Updates are occasional patches and add-ons or removal of information and/or features of a game.

The following updates are for WARFRAME Version 11:

Valkyr Unleashed
Update 11
Valkyr Unleashed U11.0H11.0.1H11.0.2H11.0.3H11.0.4H11.0.5H11.0.6H11.0.7
Tenno Reinforcements U11.1H11.1.1H11.1.2H11.1.3
The Cicero Crisis U11.5H11.5.1H11.5.2H11.5.3H11.5.4H11.5.5H11.5.6H11.5.7H11.5.8
Tenno Reinforcements U11.6H11.6.1H11.6.1.1
Operation Oxium Espionage U11.9H11.9.1H11.9.2

Hotfix 11.9.2

January 30th, 2014 Forum Post

  • Small improvements to Akmagnus:
    • proc chance increased to 25%
    • crit chance increased to 25%
    • crit multiplier increased to 2.
  • Corrected Akmagnus fire/equip/reload animations and sounds.
  • Clicking on "Oxium Espionage" under the Operations panel will now open your web browser to a page detailing the Operation.
  • Fixed Oxium collected during Defense missions not counting towards Operation Oxium Epsionage progress if the mission failed after reaching a checkpoint.
  • Fixed Oxium description appearing as a file-path in the foundry.
  • Fixed performance issues when using Vauban's Vortex in situations with high enemy counts.

Hotfix 11.9.1

January 29th, 2014 Forum Post

  • Dialed down Base Damage on Akmagnus by half (was 88, now 44).
  • Fixed Ospreys facing the wrong direction when attacking clients.

Update 11.9

January 29th, 2014 Forum Post - Operation Oxium Espionage

Operation Oxium Espionage

Operation Oxium Espionage forum link

TR Akmagnus
  • Akmagnus - Dual Revolvers!
    Equip these lethal sidearms now!
  • Fixed Immortal Skins sometimes not appearing during game play
  • Fixed cases where players could get stuck in a loop of repeatedly falling into the same pit.

Hotfix 11.8.3

January 24th, 2014 Forum Post

  • Cicero Crisis clan trophies have arrived! Winning clans will be able to build them in their Dojos shortly now!
  • Fixed Arsenal's "auto-resolve" feature failing to resolve Mod conflicts between equipped Warframes and Sentinels.
  • Fixed a VOIP-related gameplay crash.
  • Fixed some unnatural physics issues with Oberon's surcoat.

Hotfix 11.8.2

January 22nd, 2014 Forum Post

  • Buffed Harvesters spawn rate (doubled) + guaranteed Detron component drop upon death.
  • Accuracy Changes (increases) for Tetra (was 8.3, now is 18.2).
  • Fixed Purple Text not showing blueprints in messages.

Hotfix 11.8.1

January 22nd, 2014 Forum Post

  • Fixed chat in the Dojo/Conclave losing functionality if Purple/Mauve Text rears their new head.
  • Fixed missing door icons on research rooms in Dojo.
  • Fixed issues with Purple/Mauve Text’s synchronization of information.

Update 11.8

January 22nd, 2014 Forum Post - Tenno Reinforcements: Tetra


Tetra – A Corpus Rifle!
Unleash a barrage of lethal energy bolts with the Tetra! Drawing from its huge quad-chambered clip, this laser pulse rifle harnesses powerful energy to bring heavy damage to the enemy.

  • New in-chat updates about News, Alerts, and Invasions. It’s Red Text’s robot brother/sister/son?, Mauve Text (colour subject to interpretation).
  • Server-side change on 1/20/2014: More frequent Grineer vs. Corpus invasions. Originally invasion system allowed for 2-5 days of downtime, this has been changed to only allow 1-2 days downtime.
  • Increase odds of Corpus/Grineer attacking multiple targets after conquering a node
  • Terminus, M Prime, and Elion excluded from alerts so brand new players don't get tripped up by them.
  • Updated menu planet/node hint to give specific names (Mercury and Terminus) for new players. Until the player has completed a mission they cannot select a planet other than Mercury.
  • Increase outbreak decay rates a little so they don't bog down an entire planet for days.
  • Fixed client crashing when capture target spontaneously dies.
  • Fixed Private messages not staying in proper order when going into and out of missions.
  • Fixed issue where host election would not work after going back to a lobby.
  • Fixed occasional capture target trapped being trapped in ceiling in the Void.
  • Fixed clients scanning without zooming in.
  • Fixed issue with enemies not spawning in Corpus Gas Cities unless certain rooms were entered.
  • Fixed Sentinel Stinger weapon not using energy colour on its hit effects
  • Fixed broken maptile in invasions: link to forums

Hotfix 11.7.3

January 17th, 2014 Forum Post

  • Added clarity and exposure to the Stalker/Harvester Systems in game. Two things to note here:
    • When you become eligible to be hunted by either foe, you will know… you will be contacted ... look out.
    • If you are already eligible, their contact cycle will begin once you have faced them and re-qualify.
  • The Harvester’s methods of securing specimens for Alad V have increased in sophistication, look out or you might get... harvested.
  • Changes to text rendering: added drop shadow to chat text so that it's more legible in-game.
  • Loki can no longer Switch-Teleport Raptor boss.
  • Changes to the Nightmare Alert structure:
    • No more 5% chance of Optional Nightmare (was incorrectly announced Wednesday 1/15/2014 – we’ve changed it)
    • NOW: There will be 10 nightmare alerts "per cycle", one for each original nightmare mod.
    • When the Alert is up, it will appear as "Nightmare Mod Located"; the type of mod will be displayed in the Alert info popup.
    • The mission does not have an option, must be played in Nightmare to acquire the Mod indicated.
    • No shields is always the nightmare modifier.
    • These alerts will also be worth double the credits that would normally be given for an alert mission on the selected node.
  • Continued tweaks to Continuous Fire weapons:
    • Damage is now applied initially at 1/10th of a second instead of 1/3rd of a second, meaning that responsiveness on trigger-pull should be improved.
  • Fixed squad remaining full even though a player crashed/lost connection during gameplay.
  • Fixed Extractors showing wrong health values.
  • Fixed issue where Capture target could perma-death himself and prevent mission completion.
  • Fixed hitch in the Dojo whenever a room with lots of decorations is refreshed.
  • Fixed “rogue, giant water planes in the Void”.
  • Fixed hosts being able to consume the same Void key that was used to initiate the lobby when building a Derelict Dragon key in the Foundry.
  • Fixed death-trap in Orokin derelicts (source)
  • Fixed a case where game could hang when aborting a public mission as Host.
  • Fixed crash that could occur after bleeding out and entering spectator mode.

Hotfix 11.7.2

January 16th, 2014 Forum Post

  • Fixed host-only crash caused by expired user-placed waypoint markers.
  • Fixed crash that could occur during host migration.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when joining a mission in progress.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when restarting Conclave rounds.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when damaging certain enemy types (Moas and Drones) after migrating hosts.

Hotfix 11.7.1

January 15th, 2014 Forum Post

  • Fixed issue with fuzzy text in game.

Update 11.7

January 15th, 2014 Forum Post - Tenno Reinforcement: Tysis

Tenno Reinforcement: Tysis
  • As of 00:00 UTC & Hotfix 11.7.1, these are now retired. The Global Kill Leaderboards are retiring: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/157455-pc-global-kill-leaderboard-is-ending-january-15th/ Announced on Dec 31, those interested in competing for a spot in these leaderboards have been given information in the posted thread regarding the rewards. These leaderboards have been around since Closed Beta days and no longer reflect data that will be used.
  • Just a note on the continued conversations in these forums - everyone that has asked questions, posted threads, and raised points about areas that need attention for this game to deliver on areas we have talked about for a long time. Overall, dev focus is very much on areas being discussed by our community (lore, new player experience, end-game & more)– more than it’s ever been, everyone knows we need it. Thanks for your continued patience as we work to deliver.
  • Tysis: Infested Sidearm!
  • Added accept and decline button to inbox message, which is used only for Clan invites at the moment.
  • Continued Changes to proc/status logic with Continuous Fire weapons:
    • Their proc/status is now determined per second – the Arsenal will display the “Status per second” value. Continuous fire weapons that had a weaker proc chance before should be yielding reasonable proc/status per second with this calculation.
  • Changes to logic with pickups. Change allows more drops to accumulate by separating the ‘recycle bin’ into to 3 sections:
    • New credits will evict old credits
    • New ammo/health/energy will evict old AHE
    • New resources will evict old resources
  • Before, new credits could evict the space of old resources, we now have categories.
  • Improvements to Host Election system – when estimating host quality, make more sophisticated client checks.
  • Health Restore item that can be crafted using antitoxins from the Cicero event.
  • Dojo halls now give four times the decoration capacity for rooms.
  • Changed waypoint marking of modules so that marked modules will remove the waypoint marker immediately if all party members pick up the module.
  • Alerts now have a 5% chance to be nightmare Alerts (Clarity: Eligible alerts will prompt choice to play in Nightmare Mode).
  • Health % for Resource Drone is shown on select screen.
  • The mouse 4 button now has an option to be ESC – those that want it can have it, and those that hated it because Push-to-talk no longer are forced to have it!
  • Fixed Saryn’s molt facing the wrong way and part of the effect not lasting its duration.
  • Fixed Grineer Rollers not causing any stagger or damage on attacks.


