• it would be nice if you spawned in facing the right way and if it was like 20-30 seconds instead of 15. Also it would help alot if we could have retrys instead of 1 time then wait a day.

    how did you guys get past it?

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    • I am MR 13,but... Pick a volt,boost the power and the range at max,use your power 4,boom all enemies is dead (sorry for my English I am French :S)

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    • Disagree with OP. This is a test of skill - primarily mobility. You have a very short time to get from orb to orb and have to keep killing all the way. It's meant to be really difficult. And if you fail, tough, wait until tomorrow or don't try it until ready.

      I have it coming up next, really looking forward to it. My plan is to just run from orb to orb, killing anything that lies directly in the way until I build up enough of a gap to start killing things. But, building a redeemer makes hitting the orbs super-easy. That with Ember spamming WoF should let you cheese it just fine.

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    • Okay, I did this like 5 times before i realised that you can practice your upcoming MR test in the Sanctuary (Cephalon Simaris). When i was practicing it became aparrent that the orbs actually appear in random locations each time, so you cannot work out a pre-determined route.

      Focusing on the orbs is the most important part of this test, watch the map for a spawn then use your bullet jumps and parkour to get there as quick as possible. Take out whatever enemies you see on the way, but dont lose track of your time extension orbs. Continue to chase down the orbs while killing anything on the way, you'll be done in no time.

      Dont forget though, go to Sanctuary (Cephalon Simaris) in the relay and practice it until you're comfortable! it will save you DAYS.

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    • This test need to be fixed starting eat you 3 seconds delay on

      appearance on map ..time is never enought to get the orbs

      REdemmer not working as they say nothing works as have tried all tricks

      with all frames...

      And if you havent tried this TEST LATELY dont post an opinion

      go make a video and prove to us that we are wrong.

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    • I pass after 30 test 1 time ...

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    • Ember with MoD WoF seem if you are carefull enough to chase the orbs dont waste time

      on shooting only

      Fail the Rank up passed 1 test

      I will try tomorrow..

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    • Yeah, World of Fire is pretty much the way to go. Let WoF kill the enemies while you chase orbs. Since their placement is somewhat random, it might take a couple tries before you get good placement.

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    • With WoF on, it becomes a parkour challenge. You just need to make sure you travel from orb to orb in the shortest and fastest way possible, no mistakes. That said, I have failed six times in a row now.

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    • 3 Day attempt failed in row... the damn orbs sudden appear in other corner of the map

      no parkour melle jumping cant get you in the other place of the map

      that THE PROBLEM WITH THIS TEST if the orb appears far awawy


      Another month I will not give a dimme in DE...when you fix this crap you bust our balls

      then i will think spending money again seems that DE likes her customers to suffer

      and not enjoying gametime..

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    • You're not enjoying the game anymore because one little number says 16 instead of 17? At this level MR is purely prestige really. It means nothing. With seven failed attempts in a row now, I just accept that, parkour wise, I am not as good all the better players who have defeated this challenge. So I practice and try it again each morning. And pick up new skills on the way. Since failing this test the first time, I got a lot better at capture missions and generally traversing the map at speed. Which is kind of the point of the tests, to isolate a particular skill (hacking, jumping, exterminating with a secondary weapon, stealth) that you might not use all the time and really push you to proving that you have mastered it. That said, I don't like the element of luck with this challenge. Sometimes I get orbs spawn yards from each other, sometimes each orb is on opposite sides of the map. But that's the way the challenge is designed.

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    • No Mr lvl more game for me..thats it..nothing else matter

      if I cant get after 2,5 years pass a Mastery Test it not my way of playing

      but the test it self that is a complete crap and fail tha make people furstrate

      And yes if I cant get my Mastery Up I dont see why i myst level stuff

      and warframe anymore..

      Some of us play for the mastery rank too..without it..i dont see anypoint

      lvling weapons and warframe anymore..

