Thaumic Distillate - Rare

The Cambion Drift is a hostile world. Even though several native species have adapted to surviving amongst the rampant Infestation, they still fall prey to it and its attacks. The Vulpaphyla and Predasite are no exception and are threatened by its vicious nature. You can save these Conservation creatures by wrangling them from the wild Infested landscape so that they may be treated at the Necralisk hub. There, you can assist in the administering of treatment and “Revivificate” them into Companions.

*Please note Infested Companion Imprints will come in another Update.

Here’s how it works:

1. Capture

First you must tranq and capture a Vulpaphyla or Presadite in a wounded state (creatures affected will have a certain glow to them after they have been wounded by the Infested). You must encounter these creatures while they are infected and tranq it before it loses its battle with the Infested. The captured Vulpaphyla or Presadite is then transported to the Necralisk.

Without intervention, these creatures are likely to succumb to the Infestation. Return to the Necralisk and speak to the Conversation Vendor to treat them with a mix of Mutagens and Antigens to heal it of its ailments.

2. Treat

Visit the Conservation Vendor and select “Vulpaphyla/Presadite Revivification” to get started in restoring the creature. There are three elements that will bring the creature to a restored state so that they may fight alongside you. The options available in these categories will determine the characteristics of your new Infested Companion:

  • Breed: The Wounded Vulpaphylas and Presadites you have saved will appear here for selection. The subspecies of the beast determines its physical appearance, base stats, and precepts.
  • Mutagen: Adapts the Infestation to grant certain types of resistances. Side effects of the Mutagens include altering of the look of the tail.
  • Antigen: Attunes the Infestation to certain polarities (Vazarin, Naramon, Madurai, and Penjaga). Side effects of the Antigen include various physical alterations.

Mutagens and Antigens can be purchased from the Conservation Vendor in Necralisk.

3. Keep or Release

After you have successfully saved the creature, you have the option to either keep or release it. Keeping the creature will make it available as a trusty Companion, while releasing the creature will put it back into the wild for a Standing gain with the Entrati.


The DEIMOS creatures roaming the Cambion Drift feast on anything foolish enough to enter their desolate landscape. Fear the scuttling terror of the Deimos Carnis, the powerful slam of the Deimos Saxum and the subterranean terror of the Deimos Jugulus. With many legs and fearsome appetites, these infested creatures are waiting to devour any unwary Tenno that may cross their path!


Three new Mod Sets are here! The Saxum, Jugulus, and Carnis Mod Sets can be acquired from the Cambion Drift Bounty Rewards or from respective Infested enemies in the Cambion Drift.

Saxum Mod Set
  • Saxum Carapace (Warframe): +60 Armor, +90% Health.
  • Saxum Splittle (Pistol): +90% Impact, +60% Status Chance.
  • Saxum Thorax (Melee): +90% Impact, +60% Status Chance.
  • Set Bonus (when all equipped): Lifted enemies explode on death dealing 30% Enemy Max Health as Impact Damage in a 6m radius.
Jugulus Mod Set
  • Jugulus Carapace (Warframe): +90% Armor, +60 Health.
  • Jugulus Spines (Pistol): +90% Puncture, +60% Status Chance.
  • Jugulus Barbs (Melee): +90% Puncture, +60% Status Chance.
  • Set Bonus (when all equipped): Heavy Slam attacks manifest tendrils that skewer enemies within 10m, dealing 75 Puncture Damage and stunning them for 3s. Cooldown: 6s.
Carnis Mod Set
  • Carnis Carapace (Warframe): +60% Armor, +90% Health.
  • Carnis Stinger (Pistol): +90% Slash, +60% Status Chance.
  • Carnis Mandible (Melee): +90% Slash, +60% Status Chance.
  • Set Bonus (when all equipped): Killing an enemy with a Heavy Attack grants 30% Evasion and immunity to Status Effects for 6s.

An ancient weapon designed by the Entrati. This heavy, oversized automatic rifle uses withering fire to suck vital essence from its enemies, charging up a devastating alt-fire arcing projectile with each successful hit.

*Acquire the Blueprints and Components for the Trumna from the Entrati Syndicate Weapons member!


