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The Tunguska Cannon, also known as the Forward Artillery, is a chin-mounted cannon located on the bridge behind the pilot controls and the navigation menu. Each shot from the cannon consumes one Dome Charge unless Mod TT 20px.png Artillery Cheap Shot is equipped. Dome Charges can be replenished over time or by using the Resource Forge with Intrinsics Engineering Rank 5 to replenish them during a mission. Each shot takes 4 seconds to fully charge, and cannot be delivered until fully charged. A fully charged cannon will auto-fire after 3 seconds of holding the full charge.

The Tunguska Cannon inflicts massive damage and is primarily used to quickly dispatch Crewships, causing their reactors to explode instantly if the damage dealt exceeds the remaining crewship's health.



Each shot deals 56,500 base damage dealing primarily DmgPunctureSmall64.png Puncture damage, 300% critical chance thus guaranteeing red crits, and a 2x critical multiplier, but 0% status chance. Its damage can be further increased with Mod TT 20px.png Forward Artillery and/or stacking DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash procs on the target before firing. Targeting any of the 3 nacelles of an unprotected Crewship will greatly increase the damage fired, typically destroying a Crewship of any level in one hit even without the additional modifiers.

The cannon can be blocked by Vorac, Orm, and Skold Crewship shields powered by external generators, as well as a Exo Gokstad Crewship's healing bubble. In the case of the former, the generators can be damaged all at once by explosives such as the OrdnanceTychoSeeker.png Tycho Seeker or the KuvaAyanga.png Kuva Ayanga, and the healing bubbles can be destroyed by sustained turret fire.

Axio, Vorac, and Orm Crewships are equipped with a rotating barrier that blocks even the Tunguska Cannon. This barrier only blocks one direction, and will readjust itself to the position of the Crewship's last received damage. The Railjack must adjust accordingly to target the Crewship directly, or destroy the drone powering the barrier by moving behind it or with Mod TT 20px.png Shatter Burst's area of effect or Photor's punch through.

A player in the Forward Artillery can swap weapons (default F , "Switch Weapon") to equip armaments. This turret has no lead indicators on enemy ships and uses the same turret equipped to the gunnery seats. Despite having only the same field of view as the pilot seat, it allows players to deal with crewship shields and Exo Crewship healing bubbles, and effectively provides a fourth turret.


  • The colour of the beams during charging of the cannon is controlled by the "Secondary Color" channel.
  • The stats of the Tunguska Cannon were obtained via a glitch that allows players to "equip" the cannon onto a Turret slot. Players cannot use the cannon this way however.