Arrogant and calculating

Torment is one of Shadow Stalker's Acolytes. She takes the form of MesaIcon272 Mesa with Stalker's helmet, a Naberus shoulder piece, and some of EquinoxIcon272 Equinox's front tassels. She also uses an Eos chest plate for a codpiece, and the Eos spurs.

Instead of Mesa's abilities, Torment uses TempestBarrage130xDark Tempest Barrage and TidalSurge130xDark Tidal Surge and wields the Dual vastos Akvasto.


  • "Alad V only wants profit, he is the enemy."
  • "This one has caused much suffering and yet you protect him... Why?"
  • "You have lost your way, Tenno, I will help you find it."
  • "I am not defeated."


  • Torment was the first Acolyte to be brought back after being defeated. Uniquely, it was before Operation: Shadow Debt had even ended because of the Hotfix 18.4.3 that tweaked the drop rate of mods wasn't released until after her first defeat.


  • Torment Codex Entry
  • Torment's idle animation.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 18.4.1
  • Introduced.
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