An ancient Entrati double-barreled pistol delivers twin projectiles that explode on impact. With each hit, siphon vital essence from enemies to charge up a deadly lock-on alt-fire attack.

*Acquire the Blueprints and Components for the Sepulcrum from the Entrati Syndicate Weapons member!



Customize your Warframe’s Abilities at a depth never experienced before in Warframe! Introducing THE HELMINTH.

The Helminth System is an expansion of the Helminth room on your Orbiter - you may only know this room as an infested space that allows you to remove the Helminth Cyst. With the ‘Heart of Deimos’ Update, that’s all changing. The Helminth system enables you to customize your Warframes by infusing new Abilities in place of existing Abilities.

Once you’ve unlocked The Helminth System, you can fast travel to the Helminth Infirmary under the Equipment pause menu!

Deep Dive:

How does it work?

To participate in the Helminth, you must obtain the ‘Helminth Segment’. This is acquired in the Heart of Deimos in the Entrati Syndicate Conservation member (once you are Rank 3 with Entrati) and is then crafted and installed on your Orbiter in the Helminth Room to begin your Helminth journey!

Once ready, there are 2 key things this System offers:

- You can replace 1 Ability per Warframe. - Every Warframe can be Subsumed to permanently provide 1 specific Ability to Helminth.

Who is this for?

We consider this a customization system for very experienced Warframe players (Mastery Rank 8 Prerequisite). We do not intend to let newer players unlock this system. We intentionally placed the Segment deep into progression to ensure only experience players could access the Segment and begin their journey with Helminth.

What are Resources / Secretions?

Virtually every Resource you’ve ever earned can be fed to Helminth - your stockpiles have a new home! This Feeding creates SECRETIONS, which allow you to utilize the Helminth for Ability customization. Helminth has a diverse appetite - make sure you feed Helminth Resources they want to eat to get the best Secretion results! Your choices on what you’ve fed Helminth will determine its willingness to reward secretions - change it up for best results!


Infused Abilities are removable with the click of a button - they will stay within a given Warframe as long as you decide you want it!

Subsuming a Warframe is permanent - only Subsume Warframes you are sure you do not want to play with. You can always re-earn or re-buy a subsumed Warframe.

Do Configurations matter?

You can deeply customize by only replacing Abilities on certain Configurations, as seen in the Demo! But we would like to expand this further to demonstrate just how deep you can go.

You can have 1 different Ability infused PER config!

So if you have Excalibur in the chair - you could put Shock on Configuration A, Molt on Configuration B, and Firewalker on Configuration C!

For example, if you wanted Shock applied to Excalibur on Configuration A but wanted Configuration B and Configuration C to stay default with Slash Dash, you can do so!

What does Ranking Helminth do?

As you feed and use the Helminth system, you will rank up! Each Rank unlocks something different - from a new power, to more Subsume Slots (max Rank Helminth = unlimited Subsume Slots), make sure you progress through the Ranks by regularly Feeding Helminth, Subsuming, and Infusing your Warframes!

What are the Helminth Abilities?

Helminth Provides unique abilities of their own:

"EMPOWER" "Increase the strength of your next Ability use."

“ENERGY MUNITIONS" "Increase the efficiency of your Ammo consumption."

"INFESTED MOBILITY" "Increase your parkour velocity."

"MARKED FOR DEATH" “Stun an enemy; a portion of the next damage you deal to it will be dealt to all enemies around it."

"REBUILD SHIELDS" "Instantly restore your shields."

"PERSPICACITY" "Automatically succeed at your next hack attempt."

"MASTER'S SUMMONS" "Heal your companion and call it to your side."

"EXPEDITE SUFFERING" "Affect enemies in a cone, removing any Bleed and Poison status from them and dealing any remaining damage not yet suffered in a single burst."

What is Subsuming?

In addition to Helminth’s own Abilities, you can Subsume a Warframe to obtain 1 specific Ability permanently in Helminth’s memory (list below). We do not allow the Subsuming of any Prime Warframes, but you can Infuse Abilities on Prime Warframes! Warframes can be Subsumed at any Rank (do not need to be Rank 30).