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    • Used the Excalibur with berseker and reach on

      aim the orbs it blow them to hell :P

      did pass the test first attempt with him ..cheers

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    • Back in the day I made the test with a Loki max rush, sprint boost aura, hitscan weapon and the Redeemer.

      If you have a clean view on the orb you can shot it with the charge attack.

      Or like the previous poster said an excalibur exalted blade is good too but sometimes his reach won't be enough, I failed several time the test of 21 that is pretty similar with that.

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    • I played a Tesla spamming Vauban with 200% power strength, a Burston Prime as my primary and a Glaive Prime as my melee.

      Focusing on the orbs and trying to get a lot of extra time is a key to success in this Test. Using an AoE weapon such as the Ignis/Glaxion might also help getting through the crowd of small enemies without having to focus on aiming.

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    • Max range WOF Ember with Max efficiency and sprint boost.  Have a quick reload on your primary and this test is moot.

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    • Ignore the enemies. When the test starts, switch to melee. Slide and slash towards orbs, croutch and jump to the orbs above. When you slash an orb, turn around 180 degrees, and slash enemies that follow you. I can complete it 75% of the time, because I sometimes fail croutch+jump to the above orbs. Weapon of choice: orthos prime with corrosive, you can use specific small infested setup, I'm just lazy and they die in 2-3 slashes anyway; frame of choice: whatever you like, I did it with Nyx Prime with no movement mods, no skills used.

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    • Looking back at my smug post from back on 5 May, hell this MR test was hard! Finally passed it this morning, after trying almost every single day. Ember with WoF, Atterax with range, parkour all over the map and got lucky with a few of the orbs spawning quite close to one another.

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    • This test is really awesome, one of the last challanging ones.

      Practice at Symaris until you get the timings right, if you can't, you havn't earned it.

      If you want a game where everything depends on the time you put in and not what you learned in that time play World of Warcraft or something.

      And if MR is the whole point of the game you clearely aren't enjoying the game, don't play games where you aren't having fun. That's like eating cardboard just for the achievment of having eaten something.

      Games are supposed to make you have fun, or think, or challange you, not to mindlessly gather imaginary internet points.

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    • "I'm bad so i quit" ITT

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    • synoid simulor+loki +orthos prime = win

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    • Volt Prime + Nikana Prime + Sonicor = Win :)

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    • there is a problem right now where i can't do the mastery rank 17 or even practice it because enemies as well as the orb don't spawn in

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    • I am MR 22 and I suck at most of the MR test.

      The MR 17 test is repeated as the MR 21 test but more enemies required to kill.

      I always Practice at Symaris before a test. So eventhough I suck at the jumping part of the game I was able to develop two different stratergies for passing the MR17 or MR21 test.

      Gameplan 1-Use Ember (do this if you are good at jumping around but need help killing)

      I did find it easy to use Ember for MR 17 test but I modded her for the following:

      Maxed out Rush

      Maxed out Armored Agility

      Highest range and efficiency

      As soon as test begins I turn on her 4th ability.

      My game plan that worked was to focus only on the orbs and let WoF (her 4th ability) do all the killing.

      After I hit my 3rd orb I dropped an energy potatoe-this required that I turn off my WoF but after 1 energy burst I turn it back on again. After that continue to focus on hitting orbs and soon enough the test is finished.

      For the MR 21 test I got so annoyed at the jumping required that I had to switch tactics.

      Gameplan 2-Use Titania or WuKong (do this if you suck at jumping around)

      I decided to take a frame that made the mobility part easy rather than the killing part.

      Titanian and her 4th ability works well. I modded her for speed the same way I did Ember in the MR17 test. I ran around the map with a Soma Prime (modded with fast hands for quicker reload) and used my Smeeka Kavata to help kill things.

      Whenever there was an orb that required jumping to get to I simply turned on her 4th and slowly moved my way up.

      I used this to pass several practice runs.

      But the slowness of her 4th made it hard to  get to certain orbs.

      Then i switched to WuKong.

