The True Steel mod increases critical chance on a melee weapon by 20% per rank for a maximum of 120% at rank 5.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +20% 4
1 +40% 5
2 +60% 6
3 +80% 7
4 +100% 8
5 +120% 9


  • True Steel is additive with similar mods. For example, a Galatine o Galatine with a max rank True Steel and Mod TT 20pxMaiming Strike will have a 10% × (1 + 120% + 150%) = 37% critical chance on slide attacks.


Patch History

Hotfix 26.0.7
Mod Changes

The Critical Chance game has largely allowed Blood Rush to shine for active melee players, and with the ‘Steel’ series of Mods applying at the Base Critical Chance level, it’s led to players feeling they are obsolete. We are significantly buffing these Mods to give players a different option for Critical Chance builds. We want to give a more upfront Critical Chance and hard-hitting Heavy Attacks to builds that don’t rely on maintaining a high combo multiplier.

  • True Steel increased from 60% to 120% Critical Chance (x2 for Heavy Attack) at Max Rank.


  • Introduced.

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