• The guyver

    Hi I'm new looking to trade and sell stuff in game and new mods (like something that can give me more energy).

    Warframes desired: Loki and Rhino

    Items to trade or sell Currently:

    Ankros Prime Gauntlet,

    Praris Prime Grip,

    Wyrm Prime Cerebrum,

    Nova Prime Bluprint,

    Vasto Prime Barrel,

    Trinity Aura Helmet Blueprint,

    Ember Backdraft Helmet Blueprint, 

    Ember Phoenix  Helmet Blueprint,

    Nyx Systems Blueprint,

     Nyx Chassis Blueprint, 

    Oberon Systems Blueprint,

    Oberon Chassis Blueprint,

    Mods Desired:Sell or Trade me whatever is good (I have noe Aura mods yet *wink wink*) Also please feel free to give me some tips :) 

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