January 11th, 2014 Forum Post

  • Fixed crash that could occur when killing certain enemy types.
  • Actual mission type is now displayed when hovering over an Infestation Outbreak node.
  • Fixed duplicate entries showing up in your recent players list after playing a mission.
  • Clicking mouse "thumb button" no longer acts as ESC in menus (due to conflicts with keyboard macros).

Hotfix 11.6.1

January 10th, 2014 Forum Post

  • Drakgoon now uses shotgun ammo instead of rifle ammo.
  • Tweaked Drakgoon sound effects.
  • Adjusted scaling of enemy levels in Defense missions to become more increasingly difficult at higher waves (70+).
  • Increased default waypoint lifespan to one minute and increased lifespan for Mod waypoints to 2 minutes.
  • Fixed custom colors not being applied to Drakgoon.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when changing graphics quality settings or resolutions.
  • Updated network analysis to check that both network ports are mapped correctly (it would previously have only verified the client port).
  • Prevented being able to consume your last remaining Warframe Ability mod when using Transmute.
  • Fixed mods such as Coolant Leak not being transmutable and also triggering the safety net that prevents from fusing away your last one.
  • Fixed Fusion Cores being eligible for Transmute when selected in first slot.
  • Fixed Capture alert missions not working as intended (would pick a random mission type when launched).
  • Fixed Raptor missing from Corpus boss kill stats.
  • Fixed various gameplay crashes.

Update 11.6

January 8th, 2014 Forum Post - Tenno Reinforcements: Drakgoon

Tenno Reinforcements: Drakgoon
  • Drakgoon Flak cannon available now!
    Send volleys of hot shrapnel flying and dominate the enemy with the Drakgoon Flak Cannon! Fire it in wide bursts to target multiple enemies or take aim and attack with a powerful, concentrated shot.
  • Increased stagger threshold and made stagger only occur on big hits instead of on accumulated damage; this should prevent situations where Quick Thinking would save you only to let you get knocked down and killed again.
  • Changed enemy scaling for Endless Defense missions at high levels (now wave 100 enemies should be around level 200 instead of 8000).
  • Removed the Candy Cane Scythe from the store.
  • Improved Faction invasion momentum by periodically increasing score for leading faction by a small amount (since numerous stalemates have emerged which interfered with the flow of the system).
  • Implemented Shadow Quality option for DirectX 11; also made it apply in places it did not previously. Changing this option now takes effect immediately (ie: no game restart required).
  • Made all Warframe components sellable (Credits64 1000 each).
  • Changed Lotus transmissions to reduce chatter: added delay to Mobile Defense reminders, Heavy Unit transmissions now have a 2 minute cool-down and can occur at most 3 times per mission.
  • Loki’s Invisibility no longer reduces the volume of dialog and music.
  • Changed logic that determines visual representation of damage mods on continuous-fire weapons (eg: Synapse, Ignis, etc).
    The frequency of damage numbers used to be limited by using a minimum damage threshold. Since damage mods increase the rate at which damage accumulates, this would cause damage to be inflicted more often though each damage event would not necessarily be larger. This led to people thinking the mods did nothing because they didn't notice the increased rate at which numbers would appear (an easy mistake for low level damage mods). Similarly, headshots would make numbers appear more often but not necessarily create bigger numbers.
    Now continuous fire weapons now limit the frequency of damage numbers by using a minimum time between impacts, regardless of how much damage has accumulated. This gives us a lot more control and should make things more obvious for players who are applying damage mods (it's easier to notice that numbers are 5% larger in magnitude vs being generated 5% faster)
  • Fixed issue with going past Wave 100 in Endless Defense resetting enemy levels and interfering with spawning.
  • Fixed another potential cause of the Fog Epidemic of 2013 and 2014.
  • Fixed Unranked mods not being tradable.
  • Fixed Platinum earned through trading not being usable in Dojo.
  • Fixed kills made with Ember’s Fire Blast not always counting towards your stats.
  • Fixed Clients seeing gore when they have the gore turned off.
  • Fixed Penta energy colour not always applying to grenades.
  • Fixed issue with Rank 3 Weapon Mastery Challenge/Achievement not being updated immediately.
  • Fixed enemy warning transmissions playing when spawning turrets & cameras (the Lotus would say “Robots approaching!” when it was just cameras).
  • Fixed excessive footstep sounds in cases where animation had to catch up with movement.
  • Fixed issue in dojo where a player on the kneeling pad could slide off and be unable to stand up.
  • Fixed fire-rate stats in the arsenal for continuous fire-weapons so you can correctly interpret the magazine size.
  • Fixed issue with Volt being unable to melee if Overload was active or lingering.
  • Fixed issue with Reactor Room door floating in dojo.
  • Fixed issue with Polish translation of “Continue” and German text on Mercury overlapping UI.
  • Fixed game crash when rebinding controls.
  • Fixed Dojo crash related to large dojo’s building an elevator late in the dojo’s progress.
  • Fixed crash caused by change in audio device.
  • Fixed various crashes.

Hotfix 11.5.8

January 6th, 2014 Forum Post

Cicero Crisis Over!
Rewards are being sent out right now! Completed! Please log out and in if you are unable to see your rewards (provided you were eligible).

REWARDS - Score 10 points and you will receive an Event Badge. - Score 50 points and you will receive a set of 4x Dual Stat Mods (Status chance + Toxic Damage). - Score 100 points and you will earn a set of Wraith Twin Vipers!

Stay tuned for word from our smelter on trophies.

  • Made /invite add the target user to your recent contacts so that if you need to re-send the invite, you can use your mouse.
  • Fixed instances of giant fog/gas clouds appearing in main menu. (Based on reports, some instances still not fixed).

Hotfix 11.5.7

January 3rd, 2014 Forum Post

  • Changed Orokin Derelict Survival rewards:
    • 1K Credit Caches replaced with 2.5K
    • 1.5K Credit Caches replaced with 5K
    • Common Fusion Cores replaced with Uncommon or Rare Cores.
These changes occurred because the existing 1K/Common Rewards were far too low considering the enemy levels and difficulty of the mission. We will be monitoring feedback here and are discussing further options with rewards.
  • Fixed any changes to Loadout (Colour, Mods, etc) not being saved if they were made while still in the Arsenal screen as a Lobby countdown ended or Play Now was selected from Arsenal Screen.
  • Fixed Client’s weapon Arsenal stats not reflecting Mods/Upgrades after returning from a mission and still in a lobby.
  • Fixed incorrect text on 5K credit caches (was only showing 4K) this was showing incorrectly for all void Surival missions.

Hotfix 11.5.6

January 2nd, 2014 Forum Post

  • Your personal stat is back on the squad info panel when you press “Z”.
  • Improved recent players list: add context menu item to invite to your session, includes friends in this list, and sorts the most recent players to the top.
  • Changed Infested Impedance Aura to reduce speed by only 3%/level to prevent squads of four from stopping all Infested completely (now a maximized team should reduce infested speed by 72%).
  • Lowered the amount of bloom in a set of particularly radiant lockers in the Jupiter Gas Cities.
  • Fixed common crash related to joining a mission in progress.
  • Fixed massive “hitch” when using mod fusion.
  • Fixed Mod fusion cancel button setting scrollbar to the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed issue where star chart and UI would sometimes disappear after completing a mission.
  • Fixed Oberon’s Reckoning, the power was not working on enemies that were already under the influence of a reaction animation.
  • Fixed issue with chat history being unlimited that resulted in slow loads when opening social menu. Long play sessions with active chats would have experienced this issue.
  • Fixed container explosion FX not appearing.

Hotfix 11.5.5

December 31st, 2013 Forum Post

  • Removing Christmas spirit from the world of Warframe. Until next year, folks.
  • 400 Point hard-cap on Cicero Event missions no matter how many disconnects and reconnects occur. 400 is the cap.
  • Further Changes in Clan Leaderboard Calculations – we are aware of issues with the current scoring method and how large and small clans in the same tier are affected.
  • Changes Score Changes:
    • Score = Sum of participating member’s highest scores.
  • Fixed the misbalance in the Day/Night Cycle for the Cicero Crisis to be even 6 hour rotations.

And one ominous poem:
…Perhaps a Detron can be secured if a Harvester is Procured? But beware, if it’s the Detron you seek, the New Harvester is not for the weak!
No one is safe from the Harvester.

Hotfix 11.5.4

December 22nd, 2013 Forum Post

  • Fixed radial damage being broken for clients (Nova's Molecular Prime, Ogris, etc).

Hotfix 11.5.3

December 21st, 2013 Forum Post

  • Doubled chance of getting a Rare plant in your Cicero Crisis mission.
  • Removed plant spawns from first room in Cicero Crisis. Tenno on the Nice List this holiday season! The Plants Remain! Orokin Weed resists even developer fingers!
  • Fixed elemental damage upgrade mods not applying to the splash & embed damage from projectiles (Stug, Ogris, Torid, Penta etc). Also removed zero damage stat displays weapons that have no base damage (just explosion damage). This is likely a major buff to elemental weapons, we will be monitoring this closely as it is likely going to be rebalanced.
  • Fixed aiming and shooting knocking you out of a wallrun or slide.
  • Fixed revive + scan exploit.
  • Fixed Orokin Derelict Survival missions not giving guaranteed keys at 15 minute mark.
  • Saryn fixes/buffs *actually* integrated. (11.5 notes).
  • Fixed infinite Ammo exploit with Stug.
  • Fixed Cernos string bug forum link
  • Fixed Ground pounds (Heavy Gunner, Bombard, Napalm, etc) not knocking down clients.
  • Fixed projectile embedded/explosion radial damage on clients.
  • Fixed solar map XP not being factored into player progress bar calculations when first shown immediately after logging in.
  • Fixed Oberon's Smite being useless in Conclaves.

