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Dates in brackets [] denote the last time an upcoming feature was mentioned.

Anything that has this '(?)' after it, has been talked about by the developers but has yet to be confirmed.

Planned Additions[]


  • [04/21/2023] Infested equivalent of Kuva Liches [1][2]


  • [10/27/2023] Companion Rework Part 2 [3]
    • Precepts and Weapons will be rebalanced

Unreleased Finished Content[]


  • [12/09/2023] Modular Archwing [4][5]
  • [12/09/2023] Prototype of Railjack Flight in Open Worlds [6]


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  2. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1345625-digital-extremes-reddit-ama-summary/
    Q: Are there plans for other faction's "Liches", like Infested or Sentient or Corrupted?
    [DE]Pablo: Yes, not this year, but yes (Infested heheheeheehe)
  3. https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-174-overview
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  5. https://wccf.tech/1d9am
    Q: What about modular Archwings?
    A: We have no vision for that. It's a shame that all that content was made. We would love to do something with it but we have zero designs to support it.
  6. https://wccf.tech/1d9am
    Q: Any plans to add Railjack to the open world of Warframe?
    Kind of. We've done prototypes of how can you fly it around above the open world. It feels cool, but from an actual update where that happens, there's no plan yet. Prototype only.