What is Infusion?

Infusion is the process of injecting a Warframe with an Ability - whether it be one of Helminth’s own, or another Warframes. Every Warframe can receive 1 Infused ability at a time in any Ability slot (i.e you could place Shock on any of the 4 Ability slots).

What is Subsuming?

Subsuming is the act of permanently providing a base Warframe into the Helminth’s biology. 1 Warframe can be subsumed every 24 hours.

What Abilities are earned on Subsuming a Warframe?

The following table outlines the current Ability a given Warframe will provide on the Subsume action.

Warframe Subsumable Abilities Applicable Augments Notes
AshIcon272 Ash Shuriken130xDark Shuriken Mod TT 20pxSeeking Shuriken
AtlasIcon272 Atlas Petrify130xDark Petrify Mod TT 20pxOre Gaze Petrified enemies do not drop Rubble.
BansheeIcon272 Banshee Silence130xDark Silence Mod TT 20pxSavage Silence
BaruukIcon272 Baruuk Lull130xDark Lull Mod TT 20pxEndless Lullaby
ChromaIcon272 Chroma ElementalWard130xDark Elemental Ward Mod TT 20pxEverlasting Ward Elemental Ward versions of the ability are determined by the chosen Warframe Energy Color.
EmberIcon272 Ember FireBlast130xDark Fire Blast Mod TT 20pxHealing Flame
Mod TT 20pxPurifying Flames
Healing Flame heals for 25 health for each enemy hit. Heal amount is affected by Ability Strength.
EquinoxIcon272 Equinox RestRage130xDark Rest & Rage Mod TT 20pxCalm & Frenzy Rest or Rage versions of the ability are determined by the chosen Warframe Energy Color.
ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur RadialBlind130xDark Radial Blind Mod TT 20pxRadiant Finish
FrostIcon272 Frost IceWave130xDark Ice Wave Mod TT 20pxIce Wave Impedance
GaraIcon272 Gara Spectrorage130xDark Spectrorage Mod TT 20pxSpectrosiphon
GarudaIcon272 Garuda BloodAltar130xDark Blood Altar N/A
GaussIcon272 Gauss ThermalSunder130xDark Thermal Sunder N/A
GrendelIcon272 Grendel Nourish130xDark Nourish N/A Self-heal and provides Nourish Strike buff only.
HarrowIcon272 Harrow Condemn130xDark Condemn Mod TT 20pxTribunal Augment has no effect on other Warframes.
HildrynIcon272 Hildryn ShieldPillage130xDark Pillage Mod TT 20pxBlazing Pillage Drains 50 Energy instead of 50 Shields.
HydroidIcon272 Hydroid TempestBarrage130xDark Tempest Barrage Mod TT 20pxCorroding Barrage
InarosIcon272 Inaros Desiccation130xDark Desiccation Mod TT 20pxDesiccation's Curse
IvaraIcon272 Ivara Quiver130xDark Quiver Mod TT 20pxEmpowered Quiver
Mod TT 20pxPower of Three
Tap-cast for Cloak arrow. Hold-cast for Noise arrow. Sleep and Dashwire arrows not available.
KhoraIcon272 Khora Ensnare130xDark Ensnare N/A
LimboIcon272 Limbo Banish130xDark Banish Mod TT 20pxRift Haven Base ability includes hold-cast to cancel the ability, releasing affected enemies from the Rift.
LokiIcon272 Loki Decoy130xDark Decoy Mod TT 20pxDeceptive Bond
Mod TT 20pxSavior Decoy
MagIcon272 Mag Pull130xDark Pull Mod TT 20pxGreedy Pull
MesaIcon272 Mesa ShootingGallery130xDark Shooting Gallery Mod TT 20pxMuzzle Flash
MirageIcon272 Mirage Eclipse130xDark Eclipse Mod TT 20pxTotal Eclipse Limited to 1 damage buffing ability per Warframe.

