Guards the Tomb of Inaros.

The Tomb Guardian is a miniboss fought during the Sands of Inaros quest. It appears when the second Sacred Vessel is returned. When defeated, the Guardian will split into two smaller versions. This will repeat four more times, meaning there can be a maximum of 32 Tomb Guardians spawned.


  • It resembles a larger version of one of AtlasIcon272 Atlas's Rumblers130xDark Rumblers, although sandstone colored and covered in sand.
  • Despite being made of stone, it has Ferrite Armor and Cloned Flesh health, much like Grineer units.


  • Players can quickly become overwhelmed by large numbers of Tomb Guardians, each throwing rocks that do heavy damage, and potentially stun-locking a player to suffer multiple rock strikes and die.
  • Try to split and kite the group, the chamber where the vessel is found allows a player to take good cover and bullet jump to pick off targets while avoiding thrown boulders.


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