• So I really want either loki or loki prime and would really love a taxi to Neptune, Psamathe or someone to help me farm loki prime. So if anyone here plays on xbox and would be willing to help or knows someone who could help, that would be brilliant. Please either let me know on here or send me a message via xbox. Thank you

    Platform - Xbox 1

    IGN - UnitingTiger518

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    • Do you have all the planets before Neptune unlocked? Would suggest going for Loki before Loki Prime - much easier to get (it was my third warframe after starter and Rhino).

      Once you have Neptune unlocked, it's pretty easy to work your way round the planet to the boss node if no one is available in recruiting chat for a taxi.

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    • lol same with me excalibar then rhino now going for loki

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    • A Lone Tenno
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