Damage increase reduced to to 150% and damage reduction capped at 75%. (Unmodded value)

NekrosIcon272 Nekros Terrify130xDark Terrify Mod TT 20pxCreeping Terrify
NezhaIcon272 Nezha FireWalker130xDark Fire Walker Mod TT 20pxPyroclastic Flow
NidusIcon272 Nidus Larva130xDark Larva Mod TT 20pxLarva Burst Radius reduced to 8m. (Unmodded value)
NovaIcon272 Nova NullStar130xDark Null Star Mod TT 20pxNeutron Star
NyxIcon272 Nyx MindControl130xDark Mind Control Mod TT 20pxMind Freak
OberonIcon272 Oberon Smite130xDark Smite Mod TT 20pxSmite Infusion
OctaviaIcon272 Octavia Resonator130xDark Resonator Mod TT 20pxConductor
ProteaIcon272 Protea Dispensary130xDark Dispensary N/A Duration reduced to 12 seconds. (Unmodded value)
RevenantIcon272 Revenant Reave130xDark Reave Mod TT 20pxBlinding Reave
RhinoIcon272 Rhino Roar130xDark Roar Mod TT 20pxPiercing Roar Limited to 1 damage buffing ability per Warframe.

Damage increase reduced to 30%. (Unmodded value)

SarynIcon272 Saryn Molt130xDark Molt Mod TT 20pxRegenerative Molt
TitaniaIcon272 Titania Spellbind130xDark Spellbind Mod TT 20pxSpellbound Harvest
TrinityIcon272 Trinity WellOfLife130xDark Well Of Life Mod TT 20pxPool of Life Base ability includes heal over time over large radius. Percentage of damage dealt to the target converts into area healing.
ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr Warcry130xDark Warcry Mod TT 20pxEternal War Attack speed increase reduced to 30%. (Unmodded value)
VaubanIcon272 Vauban TeslaNervos130xDark Tesla Nervos Mod TT 20pxTesla Bank
VoltIcon272 Volt Shock130xDark Shock Mod TT 20pxShock Trooper
WispIcon272 Wisp BreachSurge130xDark Breach Surge N/A
WukongIcon272 Wukong Defy130xDark Defy N/A Armor capped at 750. (Unmodded value)
XakuIcon272 Xaku Xata'sWhisper130xDark Xata's Whisper
ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr Airburst130xDark Airburst N/A Base ability includes tap-cast for wind vacuum, hold-cast for wind explosion.
Why do some Infused Warframe Abilities have these rules?

It was apparent in player feedback and our own play testing that these Infused Warframe Abilities had the potential to be the overwhelming choice; which is not ideal. Instead of changing the Ability outright due to those concerns, we decided to give them slight rules when Infused.

What are my safeguards?

Since you can remove an Ability at any time with the click of a button, you’ll be able to safely experiment with many creative combinations.

For example, if you replace Grendel’s ‘1’, your kit doesn’t really work! If you change around or re-assign Abilities already assigned to Railjack Tactical use, you simply may not have one, or have a new one in its place! If you put Hildryn’s PIllage on Inaros, you don’t get Shields, but you do get diminished Armor/Shields on enemies on cast.

It’s all up to you - have fun experimenting, Tenno!

What about Damage buffing Abilities?

As you can see, we have two Abilities that increase damage: Mirage’s Eclipse, and Rhino’s Roar. We are creating a special case for these Abilities when infused on Warframes with similar Abilities (i.e Chroma, Mirage, Rhino, Octavia). When you infuse these, you will receive a prompt that you can only have 1 Damage Buffing ability at a time, and thus you are limited to replacing said ability type. Which is to say - Damage Buffing abilities can only be swapped with Damage Buffing Abilities on Warframes that already have them. However, that limitation does not apply to the other 30+ Warframes.

What exactly is going on here with the Warframe Subsuming?

Warframes that are Subsumed join the Helminth in an eternal bond. They will live on in a Lotus flower that matches the colours of the Subsumed Warframe, as a permanent honor.

Is ‘Helminth’ a permanent name?

Don’t like it? You can rename your Helminth at any time!

Is Helminth a Cat or Dog ‘Person’?

Well, you’ll find out…

Warframe Profile - Xaku-0

Warframe Profile - Xaku-0

Neither he nor she, Xaku is a composite…. A Warframe assembly made of others lost in the early Entrati Void expeditions. Xaku has mastered this power of the Void to terrify and bewilder their adversaries.

