An Infested jetpack trooper, the Undying Flyer rams opponents at high speed. When killed it reverts to a pod-state. If not destroyed the Undying Flyer emerges at full health.

Undying Flyer is an Infested unit of the Grineer Hellion that uses its jetpack to ram opponents at high speeds. Once it dies, the creature leaves behind a pod which, if left alone long enough, will respawn the Undying Flyer at full health.

It was introduced alongside the Leaping Thrasher in the fourth episode of Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary, found in Emissary Derelicts which requires a Zealot Derelict Code from Infested Outbreaks.


  • The Undying Flyer is incredibly agile and erratic, using it's jetpack to attempt to rush the player or move out of the way, slashing with it's claw, then jumping back out of the way in an attempt to evade.
    • It may also use it's jetpack to aim directly at the player, attempting to ram them.
  • Its infested "face" can be destroyed, in which the unit will emit a low damage cloud of toxin around itself, damaging anything (including itself) around the unit.
    • This will regenerate if allowed to spawn back from its pod.


  • The Undying Flyer is the second Infested Grineer unit introduced in the game, the first being the Charger.
    • It is also the second ground Infested enemy type to utilize flight, and does so with great efficiency, the first being the Mutalist Osprey and it's variants.


Patch HistoryEdit

  • Introduced.
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