Forma that can apply the UMBRA polarity.

This shape-altering component is fundamental to Orokin construction. Allows you to change the polarity of a mod slot on a Warframe, Companions or Weapon to UMBRA polarity and then resets their affinity to Unranked. This can only be used on Level 30 Warframes, Companions and Weapons.

—In-Game Description

Umbra Forma is a special variant of Forma that can be used to apply an Umbra Pol Umbra Polarity to any Warframe, Companion or Weapon.


  • One Umbra Forma was obtainable as the Rank 29 reward for "The Wolf of Saturn Six" Nightwave.
  • One Umbra Forma was obtainable as the Rank 26 reward for "The Emissary" Nightwave.
  • One Umbra Forma is currently obtainable as the Rank 29 reward for the second Nightwave Intermission.

Using Umbra Forma on EquipmentEdit

To apply an Umbra Forma, go to the Arsenal and access the desired Warframe's Mod loadout. Select Action at the bottom of the screen, then choose Polarize, which will show all available types of Forma to choose from. Choose Umbra Forma, which will show a layout of the item's mod slots and polarities. Click on a slot to polarize with Umbra polarity. A slot that already has a polarity (either by default or from a prior polarization) can also be changed.


  • Umbra Forma cannot be used to polarize a Warframe's Exilus or aura slot.
  • Umbra Forma can only apply Umbra polarity, and cannot be used to apply other polarities.



  • Forma selection screen under 'Polarization'

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 25.7.6
  • Updated Umbral Forma’s description to properly reflect the items it can be installed on (Warframes and Melee Weapons). Removed the ability to use Umbral Forma on K-Drives and Archwing Melee.

Hotfix 25.7.4

Update 24.3

  • Introduced.

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