Created by the community in the Community Created Warframe project from theme to aesthetic to Abilities. Xaku’s concept art was made by community fan artist Eornheit!

Since XAKU is a community Warframe, we will be doing a concerted second Phase of ability tweaks that is based on feedback on all platforms to ensure there are revisions from the community’s experiences. We will discuss this in a Dev Workshop as we get your feedback on our desks!


25% chance for incoming weapon damage to pass through Xaku completely.


Wield Void Damage for all attacks from equipped weapons when activated.


Void Tendrils steal weapons from nearby enemies to use as your own floating, auto-targeting armament.


Cycle through and cast one of the three abilities originating from the Warframes that make up Xaku: Accuse, Gaze, and Deny. Cycle through them by tapping, and hold to cast.

ACCUSE - Create a radial fissure for a limited time that corrupts enemies who walk within its radius to fight alongside Xaku.

GAZE - Xaku releases a scream of the many voices within to lock up to two target enemies in place with a Void tendrils cage. Enemies who enter the radius of the trapped victims will have their Armor or Shields reduced.

DENY - Xaku fires a beam that deals Void damage and can clear Sentient damage resistances. Enemies that survive the blow are suspended in the air.


Temporarily shed the outer pieces of Xaku in a destructive blast, then stalk the battlefield in a new swifter skeletal form. Enemies damaged by the body shrapnel are rendered weaker to Void damage. While Xaku is in their skeletal form, they have 75% damage reduction and increased mobility. Recast at any time to bring Xaku back together again.

  • Similarly to Equinox, a toggle is available in the Arsenal to see Xaku in their “The Vast Untime” form.

Xaku arrives from the Void as a strange and enigmatic new force. Includes the Xaku Warframe, Xaku Kintsu Helmet, Artifex Syandana, and Quassus Warfan. Also includes 3-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.


Xaku cuts a unique profile in this distinctive Alt Helmet assembled from the remains of several other, less fortunate Warframes. Concept art and sculpt of the Xaku Kintsu Alt Helmet was made by community TennoGen Artist Faven.


This techno-organic Syandana fits over the shoulder, giving your Warframe a unique spiked silhouette. A signature Syandana for Xaku. Concept art for the Artifex Syandana was made by community fan artist Karu.


Flick away the enemy with this heavy Warfan. The Quassus scatters ethereal daggers that are even more deadly accurate when wielded by Xaku, their signature weapon. Concept art for the Quassus Warfan was made by fan artist Kedemel.

*Find the Quassus in the Market or the Blueprint in Entrati Bounties.

Warframe New Player Experience

Warframe New Player Experience


Tenno beginning their journey in Warframe will now awake to a new cinematic introduction and revised Tutorial.

Warframe’s new Tutorial continues the story introduced in the cinematic directed by Dan Trachtenberg. Elements that have become central to Warframe’s core gameplay, like bullet jumping, are now part of the tutorial. Traverse the Plains of Eidolon to escape Captain Vor and begin your quest to uncover forgotten memories!

*Tenno who have already played through the Tutorial can play through the refreshed version by visiting the Codex Quest section under a new name ‘Awakening’ (also replayable)!

K-Drive Changes

For a while, we have received periodic requests to make weapons functional on K-Drives, and as a result, we have made Secondary Weapons usable while you glide in style! Please note that weapons are only usable when your K-Drive is on the ground, and will be stowed when jumping, doing flips, grinding, and other glinty maneuvers!

Mounting your K-Drive will appear as normal until you press the binding to equip your Secondary (default F key). Press again to put it away and do those sick moves.


With the expansion of K-Drive functionality, we have introduced some new K-Drive Mods for you to use! Roky in Fortuna will have all of these new wares to exchange for Ventkids Standing, so make sure you pay the Ventkids a visit!

  • Primo Flair - Increase Maximum Trick combo to 6000.
  • Bomb The Landin - Tap and Hold Grind in the air to execute a 20m Slam Shockwave.
  • Juice - Executing tricks charges Energy: 55 Energy per 100 Trick Points.
  • Vapor Trail - Add 10 Boost Speed. Consumes 10 Energy/s.

