Tile Sets (or "tileset") are procedurally generated environments in which players accomplish Missions. A tile set consists of at least 30 different tiles, which are rooms of varying sizes that can connect to other tiles to form the mission's maps. These tiles include locations like start rooms, end/extraction rooms, Arena rooms, boss rooms, hallways, Defense/Interception rooms, and so on. A mission map is composed of multiple randomly-selected tiles connecting to each other in a procedurally-generated manner, ensuring a level of map layout variety between missions.[1]

Tile sets can have environmental modifiers called Environmental Hazards that change Warframe stats or damage Warframes. These include modifiers such as sub-zero degrees (decreased Shields) and fire (damages the player and puts all enemies on alert). Some tiles feature dynamic terrain with moving cargo containers, traps, specially made areas for parkour activities, zip lines, and randomly placed explosives.

Star Chart Tile Sets

There are currently 24 unique tile sets, each with their own theme and appearance. Each location on the Star Chart can have one or more tile sets associated with them, and some tile sets are exclusive to certain locations.



Landscapes are large, open-world maps that only appear in their dedicated mission nodes, though each are connected to a friendly hub area adjacent to them on the Star Chart. Unlike the traditional tilesets, Landscapes do not use procedurally-generated segments, but instead use expansive, seamlessly fixed environments, on which players can encounter random enemy spawns, mission objectives, hidden quests, and other objects of interest.

There are currently 4 Landscape-type missions in the game, located on Venus, Earth, Deimos, and Duviri.

Conclave Maps

Conclave Maps are tile sets that are only available in the Conclave PvP gamemodes. Like Landscapes, they are different from a typical mission's tile set, as they do not feature procedurally-generated rooms throughout matches. Instead, these are set maps that players can battle on different environments that can be set in a Corpus-occupied mountain range or in a Grineer outpost set on the overgrown jungles of Earth. There are also Lunaro arenas that started from the surface of the Moon to other places of the solar system, like a Lunaro arena set in the gas cities of Jupiter.

There are currently 21 maps available in Conclave, 13 of which in both Annihilation and Team Annihilation gamemodes, 6 in Cephalon Capture, and 4 in Lunaro.


Map Generation


An example of a door that connects two different tiles

With the exception of Landscapes, all Star Chart missions in WARFRAME take place in randomly generated environments that are made up of predefined rooms or tiles that are connected to each other via compatible "doors" or "portals". Each tile can be classified based on their function or their relationship in the overall map[1][2]:

  • Start (S) - the players' spawn point when entering a mission
  • Connector (C) - smaller rooms that link together larger rooms like corridors
  • Intermediate (I) - large, complex rooms that serve as main combat spaces for gameplay; these are sometimes Captura scenes to be earned or purchased from NPC vendors
  • Objective (O) - rooms that have the mission's objective like Data Vaults in Spy missions
  • Dead end (D) - rooms that only have one door, usually contains Storage Containers and lockers for loot
  • Exit (E) - the players' extraction point for completing the mission

In addition to tiles, a map will also generate with a skybox to fill the background environment[2]:

  • Cube map (Cm) - background map shape represented as six-sided cube
  • Skybox (Sb) - the background image or backdrop of missions

A typical mission will always generate tiles in a tree-like structure with no overlap, having only one player-reachable path from the start tile to the objective tile(s) to the exit tile. There will never be a case where tiles are generated to produce a circular path; the player will always have a linear path to the objective. There may be paths that branch off the main mission path, but these paths will always lead to dead ends.

Simple mission map structure (SCICOCICE)
Start -> Connector -> Intermediate -> Connector -> Objective -> Connector -> Intermediate -> Connector -> Exit
|                                                      |                                                     |
|-----------------------Segment 1----------------------|----------------------Segment 2----------------------|

Diagram on valid and invalid tile set generation[1]

Each mission type and unique tile set will generate tiles based on a procedural level template defined by the developers. This template contains details on what tiles are available for the game to use, the tiles' type, the length and tile composition of each map segment, and the maximum branching depth for creating offshoot paths.[1] For example, an Exterminate mission on the Corpus Gas City tileset will have a different map structure than a Survival mission on the Grineer Galleon tileset. The former will be:

  • More linear because the sole objective is to kill enemies throughout the level
  • Have more larger open tiles to traverse through since it thematically takes place in the open skies of Jupiter
  • More Connector tiles to pad gameplay and to spread enemy spawns since Exterminate missions are typically short
  • Only made up of tiles based on the Corpus Gas City theme

The latter will be:

  • More maze-like because of the nature of Survival missions, to spread out enemy spawns to target choke points on all sides
  • Have more Intermediate tiles for spawning Life Support Towers and to serve as choke points for player activity
  • Only made up of tiles based on the Grineer Galleon theme


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Unlike traditional landscapes, Duviri has a unique tile set layout with nested segments.

