This Unnamed Orb Mother is a large Raknoid found half-submerged in a coolant lake near the Orokin Dig Site, Orb Vallis. It does not display a name, attribute bar nor level when targeted.

In Devstream 126, a third Orb Mother was slated to be in development, with Scott, the Design Director of Digital Extremes stating that he wanted the boss to be a mix of the better parts of Profit-Taker Orb and Exploiter Orb. Whether the third Orb Mother refers to this Orb Mother is unknown.


In the Orokin Dig SiteEdit

The Orb itself is mainly black in color with orange lines throughout, displaying multiple spheres of varying sizes on its shell along it's surface. A single bright red light can be seen glowing from where the Orb Mother's face would be, and can also be heard making noises similar to other Orb Mothers. It is possible to stand on the Orb's carapace, though the player will just float ontop of it as it bobs up and down the lake. The legs seem to be planted to the base of the coolant lake, rendering them not visible from the outside unless the player goes into Captura mode or out of bounds. If Helios is equipped, it may perpetually attempt (and fail) to scan the various spheres on the Orb's exterior.


  • The Unnamed Orb Mother Submerged in the coolant

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