Hotfix 11.5.2

December 20th, 2013 Forum Post

  • Cicero Event Changes: Read me!
    • Firstly, just a heads up, ALL ANTITOXINS are tradable in the Dojo Trading posts.
    • Secondly, Clan leaderboards: average of all your participating membership's personal score. forum link
    • And Lastly, changes to the Event point system overall. We have introduced the VERMILLION formula/antitoxin blueprint, an incredibly potent recipe that allows a single Tenno to receive 100 points when used! You can find this in the Market for purchase and craft it in the Foundry.
      The VERMILLION Antitoxin formula has been added for Solo Players to achieve the required points for the event rewards, as well as to allow competitive clans to reach higher scores.
  • General Changes:
    • Adjustments and fixes to forest layout (holes, vines).
    • Toned down scanner color correction for bright areas.
    • New Sentinels now have the first shooting precept for free, and auto-equipped!
    • Sound tweaks to Stug explosions.
    • Eviscerator Bleed proc chance reduced by half.
    • We now scale the difficulty of the following bosses based on the Conclave ratings of the players.
      • Lephantis, Vor, Alad V, and Zanuka
    • Upped health of defense objective in Cicero Crisis.
  • Fixed unranked fusion cores being given as Survival Rewards.
  • Fixed texture quality setting (was being ignored on game startup). Tweaked the budgets so that high-quality will be useful on large displays, medium (the default) is appropriate for almost all video cards, and low is tuned for 720p without thrashing HDD too much.
  • Fixed Ember's Fireball level 4 not doing AoE damage on hit.
  • Fixed Nekros’s Shadows of the Dead clones not attacking unless attacked first.
  • Fixed Dojo rooms and decorations not being cancelable in the process of building.
  • Fixed lingering Moa Railgun effects.
  • Fixed bleedout icon not appearing on mini-map for teammates.
  • Fixed players repeatedly being spammed if they want to bind their account to Steam economy. We now only ask once immediately after logging in.
  • Fixed the Scanner icon having incorrect art when equipped.
  • Fixed Aresenal stats not updating with Sentinel weapons.
  • Fixed Ember’s accelerant not increasing fire damage against shields.
  • Fixed issue where Carrier’s Vacuum would try and suck up ammo drops if you had maximum ammo and the scanner equipped.
  • Fixed Cernos Bow offhand attachment showing an arrow incorrectly.
  • Fixed a case with toggle sprint where if sprint was toggled on and you aim while standing still, then moving forward would cause you to sprint instead of walk and throw you out of your aim.Now, as soon as you aim you will be toggled out of sprint. This makes it consistent with what happens when you aim while sprinting.
  • Fixed players being able to sell blueprints from their inventory that are currently in-progress in the Foundry.

Hotfix 11.5.1

December 19th, 2013 Forum Post

  • Fixed rampant crashing associated with scanning.
  • Fixed Karak not being craftable with BluePrint.
  • Fixed Lotus saying wrong line and repeating herself.
  • Fixed issue where damage stats showed numbers with .99999 at end instead of rounding to nearest whole.
  • Less Jingle bells!

Update 11.5

December 19th, 2013 Forum Post - The Cicero Crisis

The Cicero Crisis
  • New Warframe: OBERON – the Paladin Warframe! Equally adept at healing friends or striking down the enemy. Oberon embodies the balance Tenno are sworn to uphold. Find him today by fighting Vay Hek!
  • New Forest Tile set reveal! Within the Cicero Crisis Event node on Earth is a first look at the new Forest tileset!
  • New primary weapon: Karak, a Grineer rifle!
  • New secondary weapon: The Stug, a Grineer goo-gun!
  • New melee weapon: The Magistar, a Tenno mace!
  • New Infested Whip: now in Clan Research!
  • Burston Prime! The Void’s influence has further permeated the Orokin Derelicts… bringing loot with it! Visit The Orokin Derelict Survival missions today to find the Burston Prime!
  • Forest Weapon Skin pack!
  • Ho-ho-ho! Candy Cane Scythe skin & other holiday goodies! Look around, Tenno!
  • Warframe Changes:
    • Valkyr:
      • Paralysis (Third Power) - Now only takes 1/3rd of shields but still calculates damage based on 1/2 shield use.
      • Hysteria (Fourth Power) - Now has life regain/regeneration as damage is being dealt to enemies.
    • Ember:
      • Fireball (First Power) - Deals Direct damage with a 100% Fire proc, on impact deals radial damage with 50% Fire Proc, has a faster travel time.
      • Accelerant (New Second Power - was Overheat) - Accelerant affects all enemies in a radius to have knockback + it coats them in fire damage amplifier!
      • Fire Blast - Initial radial damage now has 100% fire proc.
    • Saryn:
      • Venom - Now does viral damage.
      • Molt – The Molt Decoy now gets increased health with fusion level.
      • Miasma - Damage increase and changed to corrosive damage type.
  • The Void’s influence is still strong on the Orokin Derelicts – and some Prime items have a new home. You can now search Orokin Derelict Defenses for the Sicarus Prime Blueprint, Ember Prime Blueprint, and Boar Prime Receiver!
  • Corpus Gas City Expansion.
  • Infested Invasion missions now only require 3 completions for Battle Pay instead of 5.
  • Infested Invasions will always inherit node mission type if the preexisting node was: Exterminate, Defense, Mobile Defense, or Survival. If the node being Infested was not one of those, game will decide randomly out of the 4 (Exterm, Defense, M. Defense, Survival).
  • Increase limit on the number of rooms allowed in your Dojo. The limit is now 100 rooms!
  • Trinity’s Blueprint drops have moved to Iliad on Phobos to be dropped by Kril and Vor!
  • Armour/Shield/Health/Damage curves have been modified. We’ve lowered the “bullet sponge” to high level enemies, but they now deal more damage. The armour curve was radically dropped. The health and shields curves dropped slightly as well. However, damage output went up.
  • Adjustments to enemies targeting when using melee attacks – they go for you now, not the camera!
  • Adjustments to frequency of Lotus dialogue.
  • All Sentinel Weapons now respond to fire-rate mods, magazine-size mods, and reload-time mods.
  • Host election made a little bit more robust (corner cases, like interrupting election just before level starts, then restarting lobby etc)
  • Changes to weapon projectile logic. The motivation of this change is that we want weapons like grenades that explode to end up in the same spot on host and client (in sync) without having the traditional delay of a replicated projectile (in particular, we have grenades that can be remotely detonated and this requires more or less precise timing on the part of the local client). This should fix some random self-inflicted deaths!
  • Added and replaced old Lotus lines (thanks for letting us know in the forums!)
  • Network optimizations for melee and beam weapons added!
  • Fixed issues with Sentinel weapon stats not showing correct values.
  • Fixed Arsenal stats for weapons that have projectiles with complex damage (Ogris, Penta and Torid).
  • Fixed random enemy patrols stopping and spinning in doors.
  • Fixed Phorid level not loading.
  • Fixed Loki’s Switch Teleport giving Target Obstructed message when target isn't obstructed.
  • Fixed issue where Social menu goes off screen if opened closed in quick succession.
  • Fixed voice chat still being heard/usable when disabled in Settings.
  • Fixed scanner breaking on last scan charge.
  • Fixed Codex title not updating after navigation.
  • Fixed enemy tier getting reset after host migration
  • Fixed Trinity clipping with the Grakata for the Noble Animation set.
  • Fixed invasion missions sometimes resulting in no allies spawning.
  • Fixed Mobile Defense console context action showing up in other game modes.
  • Fixed issues with message box causing other screens to go wonky, even if it wasn’t visible!
  • Fixed missing mini-map components in Gas City tile set.
  • Fixed issue where dying players would not get a Revive or Forfeit prompt.
  • Fixed percent completed text in the Operation meters clipping the Attacker/Defender icons.
  • Fixed some issues where the happenings of the Warframe world (Alerts, invasions) were not being updated in real-time.
  • Fixed logic with Nova’s Wormhole cast – it is generated from your camera and the height of the cast has been adjusted.
  • Fixed Cameras not functioning correctly after being shot once, they’d get stuck trying to play pain animations. Cameras can’t feel pain… yet.
  • Fixed issues where having Reflex Guard mod equipped could result in rank-up test failures.
  • Fixed crashes caused by disabling local reflections.
  • Various crash fixes.
  • Fixed texture issues, seen here: forum post
  • Fixed max deployable resource drones:
    • Amount of deployable drones varies – you get one for every five mastery ranks.
      • Mastery 0 – 4, 1 drone
      • Master 5- 9, 2 drones
      • Master 10 +, 3 drones.
    • All Founders/Primes Access get +1 to each tier. So if you are Mastery 14 and Founder, you get 4. If Mastery 14 and no Founder status, you get 3.

Not mentioned

  • Medium-Armor Ranged Grineer units can now blind fire at players, hiding their heads while firing flurries of shots.
  • Vasto and Akvasto receive unique reload sounds
    • While Akvasto receives a new animation on reloads.