Paris Prime:
Bhisaj-Bal - Restore 300 Health for every 3 Status Effects. +90% Status Chance.

Akstiletto Prime:
Zazvat-Kar - +75% Ammo Efficiency while Airborne

Soma prime:
Hata-Satya - Each hit increases Critical Chance by 1.2% (capped at 500%). Resets upon reloading or holstering.

Akbronco Prime:
Damzav-Vati - +240% viral damage

*Find these new Prime Weapon Mods from the Weapon Entrati Syndicate member within the Necralisk!


You are pestilence and plague with the Deimos Infested Bundle. Includes the Zymos Pistol, Keratinos Claws, and Sordario Syandana.


Infect your foes with this spore-scattering pistol. Head shots burrow in and explode, releasing spore clouds that seek our nearby enemies.

*Find the Zymos Blueprint and its components from within the Entrati Syndicate!


Leave your mark with these infected claws with increased heavy attack range.

*Find the Keratinos Blueprint and its components from within the Entrati Syndicate!


Pulsing with a bioluminescent glow, this Syandana is eye-catchingly contagious.


Enter the fray in your swashbuckling finest with the Rakkam Collection. Includes the Hydroid Rakkam Skin (Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm Kraken also gets to enjoy a new Deluxe look when the skin is equipped), Carcinus Speargun Skin, and Scyph Diriga Skin and accessories for your Sentinel. Also includes the Burangara Longcoat Auxiliary attachment for Hydroid.


Flowing finery that allows ease of movement in the heat of battle. Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm Kraken also gets to enjoy a new Deluxe look when the skin is equipped. Also includes the Burangara Longcoat Auxiliary attachment for Hydroid.


Crash through your opponents like a tidal wave with this Speargun Skin.


Your Diriga embodies the jellyfish and its deadly sting with this Skin.


A mask attachment for your Sentinel in the Scyph style.


A stylish tail attachment for your Sentinel in the Scyph style.


A pair of wings for your Sentinel in the Scyph style.

Daily Standing Cap Changes

Daily Standing Cap changes have been made to grant a higher cap at each Mastery Rank. Upon starting Warframe at MR0, your Daily Standing Cap will start at 8500 and increase at more gradual increments per Mastery Rank. You will also now have access to a larger Daily Standing Cap at each Mastery Rank than in the previous system! This will take effect next Daily Reset.

Mastery Rank Standing Cap
Previous New
0 1,000 8,500
1 2,000 9,250
2 3,000 10,000
3 4,000 10,750
4 5,000 11,500
5 6,000 12,250
6 7,000 13,000
7 8,000 13,750
8 9,000 14,500
9 10,000 15,250
10 11,000 16,000
11 12,000 16,750
12 13,000 17,500
13 14,000 18,250
14 15,000 19,000
15 16,000 19,750
16 17,000 20,500
17 18,000 21,250
18 19,000 22,000
19 20,000 22,750
20 21,000 23,500
12 22,000 24,250
22 23,000 25,000
23 24,000 25,750
24 25,000 26,500
25 26,000 27,250
26 27,000 28,000
27 28,000 28,750
28 29,000 29,500
29 30,000 30,250
30 31,000 31,000