      WuKong’s 3rd ability Cloud Walk allows you to float around to orbs so again no jumping required. But it has the added advantage that you can increase the movement speed of the cloud. If you use the same speed boasts mods I listed for Ember (Rush, Armored Agility) you actually increase the speed movement of the cloud.

      Using Wukong allowed to pass the MR21 test without having to do any crazy jumping.


      Use Ember if you are good at jumping around and suck at killing.
      Use Wukong or Titiana if you suck at jumping around.

      Max your frame for increased speed.

      Bring companion (Kubrow/Kavat) to help kill. 

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    • I keep failing this... done it dozens of times in the practice version, with many different frame and weap setups.

      - The next orbs spawn timer starts when the previous orb is destroyed, meaning that if one needs more than 7 seconds to get to an orb, you are falling behind. (so far I made it to a 5th or 6th orb)

      - orb spawn locations are totally random, if you get an orb on the other side of the arena you are simply screwed

      - the special tile set for the VR room.. I am so confused by the color scheme and the layout, I keep falling off, missing jumps (anyone else got the problem that sometimes your frame jumps off to your right? aprox in a 30 degree angle from where you are facing) and getting to the upper floor just takes way too much time, barely cans ee teh edges of teh floors and still havent found a relieable spot to get up there.. and the slightest mistake in the parcour (in which I am bad even on my good days) and one fails the timer.

      - and the mobs... they are lvl 25+ and die rather slowly, also I have never seen more than 5 or 6 up at the same time, meaning they spawn way too slowly, so I am unable to kill enough in the little time I have. Ah...and lets not forget the Disruptor Ancients that like to grab you and deplete your energy.

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    • Get an AoE Warframe like Rhino or Banshee and boost your powers in every way possible.  Seems like a good option.  I actually used an Ash Prime and -whether it was a glitch or not- I was able to use Fatal Teleport to kill every enemy with the dual Kamas Prime.  I'm sure Blade Storm would work too, as long as you could target them, since it actually slows time around you.

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    • I passed this on my first actual try (I practiced two times first in the simulator).  Using Ember's WoF was key for me as was having Rush slotted.  I would also immediately start working back toward the center as soon as I hit an orb instead of waiting to see where the next spawned which does two things: it allows you to keep moving so WoF can keep killing mobs you may have skipped (thus reducing the total time) and it puts you in a better position in case the next orb does spawn on the opposite side of the map.

      You really need to be somewhat competant at your parkour control as well; falling is really bad.  You might be able to pass the test with one fall, but I doubt you will with a second fall.

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    • wrote:
      it would be nice if you spawned in facing the right way and if it was like 20-30 seconds instead of 15. Also it would help alot if we could have retrys instead of 1 time then wait a day.

      how did you guys get past it?

      I know that there have to be Tenno still struggling with this one, so I'm just going to leave this here.  

      Of course, use Ember.  Mod her for power strength and duration.  

      Now, pick your favorite fast melee weapon.  Nikana, Orthos, Sarpa, Redeemer are all good.  Mod for heat, toxin, and slash.  Use only your melee weapon for the test.  Using other weapons will just cause distraction and waste time.  

      When the test begins, Lotus will give you instructions.  When she finishes, the screen will go white, and you'll hear a boom.  Right after this, turn in the opposite direction, and start sprinting.  You'll almost always find yourself heading directly toward the first orb.

      Always keep running between orb spawns.  You want to build up a nice trail of infested followers, without getting tackled.  (Tackle=test failure.  It wastes too much time.)  

      Only after you've popped the third orb, hit WoF.  (This seems to be the sweet spot for maximum instakill.)

      Keep running.  Now, you want to cover as much ground as possible between orb spawns, so that you can instakill as many enemies as possible.  While running, always keep an eye out for the next orb spawn, so that you can immediately change direction toward it.

      Only melee enemies if they come within striking distance between orb spawns and you've got a couple seconds to spare.