Hotfix 11.3.3

December 13th, 2013 Forum Post

  • First steps of cleaning up Invasion Progress bars: amalgamate outbreaks into 1 progress bar per region affected, show tooltip listing all affected nodes when hovering over label.
  • Rollback much of minimap changes – back to clear and minimalist!
  • Reduced bleed proc/Status chance on Grineer Butchers.
  • You can now use mouse "Thumb 1" button to navigate backwards in UI (simulates pressing ESC).
  • Changes to Penta aiming reticule – firing trajectory should better align with reticule.
  • Fixed armor resistances stacking onto health - armor resists are applied the armor value instead. Tone down infested resistances a bit.
  • Fixed in-game stats for weapons that fire continuously (Flux, Synapse etc). Made fire-rate mods actually increase damage output and ammo consumption rate for these weapons (not only is this intuitively what you would expect it's important to maintain the balance for corrupted mods like Critical Delay).
  • Fixed incorrect chat timezone timestamps appearing for some users.
  • Fixed Infested Defense missions running as 15-wave countdown instead of normal defense flow.
  • Fixed enemies spawning and dropping to the floor (spawn point too high).
  • Fixed the Operations list popping back to the first element when it resyncs, but the scroll still being in the same position.
  • Fixed the Operations list occasionally being redraw at an incorrect offset (it would be too high up, would intersect with the Operations title) when it resyncs.
  • Fixed missing Lotus DSP lines for Orokin Assassinate mission.
  • Fixed the tint-ablity of the white section of the Dakra Prime.
  • Fixed floating helmets when killing Corpus enemies in Orokin Void.
  • Text corrections for Orokin Cells, Dread, Despair & Hate .

Hotfix 11.3.2

December 13th, 2013 Forum Post

  • Added a new options in the Gameplay sections of Settings called "Chat Message Timestamps", which is set turned off by default.
  • Simplification of damage table - bonuses reduced to 3 per type. Resistances reduced to 2 per type. Resistances decreased.
  • Social menu now has two saved X&Y positions, one for in game, and one for in menus.
  • Armour resistances don’t make enemies entirely immune to damage.
  • UI – bumped visible invasions list to 4 entries.
  • Added “Critical” and “Reload” stats to Market item descriptions (these already appear in Codex).
  • Tweaks to Penta 2D sounds.
  • Modified forces applied on loot from containers to prevent pickups from scattering too far.
  • Tweaks to fog mesh from Ember’s World on Fire ability.
  • Rebalanced Alad V and Zanuka difficulty (slight nerf).
  • Lens flare added to Penta projectiles.
  • Penta now supports energy color customization.
  • Reduced master volume on Lotus by 2dB.
  • Reduced Lotus chatter frequency for detecting enemies.
  • Removed 30 second delay in Mission Objective Reminder Transmission for Rescue missions.
  • Fixed alert not taking priority over invasion when both occur at same node (leading to UI freeze when attempting to select it).
  • Fixed damage against armored enemies with resistances (e.g. fixes Mag doing 1 point of damage to Elite Lancers)
  • Fixed “OBJECTS” to be in upper case in the Codex for consistency.
  • Fixed some teleport volumes in Gas City Defense to prevent players from escaping the level boundaries.
  • Fixed the objectives from showing when the HUD is off.
  • Fixed one-way portal appearing in Grineer Galleon missions - aka the black wall of doom on infested invasion missions.
  • Fixed inability to unlock star chart nodes that are under invasion.
  • Fixed reversed elevator direction indicators.
  • Fixed a number of reported crashes.

Hotfix 11.3.1

December 12th, 2013 Forum Post

  • Grineer is now more weak to Corrosive damage and more resistant to Magnetic damage.
  • Removed Infested Whip from Clan Research…. for now.
  • Fixed various gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed tutorial crashing game every time.
  • Fixed issues with networking and invitation system not working.

Update 11.3

December 12th, 2013 Forum Post - Tenno Reinforcements: The Penta

Tenno Reinforcements: The Penta
  • Tenno Reinforcement: The Penta! A Corpus Grenade Launcher enters the Tenno Arsenal!

Systemic Invasions 1.0 is live!

  • Grineer & Corpus now periodically attack star chart nodes owned by opposing factions; if successful, battlefront moves to an adjacent node, otherwise faction "rests" before attacking another node.
  • The Infested now truly infest! The faction has vacated the Star Chart and now exists as an Invasion faction! Keep your eyes peeled for signs of Infested threats – they’ll strike hard.
  • Infestation "outbreaks" will occur at random, with a downtime of 12 – 36 hours between attacks. When a node is under Infested threat, battlefront aggressively moves to all adjacent nodes if invasion isn't successfully defended within a matter of hours. Outbreaks continue to spread until reaching a boss node, which leads to Phorid appearing and occupying that boss's node until the invasion is defeated!
  • This system is a new dynamic we’re trying out and will be standing by for feedback/suggestions accordingly.
  • Weapon changes:
    • Buffed Grakata - Higher Proc/Crit chance. Higher damage (9 to 11)
    • Buffed Boltor - Projectile flies faster, Upped damage (18 - 25), Higher Crit chance
    • Buffed Bolto, Slightly more damage, more crit, projectile speed increase
    • Damage and range buff for Tigris - 35-45 per pellet, firing mechanic has pretty hard draw back. - so this thing needs to hit like a truck! (Scott’s Words!)
    • Lanka, puncture by default (5m)
    • Weak Energy projectile for Lanka, you can now shoot before weapon is fully charged (although a weaker shot).
    • Magnum reload time tweak.
    • Heat Dagger and Dual Heat Swords now deal Fire damage with Charge Attacks and Ground Slams
    • Amphis now deals Electricity damage on Ground Slams
  • Changes to Sentinel XP distribution:
    • Based on reports and experiences with slow-ranking Sentinels, we have changed the way Experience is distributed amongst your feisty friends.
  • Previously:
    • Sentinel kills would split experience between your Sentinel’s weapon and your Warframe, so your Sentinel itself would miss out on experience.
    • Weapon kills would split evenly between your Warframe and your Weapon (50% each), then a 42% bonus chunk of experience would be given to the Sentinel and its weapon (21% each). Note that the total XP earned was 142% of what you saw on the screen – now it will be 200%.
  • Now:
    • Regular weapon kills divide experience evenly between your weapon and your Warframe (50% each).
    • Kills using a Warframe ability give all the experience to the Warframe (as before).
    • Sentinel weapon kills divide experience evenly between your Sentinel and its weapon (50% each).
    • Kills using a precept give all the experience to your Sentinel (as before).
    • Experience from other players (shared experience) is split evenly amongst your gear as follows: a quarter goes to your Warframe and a quarter goes to each of your weapons (25% each). If you have a sentinel equipped, a 100% bonus chunk of experience is split evenly between your Sentinel and its weapon (50% each).
  • Clan Trading Tax option is live! For more information, see their FAQ
  • Dojo flags now show Clan emblem
  • All enemy resistances have been expanded. More resistance types have been added with a redistribution of damage types among enemies.
  • Lotus 2.0! Lotus has recently had a major overhaul. Most of her lines have been re-recorded and now sound more consistent across the entire game. Lotus now uses a brand new DSP system to playback her audio files. Her voice has a more dynamic sound that makes use of some digital audio randomization so her voice effect will sound slightly different every time it plays.
  • Changed Capture targets voices. There are now 2 different voices for each of the Corpus and Grineer factions. They now speak as you chase them/capture them.
  • Elemental procs now also deal damage scaled to the weapon you are using.
  • Conclave values added for Bane of Corpus, Bane of Grineer, Band of Infested, Expel Corpus, Expel Grineer, Expel Infested, Smite Corpus, Smite Grineer, Smite Infested
  • Seer Reload sound changed.
  • Ember’s World on Fire effects overhaul.
  • Changed mini-map style, included indication of visited areas and areas yet to be discovered in mission.
  • Changed how often bullet based hit effect sounds can be played – no more than 4 instances per second.
  • Changed organization and layout of Market. Gear is now a subcategory of Equipment.
  • Changed bleeding proc/status effect to be much more visible.
  • Valkyr’s Ripline is now more violent on AI.
  • Redirection mod now remains in the player’s inventory after completing the tutorial.
  • Elemental effects hooked up to muzzle flashes on firearms.
  • Edge lights on Gram now respect the chosen color for Energy.
  • Damage 2.0 effects hooked up to the Mire.
  • Updated effects on Nyx’s Mind Control ability.
  • Stalker should be smarter about picking travel points to approach the targeted player.
  • Melee weapons now use Attack Speed instead of Fire Rate in UI.
  • Boss flow cinematic tweaks:
    • When a boss cutscene plays, the game session is changed to PRIVATE so other players cannot join the game in between boss fights until the end of game.
    • Upon beating the boss, additional enemies will stop spawning until at least one player has moved to a new zone.
  • Changes to guild roles:
    • Must have the Treasurer role to use vault resources to contribute to Dojo rooms/decos (previously needed the Architect role).
    • Must have the Treasurer role to change "Clan Trade Tax Rate"
    • Must have the Tech role to start R&D projects (previously anyone could do this).
  • Lephantis balancing, melee head lunge attack once again knocks down target.
  • Resource Drone tab added to inventory screen.
  • When placing a decoration in the Dojo, you now see how the deco will look when completed (or the red material override when it can’t be placed). Once placed, it switches to the yellow “in construction” material.
  • Reduced the effects during Hysteria.
  • Fixed random music issues. In-game music now plays at more appropriate intervals and respects the number of AI in proximity to the player.
  • Fixed issues with pickups being slow and stuttery. They will no longer pop-out old-timey 1900’s movie fashion.
  • Fixed Cernos not playing firing sound.
  • Fixed a number of lines incorrectly referencing “ships” while on planets, general re-writing of some lines.
  • Fixed issues with Grineer Assassinate alerts not having Grineer bosses to fight.
  • Fixed scarves not always getting the correct material.
  • Fixed if a host migration happens while a player has the edit decoration tool active in a Dojo, the tool will stop functioning.
  • Fixed issue where players would see a blank grey portal in connecting pieces of the Corpus Ship Tiles.
  • Fixed progression stopper caused if the capture context action is activated by more than one player.
  • Fixed projectile embedded damage and radial damage not being affected by damage mods.
  • Fixed script error with items lists that have scrolls.
  • Fixed star chart accepting input while alert popup is on screen.
  • Fixed dropped loot sometimes going through platform above player and never dropping down to gameplay space.
  • Fixed scrolling through available profile icons sometimes causing UI to hang.
  • Fixed crashes in Dojo when aiming at a friend.
  • Fixed Player getting stuck on a loading screen if they attempt to load in to the PVP Jupiter Conclave.
  • Fixed Torid not gaining bonuses from elemental mods.
  • Fixed player unable to melee while wormhole power is active.
  • Fixed arrow impaling Warframe’s forearm when kneeling in the menu/dojo.
  • Fixed “power in use” appearing when attempting to cast wormhole while it is already active.
  • Fixed issue on Elara in vent room where players can’t advance due to blocked path
  • Various fixes and improvements to in game VOIP.
  • Fixed issues with throwing direction associated with Vauban’s powers.
  • Fixed inconsistent style and casing in Social Menu.
  • Fixed Resource Drone being disabled in regions that are not unlocked.
  • Fixed issue where pickups would get stuck hovering in air.
  • Fixed the enemy speed debuff on Valkyr's Warcry ability, so that it is now affected by Ability Mods.
  • Fixed issues where Nova’s Molecular Prime would cause enemies to dissolve then reappear as ragdolls.
  • Localization updates for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese.

