How the weapon operates when the trigger is pressed.
AUTO trigger weapons fire repeatedly until the trigger is released or when the magazine is empty.
SEMI trigger weapons fire 1 shot per press of the trigger.
BURST trigger weapons fire a short sequence of shots per press of the trigger.
HELD trigger weapons create a continuous beam and have a short warm up time to reach full Damage.
CHARGE trigger weapons must have the trigger held down to fire at full effectiveness.

—In-game Description

Trigger Type refers to the firing mechanism within primary and secondary weapons. The fire button (default LMB ) has varying effects depending on the equipped weapon.

List of Trigger Types[edit | edit source]

For a list of all weapons with a particular trigger type, see Weapon Comparison.
  • Auto, also known as Automatic or Full-Auto, shoots a continuous stream of bullets while the fire button is held down.
    • Auto-Spool is a type of automatic fire that gradually builds up fire rate the longer the fire button is held down.
  • Semi, also known as Semi-Automatic or Semi-Auto, fires a single bullet per press of the fire button.
  • Burst is a type of semi-automatic fire that shoots two or more bullets, often in a burst-like fashion, per press of the fire button.
    • Auto-Burst is a combination of automatic and burst firing types that shoots two or more rounds while the fire button is held down. Currently exclusive to the Battacor.png Battacor and Morgha.png Morgha.
    • Simultaneous Burst (informal label) is a Burst subtype in which the burst is fired in a span of 0 seconds i.e. simultaneously – in a manner which is similar to innate Multishot – the only practical difference being that ammo is spent for each projectile fired; exemplified by GrnFourBarrelRifleWeapon.png Quartakk and KuvaQuartakk.png Kuva Quartakk.
  • Duplex shoots one round when pressing the fire button, and shoots another round when releasing the fire button. Exclusive to the DETigris.png Tigris, SyndicateNLTigris.png Sancti Tigris, PrimeTigris342.png Tigris Prime, and Zylok.png Zylok.
  • Held is a type of automatic fire that shoots a continuous beam, exclusive to Continuous Weapons. Unlike automatics that fire bullets, these beam weapons often consume ammo at a halved rate and multishot generates extra instances of damage, but possesses limited range.
  • Charge builds up power in a weapon while the fire button is held down, and shoots when the fire button is released. A circular bar appears on the reticule to indicate charging. Some chargeable weapons require a full charge to fire, while others fire automatically at a full charge.
  • Active is found in deployable grenade launchers (e.g. DEPenta.png Penta) and landmines (e.g. U18throwingknives.png Talons) causes the fired shot to linger for a few seconds. The active shot can be manually detonated using the Alternate Fire button (default MMB ).

Burst count and subtype[edit | edit source]

The following is a listing of the number of shots contained in each Burst weapon's burst, along with the Burst trigger subtype (regular/Simultaneous/Auto-):

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Update 29.10

  • Fixed automatic burst weapons not resuming firing if the fire button is held down after interrupting it with something like a dodge.
  • Fixed burst weapons with a queued shot no longer firing the first shot of the burst in the middle of a dodge.

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