Threat Level or popularly known as Aggro defines how dangerous a non-player character perceives a target to be and thus the importance of attacking that target. NPCs will prioritize attacking the target with the highest threat level that is within range.


The following abilities will temporarily increase threat level:

  • Loki's Decoy - creates a decoy with high threat level
  • Nekros' Shadows of the Dead - creates shadow versions of recently fallen enemies which have high threat levels
  • Nidus's Ravenous - creates Maggots with high threat levels
  • Nyx's Absorb - increases the caster's threat level
  • Nyx's Chaos - increases the threat level of affected enemies, thus making them attack each other as well as members of other factions
  • Octavia's Mallet - creates a Mallet with high threat level
  • Saryn's Molt - creates a decoy with high threat level
  • Titania's Razorwing - creates Razorflies with high threat levels
  • Mirage's Hall of Mirrors - Creates clones of Mirage with high threat levels


The following mods will increase threat level:


The following actions will increase one's threat level:

  • Capturing the target in Capture missions
  • Rescue target in Sortie Rescue missions (innate)


The following item has an increased threat level:


  • Prior to an update around Update 10, Rhino's Iron Skin increased the caster's threat level, however, the threat level modifier was removed.