Hotfix 11.2.1

December 6th, 2013 Forum Post

  • Removed Warframe and Sentinel Abilities (Precepts) from Mod Packs and Transmute results.
  • Brakk change:
    • Damage slanted towards impact damage.
    • Little more spread added.
    • Fall off added (10-20m)
  • Magnetic Proc now deactivates on death or pre-death.
  • Added ragdoll events to Crawler elemental deaths to improve Desecrate results.
  • Desecrate is now only possible if corpses are present.
  • Removed latency in HUD pickup messages and fixed message aggregation (all messages were delayed by 2.5s before they'd show up on the HUD to allow Credit piles to add together; this was annoying for rare things like resource drops and didn't always prevent multiple independent Credit messages)
  • Made Sentinel kills count towards your kill stats (including the leaderboard score); stats in profile will now track Sentinel weapons as well.
  • Windows are no longer breakable in the spawn room to prevent Survival Exploit.
  • “T” now opens Social menu in Menus as well as in-game.
  • “ESC” applies to Social Menu last now, if you have Arsenal and other things open, it will ESC first, etc.
  • Disabled Hotkey-bound consumable items in Conclaves.
  • Removed Mission Wrinkles in M Prime to improve new player experience (no blindsided Exterminates!)
  • Fixed issues where FPS would deteriorate in long missions due to lingering ammo pickups & drops.
  • Fixed game hang/freeze when scrolling through profile selection screen.
  • Fixed issue where Mod grid would refresh if a mod was unselected (making fusing mods frustrating)
  • Fixed issues where the Codex Scanner was affected by weapon damage buffs/debuffs (like the Extinguished Dragon Key).
  • Fixed issues with Nova’s Wormhole not always working, even if energy was drained.
  • Fixed issue with Nova’s Wormhole going through the world environment.
  • Fixed issues where damage inflicted by clients would not power up Nyx’s Absorb or Nova’s Antimatter Drop.
  • Fixed issue where Nova’s Antimatter Drop would not trigger explosive radial damage in certain cases.
  • Fixed issue where enemies would not spawn in Grineer Asteroid Tileset in some cases.
  • Fixed aspect-ratio setting not being saved when the game is using DirectX 11.
  • Fixed several issues with Lotus’s text not appearing for Jackal, Vor, and Vay Hek.
  • Fixed issue where Valkyr’s Hysteria added a level 30 Furax to Arsenal on mission complete.
  • Fixed issue where Revive Players achievement would spam screen every time you revived someone.
  • Fixed to the Social menu snapping back to a certain position in-game when it gets hidden.
  • Fixed players only using a single pistol from their dual set after placing a data mass.
  • Fixed missing Phorid Diorama.
  • Fixed enemies being affected by knockdown/ragdoll while in Bastille, Well of Life, or Energy Vampire.

Update 11.2

December 4th, 2013 Forum Post - Tenno Reinforcements: The Magnus

Tenno Reinforcements: The Magnus
  • Tenno Reinforcements: “The Magnus”!
  • Warframe Armor Buff across the board: All Warframes have received a buff to their Armor stat.
    • Ash: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
    • Banshee: Buffed to 15 (from 10).
    • Ember: Buffed to 15, (from 10).
    • Excalibur: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
    • Frost: Buffed to 190, (from 150).
    • Loki: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
    • Mag: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
    • Nekros: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
    • Nova: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
    • Nyx: Buffed to 15 (from 10).
    • Rhino: Buffed to 190, (from 150).
    • Saryn: Buffed to 155, (from 125).
    • Trinity: Buffed to 15 (from 10).
    • Valkyr: Buffed to 300 (from 200).
    • Vauban: Buffed to 50, (from 40).
    • Volt: Buffed to 15 (from 10).
  • Incoming private messages will now also be shown in Clan chat when in-game.
  • Changed Banshee Alt Helmet Alerts to include style type, “Reverb” or “Chorus”.
  • We now display active Alerts whether or not the planet has been unlocked to improve awareness.
  • Changed mouse-scroll only occurring in the Social Menu if your mouse is hovering over said Menu.
  • Changes to Trading confirmation pop-ups:
    • We now show rarity of Mods as well as Rank, to prevent “Fusion Core Fraud”.
    • More visibility to the items involved in the trade to increase awareness at every step of the trade.
    • Switched order of getting/giving for the trade accept confirmation, to be consistent with the new offer confirmation. What you are giving is always first, what you are getting is second (matches the slots as well, giving on top, getting on the bottom)
  • Tweaked Radiation Proc to not last as long on players and is more obvious when active.
  • Fixed issues with End of Mission XP numbers in the UI showing a lower amount than what was being received. Players were seeing less XP in the UI than they were actually receiving in the Database! For example, you may have finished a mission with Nekros receiving 28,000 XP in the GAME UI, but in the Database you were actually getting 54,000 XP.
  • Fixed Tutorial not being replayable.
  • Fixed Captain Vor becoming unkillable and not doing anything when affected by his viral proc. His viral proc now does viral *DOT instead of the default max health reduction effect.
  • Fixed issue that would visually skew Dojo Costs if you visited another clan’s Dojo in a higher tier.
  • Fixed selections made in Arsenal prior to missions starting not saving after the mission is complete and you return to your Arsenal.
  • Fixed bolt type projectiles not always causing enemies to ragdoll on death (and thus not pinning them).
  • Fixed Kick/Punch style weapons not ragdolling enemies with charge attacks.
  • Fixed Steam Acheivements for Play Time not being updated Retroactively – visit your Profile while playing through Steam to activate.
  • Fixed Desecrate not working on Crawlers. (Still having issues? See here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/143351-update-1120/?p=1700023)
  • Fixed script error in Trinity's Well of Life that would cause power-in-use bug.
  • Fixed script error in Valkyr's Rip Line ability that would cause power-in-use bug.
  • Fixed News & Alerts panel breaking when more than 3 news entries exist.
  • Fixed issues with dead Grineer’s helmets floating and staying around.
  • Fixed for being able to collect items multiple times from the Resource Drones/Extractors.
  • Fixed Zanuka trying to revive Alad V after he is truly dead and gone.
  • Fixed issue where Arsenal would become inaccessible at times (greyed out).
  • Fixed Valkyr's Rip Line being usable on downed players.
  • Fixed switching to main weapon when picking up a datamass with the codex scanner equipped.
  • Fixed Nyx and Valkyr being vulnerable to Procs from Disruptor and others when Absorb or Hysteria are active.
  • Fixed Nekros Shroud Helmet Alert giving Raknis, a 12 hour Shroud Alert is coming shortly.
  • Fixed issue with objective marker breaking in the Gas Cities tile set.
  • Fixed laser doors not knocking you down, potentially fixes inability to melee after knockdown.
  • Fixed Syandana’s PhysX not functioning properly when fighting Mine Ospreys.

