With its crescent shaped blades flying in sweeping arcs and striking at tremendous speed, the Tipedo demands focus from those wishing to unlock its true power.

The Tipedo is a bladed staff weapon dealing mostly Slash b Slash damage, making it useful against Infested.

This weapon can be sold for Credits645,000, it is also a requisite ingredient for Lesion.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 30
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 125 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price:Credits6420,000


This weapon deals primarily Slash b Slash damage.



Weapon Loadouts


  • The MK1-Bo and MK1-Kunai cannot be used to craft the Tipedo.
    • Although the Foundry will claim that you can craft the weapon if you have a Bo Prime in your inventory, this is most likely a UI bug as it won't allow you to consume the Bo Prime to build the weapon.


  • Its generous status chance makes it useful for slowing down enemies with Mod TT 20pxNorth Wind.
  • When equipped with Mod TT 20pxClashing Forest, this weapon becomes a perfect anti-Infested melee weapon. Its high Slash b Slash damage, and its tendency to cause status and staggering is highly effective. Additionally, several combinations of Clashing Forest are especially useful against crowds.


  • The Tipedo is the first Staff-type weapon to deal Slash b Slash as its primary damage type instead of Impact b Impact.
  • This is the second weapon that requires two different pre-made weapons in order to craft, the first being the Redeemer.
  • The weapon's design is based on the Monk's Spade, which was used by traveling Buddhist Monks as a defensive weapon as well as a tool to give proper burial to people who died on the roads during their journeys and denied their last rites by their untimely demise.
    • Contrary to the real world model, the Tenno version does not feature an inverted crescent-shaped blade at the opposite end, which was used to catch ambushers' swords, giving it its secondary name "Crescent Moon Spade". The Tipedo does feature a slotted double crescent blade instead which appears to serve a similar purpose.
  • The Tipedo appears to be used much like a Glaive (not to be confused with the in-game weapon of the same name), though with the distinction that Glaives are historically single-edged pole weapons while the Tipedo is double-edged due to the overall design being based on the Monk's Spade.
  • The Tipedo was first shown in a concept along with other polearms during Devstream 15.


  • Ad for the Tipedo in the market

Tipedo Skins

Patch History

See also

  • Bo, the prerequisite to the Tipedo.
  • Kunai, the prerequisite to the Tipedo.
  • Amphis, the Grineer electric staff.
  • Lesion, the Infested version.
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