ToxicLashMod SarynContagion
Toxic Lash
While active, attacks deal additional Toxin w Toxin damage; this effect is doubled for melee strikes. Instantly burst spores when attacking afflicted enemies.
Strength:20% / 24% / 26% / 30% (added gun damage)
40% / 48% / 52% / 60% (added melee damage)
25% / 30% / 35% / 40% (damage block)
Duration:20 / 25 / 35 / 45 s
Misc:100% (Toxin w Toxin status chance)
100% (Spores burst chance)

  • Saryn imbues all her weapons with potent toxins for 20 / 25 / 35 / 45 seconds, adding 20% / 24% / 26% / 30% of the weapon's total damage as Toxin b Toxin damage (doubled for melee weapons), with 100% Toxin b Toxin status chance on every strike. Attacks enhanced with Toxic Lash will burst all Spores130xDark Spores on infected enemies on hit and spread them to nearby enemies.
    • Added damage bonus is affected by Ability Strength.
    • Duration is affected by Ability Duration.
    • Toxin b Toxin damage is effective against Flesh and Ferrite Armor and bypasses Shielded and Proto Shields, but is less effective against Machinery, Robotics, and Fossilized.
    • Toxin b Toxin status effect deals 50% of the bonus damage per tick over 11 ticks in 10 seconds (duration is prolonged due to Saryn's passive).
    • Toxic Lash adds damage to every weapon attack calculated from Saryn's total weapon damage before damage resistances are applied. (e.g., with a maxed Intensify and a weapon that inflicts 300 total damage before damage resistances are factored, a rank-3 Toxic Lash will add 300 × 0.3 × 1.3 = 117 Toxin b Toxin damage to each strike).
    • The additional Toxin b Toxin damage is treated as a separate instance of damage and does not combine with elemental damage on the weapon.
    • Cast animation of ~1 second is affected by Natural Talent or Speed Drift.
      • Saryn is immune to crowd control during the cast animation.
  • While active, Toxic Lash also enhances the melee weapon's damage reduction during blocking by an additional 25% / 30% / 35% / 40%.
    • Damage reduction is affected by Ability Strength.
    • The damage reduction stacks additively with the melee weapon's damage reduction during blocking, and the sum cannot exceed 90% under any circumstances.
      • For example, with a maxed Intensify and a melee weapon that grants 35% damage reduction during blocking, a rank-3 Toxic Lash will increase the damage reduction to 0.35 + 0.4 × 1.3 = 0.87.
  • Casting Toxic Lash is a one-handed action that can be done while performing many actions without interrupting them, including reloading, charging, shooting, maneuvering, and while on a zipline.
    • Can be recast to refresh its duration.
  • Synergy: Toxic Lash makes every connected attack to burst Spores130xDark Spores on enemies, regardless if a spore get hit directly or not.

Main article: Contagion Cloud

Contagion Cloud is a Warframe Augment Mod for SarynIcon272 Saryn that causes kills made with ToxicLash130xDark Toxic Lash to leave behind a poisonous cloud that deals Toxin b Toxin damage to enemies within it for 12 seconds. Melee kills double the damage dealt by the cloud.

Rank Damage per second Cost
0 100 6
1 115 7
2 130 8
3 150 9

Tips & Tricks
  • This is a good candidate for Narrow Minded since there is no Ability Range,
  • The percentage of Toxin damage granted is multiplied by Ability Strength.
    • The exact amount of Toxin damage is equal to the percentage multiplied by the weapon's base damage, after base damage modifications (e.g., Pressure Point) are applied.
  • Toxic Lash is an invaluable ability for players who were not able to collect a Melee Toxin mod or not capable of equipping such on Melee weapons, in which the ability becomes a suitable replacement for those in need of direct health damage.
  • Using a hammer with the Shattering Storm stance equipped will make it easy to pop Spores while Toxic Lash is active, due to the ground slam attacks of the stance's combos.
  • While Toxic Lash doesn't increase the damage over time effect of gas status effects, it does affect its initial damage, dealing separate toxin damage to all enemies affected by gas status effects, and applying separate instances of toxin damage over time to them.


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