Hotfix 11.1.3

November 29th, 2013 Forum Post

  • Fixed Codex screen becoming unresponsive when attempting to view melee weapons.
  • Fixed melee Proficiency and Mastery Achievements not being awarded.
  • Fixed "Angel of Death" and “The Right Tool for the Job” Achievements not being awarded.
  • Fixed Corpus Crewman not spawning in high level Defense and Survival missions.
  • Fixed Orokin Void/Derelict missions failing to launch if new host was elected at the end of the countdown.
  • Fixed Stalker spawning during defense mission “leave/continue” dialog.
  • Fixed issues with Turkish chat characters.
  • Fixed "Invite" button on the solar map not directing the player to the friends tab of the Social Menu.
  • Fixed per-faction kills not being calculated correctly on Profile screen.
  • Rewrote the Lotus lines for Hyena boss so they don't reference a pack of Hyena robots.

Hotfix 11.1.2

November 29th, 2013 Forum Post

  • A lot of players have expressed that the “15 minute mark” reward tier is often the most desirable for Survival missions. Changes have been made to Survival Reward tiers reward logic to reflect this feedback. We now cycle more efficiently through these tiers to ensure more reward variety.

Supplementary info: Before, there would be a limited amount of chances to get rewards within certain tiers as the mission time progressed. Now, with the tier cycling, this means after the 20 minute mark you will have more chances to earn rewards from all tiers.

  • Changed tooltip “View Warframe Profile” to “Profile”.
  • Tweaked Contact to delay showing you the in-session icon until the session details are available and you can attempt to join them.
  • Nyx’s Absorb will now go affect enemies behind walls or cover.
  • Fixed Nyx’s absorb not doing damage to Infested Crawlers and Chargers.
  • Fixed issues with whisper awareness while in game. Incoming private messages are now shown in squad chat as well as in their own tab.
  • Fixed Volt Chassis dropping instead of Volt Chassis Blueprint.
  • Fixed Grineer sawblade residing in the heads of the Anti Moa. We know the Corpus are trying to save money wherever possible, but their imports of Grineer Parts has caused them much embarrassment.
  • Fixed Valkyr’s Warcry being permanent on enemies.
  • Fixed Soul Punch not ragdolling enemies.
  • Fixed issues with only Hellions and Eviscerators spawning on Phobos Survivals.
  • Fixed issues where “Ceiling Fish” would occur in Dojo. This marks the end of Ceiling Fish’s times of horseplay.
  • Fixed issue where users Keys would not show up in menu if the game suffered very low frame-rate.
  • Fixed issues with Vauban’s Vortex causing crashes when dealing damage.
  • Fixed enemies being stationary on Xini.
  • Fixed issues where equipping 2 mod cards with same elemental damage messes up the compound types created
  • Fixed issues where enemies would not ragdoll for Clients.
  • Improvements to issues with in-game chat. Progress ongoing.

Hotfix 11.1.1

November 28th, 2013 Forum Post

  • Anti Moa's now drop Pathogen Mods
  • Fixed Survival mode enemy levels increasing at an astronomic rate.
  • Fixed Valkyr's Warcry not slowing enemies down more at higher levels
  • Fixed Alad V being too weak to Valkyr’s Ripline.
  • Fixed issues with Orokin Void and Derelict capture rooms causing a game hang.
  • Fixed Ember Prime missing her "prime effect" in the Void.
  • Fixed Rage mod activating when shield-only damage is received
  • Fixed "Power In Use" occurring when using Trinity's Energy Vampire
  • Fixed some of Darvo's transmissions not playing during alert mission
  • Fixed "select a node" hint appearing when playing key-based missions
  • Fixed Solar Map progress including event and PVP nodes, resulting in incorrect progress “X/239”.
  • Fixed being able to scroll and element underneath the social menu when the Social Menu’s context menu is open.
  • Fixed gas, viral, and corrosive melee fx on non-Tenno weapons causing performance issues.
  • Various crash fixes

Update 11.1

November 27th, 2013 Forum Post - Tenno Reinforcements: Cernos, Dual Kamas, Aklex

Tenno Reinforcements: Cernos, Dual Kamas, Aklex

New weapons :

  • Cernos Tenno Hunting bow
  • Dual Kamas added to the Market
  • Aklex (Akimbo Lex pistols) added to the Market
  • Melee Auto-Targeting System:
    • Allow more customization based on player preference.
    • Add Settings for Auto-lock (Melee Assist), attack toward character facing or camera (Align Attacks To Camera)
    • Auto-turning the camera to face the target (Camera Tracks Melee Target)
    • Do smooth turns when attacking away from a melee target.
  • Updated Gram skin to match faction style better. This is automatic, all your Grams are updated!
  • Microphone sampling rate changed to 48KHz (from 8KHz) for dramatically improved VOIP (in-game chat).
  • Visibility improvements made to sniper scopes.
  • Improved networking code to work around the OS delaying network port reuse; previously some users were forced to use arbitrary ports which rendered UPnP or manual port-forwards useless and prevented connections.
  • Improved Codex AI display for mod drops.
  • Survival Missions will now allow the replenishing of Life Support if the bar hits 0% while a player is activating a life support capsule.
  • Survival Mission enemy level scaling changes.
  • Flipped positions of timer and broadcast/defense elements when displaying overlay map.
  • Offer to sell more slots to user if none left when attempting to claim or rush a Foundry item, followed by offer to buy platinum from store if user has insufficient amount.
  • Removed tooltip for daily sign-in reward, and added text field that states it when the roll is finished.
  • Alad V - increased Single Player level cap. Zanuka scaling matches Alad's. AI minions spawn a little less frequently.
  • Alad V - Added some jump actions on the exterior catwalks for Zanuka to get back to the main platform.
  • Improved handling of AI that get hung up or stuck.
  • Adding kick and punch events to stealth finisher animations.
  • Increased the speed of the social tabs flashing when they have unread messages.
  • Reduced effectiveness of the interaction between Rage/Quick Thinking mods to prevent indefinite immortality in all game modes.
  • The QuickThinking mod no longer saves you from suicide damage.
  • Chat - Hold onto the current user list scroll bar position when the user list is refreshed, instead of always being snapped back to the top of the list.
  • Require movement to do an auto-vault (like we do for wallrunning).
  • Added the new capture objective rooms to Orokin Void and Derelicts.
  • Disabled scanner in training levels.
  • Added gamepad support to Trading.
  • New Corpus Survival and Defense squads using new U11 enemy types.
  • Private conversation tabs will now have their chat histories persist through multiple game sessions.
  • Alad V – can no longer be pushed/pulled/bounced.
  • Mouse scroll input is now eaten by the Social Menu when it's maximized and the mouse is hovering over the social menu.
  • Volt’s blueprints added to Mission Reward tables. We would like to clarify here that the original U11 notes suggested that his former Boss, J3Golem, would be dropping them in systemic invasions. This is no longer the case, and his parts can be found by playing various missions.
  • Fixed issue where players knocked into bleedout while using Codex Scanner would lose weapon firing functionality until revived.
  • Fixed reported issues related to Codex.
  • Fixed Mire not dealing poison damage on its own.
  • Fixed issue that made some mods un-tradable.
  • Fixed enemy pain barks that were not playing.
  • Fixed enemies that would fire after death.
  • Fixed enemies killed by Rhino’s Stomp being suspended for eternity in slow motion death.
  • Fixed issues with Alad V boss fight and teleportation after falling off level.
  • Fixed issue with Tigris where second shot would be fired upon melee, weapon switch, landing a jump, or roll dodging. Performing any of these actions will now cancel the loaded shot from semi automatic behaviour.

Fixed reported issue of Nova’s Wormhole ability being too high when used above her head.

  • Fixed issues related to dead enemies hanging around on clients.
  • Fixed knockdown resist mods not working for clients in some situations.
  • Fixed: The effect of puncture damage mods being inconsistent:
    • The dual stat mod now increases existing puncture damage, as intended
    • Reworded the text for damage increasing mods to possibly make it clearer
  • Fixed rich presence updates failing when the contact list was resized to include more users.
  • Fixed some client / host issues with the Capture missions:
    • lock the session if all targets are captured or escaped
    • made the bounds of the capture context action larger.
  • Added ragdoll injury handlers to the capture target to support some more Warframe powers.
  • Fixed some enemies not dying when taking magnetic damage.
  • Fixed Mods upgrade screen to remember last sorting choice.
  • Fixed mod sorting issues when using Price and Recent filters.
  • Fixed Trading UI to display only “tradeable” mods.
  • Fixed the social menu flashing when it receives messages from the chat history of a tab.
  • Fixed color customization that would not be saved if you transitioned between screens.
  • Fixed the chat area fill position getting set incorrectly if we're not in the Social menu Chat tab and a new private conversation/session tab is created.
  • Fixed issue where Capture target does not stay downed after a host migration.
  • Fixed Mobile Defense dioramas to make sure 1st player always holds datamass in diorama.
  • Fixed cases where users with names beginning with '-' or a digit would receive all whispers in one chat panel.
  • Fixed Corpus security lasers to force knockdown as design intended.

Hotfix 11.0.7

November 26th, 2013 Forum Post

  • Fixed Sentinels not showing in Codex if selected for viewing.
  • Removed energy drain from no-shield mode Nightmare missions.
  • Fixed issues with Scanner breaking primary weapon usage if knocked down.
  • Fixed Alad V’s boss diorama being a solo Moa.
  • Buffs to Alad V – his max level is increased.
  • Buffs to Zanuka’s shields and missiles.

