Tia supports her allies by providing them with effective exit strategies when a deal takes a turn for the worse. These strategies often leave the other party with significant medical fees.


  • Tia uses her CorpusTonfa Ohma to attack any players in sight. Each attack can stagger players on hit.
    • She will block attacks from players, reducing damage dealt to her.
  • She also can deploy Translocator, which provides teleportation for the Anyo Corp brokers. They will remain deployed until a player manages to destroy them.
  • Tia's signature ability, Cloak, makes her invisible. It will be dispelled if she is damaged.
  • She will sometimes deploy Slow orbs, much like Pelna Cade.

Bugs Edit

  • Despite the Codex stating that she has 100 shield, 150 flesh, and 200 alloy armor at base, she actually has 2500 shield, 1000 flesh, and 50 alloy armor at base.
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