Mission Summary/End of Mission Screen Changes & Fixes
  • Reordered various Rewards in the End of Mission screen:
    • Syndicate Medallions now appear above Mods and Resources.
    • Mods now always appear above Resources of the same rarity.
  • Removed the sort by ‘Type’ since sorting by ‘Importance’ already does that in a more logical way.
  • Updated the Conclave and Index scoreboard window with the new End of Mission screen style.
  • Added “hide” button to the top left corner of the Mission Summary and End of Mission screen. Hover over the “eye” icon to hide the mission summary UI to get a clear shot of your surroundings if needed while reviewing stats mid-mission. This icon also removes the UI overal from the Warframe diorama in the backdrop in the End of Mission screen. Now you can take screenshots of your squad looking really really cool.
  • The exit button will now pulse when it’s available upon returning to your Orbiter.
  • Squad overlay now appears on the End of Mission results/screen in mission and after returning to the Orbiter.
  • Pausing Warframe while previewing Mission results (Tab) now closes the Mission results before opening the Pause screen to avoid overlapping UI.
  • We’ve added more Medals to the End of Mission screen related to:
    • Life support Capsules and Modules / Excavator Powercells found
    • Healing done
    • Rescue Target found
    • First to find Syndicate Medallion
  • When returning from a Free Roam location to the respective Town (Plains -> Cetus, etc), the End of Mission screen will no longer stop player movement until after the initial animation ends.
  • Reduced colored backer visibility with the quick view mission summary window (opened with Tab).
  • Added new music to the End of Mission screen!
  • Fixed Syndicate Medallion variants not being listed beside each other in the End of Mission Rewards section.
  • Fixed End of Mission recap music not properly removing other music and sounds in the Orbiter when playing.
  • Fixed the Kill Boss Medal in the End of Mission screen crediting Eximus and other VIP kills.
  • Fixed the Kill Boss Medal not properly counting the Hyena Pack.
  • Fixed the chosen End of Mission Reward sorting preference not carrying over multiple missions.
  • Fixed the End of Mission screen overlapping with the Daily Tribute screen.
  • Fixed Accuracy Medal double-counting Melee hits.
  • Fixed several script errors with the End of Mission screen.
Quellor Changes
  • Decreased Alt Fire ammo cost from 75 to 50.
  • Increased lifetime of Alt Fire projectile from 0.095s to 0.12s
  • Earn new Captura Scenes depicting haunting areas of The Cambion Drift and The Underground! Find these within the Entrati Syndicate!
  • Added new Deimos Challenges:
    • Jugger-Not
      • Kill 5 Juggernauts in Cambion Drift.
    • Forbidden Fruit
      • Collect 50 Ganglion from Haptic Frond.
    • Bug Out Ride
      • Ride 20 Velocipods.
    • Kill It With Fire
      • Burn 100 Infested pods.
  • Added a new Precept Mod for Oxylus available from Simaris!
    • Botanist
      • Oxylus Sentinel will scan plants within 20m over 5s. This consumes Codex Scanner charges.
  • Acolyte Mods have been redistributed into Entrati Bounties as we are sunsetting the rerunning of that event, however, it won't be the last you see of Acolytes overall. Stay tuned for more!
  • Mag’s Magnetize now has an added functionality as seen in the “Awakening” cinematic. Now, when Magnetize is held vs. tapped to cast, Mag creates and holds a Magnetize bubble in front of her that absorbs projectiles. Recast the ability to throw the absorbed damage in a cone back onto enemies. Mag can also walk while holding the bubble.
  • Free Roam landscapes now have a custom icon in the Star Chart!
  • Enemy Beacons are now disabled for Invasion missions due to numerous Beacon spawns not attacking you when used in an Invasion mission where you’re allied with the respective team.
  • Improvements towards hair shading when Deferred Rendering is enabled.
  • The Aero, Motus, and Proton Mod Sets now have unique Set Icons.
  • Deimos nodes have been added into the mix for Sorties, Syndicate, and Void Fissure missions.
  • You can now hold “X” and release it to dismount from K-Drive.
  • Updated Athodai’s description to indicate that “headshot KILLS trigger Overdrive”.
  • Removed some legacy system spec warnings from the Launcher.
  • Choosing to contribute the maximum number of Syndicate Medallions will now round up to allow filling the Standing capacity instead of stopping short. Incrementing number of Medallion contributions and single Medallion contributions will now respect this limit.
  • Changed the Fraggor Brok Skins "10% lower Channeling Efficiency" to "-1s Combo Duration".
  • Fixed a progression stopping crash in The War Within Quest due to having a Moa Companion equipped.