Hotfix 11.0.6

November 25th, 2013 Forum Post

  • UI Changes:
    • (+/-) Indicators in Codex for enemy types to indicate weaknesses and immunities!If an enemy has a (+) beside a damage type, they have a weakness to it. So, (+) beside fire means fire will be effective! If an enemy has a (-) beside a damage type, they have immunity to it. So, (-) beside fire means fire will not be effective!
  • Enemy Changes:
    • Corpus Spacemen are now flesh.
    • Rollers are now robotic (no, no little fleshy Grineer’s inside!).
  • Resistance table changes:
    • Shield: Resistant to Explosion.
    • Infested: Resistant to Poison, Weak to Explosion.
    • Robotic: Removed Puncture/Impact as relevant entries to enemy type. This means that they are neutral to these damage types.
  • Codex Changes:
    • Add 'known sources' to show which AI drops a mod if they have been scanned the requisite number of times.
  • Fixed issue where Mods meant to prevent Stagger, Knockdown, etc, were not working.
  • Fixed issue where seemingly open hallways had invisible doors preventing progress.
  • Fixed damage numbers and sounds appearing on already-dead enemies (Relevant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAUY1J8KizU)
  • Fixed Arsenal button remaining disabled after accepting an invite or not completely exiting screen.
  • Fixed more issues with Mods causing mission progress not saving to accounts in EU languages.
  • Fixed issue where enemies who were not supposed to have armor (according to the codex and design) were showing Armor values in UI with a Greenish/Yellow hud.
  • Fixed Valkyr’s power sounds not playing when using Noble animations.
  • Fixed Nef Anyo’s rank of Sergeant being spelled incorrectly.
  • Fixed missing charge animations in Prova attacks.
  • Fixed map overlay remaining up at mission end.
  • Fixed trade exploit where users could counteroffer before prompted, initiating a trade early.
  • Fixed Capture targets having additional armor.
  • Fixed unreleased mods being tradeable.
  • Fixed Hunt for Alad V breach “Muffled Sounds” being applied to all players when one player enters breach.
  • Fixed various crashes.

Hotfix 11.0.5

November 23rd, 2013 Forum Post

  • Fixed E Gate Survival on Venus not giving mission reward at 5 minutes.
  • Fixed issue with German version of game that affected players who received certain mod (Rupture) causing all mission rewards to not be received.

Hotfix 11.0.4

November 22nd, 2013 Forum Post

  • Flux Rifle adjustments to not be pure Slash damage.
  • Boar Prime proc chance lowered.
  • A comment here that weapons are being looked at in respect to all the changes Damage 2.0 has brought and this is a work in progress.
  • Fixed Corpus Crewmen's heads being completely invincible, more work needed here to have proper fix.
  • Fixed issue where resources were not dropping in Venus.
  • Fixed issues where Sentinel attacks owner if they receive Radiation Proc.
  • Fixed Loki/Banshee Immortal skins not being tintable.
  • Fixed missing animations on knee slide with Lecta spin.
  • Fixed 10 foot tall heavies in Phobos.
  • Fixes and changes to chat including:
    • Chat will now rejoin after losing connection to Chat host and reconnecting.
    • Switched the user list and chat panel positions in the social menu.
    • Placed the chat window in the lower left hand of the window in-game as default.
    • Fixed Private Conversation tabs not persisting when going in and out of games.
  • Fixed issues where Bounce wasn’t dealing damage or ragdolling enemies.
  • Fixed issues where Crush wasn’t working in Conclaves
  • Fixed issue where Rhino Stomp wasn’t dealing damage in Conclaves.
  • Fixed issue where Capture issues not working with multiple targets.
  • Fixed issues where clients heard too many enemy sounds.

Hotfix 11.0.3

November 22nd, 2013 Forum Post - Hotter than Ruk’s Guns!

  • Add new setting to disable UI in all screenshots. This happens automatically when hitting screenshot button (Default is F6). Now players can make their own wallpapers from game/codex/etc! Glamour shots, ready?
  • Added Solar Map Progress and XP to show on Profile Screen.
  • Added a context menu when right clicking on Private conversation tab header that contains on option to close said tab.
  • Added Valkyr Noble animation!
  • Codex Additions:
    • Added in ability descriptions for Warframes.
    • Added Orokin Category icons.
  • Sargas Ruk level difficulty adjustments lowered.
  • Stalker continually increasing his defenses and snapping out of buggy states. Look out, Tenno.
  • Lephantis melee secondary weakpoint takes 2x damage again.
  • Titan Extractor pickups now more visible - resource total is no longer a mouse over thing, it will show all the time once the bin is ready to claim.
  • Toned down Kunai/throwing projectile trails.
  • Fewer particles in Ruk’s eruption jets. Performance based change.
  • Slowed down Sargas Ruk’s fireball a bit.
  • Tinted enemy health on HUD yellow if they have armor
  • Volt's electric effects will now create a dynamic light that matches your energy colour.
  • Prevent modded Vectis from 1-shotting Ruk.
  • Prevent Social window from being moved into the space occupied by foreground menu bar.
  • Soma Crit Rate has been buffed and Proc/Status increase chance.
  • Jaw sword Proc chance lowered from 50% to 10%.
  • Buffing Puncture Depth mods.
  • Changes to camera placements on Corpus Gas City tiles
  • Fixed issue with if host election did not occur, user stuck in lobby.
  • Fixed Last Login date not appearing on hover status in contacts/clan list.
  • Fixed some enemies not attacking after getting up from knockdown.
  • Fixes permanent frozen & slow if spawned inside a freeze area.
  • Fixed transmissions continuing to play when a cinematic starts.
  • Fixed some situations where Dojo operations fail, leading to more failures. Related to finishing decorations by rushing not working.
  • Fixed radiation death not prompting a Revive state.
  • Fixed Radiation damage still being applied and killing player after being revived.
  • Fixed Machete Wraith not being right size.
  • Fixed melee weapon info at end of match not being displayed if Valkyr’s Hysteria was active.
  • Fixed melee getting locked for clients after being hit by something that would normally do knockdown when Valkyr's Hysteria is active.
  • Fixed Nyx being immune to Shield Damage after using Absorb.
  • Fixed Players potentially taking shield damage when Trinity has Blessed them.
  • Fixed Valkyr using the fist melee style on her regular melee weapon after using her ultimate.
  • Fixed error with Loki's Radial Disarm that would cause power in use bug.
  • Fixed no sound on Sargas Ruk’s Gun Attack.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning in Gas city Exterminate tileset and in Sabotage missions.
  • Fixed Glaive mods not working on Glaive Prime.
  • Fixed client not being able to back out of lobby after countdown starts running (ESC not working, etc).
  • Fixed menu not hiding when you select a goal/invasion.
  • Fixed Rank 11 challenge. Disable lasers when challenge completes successfully
  • Fixed issue where dying with pause menu up causes functionality loss after reviving.
  • Fixed in-game chat not automatically appearing unless you already opened the chat window.
  • Included fix for closing the social menu properly when it is open and the player dies.
  • Fixed game hang when hovering over Jupiter boss node
  • Fixed /w being case sensitive and creating multiple chat convos to the same user depending on what cases you used when typing friend name in the /w.
  • Fixed damage numbers from DOT-Procs not displaying at the correct location.
  • Fixed non-English speaking players having wonky inbox messages.
  • Fixed high-fire rate weapons dealing Procs with 0 damage.
  • Fixed Sgt. Nef Anyo requiring too many scans for Codex.
  • Various crash Fixes including one involving VOIP.
  • XP rewards raised.

Hotfix 11.0.2

November 20th, 2013 Forum Post

  • Fixed Dojo "Room Building" UI hang resulting in unplayable game.
  • Added more visibilty to Proc/status on enemies when dealing damage. Proc/status icons added to damage numbers.
  • Injury Immunity fixes for Nyx when in Absorb.
  • Fixed (for real) not being able to scan dead enemies multiple times.
  • Fixed Blessing not making Trinity invulnerable.
  • Fixed Scopes for lower resolutions (again for real)!
  • Sweeper Shotgun reduced damage (we did missions without firing a single shot, necessary balance).

