For PC

Our Clan is Semi-Serious looking to become very big. We are currently creating a discord with many bots to check Market Prices,Raid stats and etc.

Members will be inclined to join the Steel Meridian and Red Veil Syndicates, We are looking for sociable people that everyone can intract with.

Clan Ranks

If interested please join the Discord and fill out the application when you join.

For PS4

Evil Minds are looking to Establish themselves on PS4 after starting up on PC. We currently are a Small Sized clan but are looking to expand into a medium to Large sized clan and possibly expand onto other games.

We are looking for people that are willing to work together and be friendly to one another. Since we are in the early stages members will be highly encouraged to contribute the dojo builds. Also must have discord.

If you're interested join the Discord and fill out a Application that is posted in the discord.

Discord Link:

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