A device of undetermined function and origin. Prized by Vox Solaris and the Quills.

—In-game description for all Toroid variants
VegaToroid CaldaToroid SolaToroid CrismaToroid
Vega Toroid Calda Toroid Sola Toroid Crisma Toroid

Toroids are rare resources that can be acquired from enemies or in caves as a rare item in Orb Vallis. These resources act as either a normal pickup when dropped by enemies, or as an interactable object if found in caves. All Toroid can be traded for ReputationBlackx641,000 each with Vox Solaris, just like Sentient Cores are traded with The Quills, with an exception of Crisma Toroid which can be traded for ReputationBlackx646,000 each.

A pair of each kind (excluding the Crisma Toroid) is required to craft Garuda's components. Additional recipes requiring specific Toroids can be found on their respective pages.

Gathering TipsEdit

  • Vega Toroid- Drops from enemies around/inside the Spaceport.
  • Calda Toroid - Drops from enemies around/inside the Enrichment Labs.
  • Sola Toroid - Drops from enemies around/inside the Temple Of Profit.
    • Go inside the target area. Try to get one of the enemies to put down a Reinforcement Beacon. Wait until the beacon hits Alert Level 4. From this point, unlimited enemies will spawn. They will increase in level very quickly, but will eventually hit a level cap that is based on the bounty tier, and stop increasing further.
  • Crisma Toroid - Drops from Profit-Taker Orb upon defeat during Phase 4 Heist.
  • Various Toroids can also be found as interactable pick-ups, similar to Ayatan Sculptures, in many caves throughout Orb Vallis.
  • Farm Frames - Nekros' Desecrate, Hydroid's augmented Tentacle Swarm alongside Atlas' augmented Petrify and Ivara's Prowl can increase the chances to drop from enemies located at any of the 3 large Corpus bases.

Drop ChancesEdit

  • Calda Toroid
    • Enrichment Labs Enemies: 1.1%
    • Profit-Taker - Phase 2 bounty (rewards 3x): 12.50%
  • Sola Toroid
    • Temple of Profit Enemies: 1.1%
    • Profit-Taker - Phase 3 bounty (rewards 3x): 12.50%
  • Vega Toroid
    • Spaceport Enemies: 1.1%
    • Profit-Taker - Phase 1 bounty (rewards 3x): 12.50%


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Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 24.2.4
  • Sola, Calda, and Vega Toroid drops are now affected by Resource Drop Chance Boosters.
    • Worth noting that the Resource Booster always applied - this is specifically the Resource Drop Chance Booster.

Update 24.0

  • Introduced.
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