Awoken by the Protector to help defend the Tomb of Inaros.

The Tomb Protector Effigy is a giant stone golem made in the image of InarosIcon272 Inaros, encountered during the Sands of Inaros quest. Four of these can be found forming the centerpiece of the tomb altar guarding Inaros' remains, and will reanimate to fight the Tenno alongside the Tomb Protector in the quest's final mission.

Enemy TacticsEdit

  • A Tomb Protector Effigy will reanimate to fight if players manage to force the Tomb Protector back into its sarcophagus. Only when the currently active Effigy is destroyed will the Tomb Protector come back out of hiding.
    • Two Tomb Protector Effigies will become active upon the third and final time that the Tomb Protector is forced into its sarcophagus.
  • The Tomb Protector Effigy is equipped with a InfTipedo Lesion as its primary weapon, preferring to attack players in melee.
  • If engaging players at range, the Effigy will attack with beams fired from its eyes, which deal Heat b Heat damage and proc.
  • The attacks of the Effigies can travel through the Rift Plane.


  • Its possible to lead the Effigies out the temple to use the terrain to your advantage, but after a while they will squeeze through narrow crevices to reach you.


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