Acknowledgements and thanks
  • Ah, I hadn't realised Dual Skana use a separate recipe! I'll leave a note on the page to clarify.
  • Regarding Hikou - quite right, the Hikou would be worse, my thanks.
  • Vasto - makes sense, my mistake for including it in the wrong paragraph. I suppose it's noted in the infobox, regardless.
Points to discuss
  • Disambiguation on augment: I disagree, a brief definition is sometimes acceptable, eg: W:Science (disambiguation). I find it redundant to explain exactly what each type is, after the link, as it was previously. Perhaps a briefer version would be more acceptable? eg:
    • " Augments are special mods that can be added to Warframes and weapons to boost abilities or provide other special effects. There are two types: ... [links]"
  • Is the reason Regulators take criticals due to their machinery health? So would it be correct that object health is independent of the "environmental objects instead of a unit" bit, mentioned on the article? Similarly, would this also be the case for Security Camera, which is classed as robotic?
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