Logs from The Duviri Paradox quest:

2723.723 Sys [Info]: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Duviri/Quests/DuviriQuestM1Start generating layout with segments: S[L[B]][L[O][O]L][L][L][L]EP
2723.723 Sys [Info]: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Duviri/Quests/DuviriQuestM1Start/Z0cJRhUOMDCJTVWtTrnGBP4YayBwbLwjTjYYa4igAAAAAA.lp
2723.723 Sys [Info]: Generated layout in 0.1ms
2723.723 Sys [Info]: 
2723.723 Sys [Info]: S: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/Quest/MainlandAQuest.level
2723.723 Sys [Info]: L: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/MainlandAEast.level
2723.723 Sys [Info]: B: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/WarframeArenas/VoidWaitingRoom.level
2723.723 Sys [Info]: L: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/MainlandAWest.level
2723.723 Sys [Info]: O: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/SignatureIsles/LibraryIsland.level
2723.723 Sys [Info]: O: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/SignatureIsles/Amphitheatre.level
2723.723 Sys [Info]: L: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/MawFishing/DuvMawFishingA.level
2723.723 Sys [Info]: L: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/Quest/TownAQuest.level
2723.723 Sys [Info]: L: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/GatewayHandIsland.level
2723.723 Sys [Info]: L: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/DuvIntThroneRoom.level
2723.723 Sys [Info]: E: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/Quest/TeshinsCaveQuest.level
2723.723 Sys [Info]: Sb: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/Skyboxes/DuvSkybox.level

Logs from Duviri during Fear Spiral:

14852.109 Sys [Info]: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Duviri/DuviriLandscapeScared generating layout with segments: S[L[B]][L[O]L][L][L]EP
14852.110 Sys [Info]: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Duviri/DuviriLandscapeScared/R24DMRBiC+LdrOFeGGMsgcGy8I042GGu+IoAAAAA.lp
14852.110 Sys [Info]: Generated layout in 0.1ms
14852.110 Sys [Info]: 
14852.110 Sys [Info]: S: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/MainlandA.level
14852.110 Sys [Info]: L: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/MainlandAEast.level
14852.110 Sys [Info]: B: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/WarframeArenas/VoidWaitingRoom.level
14852.110 Sys [Info]: L: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/MainlandAWest.level
14852.110 Sys [Info]: O: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/SignatureIsles/Amphitheatre.level
14852.110 Sys [Info]: L: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/MawFishing/DuvMawFishingA.level
14852.110 Sys [Info]: L: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/TownA.level
14852.110 Sys [Info]: L: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/GatewayHandIsland.level
14852.110 Sys [Info]: E: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/TeshinsCave.level
14852.110 Sys [Info]: Sb: /Lotus/Levels/Duviri/Skyboxes/DuvSkybox.level


Every time the player generates a map, the game's EE.log will output the resultant map layout for debugging purposes. For example, starting a Lua Rescue mission will output:

2676.963 Script [Info]: ThemedSquadOverlay.lua: Lobby::Host_StartMatch: launching level for SolNode307_HardDaily (/Lotus/Levels/Proc/Orokin/OrokinMoonRescue)
2676.963 Game [Info]: FrameworkCmd::OpenLevel - /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Orokin/OrokinMoonRescue
2676.976 Sys [Info]: Found 118 items to load (0ms) [Heap: 1,262,739,904/1,368,195,072 Footprint: 6,047,404,032 Handles: 1,181]
2677.233 Sys [Info]: Finished load of Misc batch (1) [0.26s and 15 frames at 17 ms/frame avg, 3 ms/update peak], 1/1/15, 68 item(s), 6208k total so far, 0.00% utilization
2677.301 Sys [Info]: Finished load of Texture batch (1) [0.07s and 4 frames at 17 ms/frame avg, 0 ms/update peak], 1/0/4, 1 item(s), 6336k total so far, 0.00% utilization
2677.380 Sys [Info]: Finished load of AnimRetarget batch (1) [0.08s and 4 frames at 20 ms/frame avg, 0 ms/update peak], 1/0/4, 1 item(s), 6528k total so far, 0.00% utilization
2677.380 Sys [Info]: Resource load completed (1 root types) in one pass and 0.4s (I/O ~= 65%, inherited 48 of 118)
2677.380 Sys [Info]: ResourceLoader spot-loaded in 405ms
2677.380 Sys [Info]: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Orokin/OrokinMoonRescue generating layout with segments: SCICICOCCE
2677.381 Sys [Info]: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Orokin/OrokinMoonRescue/IYEDFOHiW0BFWPxKxFwAjFVAFFQA.lp
2677.381 Sys [Info]: Generated layout in 0.8ms
2677.381 Sys [Info]: 
2677.381 Sys [Info]: S: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonSpawn01.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: C: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonConJunction03.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: I: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonIntSpeed.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: C: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonConCorner01.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: I: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonIntRuinedPiaza.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: C: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonConPlus01.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: O: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonObjRescue01.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: C: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonConCorner02.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: C: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonConStraight02.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: E: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonExit02.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: D: /Lotus/Levels/OrokinMoon/MoonDeadEnd02.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: Cm: /Lotus/Levels/Backdrops/OrokinMoon.level
2677.381 Sys [Info]: Sb: /Lotus/Levels/Backdrops/OrokinMoonBaseStandard.level

Understanding Level Structure

Main article: Enemy Behavior

Comparing granularity of a TacMap[1]

Navigation meshs (or NavMesh) are generated to map out level boundaries and basic geometry to restrict where NPCs can go or not so they do not run into walls or obstacles.

For the game to understand the structure and gameplay flow of a specific tile, the game generates a 3D Tactical Area Map (or TacMap). TacMaps are rough corridor maps that describe how NPCs move through tiles, from one area to another. They have a lower granularity than traditional NavMeshes, but are higher than level blocks.[1]


Warframe Environment Showcase - The Kuva Fortress
The Environments in Warframe - The Corpus Ship Remaster (The Deadlock Protocol)

Patch History

Update 25.0 (2019-05-22)


Put your parkour skills to the test in the the vast and viscous aura of the Remastered Jupiter Gas City tileset, featuring completely remastered graphics, tilesets and audio design in each tile.

During your missions, storm your way past gas harvesters and massive reactors to expose the inner workings of a corporation overruled by the greedy obsessor, Alad V. New Vapos Corpus variants stalk the many corridors alongside those instructed to maintain the integrity of the Gas City from....intruders. Tread carefully, as some Vapos Corpus have been equipped with all new Vector Shields.

But don’t stare too long into the colossal golden sky surrounding this floating empire. You might see something you wish you hadn’t.

Update 19.0 (2016-11-11)

New Tileset
Kuva Fortress!

Once you've progressed far enough in The War Within to discover The Kuva Fortress, a new region will appear on your Solar Chart!

Play through and experience some of our most difficult and heavily fortified missions yet.

With this set, we knew we wanted to provide an awe-inspiring entry into the world of the Grineer Queens and Kuva. This set is complete with the latest in graphics enhancements like Volumetric Lighting, and includes some of the first ever Archwing Enemy incorporation into foot missions. Don't forget to aim up, Tenno.

New Music can be discovered while playing these missions, Keith Power brings us his creepiest compositions to date!

Update 18.8 (2016-04-06)

  • Removed a number of unnecessary ziplines in extraction rooms.

Update 15.0 (2014-10-24)

Europa Freezes Over!
  • The Corpus Ice planets have been added permanently to missions in Europa!

Update 8.3 (2013-07-04)

  • Replaced all known Corpus consoles with Grineer consoles in Grineer levels.

Update 8.0 (2013-05-23)

  • At last we can reveal the Grineer ships!
  • Explore vast, rusted chambers evocative of an amazing space-submarine vibe that exudes the gritty bulk of the Grineer Army!
  • The Grineer ships come with new vicious enemies, hell-bent on dismembering any Tenno intruders.
  • Lieutenant Lech Kril has been training and this already formidable Grineer boss has new tricks up his sleeve.
  • An exciting new tile-set hidden within a dimensional fold!
  • Players can buy or loot Void Keys to open up exciting loot runs in the Ancient Orokin Towers.
  • Explore the hidden fortresses of the Ancient Orokin race!
  • But beware, these are dangerous places, fraught with traps and guarded by the corrupted remains of past-raiders!


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