  • Fixed inability to properly ‘hack the coolant tower’ in the final stage of the Vox Solaris Quest when playing in Solo matchmaking.
  • Fixed a crash when shutting down Warframe while in the Liset Customization screen.
  • Fixed a nasty hitch that would occur for Clients when streaming to a Free Roam level or warping in your Railjack.
  • Fixed Resource Drop Chance Boosters not affecting Riven Slivers.
  • Fixed a performance leak that could result in a crash due to the Terra Manker’s weapon FX never getting destroyed.
  • Fixed Excavators hovering slightly off the ground in one of the Plains of Eidolon cave tiles.
  • Fixed losing the ability to jump after equipping the Tranq Rifle while in Archwing.
  • Fixed Steel Path Junction Specters missing their additional Health.
  • Fixed the Xoris not appearing in your Warframe’s hand when performing a Stealth attack if it’s not the active/equipped weapon.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if you were downed while doing Conservation.
  • Fixed missing context action when attempting to Wishlist a Market item when using a controller.
  • Fixed a long-standing problem with Transmissions being gamma incorrect (colors/lighting did not resemble the actual scenes).
  • Fixed issues where enemies would not attack Gara’s Spectorage mirrors.
  • Fixed UI offset issue in Orb Vallis Case Capture Bounty stages.
  • Fixed some tooltips with fixed positions being placed incorrectly when the custom Menu Scale slider is set to something other than 100%.
  • Fixed certain Syandanas such as the Paxis Syandana jittering at lower frame rates while in the Liset, Dojos, and Relays.
  • Fixed The Ballroom Simulacrum Arsenal context action clipping behind the Arsenal.
  • Fixed UI lockup that could occur when viewing loadout links from Chat.
  • Fixed file path appearing when upgrading Orbiter with the Kavat Incubator Segment. As reported here:
  • Fixed file path appearing instead of Kuva Lich weapon names when a Lens is equipped to it in the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed Archguns disappearing in the Arsenal if the “Upgrade” option is selected.
  • Fixed Chroma and Exaclibur with Chromatic Blade equipped missing the active element icon in the Appearance tab.
  • Fixed blank field appearing between “Only Legendary” and “Show all” when filtering by “Rarity” in the Mods window.
  • Fixed being unable to move, remove, or contribute to the “Natural Vallis Orb” Dojo Decoration once placed.
  • Fixed the Vapos Dropship air attacks not happening in many of the Gas City tileset levels.
  • Fixed certain rocks in the Nightwave Series 3: Episode 4 scene having lines on them.
  • Fixed the Pool of Life Augment for Trinity no longer dropping Health Orbs on enemies marked by Well of Life.
  • Fixed the "Play" button being enabled in the Launcher before it finishes downloading if it's the first time you've launched it.
  • Fixed tracking hints remaining visible when using Melee weapon to exit the Synthesis Scanner.
  • Fixed crash when Host migrating from Conclave missions.
  • Fixed being unable to use sliders in Options after swapping between tabs.
  • Fixed text extending beyond backdrop in the Booster dropdown list.
  • Fixed “Failed to Place Decoration” when attempting to move Dojo Decorations even if the attempted movement has nothing wrong with it.
  • Fixed missing doors in Sabotage missions in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
  • Fixed a white box appearing above the Stealth Affinity bonus icon.
  • Fixed Chat header icons (Squad, Clan, Alliance etc) becoming stuck on the screen when mousing over them and entering text with the enter key.
  • Fixed the right Maggor Leg Plate being rotated.
  • Fixed delay with text popping up in rollover UI elements.
  • Fixed up lighting props so that Gauss' skirt doesn't appear completely unlit in scenes that depend on ambient light.
  • Fixed a case of the Vaults in the Derelict (now Deimos) not rewarding Corrupt mods.
  • Fixed script error when attempting to change the lighting color of the Obstacle Course room in the Dojo.
  • Fixed a script error with the Alliance View Permissions screen that caused nothing to be displayed.
  • Fixed script error resulting in loss of functionality when attempting to rename a Zaw.
  • Fixed script error related to Revenant’s Danse Macabre and the Dual Cestra.
  • Fixed script error after host migration in an Excavation mission that could result in the mission not progressing.
  • Fixed numerous script errors when casting certain Warframe Abilities.
  • Fixed script error that could occur when doing endless Void Fissure missions.
  • Fixed a rare and harmless script error when loading into the Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed script error with the Atomos.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when opening the Clan Management screen.
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