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Darvo's transmission.

Ties That Bind was a limited Alert mission available from 6 February to 11 February 2014. Ties That Bind features the story of Darvo as he contacted the Tenno to help him liberate himself from the Corpus board. Players were rewarded with a Forma upon completion.


Ties That Bind, by default is a rescue mission, with the rescue target being Darvo himself. Unlike regular missions, this is one of the missions where the Lotus does not appear in, instead, Darvo acts as the mission's operator.

Halfway to the prison cell, the players will be ambushed by the Hyena Pack, which must be defeated before they can rescue Darvo. After this, the mission continues like any regular rescue mission, ending once the player reaches extraction.


Seeking For Help[]

Darvo was captured and constrained in a prison by Corpus Crewmen under the command of Frohd Bek's authority. Despite being under a navigation constraint, Darvo managed to broadcast out transmission to the Tenno in the system to rescue him.

Intruding The Ship[]

Shortly after entering the ship, Darvo informs the player(s) that he is on the other side of the complex and that he has managed to disable the new Hyena proxies in the area. He also reveals that his capture is because he refused to continue the family business, but doesn't elaborate further at first. From the various conversations over the course of the mission, it is revealed that Darvo is not only Frohd Bek's son, but has been groomed from birth to be Chairman of the Corpus Board. However, Darvo refuses to go along with this plan, instead preferring to earn his own profits, citing that Bek should know how he feels. Bek refuses to accept this, leading to Darvo's imprisonment.

Hyena Pack Ambush[]

As you get close to the holding cells, Darvo will mention how the new Hyenas were upgraded over their previous form, before alerting the player that the Hyenas have been reactivated by the Corpus. The player(s) will then have to fight the Hyena Pack. These units are highly agile and are capable of leaping into the air, spinning and firing their lasers.

Upon rescuing Darvo, Bek states he is highly disappointed in Darvo, citing that numerous sacrifices were made to make him the next chairman, with Darvo retorting that he is "almost 105" and fully capable of making his own decisions. When Bek questions how Darvo can trust the Tenno, Darvo defends them, even going so far as to say that the Tenno are not "betrayers". A few rooms after this, Darvo will apologize to the Tenno for having to see the argument.