Unaffiliated or Neutral lifeforms are those that do not side with any of the major factions.

The first of these lifeforms were the Desert Skate, which will attack both the Tenno and the Grineer that reside in the Grineer Settlement on sight. The Feral Kubrow was the second species to be introduced into the then 'wild' enemy category and resides in the wild in the Grineer Forest tileset, and hostile to both Grineer and players. They spawn out of Dens in groups of 1-3, and each Den can spawn another the next 1-3 times the Den is damaged but not destroyed.

These lifeforms are considered enemies and will appear in the player's minimap if Enemy Sense or Enemy Radar are equipped. However, they will not be counted as targets in Exterminate Missions and will not add time to the clock in Nightmare mode though they do count towards a mission's Challenge Reward. In the Codex, this faction category is listed as "Unaffiliated".

In total, there are eight unaffiliated enemies:

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