• if you have everything in the game or you are going to quite dont msg me on psn (DEATH_bringer360) and i have some things put in place for people who help me i am willing to offer someone who will help me with getting warframe slots and weapon slots i will be offering a full clan dojo with everything reaserched just for people to help me plat wise and if you like to help me msg me on psn or leave your psn names in comments :) thx 

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    • So... you are offering people who want to quit warframe a chance to join a clan and get some cool items? And for people who have everything in the game a chance to join a clan dojo with everything researched? And they just have to give you plat for this opportunity? Not saying yes or no, just want to make be clear what you are offering here.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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