In the dying days of the Orokin, with forums and promenades still blood-wet from Tenno betrayal, a colossal Sentient descended upon ancient Er, falling from distant stars to deliver upon Orokin a terrible and final ruin. Tower upon Tower fell to its weapons, but one withstood. The Tower of the Unum.

—From the Gara Legend

The Unum is the living consciousness of the Orokin Tower found outside the Plains of Eidolon on Earth. The Ostron people and The Quills worship and revere it. Made out of living flesh, the Ostrons harvest her walls to provide meat for their families. She is responsible for the energy wall that envelops the Plains and keeps the Eidolons contained, and her influence protects the Ostrons' home, Cetus, from outside dangers such as the Grineer. Anyone approaching the settlement with hostile intentions would find "their transmissions silenced, their engines turned cold, and their weapons reduced to lumps of dead iron".

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  • In a deep and tucked away part of the Enrichment Labs(?) on the Orb Vallis, parts of the metallic Unum flesh can be found being refined for other purposes.


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