Watches over the Tomb of Inaros.

The Tomb Protector is a copy of the InarosIcon272 Inaros Warframe that tests intruders to see if they are worthy of claiming Inaros' blueprints. It appears as a miniboss only on the final mission of the Sands of Inaros quest when the final Sacred Vessel is retrieved.


  • As he is equipped with a InfCernos Mutalist Cernos, he can create clouds that can proc Toxin b Toxin damage.
  • When sufficiently damaged, he will retreat into his sarcophagus and summon Tomb Protector Effigys to aid him in battle.
  • He can cast abilities, but with some slight differences:
    • Desiccation130xDark Desiccation merely inflicts the damage over time and does not immobilize nor blind any targets caught in its wake.
    • Devour130xDark Devour does not immobilize the target nor does it pull them towards Inaros. The Sand Shadow is generated even if the target survives Devour.


  • A Excalibur Sand Shadow summoned by the Tomb Protector.
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