      After you've popped about  a half dozen orbs, check how many enemy kills are still required.  If you're close to goal, forget the next orb, and just melee every enemy in sight.  Congrats, and welcome to MR 17.

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    • 190-ish% power Volt and Maiming Strike+Primed Reach Guandao, did it first try

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    • I cheesed it with a maxi air time Titania. :)

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    • VOLT is the way to go.

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    • completed, Amrex with super REACH mod, Speed Demon set up 190 power! Also added Shocking speed so as to run them over while reloading amprex. LOL Very easy to do. Go to Conclave and practice there. Then when you can keep adding time instead of subtracting time then you will breeze your way through it. Also note, do not chase the balls via path. Take Direct Paths to the balls. Dont go up the ramp and around the beam when you can just jump up. Use your parkour skills. Good Luck my fellow Tenno!

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    • Took me a few days but finally got it. I went Ember with sprint boost, armored agility and reach. Dropped a potatoe (you can call up the menu while still in the white screen) sat in it just long enough to switch to melee then just focused on orbs. After 4 orbs I turn on WoF and then back to focusing orbs.

      Practice really was the game changer for me here. I had read up how to do it with Ember but getting familiar with the map helps a TON. The spawns are random so you can't really map a path but knowing the ramps and where you can get up top quick helps.

      Another tip that was mentioned above that I think helped a lot was always head towards the center after you hit each orb to minimize the potential distance you have to travel that was another great tip. Thanks everyone for the input and good luck folks doing it!

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    • Took me less than an hour. After failing 5-7 times in practice (yes Symaris has that possibility).
      Took Mirage Prime for improved parkour and maneuverability.
      I also thought about Zephyr, but she floats, and that's not speed increase.
      Don't have Volt. Though first logical thought was his speed boost.

      Sprint Boost for aura, Coaction Drift to boost it even further. Also Rush and Armored Agility.
      Maglev and Cunning Drift for less friction.
      Fortitude and Power Drift to avoid knock downs.
      I also took Piercing Step cause it was maxed, but any of those from Step family should do fine to improve mobility and also get some nice bonus for damage.

      Aviator was also on my mind, could be a nice addition. Weapons of choice - Scoliac. Basically, any whip should do, but it needs to be fast.
      Second weapon - Soma Prime. Cause its fast and covers a decent area with bullets in a relatively short amount of time. Reload during jumping.

      In short - completed two times the challenge in the practice mode, then completed for real.
      The movement with decreased friction is a bit tricky. But its doable.

      Oh, and I loved it. Overall, most challenges in Warframe I faced are hardly challenging.

      This one and the challenge where you need to sneak around. Others? - meh, little practice and you are done.

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    • Sterma albatros wrote:
      Disagree with OP. This is a test of skill - primarily mobility. You have a very short time to get from orb to orb and have to keep killing all the way. It's meant to be really difficult. And if you fail, tough, wait until tomorrow or don't try it until ready.

      I have it coming up next, really looking forward to it. My plan is to just run from orb to orb, killing anything that lies directly in the way until I build up enough of a gap to start killing things. But, building a redeemer makes hitting the orbs super-easy. That with Ember spamming WoF should let you cheese it just fine.

      Good luck with your "plan", I have tried it twice now and you're lucky if the orbs show up at all and if they do, they won't be right in front of you.  The orb drop is rng dude and it's sloooooooow.

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    • Just did it and testet it a lot, my final setup was a max speed mirage prime with ignis wrath and scoliac...

      after 5 successful practice run i did it also for qualify

      The key is sprint as fast as you can to the orbs and destroy them in the time till you get your nest target (about 2-3sconds) use your ignis to flame everything down 

      with this tactic i had 15-25sec rest on my timer when i was finished (i once even got knocked down) and once i fell off the arena....

      good luck and make some practice runs to get uset to the arena!!

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    • F/k this RNG test and f/k you DE for even thinking this is acceptable

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    • A Lone Tenno
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