Hotfix 11.0.1

November 20th, 2013 Forum Post

  • The damage display for alternate melee attacks (charge, leap, spin, wall) now show the upgraded damage in the UI.
  • Cipher only requires one use now to solve entire puzzle.
  • Enabled Sentinel Weapons category in Codex.
  • Event Elevator is now faster! Corpus Engineers work quickly.
  • Removed Fin Sword from appearing in Codex, what is Fin Sword :O?
  • Scanning allies (like Corpus in event) is still allowed but does not get stealth bonus.
  • Weapon/Warframe Changes:
    • Many weapons received adjustments to compensate for Damage 2.0. Some have been readjusted for 11.0.1 including:
    • Acrid Pistol, damage increases.
    • Sobek Crit, unintended 50% rate.
    • Gorgon crit.
  • Fixed several issues with Social/Chat tabs:
  • Fixed chat not working in EU regions.
  • Fixed the social menu tabs not being selectable in game.
  • We now show the Clan Tab and clan IRC Chat channel in game.
  • Made the minimum width and height smaller for the social window.
  • Potential fixes for crashes on some machines.
  • Fixed Alliance chat not being viewable in-game.
  • Fixed dead enemies being scannable.
  • Fixed unresponsive "cancel game invite" 'X' button.
  • Fixed slowdown when trying to show a lot of mods on the screen at once.
  • Fixed Mastery Rank tests not attributing higher rank to player after successful test.
  • Fixed glow effects remaining on dead enemy.
  • Fixed crash when meleeing with gamepad.
  • Fixed chat window minimizing when failing to join sessions.
  • Fixed error that could potentially occur when rushing dojo Barracks.
  • Trinity's Link now prevents procs (though they may still occur on the Link target).
  • Fixed Gas, Viral, and Corrosive melee Visual Effects not disappearing.
  • Fixed Sargas Ruk’s pain barks to not happen 100% of the time, he isn’t a baby!
  • Fixed Valkyr BP image being Banshee.
  • Fixed Codex scans done by a host adding to clients totals.
  • Fixed invasion enemy levels being re-scaled whenever a player leaves/joins a mission in progress.
  • Fixed Alabaster skin applying to Excalibur. Not intended to be worn.
  • Fixed Ancient Retribution issue appearing in UI as mission reward.
  • Fixed Valkyr Cosmetic Restraints not being in Valkyr Bundle.
  • Fixed Terminals not being on infested side of event transition level, trapping some players.
  • Fixed two typos: - scared is now correctly scarred / in dept is now correctly in debt.
  • Fixed dying with scanner breaking your loadout when revived.
  • Fixed sniper/scanner scope offsets being wrong if HUD was < 720p on any axis.
  • Fixed Kraken dealing 0 damage.
  • Status effects move to the ragdoll, where they remain until the ragdoll is destroyed

Update 11.0

November 20th, 2013 Forum Post - Valkyr Unleashed

  • New Warframe: “Valkyr” Female Berserker Class, Cosmetic Bastet Helmet & Cosmetic Restraints!
  • New Weapons:
    • “Tigris” Tenno Double-Barrel Shotgun (Primary)
    • “Cestra” Corpus Mini-gun (Secondary)
    • “Lecta” Corpus Whip (Melee)
  • New Prime Gear: Ember, Glaive, and Sicarus! Find it all in the Void Today!
  • New Damage Model 2.0! More information here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/132366-information-on-damage-20/
  • New Customizations: Warframe Skins for the first 8 Warframes!
  • New Decorations for the Dojo (Including a Trading Kiosk!)
  • New Tile Set: Corpus Gas City
  • New Enemies: 3 Corpus enemy types to seek and destroy!
  • New Boss: Sargus Ruk (Grineer)
  • New Boss: Alad V & Zanuka (Corpus)
  • New System: Trading 1.0! Build the Trading Kiosk in your Dojo to begin!
  • New System: Codex and Scanner (Scan enemies to unlock entries & details in the Codex)
  • New Mods for Slash (Health) Damage, Toxic (Poison) Damage, Impact (Shield) Damage, and Status (Proc Chance) Effects!
  • New Resource Drone: collects crafting materials from planetary systems!
  • Host Election: the player with the best combination of PC performance & networking conditions now automatically become host when launching a public mission
  • Full on-screen map: Press M during gameplay to view the overall level map as you uncover it through exploration!
  • Added option to opt-in to Nightmare nodes
  • Added hotkey support for Gear items
  • Added "click a planet" hint when sitting at default state of the star chart
  • Added new icon for Boss nodes on the star chart
  • Players can now copy other players' mission votes by clicking on the squad info panel.
  • Additional features to in-game voice communications. Microphone and output device can now be selected. Improvements to range on weak microphones has also been added.
  • Added in-game Achievements
  • Update 11 Launch Event: The Hunt for Alad V!
  • Sprint is no longer needed to initiate a Wall-Run
  • The contact-list network protocol has been completely rewritten to work-around Strict NAT and network problems caused by having a large number of contacts (the new system still being tuned, please be patient)
  • Enabled Multi-Threaded Rendering by default (can be disabled in launcher if needed).
  • Capture targets are now more dynamic and mobile: there are a range of tougher Corpus and Grineer targets with varying abilities and weapons will flee at the first sign of danger. Stop them from boarding a shuttle and escaping!
  • J3-Golem has moved from his home on Thermisto and our spys indicate that he may strike at any time. Look for Infested invasions on your in-game alert display; we have reason to believe that if there is an invasion where a boss would normally be found you are likely to find J3-Golem there instead (we also suspect him to be carrying Volt Warframe component blueprints!)
  • Redesigned and merged the Contacts and Chat UI (look for them on the right-hand side of your screen)
  • Star Chart progress, Sentinel and Sentinel-Weapon rank now contribute to Mastery level. Note: Complete a mission with your leveled up Sentinels ans Sentinel-Weapons to receive this Master XP retroactively
  • Improved top-bar navigation to include the Codex and Inbox
  • Sentinels now come with a default amount of armor
  • Removed co-op doors from survival missions
  • Time between Defense waves has been reduced to 6 seconds
  • The Inbox now updates with unread message count
  • Inbox message icons will now refresh properly when deleting messages
  • Rewards delivered to inbox are received automatically upon reading message – new text added to make this clear
  • Updated Dojo room art for the following rooms (visual update will be automatic, no rebuild necessary):
    • Oracle
    • Barracks (Moon, Mountain, Storm, Shadow)
    • Research Labs (Bio, Energy, Chem)
  • Added Auto-target locking for gamepad melee. Melee Assist Option is a toggle.
  • Star Chart: added effects & colorization to further distinguish available nodes from completed/locked nodes, and highlight boss nodes.
  • Stun Chance mods (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Melee) are now Status Effect mods in accordance with new damage system
  • 2D and 3D weapons duck ambience by 2 dB less and duck music by 1 dB less. 2D weapons duck 3D weapons by 2dB less
  • Improved sound-ducking mixes
  • Changed Europa planet description so that it wasn't the same as Eris
  • Added UI elements to better indicate player extraction status (players waiting, # of players, etc)
  • Added new icons for Sentinel weapons
  • Switched the Prova to use Machete animations and finishers
  • New space skybox added to the Grineer Galleon tile set
  • Improved the sound for the Heavy Impact mod
  • Audio improvements to some stealth finishers
  • Rebalanced some mod types for Conclave battles (Stun mods, Crit mods, and Corrupted mods)
  • Tuned conclave values for Brakk, Machete Wraith, and Obex
  • Added sound for Galleon air lifts in Conclave map
  • Stalker has been improving his melee combo techniques
  • NPCs will no longer target Rescue agents
  • Fixed multiple localized text strings across all languages
  • Experimental camera fixes – camera does not collide with enemies or players to avoid annoying jitter.
  • Fixed issue where only host could invite players into a Dojo
  • Fixed more instances of enemy AI spawning or falling into unreachable areas in Exterminate missions
  • Fixed falling out of level in Mastery Challenge 7 costing a revive
  • Fixed some navigation/design issues in new level connectors
  • Fixed some issues related to Nyx’s Mind Control ability where brainwashed AI didn’t always attack enemies as intended
  • Fixed various teleport issues that would result in “out of world” experiences
  • Fixed some missing materials identified in Corpus ship levels
  • Fixed a case where you are unable to melee/block sometimes after being knocked down during melee swings
  • Fixed a case where the player would stay in the melee charge anim sometimes if knocked down during melee attack
  • Fixed HUD error when using VOIP in dojo
  • Fixed missing respawn volume in Dojo obstacle course
  • Fixed some reported issues of flickering textures
  • Fixed missing jump actions required by enemies in certain levels
  • Fixed Jackal robot missile seeking offset
  • Fixed Security Camera sounds not playing for clients
  • Fixed names of Gradivus Dilemma trophies
  • Fixed in-game chat overlay not hiding when hitting ESC/clicking away before auto-hide occurs
  • Fixed host's loadout score used by quickmatch not updating realtime when equipping different equipment in arsenal
  • Fixed Grineer Scorpion to have proper in-game description
  • Fixed issue with Kestrel and Glaive animations for holstering
  • Fixed unlocalized text string when trying to buy a slot with insufficient platinum
  • Fixed all reported/known issues of players falling through elevators
  • Fixed ledge-mantling mid wall-jump causing you to keep your push velocity
  • Fixed Rhino’s Iron Skin ability that granted invulnerability during oxygen loss
  • Fixed weapon attachments to now play the fire animation according to their respective fire rate (with any upgrade mods)
  • Fixed broken weapon recoil behaviour; it now works as intended
  • Fixed Roller idle animation jittering
  • Fixed “power in use” issue after using Banshee’s Sonic Boom ability
  • Fixed Acrid weapon not doing damage over time
  • Fixed Saryn’s Miasma ability to apply damage over time
  • Fixed issue where Ciphers were being consumed twice on a single hack
  • Fixed Nekros Soul Punch ability to ragdoll target NPCs
  • Fixed Trinity’s Energy Vampire in Conclave which caused enemies on the opposite team to regenerate energy as well
  • Fixed issue that allowed spectators to fire the Ignis and Flux rifle while spectating in Conclave
  • Fixed enemies not getting auto-killed if they ragdoll in the middle of a death animation
  • Fixed multiple issues with Infested enemy types related to map navigation
  • Fixed high level enemies spawning in low-level defense missions
  • Fixed Private session countdown not starting after friend joins/selects mission


  • Update 11.4 was skipped.